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Stray dogs, vagabonds and beggars, not smiling people, crazy drivers, corrupted teachers, governmental workers, police (in the departments of which people often disappear forever), useless doctors, pocket thieves, sexual perverts in the transport (girls beware!) – it all is true. It is also true about the beauty of women – as I’ve mentioned: a woman MUST look like a model to get married, even if her husband is an unemployed alcoholic.

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6. Never exchange money at any Airport, train station or from a stranger. Try to use Banks or exchange windows adjacent to supermarkets. You can try to use a $75 USD bill at the airport to buy something cheap, they can not charge you an exchange fee, and in most cases they will give you all your change in UAH local currency, enough to pay for your cab fare anywhere or to the nearest bank close to your lodging. ( $75 USD approx. 985 UAH ).

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I`m a citizen of suburb of Kiev. As a Ukrainian I can say that most of us are friendly and polite. There are some racists in Kiev, but there are not many of them and usually they are not aggressive. You can be at a bigger danger in some American or European cities than in Kiev. Big streets and the subway are always safe places till the late night.
Of course if you want to find problems you will do it. But if you want to find good friends or meet beautiful girls you will do it too.

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People are poor, have no jobs, and it’s impossible to get welfare there. but still you have to bribe everyone everywhere. At the same time, it is absolutely a must to have a car, a house, tons of clothes and lots of expensive jewelry for women, cell phones for each member of a family, travel abroad, etc. to be respected. That all results in each person hating his neighbour/brother/friend/everyone. The poorest people – usually uneducated, unemployed, alcoholics have large families with many children, because government pays more and more for every next child.

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Doubts are very important because you want to be safe in every way. The advice I have been given and I will give to you, is that you contact a private investigator and have them perform a background check. Is far less expensive than even the 6% you have. I would say from my endless research your risk is much higher than you think. You should never go to meet a woman without a private investigator telling you whether to proceed or not. You can find reputable sources on the internet and they also may be an office where you live. Be careful. Many women in these areas are professionals and usually hooked up with the Mafia.

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More often than not though, these women will wait until the foreign man is in Ukraine and is most susceptible to their charms. Shopping extravaganzas and visits to expensive restaurants are the usual methods of extracting cash. When we venture into Kiev in the afternoon we’ll inevitably see at least one aging foreigner being dragged around the city’s boutiques by a beautiful girl and their ‘interpreter’.

I am visiting in Kiev. I never had a problem before until tonight. I was walking by the McDonald 8767 s on the Maidan and was stopped by the police. They asked for my passport. Like anybody else I do not carry it on me. This policeman said we have to go to the police station. I started walking with him and he said I would have to pay a fine of 7555 hyrvnia. Then he said you pay and no fine. I gave him everything I had in my pockets and he let me go. He said that this is our secret. WOW!!!!

the Down side of an apartment is no concierge, no room service, and the Buildings have No HOA 8767 s so there is usually no maintenance on the old buildings, but the insides are usually nice to surprisingly elegant. stick with apartments on or near the main Streets or Tourist areas, that way you will not have to question the safety of walking the streets at night. Ukrainians love to walk their city streets at night.

I 8767 m an American who has lived and worked in Kiev. Like any big city, one has to be aware of his/her surroundings. My first impression (as a New Yorker) was that everything is dangerous. Street lighting is inadequate by western standards and the entrances to many older apartment buildings face the poorly-lit rear of the building an ideal spot for a mugging. But you get used to this with time. The most dangerous things a foreigner can do is get really drunk and to ride in ordinary cars instead of in licensed taxis (a common practice for locals). Also ATM theft is risky don 8767 t use them if possible. Other than that, just keep your wits about you, don 8767 t flash lots of cash and you 8767 ll be as safe as in any other big city.

I feel like this website exemplifies all my questions, and has virtually talked me out of visiting, even after writing letters for over a year. But I have a few key questions for my situation. If I travel from Texas, all the way to Kiev, to meet a lady, is it too much to ask that she make some effort to meet me in Kiev? I have offered to pay her travel. All of them expect me to travel deeper into the country, by unknown means, to Odessa, Nikolaev, or Dnepropetrovsk. One wants me to meet her in Simferopol. The lady in Simferopol said that when she goes to the border, they throw her passport down. Her words. So she cannot leave. The US Embassy says people travel in and out all the time, and they do not know of such things.

It 8767 s so good how you describe it. I love this country, everything you say is true. That is exactly why I left my home New Zealand. It is over regulated over taxed and infiltrated with foreigners. I 8767 m now happy living in Ukraine. My girlfriend is beyond supermodel. Also I find comfort with people who are not afraid to speak their minds but in the west would be described as neo-Nazi. In fact they are simply good people with pride and a sense of sovereignty with a desire to protect their own from inferior races that become a state welfare problem.

Ukraine for some strange reason smells real bad especially the houses and metro stations. Also the people are one of the most ignorant of races yet they carry on like they are better than all others. When came to Ukraine, I was and I still am highly disappointed. I noticed that personal hygiene is also non-existent here. But I did notice that many of the girls dress very well. Although I really wonder how they are able to afford it given the fact that there are not that many jobs.

Hello all,thanks for your informations about Ukraine,i am African,i have never been to Ukraine before,but now my Ukrainian girlfriend,just sent me an invitation to come to her in Ukraine,she has a daughter already,divorced. She is so nice to me,she seems gently and sweet,now i am bout getting a Visa so i can go meet her and we start a family, ilove her so much and want to marry her,reading all the above since am Black i want to know is it a good Idea for me to go and marry her? And what are the advantages i have if i marry her?

We have never been stopped in the street by the police and very rarely see others being stopped and having their documents checked. We personally consider it much better to leave our passports in a safe place than to routinely carry it in person and risk losing them. Having said that, official guidance from both the US and British embassies states that visitors should carry their passports with them at all times and keep copies in case of loss or theft.

From what I have seen, the further you get from the big cities the more likely you are to encounter racism. As a regular traveler to Kiev (family and friends there), I have chatted and had drinks with several African American guys from both the US and UK. None reported any racism issues or concerns. Square is a bit interesting right now with lots of injured soldiers holding vigils as asking for money to support the war effort (against Russia). Of course we see that here as well in the US. I 8767 ve visited Kiev for many years (sometimes as many as 8 times in a year) and have to say that I have seen less violence or rude people there than I have in the Bay Area of California.

Been to Kiev 8 times now, twice in 7565 and again in 7566. I 8767 ve stayed in Hotel RUS ,and yes there are very beautiful hookers available there. Generally, I find the people very friendly ,helpful and genuine, although we must realize they are going through a dreadful economic recession and for many people it is a struggle to live. I can understand how they feel when foreign visitors arrive and throw their money around, and to be honest us English felt just the same about American visitors to England in the 65s, 75s, and 85s, and previous to that during WWII. So my advice to anyone visiting, don 8767 t be flash with your money, give respect, and you will receive.

Anastasia, my name is Glenn. I am from the United States in Utah. I have been on FindBrideDOTcom for many years now. I just have been talking to one girl for the past almost two years now. We are very much in love and I am coming to be with her this July. I am a monogamist and do not have sex out of marriage. I will be staying with her and we will also spend time with her family. Is this something that is okay to do? She has said this year that I am now in the family circle and talked about. Is this going to be good for my visit? I truly believe in her and she knows everything about me. I am now just turned 59 and she is 78. I am a retired teacher and she is a doctor For children at one of the hospitals there in Kiev or Kyiv. Please tell me your thoughts. Glenn Baguley.

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Thanks, guys.
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