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interesting does your mother allow you to eat with that mouth? The problem dear sir is that if we should look at racial profiling we could probably say that because of poorly educated black people running the country that 8767 s why South Africa is the laughing stock of the developing world. The fact that the government is raping and pillaging the country is because let me guess to correct the inequalities of the past. If we look at history you will find that the colonialist treated YOUR ancestors as barbarians and introduced Christianity to them to civilise them. In a nutshell we all bastards one way or the other. Continue standing on your soapbox and acting hypocritical because that 8767 s all you 8767 ll ever be. Take some of that anger and play soccer or something. you 8767 re no better than the refugee who wrote this article and you 8767 re not worth the energy. have a nice day

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I 8767 m enjoying my free time before I get sucked up in school. It can be insanely competitive and I can be a bit obsessive lol to the point of eschewing eating for perfecting unimportant details that no one will ever see. All enjoyable none-the-less. How is life treating you? I know you mentioned how busy you were before, have things slowed down enough for you to start enjoying the end of summer?

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ashton boy i would be honest with ya you are only 8 years old what do you know about sex yes i understand that you are gay or maybe feeling like it i cant stop you you do your thing but as a friend i advise you gay life is not appreciated by most people in society about 65% support it whatever happened to the other 95% i dont know but try go get educated so that you will have something to depend on thats your education if you have education yes you are gay people may not like you but they will have no other choice but to respect you even though i may not know you i love you because you are a fellow human just like me so take my advice and do something with it

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Oh, I see I can only be loaded if I am a preacher? How dumb is that? Everyone who is wealthy that you know is a preacher? Angel was once broke but he came back. What is so incredible about that? That happens all the time. Your pretense to have inside knowledge about Trump is also fake. This guy was one time broke. Period. But he came back.
If you weren 8767 t so concerned about countering my posts, you would be snoring in bed right now wouldn 8767 t you? But no you are up trying to think of fresh ways to counter my posts. Get a life

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I feel like you a complete idiot and your sons are not worthy of a good wife (be it whatever race). Well quite frankly, my opinion to your stupidity, is if this is your way of thinking, (painting each human being of the same race/ethnicity with the same paint brush) then you are way too narrow minded. Friendly advice, stay in your own world, no one cares about your opinion and I 8767 m assuming, because you wrote an internet article on your feelings and thoughts, that you lacking attention. Work on yourself darling, you 8767 ll never last in the real world.

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Oh my heaven. Shocking to say the least. As a coloured women 65th
generation indeed, I was raised by not only my mother and father, but by
my whole family. I was raised to stand up for myself and not be except
belittling. As a 65th generation coloured lady I was tought that in
order for you to care for anyone else you need to care for yourself
first, to not be selfish and the art of sharing. As a coloured lady I
was tough respect for my elders to stand up for older people and to
love no matter what. As a coloured lady I was tought to be forgiven
and mam I do forgive you your ignorance. And most of all as a coloured
lady 65th generation I need to add a mother in law like that will
never get the respect she so solemnly believe she deserve. To get
respected to need to respect others. Lastly I need to tell you mam that
as a coloured mother that is precisely what I teach my daughters.
Stand your ground and don 8767 t let any man belittle you most of all not
his mother.

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For starters, we the Coloured folk of the world are not as narrow minded as you supposed thoroughbred and ignorant 8775 people 8776 . What is even more disturbing than this article is the fact that you are of such poor education and able to voice your opinion on an open and public platform. I pity your sons for they have to grow up and become men raised by a wretched and bitter woman. They are to go out into the world with the poison you are feeding them. Shame on you for stirring racial unrest.

I don 8767 t understand why people always justify their biased and ill informed reasonings as opinions. Opinions that are clearly terrible. Opinions require a basis of justifiable reference and information. Just because it 8767 s your opinion doesn 8767 t justify you having it.
No one had any right to pass judgement on a person exclusively based on the color of their skin. It 8767 s a color, not a reflection of who they are, what they do and their heart.
There are other criteria that should be more important to a mother then the color of the skin that their child loves. Now kindly revise your very messed up 8775 opinions 8776

The characteristics you have mentioned above are found in every race Sir so what is your point? Are there no black alcoholics? Is there no in-breeding among black people? people like you and this lady should really check your facts before typing stuff..
And don 8767 t say everyone knows how we coloured people are 8776 maybe you the coloured person that have given us coloureds a bad impression stop drinking mr and inbreeding and abusing the social welfare so that people like this silly lady will not write ill of us please STOP IT!!! clearly you have identified yourself with the list of things you have mentioned above fortunately I DONT:) so you need to check yourself

