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Pagadian City Beach Attractions : Zamboanga del Sur

Posted: 2017-11-14 19:54

Jackdaws are sitting on chimney pots and peering into them. They are contemplating whether to build a nest down there in the spring. By dropping sticks into them they sometimes secure a platform for a nest at other times they just go on until a large and useless pile of sticks mounts up in the fireplace below. They are relatively small members of the crow family, with a black body and a grey hood on the head. They have a jaunty way of walking, but a cold grey eye. They fly around in flocks, frequently producing a loud, startling chorus of “jack, jack” calls, but outside the flock they mostly stay in their pairs, as do other crows such as magpies and carrion crows. They are common even in the heart of most British towns and cities, but until about five years ago were rarely seen in London. Now they are seen — and heard — more and more there.

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