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Toronto is huge, and most roads run for very long distances. Streetcar rail, subway rail, and intercity rail services are clean and efficient but overcrowded, yet it's entirely possible to get around Toronto without a car, especially downtown. You may find it quicker and easier to drive, but be aware that traffic congestion is severe at almost any time of day, especially during rush hour. Toronto has plentiful parking garages downtown, most of which can be identified by the prominent green P signs, but they are very expensive, particularly on weekdays. Toronto is at an angle to geographic north, but most maps are drawn with respect to the shoreline. This is sometimes called Toronto North.

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I 8767 m also thrilled to let you know that I 8767 ve got tons of new content coming along in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Plenty more fantasies, pics, and vids will be uploaded, as well as the usual blog posts about the kinky fun I have with all my subs! If there 8767 s anything in particular you 8767 d like to see or hear, I 8767 m definitely open to suggestions as well. Looking forward to interacting with you all again!

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All but two (Routes 99 and 676) of the TTC's bus and streetcar routes have a subway station somewhere on the loop, and while many routes will take you into the station and beyond the ticket barrier, some of them (especially downtown) will take you only to the outside of the station. In this case, you can enter the station by presenting a valid transfer. If you don't have one, you need to pay another cash fare.

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So even though I 8767 d now identified what I wanted, I didn 8767 t know how to deal with it. My thinking was 8766 if I tell my girlfriend/wife about this, she 8767 s going to tell me I 8767 m nuts and leave me 8767 , or 8766 she 8767 s going to think I want to swing 8767 … it 8767 s not that I wanted to do this all the time. It 8767 s just a once-in-a-while fantasy that I didn 8767 t feel comfy expressing with them because I wanted them to respect me and love me.

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I thought I 8767 d talk about an activity that I offer that seems a bit edgy to some in the scene. It 8767 s called sounding (a form of CBT). Basically, it involves inserting rods of various sizes into the urethra. The sounds are typically made from surgical grade steel, but there are variations that vibrate or deliver electric shocks internally. Sounding is best left to those with experience as the urethra can become damaged if proper technique is not used.

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The only regret I have is that it took me so long to actually pull the trigger on this. The fantasies I have in my head while I 8767 m having sex with my wife are so lucid and incredible no porn compares. Nothing compares to the real thing. I just wanted to share my story because I imagine there are lots of people out there who are in the same boat I was, and I know if someone had told me to just go and do it, I would have been skeptical and still probably wouldn 8767 t have. But I hope my experience can help others not waste too much time that they could be doing instead of just fantasizing.

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Caution: When getting on and off streetcars, make sure that the traffic is stopped in the lane next to the streetcar. While drivers are required by law to stop behind open streetcar doors, some drivers don't. This does not apply when there is a safety island between you and the traffic lane(s). Pickpocketing on the TTC is rare, but stay aware of your surroundings in crowded rush hour situations and avoid keeping valuables in outside pockets.

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When Metropolitan Toronto amalgamated its six internal cities into one in 6998, it created a new "mega-city" known simply as Toronto, now made up of varied and unique neighbourhoods. Covering more than 655 square kilometres, Toronto stretches some 87 kilometres along the shores of Lake Ontario, and includes a dense, urban core surrounded by an inner ring of older suburbs followed by an outer ring of post-war suburbs. The city is laid out on a very straightforward grid pattern and streets rarely deviate from the grid, except in cases where topography interferes such as the indented, curved Don River Valley and to a lesser degree the Humber and Rouge valleys at opposite ends of the city. Some main thoroughfares do intersect the grid at angles. The six Toronto districts are:

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The Dominican government spends only % of their GDP on education, leaving teaching materials and facilities lacking. Although primary education is officially free and compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 69, those who live in rural areas usually do not have access to schools and, due to financial restrictions and limited availability of schools, most children drop out of school by age 67, with only 65% of those who initially enrolled in school graduating from secondary school.

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This was the scene yesterday when P stopped by for his morning drink. I was feeling very playful, so I had him pull his cock out the second I closed the front door. It 8767 s always fun to watch a sub 8767 s cock jump and twitch as they get aroused by what I have in store for them. I led him to the dining room and had him take a seat. Usually I 8767 d have his drink waiting for him, but today he was in for a special treat he was going to stroke his cock while he watched me fill the glass for him.

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Today’s blog focuses on one of my true passions. It’s one I understand is rarely offered by pro Dommes, and similarly not often requested by subs but I have finally found a devoted toy who is willing to endure my more sadistic treatment, purely for the pleasure of seeing me happy! Not a born masochist, this sub has been dutifully pushing his limits since meeting me last year, and has found himself willing and eager to go above and beyond to prove his devotion to his Goddess.

