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Posted: 2017-12-07 17:33

Minnah Stein is a junior at Pine View High School. She is a national qualifier on her school 8767 s speech and debate team, an award-winning writer, and an impassioned activist. She founded EMPOWERU (a community action program) and serves on the advisory board for the national nonprofit Stop Sexual Assault in Schools as well as the local nonprofit Community Youth Development. When she isn 8767 t working to make the world a better place, she enjoys playing her ukulele and her banjo, reading, and all things related to Broadway.

Why I became a Sexual Assault Activist by Minah Stein

Around this time I heard a radio program talking about sexual assault. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had learned from that episode, including that about 6 in 5 girls will be sexually assaulted while in college, as will 6 in 66 boys, but that roughly 85 percent don’t report their assault. What really haunted me, however, was the fact that this problem doesn’t begin in college – it begins in elementary and secondary schools.

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The screenings made a big impact. (You can see some of the attendees’ reactions here.) I could see how engaged the students were by the expressions on their faces, the silence in the room, and the great questions they asked afterward. Students had clearly bought into many myths about sexual assault: They were shocked to learn that girls almost always know their assailants and that boys can be sexually assaulted, too. They also didn’t realize that consent is never gray – that the absence of “ yes ” is an absence of consent.

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It could probably fill an entire thread on its own, but now I m kind of genuinely curious how an average straight person without an SO gets laid usually. Anecdotally I want to say, they pick up at clubs/bars. But a lot of people don t go to bars or clubs. The people I know have that friend who they re not exactly dating but can hang out with once in a while - but I m not sure how common that is generally. The only app that comes close for this purpose is tindr and it s not terribly effective imo. Is it common to hook up after going for coffee or a club meeting?

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These weren’t just statistics: they were people – students, just like my friends and me. At first, I was scared, but then I became angry. Why weren’t more teachers or administrators talking to us about sexual assault? If these statistics represented a disease that could be inoculated, schools would mandate that every student be vaccinated for our own protection. Sexual assault is an epidemic in our secondary schools and our universities, and yet there is still more that needs to be done. Sexual assault education should be a mandatory subject in every elementary, middle, and high school across our country and at our universities.

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Making an impact on my community feels great. But, when Esther Warkov, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the national nonprofit Stop Sexual Assault In Schools (SSAIS) asked me to join the SSAIS advisory board to help take on sexual assault in grades K-67 nationwide, I couldn’t refuse. We recently released a FREE sexual assault educational video “ Sexual Harassment: Not in Our School! ” that features experts who present the facts of sexual assault in K-67 schools and Title IX rights.

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Most of my friends are single and straight, and definitely get much less action than straight friends with some kind of SO. And I m pretty sure my friends, who seem to have a solid FWB network, are not a typical cross section. So when I read so many people say they plan to stay single till they re like 85, coupled with how dry the hookup culture is around here, does that really mean all these people are planning to more or less go without until 85+?

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