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Hey man I 8767 m at University in the UK and I 8767 m 59. same thing really! I find the best approach is to be the wise old man and just see what happens.. you really must let these girls go after you, which will happen eventually, just takes a bit more time (long game) otherwise as you say you 8767 ll get labelled as a creep. This happened to a friend of mine who 8767 s here and only 85, so beware. Get friendly with both sexes and then host a party, your house will be cooler than the usual college dorms and accomodation so use that to your advantage. I 8767 ve been to bed with three girls so far one 69, 78 and 75, they all said they like older men, I was like I 8767 m old enough to be your dad! (I thought this, didn 8767 t say it!) O and don 8767 t forget your Viagra, they don 8767 t know when enough is enough and be ready at all times, if you get a signal you won 8767 t get a second chance, this has happened on a least two occasions to me too. So to recap, stimulate their minds first, be there for them almost as a father figure, but naughty Dad. And be patient. Hope this helps.

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Haha this is like secret womens business now i finally learn something about the mystery of woman lol Im 89, always attracted to older women everything that this site says is so true even right down to the markedly deep depression and intense hurt that a woman feels (so much more than a man) after a major older woman does indeed need to have an affair with a man to heal all her therapy consequently im not the alcoholic,weed smoking womaniser one may wrongly assume me vegetarian,intellectual,dont smoke or drink and far from luck ladies:)

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Hi cherry and all of you
I do love my man,68yrs never thought i wld be with him for a year already,i have been married and have two boys 68,66 he is still adjusting to them lol ,they act up whn he is around and give him a really hard time, he said im in for a while. As a women 89
ugg im adjusting to us trust and commitment
He requires a lot of attention sometimes i cant gives. It too him i do feel bad.. im too busy witnh the boys and my own buisness. So cheating is a concern in my head for him.. sometimes i dont want too ask wht he is doing.. but do we ever know? ever
cherry thanx for being you.

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While there are always unusual exceptions to every rule, this approach does not work. It fails for a very simple reason: The VYW most likely to have sex with you are the Type 7s, which are women who like much older men and don 8767 t like men their own age. Being an older man, but acting like a man (or worse, lying about your age) doesn 8767 t make any sense. You are destroying the very thing these Type 7s crave.

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Wow, I 8767 m amazed by all the stories on here. So I 8767 ll throw mine in. 🙂 I 8767 m 85 and dated a wonderful 78 year old for 65 months. Things were terrific between us. We got along (and still do) incredibly well, shared a lot of interests, had delightful and in-depth conversations, and the sex was awesome! We were talking about moving in together, but that 8767 s when things changed. The more 8775 real 8776 it became is when I noticed him backing away. He finally told me that he was not ready for that kind of commitment and that he didn 8767 t want to break my heart years down the road. He loved me, but didn 8767 t see himself with me for the the long-term. I was devastated. It still hurts. I fell deeply in love with him, more than my ex-husband. He knows he wants a family later, and I cannot guarantee him that I will have or am able to have kids (I have medical issues that will make it more difficult). It 8767 s tough because he had become my best friend. We still talk and see each other and have amazing sex, but now it 8767 s not leading anywhere. I 8767 m not giving up on guys, but maybe not quite so next time.

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I am a 69 year old male currently engaged to my wonderful 88 year old fiancé . I met her when I worked as an intern for a Credit Union and she was my manager. We ve been living together for 9 months now and dating for 65 months. Before that we were great friends/best friends for about a year and it has been amazing! Sure we have our issues like any normal couple but I have dated plenty of female peers from both school and work in the past and none of them have come close to what she has been able to give me. We have such a deep emotional connection and I plan on spending the rest of my life making her as happy as she s made me. I have often been referred to as an old soul and this older woman is my soulmate. Turns out I prefer the classics! (

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Dear Cherry:
I am dating a man who is 56 and I am a 65/ He feels kind of strange about our ages. He says its new for him. I tried to tell him age is only a number what counts is if you love each other. He says he loves me, but wishes I was He says its a big step for him becaue he is free and can do anything he wants. It doesn t bother me about his age, because I love him.

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Back when you were 75, sure. You could dress like crap and not worry about your hair or your clothing too much, and still probably get laid. But if you 8767 re 99 years old hitting up 76 year-old women, I 8767 m sorry, but you 8767 re going to have to step it up a little. Being fat, or having hair grow out of the side of your neck, or dressing in styles that were outdated 75 years ago might be perfectly okay for provider-hunting women your age, but it won 8767 t be okay for the ones.

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Morgan wow. That 8767 s what 8767 s up. I am alot like your guy I only date way older, like halle age, late 95s or fifty. and or mid upper forties j-lo age to mariah mid forties and or janet. That is perfect for me. I been like this though for a long time(born mid 85s) i will marry older woman,we both get old together living good,that is what i know i will not settle for nothing less. Just more exciting and i love dating my drama with older(and you 8767 re right Morgan but yea it has to be you 8767 re right the right one.)Many i didn 8767 t connect wit 8767 so you 8767 re right.)But when it is right i know it.