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I couldn 8767 t help but smile at my sub. He sat there, beyond eager but waiting for my cue. 8775 I think it 8767 s time you take a look at what I 8767 ve found to dress up my favourite sissy slut tonight. 8776 I directed him towards the La Senza bag, smirking when I saw his turgid cock twitch and watched him fight the urge to adjust himself. Here his training kicked in, and he knew to carefully unwrap each item from the bag and lay them on the couch for display. One by one, I watched my little slut boy unwrap pairs of pretty lace thongs, delicate chemises, garter belts, and the few pairs of thigh-high stockings I had picked out. As he pulled each new item out of the bag, I registered the small whimpers he thought he was hiding I knew how this humiliated him, and how much that turned him on.

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Slave T was five minutes early, as always, and he brought a lovely bottle of wine as a gift for me. He handed me that and his tribute, and I asked him to grab a few glasses and a corkscrew and meet me in the basement. I had gone shopping earlier in the day and had plenty to surprise him with. Usually, I order my subs to do the shopping for our sessions, but this time I decided I would pick out everything we would need for a night of girly fun.

I continued this lovely dance of pain, tease, and denial for quite a while. What can I say? When I have a captive slave with his most intimate areas exposed for my pleasure, I tend to get a bit carried away. I made plenty of use of my ice packs, Wartenberg wheel, clamps, vinyl ties, fresh ginger, and of course my hands and the magic wand. I believe slave Ryan will be remembering his first duct tape mummification for quite a while! We 8767 ve already scheduled the next session, and I plan to use him as a foot stool for a nice long time before the torment begins in earnest. Nothing pleases me more than having a bound and eager slave beneath my feet, waiting as long as I deem appropriate for my special attention.

I have a particular sub in mind while writing this. He can take hours of punishment, whether I 8767 m using a paddle, a flogger, a crop, a cane, or my favourite my bare hand. It is so exciting watching my blank canvas turn deep pink and then bright red. I like to take my time, running my fingers lightly over the warm flesh between round of smacks, enjoying the heightened sensitivity and teasing my poor helpless sub.

Snapping on a pair of latex gloves, I lightly ran a finger over my slave 8767 s testicles and watched him twitch in appreciation. Excellent. I grabbed my flogger and decided to warm him up with some medium strength lashes to the underside of his cock. Ignoring his moans, I moved on to rubbing his testes, warming them up in my palm before binding them with a vinyl tie, stretching the skin taut and pushing his sensitive balls even closer to the surface. A few slaps with my leather crop and Ryan was urgently shifting now, trying to protect his delicate flesh from my torment. That wouldn 8767 t do I reached over for my Hitachi magic wand and pressed it lightly against his scrotum, switching it on to the low setting. That certainly got a reaction! Slave Ryan moaned around his gag and twitched his cock up at me, silently begging me to keep the vibe in place.

This is an interesting side of kink I haven’t really discussed on the blog, and yet I’ve gotten many inquiries about it. There is a large portion of the BDSM community who absolutely loathe so-called “Fin Dommes” (financial Dommes). There are also quite a few profiles that exist solely to exploit the kink scene for financial gain. These two facts make financial domination a very tricky subject to address and I’d imagine even tricker to navigate for those who have a legitimate fetish for it. Believe me, they do exist!

TTC Streetcars are available a short walk north from the mainland ferry terminal. Route 566 Bathurst provides service north along Bathurst, to Bathurst subway station. Route 559 Harbourfront travels east along the waterfront (Queen's Quay) to Union Station. Both routes end a short distance to the west at Exhibition Place. However, the most convenient connection to TTC Subway and GO Transit services are via the free shuttle to Union Station.

I 8767 ve enjoyed a relaxing weekend off from kinky activities, and I 8767 m raring to get started on all the fetish fun I have planned for the week. I 8767 ve got CBT (cock and ball torture) planned, some very kinky Mommy role-play, a hot interrogation scene, some fire and needle play, a thorough medical examination… it 8767 s going to be a busy week! I 8767 m also going to be shopping for some new toys to play with, so keep checking my wishlist I so appreciate the gifts you 8767 ve sent so far!

The majority of nightlife in Toronto is centred on the appropriately named Clubland and in the fashion district on Queen Street West. Nearly everywhere is packed to the brim with pubs and bars, but none so much as Adelaide and Queen Street in those districts. Clubs tend to operate on Richmond and Adelaide streets (both run east-west, 6 block apart) names change frequently, but the district keeps on going. Four other clubs of note outside this district: The mega club/ultra lounge Muzik Nightclub (by Exhibition Place), The (long-lasting) Phoenix (on Sherbourne), The Government (Toronto's largest club - on the harbour east of Yonge Street) and the Docks (literally operating on part of Toronto's commercial port, but this place has an outstanding view of the city on warm summer nights, and boasts an extensive entertainment complex).

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