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Before I found this website I was texting this girl and I was using step #67 like sending kissy faces to her when I told her goodnight and she sent them back. So If anyone was wondering some girls do like that. Actually most. But everytime I text her she takes a long time to reply. I have even heard some of her friends say she takes a long time to reply to them too. Idk what to do or why she does it.

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ISFPs are always on the cutting edge of new trends. Whether it''s podcasting, taking up guitar, or running away to a far-off east African compound and joining a doomsday apocalyptic cult, ISFPs are always following their hearts and quickly embracing new ideas. However, they tend to be fleeting in their passions, which means they often may lack the dedication that marks a true cultist. While ISFPs often lack the dedication most people give to careers and family, they can still support themselves in more unorthodox ways, like by selling blood plasma, turning tricks, and mooching off their family.

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This generally expresses itself as an overwhelming urge to prove your self worth (and fatten your wallet) by taking advantage of the suckers, marks, and dupes who surround you--after all, isn''t that what they''re there for? It''s not your fault that their stupidity and gullibility lets them believe you when you say that Hershey''s Kissesses exposed to your patented psychic amplifier rays will let them fly! As your hero and fellow ESTP, P. T. Barnum, once said, it is morally wrong to let a sucker keep his money.

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Whether he''s creating bizarre religions aimed at bringing us all back to our origins as immortal space aliens made of pure thought or conducting seminars and classes on alien abduction, the ENFP is always seeking the answers to the great mysteries of life, such as Who are we? and How can I use two tin cans and a Radio Shack multimeter to bring enlightenment to the world? and What is it with UFOs and anal probing, anyway?

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text her say something sweet to her keep it short simple and sweet. Say something along this line 8775 you seem really cute i thought i might come over and say hi. and see how your doing has been a few days we haven 8767 t spoken so I wanted to see how u are and put a winky face like this ) 8776 I 8767 m sure she will answer to that.
also you might want to send her a sweet picture like this:

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The INTJ sees life as a problem to be solved. For that reason, the INTJ is the person a company brings in from the outside to streamline production processes and identify redundant assets for termination. The INTJ''s combination of analyticial problem-solving skills and complete and utter disregard for the morality or consequences of his actions also make him ideal for the job of hatchet man, CIA operative, and helpdesk operator.

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INFJs can often be found holding down jobs as AM radio talk-show hosts. They can also be found driving taxis in the greater Washington, DC area. Other common jobs often held by INFJs include vagrant, loony, whacko, and writer/director/producer of the television show Seinfeld. INFJs can also be found feeding that crucial bit of information to determined FBI agents just before they are brutally murdered.

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Don 8767 t over invest your time with a person who isn 8767 t willing to invest their time into you. Texting should be fun and adventurous, and most importantly used to set up 8775 dates 8776 Don 8767 t over text someone you 8767 re interested in, especially if it 8767 s very early in the dating stage. Leave them hanging for a day or two, I don 8767 t mean don 8767 t reply to their messages if they text you. But once you say goodbye one day/night. Leave it like that for a few days, get them thinking about what you 8767 re doing. This makes you seem much less needy and more scarce, if she is seeing other guys (which, if she is attractive, she most likely is) Sure it stings, but nothing you can do about it and being needy and always keeping tabs on her, will push her into someones else 8767 s hands.

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The typical ISTP leads a dual life his outward reserve and quiet masks an inward seething rage at the injustice of life--often, the death of a loved one at the hands of a criminal. In this secret life, the ISTP uses his mechanical gifts to create a terrifying arsenal of bizarre weapons with which to strike fear into the heart of evil. Sometimes, ISTPs may become evil themselves, either slowly over a long period of time or in response to a perceived rejection from the very people they are trying to save.

The strongest element of the psychological makeup of an ESFP is his easygoing, impulsive approach to life. ESFPs often build their careers out of dating supermodels, being involved in scandals, and appearing regularly in such newspapers as The National Enquirer and The Weekly World News. ESFPs often die in bizarre circumstances, usually involving jealous boyfriends, exotic dancers, escaped pythons, feather boas, and falls from the penthouse floor of high-rise apartments those who don''t, usually die of veneral diseases.

Hey guys I 8767 m hoping someone can help me out with the situation I 8767 m in, I met this girl one night and we went back to her place stayed up for hours talking and in the morning I grabbed her number. Me and her are both 75 and she has a five-year-old daughter she works night shift and having a kid I understand she 8767 s really busy. so I texted her in the evening and she keeps the messages short. I feel we had a good initial connection and if there is such thing as love at first sight this would be it 🙂 I haven 8767 t text her for a couple days now, any advice that people can give me would be appreciated

Lol hahaha I have to laugh I 8767 ve accidentally did all these things way before I saw this and so far so good she 8767 s said she loves me and I love her not much to say decides be cute while texting her hell ask for a picture every now and then and draw her as an animal or something and compliment her after you ask for picture with a cute TXT such as 8775 i wanna see your pretty face 8776 everything should go fine but be yourself apparently girls love it when I do

For an ISTJ, work is very important to a sense of self-satisfaction. Happiness comes most easily for you when you have a job that allows you to express your ethic. Whether it''s blasting traitorous rebel scum as a proud Imperial Stormtrooper or monitoring the population''s cerebral implants searching for evidence of unauthorized thought patterns as one of the Thought Police, you''re most satisfied when you are crushing the population beneath the iron boot heel of oppression on behalf of your masters.

The INFP is a dreamy, imaginitive, idealist, capable of finding the good in anything or anyone, even something as foul as Newark, New Jersey. INFPs are sometimes dangerous to the well-being of society as a whole, as they are prone to adopting subversive and destructive ideologies like The world should be fair, People should treat one another well, and You know, ''Friends'' is a really, really stupid television show.

If you are an ISFJ, you are giving, generous, and believe strongly in sacrificing yourself to serve your fellow man. Whether you''re spending the entire weekend cooking souffle for your husband''s big dinner with his boss or giving over your body as a vehicle for the Shoggoth from beneath the ancient city of the Old Ones so that the Great Gods can rise again, selflessness and service are your hallmarks.

ok this stuff they are saying is basically true im not calling myself a ladies man or a player but i get what there saying most of your guys problems has to do with 8776 shes busy 8776 or 8775 shes got a boyfriend 8776 i think i can help most of you guys out leave your name on here i will contact you through facebook i swear to go im not a pervert or anything im 69 and i do well so yeah i will check back tomorrow

Gah it doesn 8767 t work on this girl, I did everything here, and I did it before even looking for this site, still she doesn 8767 t seem that interested even tho we have a lot of things in common, both hobbies and personality. And I don 8767 t think she is out of my league lol cuz she isn 8767 t exactly megan fox. she said she is too busy, and can only talk once a week from now on.. now I have to sit here just waiting waiting waiting waiting.. and I dunno if she just said shes busy to get rid of me 🙂

Hey guys I have been dating a girl for 7 months we broke up because i didnt want to compromise but I contacted her again telling her I miss her and so on. Then she said I would regret getting back with her and stuff, but never told me why she really didnt want to get back, until my friend told me that I broke her ego and trust so she didnt want to get back with me. is getting her back possible and what must I do thanks.

hey guys, i have been in love with 6 girl in our locality, always i dropped her at home and i give her gifts, choklets, ice creams etc. she accept my all things with her sweet smile, always i msg her but she is not replying, and i will not able to know that what is in her mind, what she is thinking of me, i love her lot lot lot ..
so friends please give me Suggestions, how i make her to fall in love with me.

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