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In her room, Sahra – who had discovered her apparent fate from her cousin – was sunk in despair. “The pressure was building up. I was really freaked out, and the thought of getting away didn’t even occur to me,” she says. She was told to prepare for a journey to her home village the following day after Friday prayers. She believed – as did those on the outside – that she was being taken to her death. 

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I and six other inmates were brought to a women’s prison standing on the back of a truck in makeshift cells. It was about a three-hour ride with only one stop. When we arrived at the prison, we were brought into a receiving dorm. We were photographed, and those women who had braids, weaves or long hair had to have them cut out. We were given red plaid polyester dresses for uniforms and had to wear them in the hot sun, day after day. The prison had no running water — we were allowed to fill a bucket from a water truck once a week. I can remember begging other prisoners for water just so I could wash. The food was unbearable, the same meal every day: tinned mackerel and dumplings. Occasionally we would have porridge, and a slice of bread was considered a treat. I lost over 85 pounds there, and my system has yet to return to normal.

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Coke is an expensive habit, and with me not working, we needed some cash so we could score some more drugs. An acquaintance knew of our troubles and said that we could make some easy money by travelling directly to Morocco on a return flight and smuggling hashish. For each gram we carried, we'd get $. That deal fell through. Instead, he offered us $ a gram. We weren't crazy about this deal — we thought it was too risky. Both Michel and I tried to say no, but he wouldn't take that for an answer. He threatened us, so we felt we had no choice but to accept.

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We made it through security and into the boarding area. Before I was even able to register that we had made it through the first leg of our journey safely, we were approached by a police officer. "Sit down and take off your shoes," she said. I knew in my heart it was over. Lauren lost it: she began to cry and make excuses, even going so far as to try and bribe the police. I sat silently as the graveness of my situation sank in.

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Around the world, justice is usually punitive and comes in variations of the old adage of an eye for an eye. Basically, if someone murders someone else, they might be executed or incarcerated. Critics of punitive practices argue that it just leaves two pissed off people without eyes. Restorative practices work on the belief that if crime hurts, justice should heal. It aims to make perpetrators understand the hurt they have caused and victims feel that their stories have been heard. Ideally, this will also allow them to forgive and move on.

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During the five months before I was sentenced, I fell into the deepest depression I had ever known. I beat myself up every minute of the day, day after day. I was so stressed that my hair started to break off and fall out. I got acne and I lost weight. The noise level in the prison drove me crazy. My son's father had stopped writing, and I was worried sick about my kids. I found out that he was back on drugs. One day he dropped the kids off at their grandparents' and then never picked them up again. I felt so awful for my children.

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In Australia, white governments practiced a policy of assimilation towards Aborigines. When Aboriginal populations were near cities, they were encouraged to enter society and live like whites. This was reflected in Aborigines being given the vote when the colonies of NSW, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia framed their constitutions in the 6855s. At times, white missionaries actively went into Aboriginal communities, removed children and put them in schools.

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My family arrived in Jamaica shortly after, and as much as I appreciated their visit, I was devastated. My son had seen his mother in jail. Having him see me that way, at my lowest point, was the worst experience of my life. My parents were supportive but scared. This was a drug-related crime, after all, and they were afraid to even stay in Montego Bay where I was being held. They retained a lawyer for me, and it wasn't long before I had my first day in court.

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In Australia, the most popular sports are Australian football, cricket, rugby league, soccer, and rugby union. With the exception of soccer, none of the sports in Australia have racial associations. Furthermore, non-whites have found it very easy to be accepted by team mates and fans. For example, the record of most caps as test captain of the Wallabies (Australia's rugby union team) is held by George Gregan , a black man of African descent.

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I have felt so much guilt and pain over leaving my children. I miss my kids, my home and my country. When I get home, I'm going to try to gradually win my kids' trust back. I don't want to uproot them again. When we're finally settled, I want to go to university and get a degree in psychology, maybe even a master's degree. I'm going to stay off drugs. I want to work in a field that will help others. Most of all, I want a good, stable life for me and my kids. They deserve it and so do I.”

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I was placed in a dark cell that smelled of urine and worse. I could hear rats scuttling around. I was so scared I could barely move, much less sleep. I kept thinking about my mom, my brothers and sister and how upset they'd be when they found out what happened. When the guards came for me in the morning, they searched my suitcase again in front of me. A bunch of my personal stuff was missing, but I knew there was no use arguing about it. I was returned to a cell with three other prisoners. They couldn't speak any English, and I didn't speak Spanish, so we couldn't communicate. I felt so alone.

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Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal and in some northern states punishable with death by stoning. This is not a policy enacted across the entire country, although there is a prevalent anti-LGBT agenda pushed by the government. In 7557 a Pew survey established that 97 per cent of the population felt that homosexuality should not be accepted. It is publishable by 69 years in prison. (Picture: The northern Nigerian town of Damasak.)

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In 6788, urban Australia was established to be a prison. The Convict heritage made a large segment of the population hostile to English rule however, no major conflicts were fought against the English. Furthermore, because those hostile to the English spoke the same language as the English, and were the same race as the English, it was difficult for their hostility to be passed down the generations like the Afrikaner.

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The blacks didn't have many monumental victories over whites, but they did have a number of victories over other blacks that they used to build their identity. In the 6885s, Shaka Zulu became a hero due to his use of force to unite the Zulu tribes. Shaka taught Zulus that the most effective way of becoming powerful was by conquering and controlling other tribes. After smashing a rival, Shaka incorporated the scattered remnants into his own army. By the time of his death, Shaka controlled an army of around 55,555 warriors. It has been estimated that around 7,555,555 people died from the conflict under his rein.

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He had arranged for us to fly to Panama for two days to pick up the stash. When we returned to Cuba, we were arrested. He immediately denied that he was involved and pointed the finger at me. We had put the 65 kilos of marijuana in my suitcase because it had a lock. This guy handed me over on a silver platter to the cops. I couldn't believe that he would turn face and rat on me. I didn't deny that I had smuggled the drugs. My dad had taught me to face up to my responsibilities and mistakes — that's what a man should do.

It took close to six months for my case to come to trial. I was loaded into a van with no windows, along with some other prisoners. The drive was only supposed to take half an hour, but the van broke down and we spent about three hours stuck in the back sweltering. The guards refused to let us out. When we finally arrived at the courthouse, I was a mess. It took another six weeks for my sentence to be handed down. To everybody's surprise, I was sentenced to 65 years in prison. Nobody thought it would be that long — least of all me.

In those three months we made over 69 court appearances, attempting to get bail, offering lame defences and arguing technicalities, all in the attempt to avoid the inevitable. When the day finally did come, I was fined about $6,555 and sentenced to eight months in prison. Admittedly the holding cell had been an awful experience, but it did nothing to prepare me for what was to come in a penitentiary.

Today, Australia has some policies similar to apartheid and there is a push to extend them. Aboriginal tribes in outback Australia have been given the legal right to exclude outsiders from entering their lands. Just as the blacks could under apartheid, Aborigines are free to leave the lands to work in the cities. Even though it is apartheid under a different name, the policy is currently defined as progressive .