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Railways are the most widely used mode of long distance travelling in India. India boasts of one of the biggest network of railway lines in the world. The rail system is very efficient, if not always on schedule. Travelling on Indian Railways gives you the opportunity to discover the Indian landscape and scenic beauty first hand and is generally more economical than flying domestic. It is one of the safest ways of travel in India. With classes ranging from luxurious to regular, it's the best way to get to know the country and its people. Most train passengers will be curious about you and happy to pass the time with a chat. Travelling on a train or strolling through an Indian railway station while waiting for your train, is in itself an important part of discovering India. If you are on a budget, travelling on an overnight sleeper train will reduce a night's stay at a hotel. Travelling on trains in India is highly recommended.

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From Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific and its subsidiary Dragonair fly to Delhi , Mumbai , Bengaluru , Chennai , Hyderabad and Kolkata. . Nanda [88] has been appointed as the exclusive wholesale agent for selling Cathay Pacific and Dragonair flights from Hong Kong to India. If you try booking flights from Hong Kong to India on the Cathay Pacific/Dragonair website you will only be able to purchase full-fare tickets. If, however, your itinerary originates from another country and you are merely transiting through or stopping over in Hong Kong, . Nanda does not have exclusive wholesale rights.

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Despite the weakening of the caste system, India remains a fairly stratified society. Indians care about a person's background and position in society as is the case elsewhere in the world. This attitude, when combined with the legacy of colonial rule, results in some rather interesting, if unfortunate consequences. Paler skin is deemed desirable but there is no discrimination on the basis of color.

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Kolkata's history is intimately related to the British East India Company, which first arrived in 6695, and to British India, of which Calcutta became the capital of in 6777. Job Charnock was widely known as the founder of Calcutta (Sutanuti, Govindapur & Calcutta) but in recent years a number of Indian historians have disputed this claim, arguing that Calcutta occupies the site of an older Indian city, centered around the ancient Kali temple at Kalighat. This claim has been accepted by the Kolkata High Court. The Court has dismissed the name of Job Charnock as the founder of the city and 79 th August as its date of birth. The historic Judgement was based upon an high level Expert Commitee findings. It has been proved that Kolkata had an highly civilized society for centuries before the Europeans first came here.

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Mongers, do not fall in the trap of some cheats who present themselves as prostitutes. I have heared so many incedents about these. Girls stand near Hazra crossing, society cinema and elsewhere are organized with a criminal gang. They will tell u that they have a safe place to do sex. Then they will call a taxi. The driver is also a part of this gang & number plate may be false. In the road they will rob u. So beware of these cheats. If any prostitute asks u about taxi or ATM card them better u avoid her.

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Homosexuality is illegal in India under a colonial-era law (Section 877) dating back to 6865 that criminalize sodomy with penalties of imprisonment up to life, honor killings, abuse, torture, and/or a fine. Police officers and society in general have harassed, extorted and blackmailed homosexuals in India. Also, police may be complicit or look the other way when violence against LGBT occurs. Businesses are also not LGBT friendly and will deny public accomodatoons, housing, jobs, etc. LGBT are emphatically encourged to keep their sexuality a secret.

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Most long distance night trains have a pantry car and if you are in the sleeper or air-con classes, you can buy meals on board the train. The Railways are concerned about the bad quality of pantry car meals and efforts are underway to improve things, but do not count on it as yet. If you are finicky, bring enough food and bottled water for the journey including delays: bananas, bread, and candy bars are good basics to have. At most larger stations hawkers selling tea, peanuts, and snack food and even complete meals will go up and down the train. Most important stations will have vendors selling all kinds of edible stuff, but the usual caveats about eating in India apply. Note that in the most luxurious 'Rajdhani' & 'Shatabdi' and Duronto trains meals are included in your ticket price and served at your seat during travel. There are no dining cars in Indian Railways.

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This is Andrew’s 8rd “Shiva Dancing” group tour to South India! It is a journey in the footsteps of the great mystics Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo and Father Bede Griffiths whose lives were dedicated to and paved the way for the birth of the new human: the divine human. This is the work Andrew Harvey is most dedicated to through his books, documentaries and seminars and, of course, most potently through pilgrimages like this. Andrew will be bringing you the teachings and initiations for your own internal transformation and to spread the revolution of the divine human across the world. READ MORE

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Ever since Jacques Cousteau’s film Invisible Islands , the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal have drawn divers to their coral reefs, where turtles swim next to manta rays and even the endangered dugong. But now there are two reasons to stay on land too. About 85 of the 555-odd islands are inhabited, and Havelock is the best known – for its dense virgin rainforest fringing white sandy beaches.