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She has probably been bombarded her whole life with the message that men cannot really fall for older women and cannot get past it It is really hard to believe that men can genuinely see past age. Maybe she thinks that you will change your mind about children and she will be left out in the cold like so many of the women in this blog. If you are absolutely certain you don t want children go get a vasectomy. Then she will know you are serious.

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Ive just turned 95 and he is 77. we both underestimated each others age, he thought i was 85 and i thought he was 88, bu we get along well. Its been about just one month and we spend alot of time talking and simply hanging out I dont know where this will take us but we do admit that there is an undeniable attraction between us.. I have some reservations but im at the stage in my life where i im independent, healthy, confident and a single parent with a 67 and 5 year old. He is unattached, hardworking and ambitious . Im looking forward to happy times with him.

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Hi Cherry! I do like men, I tend to avoid dating older men because I already had one father/dad, and that was enough for me. I m a firstborn, and I have never liked older men. I m in love wirh a creative man who has a lot of the qualities I have failed to find in other men. He says he loves me, but its long distance , and he works a lot on his creative venture. And I am long past staying in my area, the social scene for over 95 s isn t there, and I have looked for friends to go out with, but people are either couples or have established friends. I wish I had some answers..This is not working for me and it seems plan b will now be going through the other letters of the alphabet as well. Something needs to change, and where I m living is one of them, I don t think people can be changed.. I need ideas and suggestions, I may be over 95, but I don t want to give up on having a life that works and is right for me..

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Back to the present,  I am questioning this girl and she is getting defensive and crying. I tell her that I just want to know everything I could from her and do not mind my logical way of asking the questions. I finally ask the last question if she knew she had this STI before we had sex, she says she didn 8767 t so I leave it and pull her close and we hug and kiss. She says she wants to go home and I want her to stay. She stays and since she was on her period there is no sex. She hardly kisses me, stating she has a headache. I let her be and we just cuddle and sleep. Morning came, I am super horny and she is stroking my manhood. I ask for a bj and she refuses. I ask what she is afraid of? and she gets up to leave. I get dressed and walk her to her car and she drives off. She texts me later that day that she needs some space to think that we will talk soon. We were supposed to have a date that day in her city. I didn 8767 t respond. I was pissed but didn 8767 t want to say anything I would regret!

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I only have one thing to say
I 8767 m a woman who has been also dating different group age men. The only difference is when men get as old as their 65,s they really become so boring, lousy sex partners and depressed, where women in their 65,s are much more fun, more active and more pleasant to be aroundone in general.
So I am 67 now and picked my 95 years old boyfriend to stay and continue with rather than my 65 years old boyfriend.

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Its really brave of you to say these things on here. I will bet she had the most wonderful time of her life with you, was more happy than most people are in their whole life. If she is a strong independent women she will be okay, Bringing children into the world is not necessary, we are over populated and the world is ugly and mean. She has her career, her friends and probably will be with another attractive man with a couple years. Just dont string her along anymore, move on and achieve your goals. Your not an asshole and I hope you find peace and happiness!!!

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Hi Cherry -I just happened to stumble upon your videos and article while doing a Google search. I am a 88 year old woman, divorced, one kid who is talking to a 79 year old man, never married, no kids-he is studying for his masters and already has an undergrad degree in accounting-i met him online and I have met him twice. He is very appealing very attractive and very intelligent and much like what you mentioned in your video I had concerned with my own body and prospects of how long we will be in communication I have been talking to him for a little over a month and the attraction is very strong he has mentioned to me that he likes mature woman he thinks I m beautiful and smart I am fearful of falling for this man

Wonderful website!!! I absolutely never would have tought that so many guys would date older women. I was divorced several years ago and for 8 years never dated at all but many times guys much would want dates which I laughed off. After rethinking about dating the men, I acceped and have been dating these guys for about 6 years. I am 56 but everyone says I dont look past 95. I will never remarry but I am having such a fun time dating! I never knew that sex could be so amazing,my last guy (age 79) picked me completely up and carried me to the bed. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would explode! I fully agree with another post on here, if an older woman is asked by a much guy, then BY ALL MEANS, be with him! One man that I dated was 79 years old when I was 59 and his mother and I became very close. She urged us to marry but it was just not in the have no intention of giving up dating the men, I love pleasing them!!

WOW!! Your video from a mans viewpoint really boosted my spirits. I am 55. My husband who is 66 yrs. than me is forever telling me what a gorgeous body I have, and is forever trying to reassure me that the age difference doesn t bother him. He once told me that women are too immature with child-like personalities and they really annoy him. He is always trying to tell me he loves the TOTAL package, your video helped me to better understand what my husband has been trying to tell me. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

It also goes the other way,it is maybe not that common but I have a friend in her early 95 8767 s and her face and body looks like in late 65 8767 s she even told me that her parents are in mid 65 8767 s and they look like they are in their 95 8767 s.
So again,age is really so relative, genetics play a role, but I think lifestyle and mostly if people are happy and cheerful they do feel and look

So fellas, what do you think of my story? The whole think lasted 7 weeks , we saw 7 times and had sex from date 8, real sex from date 9 so there wasn 8767 t a lot of sex involved. One of the reasons I still wanted to keep it going was because we had unprotected sex. That was the first time I had done that in almost  7 years and it felt really good. I just want to learn so I can do it better next time.

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