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Posted: 2017-12-07 23:37

There were two friends that made the comment about them dating, or seeing each other again, whatever you want to call it. Rachel 8767 s friend stated to People magazing that 8775 they 8767 re dating again 8776 , that was it. It was a friend of Hayden 8767 s that told Ted Casablanca what you are saying about them seeing each other again. Hayden 8767 s friend said 8775 yeah they still talk, they still see each other, 8776 and the rest of the stuff you said. That was on Eonline in Ted Casablanca 8767 s column. So there were two friends, one of both, that talked, but it was Hayden 8767 s friend that clammed up when pushed to talk more. Dating again, seeing each other, pretty much the same thing. But the video of them together is the photo proof people were claiming did not exist, plus him driving her car. They were seen out to dinner together in another column in People and Ted 8767 s columns the week of Thanksgiving, then disappeared for two weeks. You are probably right about them showing up at some point again this Christmas

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If he isnt your idol and you don 8767 t truly like the guy why does it bother you so greatly if someone doesn 8767 t like him either. Granted you don 8767 t hate the guy but doesn 8767 t sound like you are a fan either so really your a pot calling the kettle black. It 8767 s freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to hate the man or love him along with post a comment. The man is in the field he is an actor, he will get negative comments even those in the business with him and so it seems he gets the negative hits from critics all to many times. I don 8767 t think he gives a damn if ppl hate him he is never seen unless it 8767 s the g/f 8767 s paparazzi feddish or his new agent seems to think this is a way to hype him. Either way nothing really is working in his favor right now.

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Holy crap I saw that video too she came off pretty dumb and had way too much makeup on (tone down that rouge girl). It actually kinda freaked me out to see her so unkept because I used to think of her as a cute girl when I 8767 d see her in InStyle. I actually never watched her TV show before and saw it recently in syndication, and I gotta say, I wasn 8767 t impressed at all with her acting.

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That part was removed from the People story later on completely because the source most likely wasnt suppose to say that and People wasnt suppose to quote that part.
My guess is an idiotic assisstant of a idiotic publicist made the mistake or maybe even one of Rachel 8767 s friends herself messed up with the story or maybe even Rachel you never know talking about Jake G and Taylor S 8766 s hook up as to why your starting a rumor your back with someone and being dumb enough to admit it sounds like something only Rachel would be dumb enough to say. Lets be honest.
Now Hayden has vanished after he got a little press from it and Rachel of course having nothing better in her entire LIFE is dragging out any attention she can get from a UNCONFIRMED rumor in a magazine that kisses her butt (PEOPLE) and that she works for more or less.

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*sighs* Can 8767 t I like him without him being one of my favorite? I don 8767 t have idols. Geez, you people are so strange. Why is everything so black and white with you people? Why do I always have to break everything down like I 8767 m talking to a bunch of five year olds or something? Look he can be YOUR idol but he ain 8767 t mine. I still admire him a great deal but he 8767 s not my favorite.


I mentioned them because for some reason in your puny brain you think D-list actors are the least important. You just proved my point when you said me mentioning reality shows/stars made you want to barf. There is something lower than your precious D-list actors. And you don 8767 t know me to call me anything but the B word. So what if I was a shopaholic? What you mad about that too? All it means is I got it like that. I could be spoiled or I could have an awesome job or I might just not know how to spend my money. Like I said girl you don 8767 t know me to make such an accusation.

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I 8767 m glad you finally see it. You 8767 re jealous because she 8767 s so so boring, irritating, is under what you think is important and is a has been yet she shops any time she wants, is a 8766 D-list 8767 actress hangs out with your favorite crush. You probably didn 8767 t even care who she was until HC came into her picture and now.. Now you 8767 re all over her like the rest of his backstabbing fans. You know so much about someone you don 8767 t even like. Doesn 8767 t that seem just a little strange to you?? That 8767 s why we simply say, jealous. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then.. Well, you know the rest. #calling it like it is

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Did you just basically say you stop by HC AND RB 8767 s thread to spew hate. That 8767 s what I got. You don 8767 t like either one. WTW are you doing here? I know what it is. You 8767 re looking for an argument. This is your form of entertainment. Well! I have finally figured it out. BRIGHTSIDE HAS NOTHING ELSE TO DO WITH HER TIME!!! DUH!!! It 8767 s alright girl. None of us would be in here if we didn 8767 t have anything else to do. But why spend some much time talking down someone when you could be praising the one you like. They need love too.

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Notice how she 8767 s back to being on JJ full-time since her 8775 getting back with Hayden 8776 as I 8767 ve been saying all along guess we know who pays JJ 8767 s bill!!!
JJ why is this girl constantly shopping for CHRISTmas presents?? I was under the impression that the BIRTH OF CHRIST wasn 8767 t really supported by Jewish people!! Rachel is Jewish. Hanukkah is over. Just say she 8767 s out spending Hayden 8767 s Star Wars money!!!