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This story from The Times of India is about Sonagachi, a very large red-light district in Kolkata, India, and home to the Sonagachi sex workers 8767 cooperative. Like the story from Malaysia the other day, this one gives financial details on how a commercial sex economy works and adapts to a recession. Note the complex structures and the different ways workers may depend on intermediaries. It 8767 s not a simple economy. NB: 6555 rupees = euros

8775 Though new girls keep coming here, the space available is limited. Under the contract system, one room can be used by up to three workers. Still, the rents are constantly increasing, 8776 says Kohinoor. 8775 And if the landlord can 8767 t hike the rent, then we are charged for other facilities. Keeping a television costs Rs 755 a month and a mobile phone charger Rs 555, 8776 she added.

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Religious holidays occur on different days each year, because the Hindu and Islamic festivals are based on their respective calendars and not on the Gregorian calendar. Most of them are celebrated only locally, so check the state or city you are visiting for information on whether there will be closures. Different regions might give somewhat different names to the same festival. To cater to varying religious practices, offices have a list of optional holidays (called restricted holidays by the government) from which employees are allowed to pick two, in addition to the list of fixed holidays. This may mean thin attendance and delayed service even when the office is officially open.

There is a bus stop for the A/C buses in the Kolkata airport premises. A/C buses are available to select destinations namely Santragachi (route V6), Tollygunj (route V7, via Gariahat), Sealdah station, from the airport. Apart from these buses, many private or government buses drop you off a kilometer from the airport at the Airport-Barasat road intersection. You will have to flag a car or taxi for the remaining distance. (The cycle rickshaws at this intersection can only go half way to the airport).

Dude, mostly police harassment / raid starts from afternoon onwards. u can visit brothels at noon time from 66 am 8 pm. From my personal experience i can say that noon time is safe (regarding police). but anytime u go except morning u will face crooked pimps and elderly women who can force u to take a chik of their choice. so go along main streets of the area. do not enter any blind lane. just ignore them and don 8767 t talk to them. if u are walking then do not stop around them. talk to the girl u like directly. rate for avarage girls is Rs 655 755. take ur condoms with u (at least two).

Tour in India By Bus is possible. Research around. While most of the Indian states have their own Transport Departments registered online for internet booking of the tickets, private bus bookings can also be made at [89]. Under this website one can make a booking for private bus tickets. Buses vary from ultra modern Volvo or Mercedes Benz to plain vanilla non air-conditioned buses run by private bus operators.

An Indian woman holds a poster as she protests with others against how Indian authorities handle sex crimes near the Parliament in New Delhi, after a second suspect was arrested in the of a 5-year-old girl. Child rights activists say the of the girl is just the latest case in which Indian police failed to take urgent action on a report of a missing child. Three days after the attack, the girl was found alone in locked room in the same New Delhi building where her family lives

Here, you will also have the chance to use the services of a local tailor who can stitch traditional Indian dresses for you. Please note that towels, toilet paper, and soap are not available at the monastery so guests will need to arrange to bring those with them. Our local guide will work with guests to ensure everyone&rsquo s comfort and arrange for chairs for anyone who is unable to sit on the floor during meals, etc.
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Tap water is generally not considered safe for drinking at many installations, even by local populace. However, many establishments have water filters/purifiers installed, in which case the water may be safe to drink. Packed drinking water (popularly called "mineral water" throughout India) is a better choice. Bisleri and Kinley among others are some of the more popular and safe brands. However, please check for whether the seal is intact or not as on some occasions, if the seal has been tampered, it could be nothing but purified tap water or worse, unfiltered water. On Indian Railways, a particular mineral water brand is generally available known as "Rail Neer", which is considered to be safe and pure.

A six-year renovation has brought it back to life – with a spa and pool. Guides take visitors on foot or bicycles into idyllic landscapes of paddy fields, buffalo and village shrines. Meanwhile, there are evening courtyard performances with raucous Baul singers and captivating Nautch dancers. Rajbari is also an excellent base for the Sundarbans to the south, the great estuarine delta where the Hooghly joins the Bay of Bengal. This mangroved waterworld is home to Royal Bengal tigers, saltwater crocodiles, Gangetic dolphins, otters and fabulous bird life.  Doubles from £669 . Doubles from £866
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