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One, the advantages come too soon because as far as this formula tells us the problem hasn’t really been stated yet, has it? So advantages of what ? It’s not clear. The only thing that came before “advantages” was “attention”, so does this formula require you to draw attention by stating the problem in order for you to solve it next and, in the same breath, show the advantages? If so, then why not call it PAPPA: problem, advantages, prove, persuade, action.

AHacker''s Guide to Protecting Your Privacy While Dating

Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

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x756C Different constituencies see different value in what nuclear power brings, x756D said Exelon x7569 s Fein. x756C The resiliency and the fuel diversity and even the national-security issue is real important to a lot of people. Whether the federal government ever does something on climate change x7569 and we x7569 ve seen the mood in Washington xA5 x7569 we x7569 ve also seen states taking action. x756D

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But while my partner had purchased legal marijuana in the past, I didn’t know the first thing about the standard operating procedure of bud buying. If you’re not a native, or are visiting a state just to get some cannabis while you vacation, you might want to adhere to a few easy to follow guidelines to make yourself a model dispensary customer. The dispensary, as well as the locals, will appreciate it.

Copywriting formulas (don''t write from scratch!)

You should be prepared before you walk in the door and familiar with what you might be interested in purchasing. That means doing a little research beforehand, checking out the dispensary’s site and inventory, and asking friends more familiar with marijuana than you about the best way to get started if it’s your first time. Be sure to check their hours as well some dispensaries are open late, some open early, and some are closed on certain days of the week.

Three Mile Island fights once again for its nuclear survival

What you put in your body affects your likelihood of having lucid dreams as well. Alcohol and drugs inhibit your REM sleep and disrupt your sleep cycles , so avoid nightcaps as much as possible. And while sleeping pills and melatonin can help induce sleep, keep in mind they may interfere with normal sleep cycles. Food and non-alcoholic drinks can play a major role in dreams too. Some people have more vivid dreams depending on what they eat, or report having nightmares if they eat certain types of food too late in the evening. I’ve personally had success with pickles, apple juice, peanut butter, and spicy foods as helpful elements. Also, reducing screen time before bed is always a good idea.

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But a critical state test, no matter how personalized, is useless if you don’t do it with some regularity. Since you’re just getting started, you’re best off doing it at least 65 times a day, every day. Once you get into the practice of it, about five times a day may be good enough. Eventually, you’ll go to perform your routine check, and lo and behold, you actually will be dreaming. Excitement and wonder will wash over you as you become intentionally lucid for the first time.

Whether Pennsylvania legislators are willing to pay the extra cost for nuclear energy x7569 s attributes remains to be seen. Nearly 75 legislators signed on to an industry-inspired Nuclear Caucus this year, but legislative leaders have made no commitments. At a time when the Trump administration is skeptical of the climate-change threat, it x7569 s unclear whether TMI x7569 s zero-emission credentials alone are sufficient to swing the debate in Harrisburg.

Opponents of a nuclear bailout say xA5 the industry already received a handout during the 65-year transition to competitive wholesale markets, when the state allowed utilities to maintain capped electricity rates to recover their x756C stranded investments x756D xA5 x7569 primarily the sunk costs of the expensive nuclear fleet. Peco Energy Co., an Exelon subsidiary, kept rates in place until the end of 7565, mostly to pay for its Limerick Generating Station in Montgomery County.

Without the prep work and this intention exercise, lucid dreaming will only ever occur due to chance, which will be infrequent at best. If you want to further increase your odds of inducing a lucid dream, however, you can try what’s known as “lucid dream scheduling,” where you use an alarm clock to time out prime lucid dreaming periods. For example, if you know you’ll be able to get a full eight hours of sleep one night, set your alarm clock to go off after only six hours. Then, do the MILD exercise above, and go to back to sleep holding on to that intention to recognize you’re dreaming. Remember, those last two hours are prime lucid dreaming time, so why not boost your odds?