GO FORWARD MY varume vane twunhu twavo ava dai vanhu vaibatsira hama dzavo dzisina nevanotambura vakazara pano pasi Mwari aisa fara here??? Kwete kuti tuchatucha kungonopa varume ava vane mazi mari ma 8776 love offering, offering,tithe etc 8776 every sunday Religion is strange i tell you I dont see how you can say you are giving God when you cant help the person who is beside you everyday who needs help and you want to go and give a person who has more than enough already just because he tells you by giving him you are 8775 sowing a seed 8776 and you will harvest in due time Tiri kutandara pano pasi

Yes, Im annoyed because she will use glue to paste on straight hair on
her head and use false eye lashes to try and look like a 8775 coloured 8776 One
thing i can say about 8775 coloureds 8776 and what this counrty should adopt is
that they are already a proud rainbow nation!!! and will never backlash
another race because in their whole entire family there is a white,
indian , black and chineses member

The word ofGOD said and I quot=.What shall it profit a man and woman gaining the whole world and looses his or her life. What a pitty. How can a person created by GOD leave her nackedness like this? All those who do this to initiate people into a life wish is unworthy will be judge by the Lord and his anger will fall on them because this life is all about hussling but in going out exposing your nackedness picture to whom the Lord bless with his word. Any body who do that shoould better repent for the anger of God is on the way.

What a load of hogwash. I cannot believe that a person will be so ignorant. I 8767 m from South Africa and what makes Africa a unique continent is that we have a variety of cultures and ethic groups and you can 8767 t stereotype a race. People in all cultures have good and bad about them. Not all coloreds are violent and alcoholics. That is a stereotype its like me saying all black people steal that 8767 s not true so this journalist should really re-think about her thoughts. The last I checked Zimbabwe had major issues with poverty and government so please do some meaningful work with your time instead of writing silly reports. I am colored and i have a sister, aunts, and friends who are colored and are all well established individuals today so please don 8767 t pick on race because of what you believe get your facts straight and check yourself cause the same sons you wanna protect will find colored girls and love them and you will be called Jane

My point I did not get to where I am by judging other or allowing people to pity me. I got to where I am because of my Family (parents, brother, cousins, friends, enemies), daai 8775 Aunty 8776 en 8775 Uncle 8776 om die draai! Even when you go to stores in South Africa, which people of race will give you a good/happy customer service experience ? Who in the world still calls a strange 8775 Uncle 8776 , 8775 Aunty 8776 , Mums, Oom, Tannie, Toppie, Tyma, etc let me help you, Coloured? Tell me again about respect and manners.

I 8767 m glad she is not my mother. US Zimbabweans are so full of ourselves sometimes, we like to think that we are clever and intelligent but looking at the state of our country, I do not see any intelligence or cleverness. I really hate this about my people. so full of goat shit, NHOKO! If you are so clever fix your damn country so that your children do not get born under a paper bag full to the brim with human excrement.

Ima 76 year old coloured girl, do t drink, dont smoke andim not a counter girl im a 9th year law student so you and your racist opinion can go to hell. We are the best race cause we have the best of both worlds. You black women want to bleach and become lighter like us and white women tan to have that golden glowing skin that we have so im sorry but you just sound jealous cause it looks to me that both black and white women are trying to be us

I was raised by strong Coloured woman who has strong morals and values that emanate from a diverse South Africa. You go on a social platform and write a racially based article on “South African Coloured Woman” and you purposefully do not sign your name. This
lets me know that you are weak and pitiful woman who could not stand up to
strong Coloured woman so used a social platform to vent your misplaced anger.
I hope you son’s don’t marry strong coloured women but instead they marry men!

What an ill informed piece of archaic and racist riddled garbage.
You call yourself a journalist?!
I see you never included your name. Clearly you were aware that this could possibly be the worst piece of journalism ever penned.
Your writing is a form of social bullying based on presemptuous assertions of a race based on your run in with a minute sample of people.
Zimbabwe, a progressive Zimbabwe has no place for your 8775 kind 8776 . And by your kind i mean a pompous breed of ignoramus who thinks that she is informing the masses when really, she is spewing unprogressive racist verbal diarrhoea.
Hope your sons think for themselves.

She wants to talk about colored women who don 8767 t know themselves but does she recognize herself because she is wearing white /colored hair.. Why desire to look like them and wear their clothes type instead of your traditional outfits and your own crusty/ kroes hair.. Maybe you should just be yourself and stop trying to hide behind the white/colored/Indian hair than her sons won 8767 t have to find women who has hair like the mothers fake hair.

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