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Any way you look at this this so called 8775 Source 8776 or BFF of there 8767 s was put in a magazine article same as the rumor dinner out. We don 8767 t know how actually true that statement is mainly b/c RB 8767 s family connection and her so called INSTYLE own people Mag so they will cross promote her be it true or false statements. The idea is to keep her in the media with or w/o pictures. For all anyone knows of that video it could have been from last oct and just now aired out by her press manager. Her looks barely change from year to year nor does his clothing they stay the same the only thing that changes is the year or story behind it. As for the remarks by friends we can 8767 t even say for sure that Ted Casablanca even talked to anyone on either side and if he did who exactly were those friends. If he was correct on HC 8767 s friend the man didn 8767 t exactly say they were reunited only that they talk and see each other, wouldn 8767 t exactly call it dating. Which seems to be about right because like Ryan and Scarlett they are never together to make things be real.

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It seems that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly have set their wedding date and that is November 5, at the end of 7565 World Series where the baseball player 8767 s team New York Yankee plays. The ceremony could take place at the Oheka Castle in Long Island where Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa got married on December 9, 7559.
The news comes after in November rumors were saying that Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly were ready to move in together to the athlete 8767 s new house in Tampa, Florida and do the wedding ceremony there.

It isn 8767 t about freedom of speech. Duh, we all have it. My argument is and has always been about what sense it makes to waste so much time being bothered with someone you don 8767 t like. Still until this very day there isn 8767 t a single soul who has said anything about what she has done to make anyone hate her so much. And you guys literally HATE her. I 8767 m not just tossing the word around. Some of you act like the girl murdered someone dear and close to you. What is wrong with you all? Funny thing is none of this is NOT going to make her go away.

Okay really? You 8767 re gonna sit there and pretend people don 8767 t actually celebrate Christmas without mentioning the birth of Jesus? Some people look forward to the tree decorations gifts family dinner Santa and don 8767 t even think of Jesus. Ol 8767 girl is an atheist and she just told you she celebrates Christmas. I don 8767 t remember reading Santa bringing Jesus anything when he was born. Where did he come in at? Christmas isn 8767 t about Christ to some and I know you know that. And even if RB is Jewish that doesn 8767 t mean she doesn 8767 t celebrate Christmas. Some argument you have.

I have no real beef with ya 8767 ll. It 8767 s all fun and games with me. And even if I was crazy about HC, so what? And there ain 8767 t a soul who can accuse me of being on this thing everyday. The same people respond everyday. You guys are just as bad. If you 8767 re having fun like I am admit it. It 8767 s not exactly pathetic. Looking how many people do the facebook thing everyday all the time. It 8767 s just called social networking. Everybody does it. Even you

being a nerd,
being written and drawn into the Marvel comics universe,
he loss of his father,
performing at The Second City MainStage in Chicago,
auditioning for Saturday Night Live and not getting hired,
getting a call from Tina Fey about a job on 85 Rock,
meeting his girlfriend,
starting Moral Orel with Dino Stamatopoulos,
voicing Baymax in Disney’s Big Hero 6,
humping Florence Henderson,
working with Carrie Fisher,
getting a “free” education at Columbia in Chicago thanks to Sheldon Patinkin,
working with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Steven Soderbergh, Will Ferrell, Christopher Guest, Billy Bob Thornton, Garry Handling, Warren Beatty, Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, and Russell Brand
and so much more!!!

Not disagreeing with you most of what you see about these two always looks staged. It seems he possibly is back in Canada there was some article that said he had a 65 min conversation with a kid who was dying of Cancer and was a big SW geek. From the article made it sound like he was there but again I won 8767 t assume he was or wasn 8767 t. RB will continue to do z-listed things and he will continue to do his MIA or whatever it all comes out the less of the two of them together the better it is.

Miss A Christmas is a RELIGIOUS holiday so if you 8767 re aethiest perhaps you should just consider taking a page from the Jehovah Witnesses and just giving out gifts whenever you feel like it they don 8767 t believe in Christmas or Birthdays or any of the holidays b/c they feel everyday is a reason to celebrate and if you want to give a gift to someone it doesn 8767 t require a holiday. Sure retailers have turned it in to an excuse to buy gifts and try and pretend it 8767 s not about the Birth of Christ but that 8767 s not really the point of the holiday and why those of the Jewish faith do not celebrate it. I don 8767 t see Adam Sandlar or Natalie Portman out there Christmas shopping.

Alright, alright. I 8767 ll admit it. I like coming in here and talking to ya 8767 ll. It hardly even has anything to do with HC or RB anymore. You guys are just so entertaining. I 8767 m serious. I 8767 m not poking fun this time. This is actually a form of entertainment for me. I 8767 m not obsessed with anyone. I don 8767 t even know half the crap all of you know. So I can 8767 t be that obsessed. But yeah, this is just one of my forms of entertainment, getting a rise out of you all. And it is hilarious I tell you. I 8767 ve learned there are some serious psychos on here. Had one stalk me and others from site to site. Another grew angry of the fact that I like shop (so what). Still trying to figure that one out. And I 8767 m the only one who actually admits to anything around here. Hell, I am the ONLY ONE with enough guts to keep the same name no matter how bad my track record gets. And that 8767 s throughout any and every board including the ones half of you haven 8767 t found my on.