As workers erected scaffolding around the plant for the upcoming outage, nuclear-industry lobbyists are erecting a political foundation 67 miles up the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg to secure support for the state x7569 s five nuclear plants xA5 x7569 a bailout, opponents say. It x7569 s unclear when or in what form xA5 nuclear subsidies will be proposed, but it x7569 s likely that electricity customers, not taxpayers, would be asked to pay the cost through higher rates.

Critical state testing, on the other hand, is something you must practice in the waking world. These tests are designed to be routinely performed while you’re awake, so that when you are tumbling through dreamland, you can perform the same test and realize you’re asleep. It’s very effective if you do it right. That’s why establishing a personal critical state test is going to be your next assignment.

Other people I know have dream signs like “people don’t have discernible faces, or any faces at all,” or “I never seem to be myself when I dream.” Yours could be much simpler, however, like never wearing clothes you usually wear, or perhaps none at all. Or maybe you’ll notice the layout of a familiar place is nothing like it was before. Whatever they may be for you, start writing down your dream signs in your dream journal. The more regular inconsistencies you can note and become aware of, the more likely you are to notice them while you’re dreaming and become aware.

The nuclear industry, by far the largest producer of zero-carbon-emission electrical power, is facing a similar struggle nationwide as plans for new reactors get scrapped and existing plants battle to compete in states with deregulated power markets. Some wonder whether natural gas, with a history of price volatility and occasional scarcity, has really entered a golden era of reliable abundance with the development of hydraulically fractured shale gas.

There is one very cool thing about Intel’s latest processors. The company is packing more cores onto the processor itself. So the 65-watt processors that are the focus of today’s announcement have four cores on them. In previous generations there were just two. More cores means the processor has the ability to process more data more efficiently. People who perform processor intensive tasks, like rendering video or images, will see the best performance upgrade from the additional cores.

Courts have sometimes viewed all passwords as equal, faulting a victim whose partner hacked her Facebook because she had shared an Amazon password with him. The court questioned whether one password could be considered private, given that she had shared other accounts, Rucker explained. “If you share an iCloud account and you’re sharing pictures that way, you’re sharing accounts in the eyes of the court,” Rucker said.

Even though this post should leave me anything but speechless, that 8767 s exactly what I am right now. Can 8767 t wait to work through this. I 8767 ve been following your advice for quite some time now. And even if I can 8767 t apply everything one-to-one (I 8767 m from Germany so sometimes there are language characteristics that I have to respect), the overall takeaway for me is huge. Thanks a lot for all the work!

When using this formula, you want to ask yourself if the visitor has the info s/he requires before clicking the button. This is huuuuge for conversion copywriting: don’t put a button prematurely on a page. First give people the info they require… then make the button / target easy to acquire (which is UX-speak for click ) and then ensure your visitor desires what the button promises.

For starters, you need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep for lucid dreaming to be a possibility. You have more REM sleep in the second half of your night than you do in the first half, and more REM sleep means increased odds of having lucid dreams. In fact, the likelihood of you having a lucid dream increases more with each successive REM period. On an average night where you’re getting the recommended eight hours of sleep, you’ll experience about six REM periods. The last three of those REM periods happen in the last quarter (or two hours in this case) of the night. So, if you aren’t sleeping enough and only getting about six hours of sleep each night, you’re basically reducing your chances of going lucid by half. You need to get good sleep , and lots of it, for this to work. If you can find a way to extend your sleep at least one night a week, like on a weekend, do so.

Importantly: you’re not asking for the user to sign up, buy or start a trial until the end. I know this is very, very hard for most of us to do. Hero sections simply have buttons. But should they? Are your prospects ready yet? If you’re finding that you get a lot of unqualified folks starting trials that is, users that fail to activate or that churn out after 6 sign-in then that prematurely placed button could be to blame. Consider removing the CTA from the hero and writing the page with a traditional copywriting formula in mind instead.

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