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She 8767 s assertive and strong-willed in her personal life, but at work she is curiously quiet she often holds her head down and accepts abuse (from the spoiled actress she stunts for) or harsh rebuke (from the director) even when such treatment is undeserved. I suspect that she 8767 s worked so hard to get where she is that she fears that she 8767 d lose it by pushing back, and also feels that as a woman in her field, she has to work extra-hard to prove herself.

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THANK YOU! Listen, ain 8767 t nothing wrong with loving a kid that aint yours like it is. HOWEVER, Yandy He has a mother and HAD that mother LONG before you got with Mendc. Like Yandy is stoopid, I agreed with everything Sam said. Yandy just wanna swoop in and act like these kids were mama-less. I really believe what Sam says, that she isn 8767 t keeping little mendc 8767 s hostage or she just wants some respect. When Yandy said she doesn 8767 t have to ask Sam to take the child outta state because HIS FATHER wants to see him, I was like Yandy is a BIRDDDDDD. Who does that? The fact that she thought that was cool is absurd. Mendc don 8767 t have much say being in prison, so Yandy needs to chill. Yandy seem like she do everything for the gram, she prob got 5 nannies.

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I do feel like we have very little sense of so far, and minimal time between him and Joo-Eun. I think episode 7 should fix that, or hope that it will. I''ve seen a number of comments already comparing to Joo Joong-Won from The Master''s Sun , but I don''t think we have enough yet to make that judgment other than they are both played by SJS--but even if they are similar characters, I''d rather have that wonderful blend of arrogant, kind, weird, and thoughtful than some wrist-grabbing, wishy-washy noble idiot man who also has anger management issues. Or, the kind of rom-com lead who you don''t even remember after the show is over because while he''s handsome, he''s bland as can be.

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8775 Straight from Yandy 8767 s wallet? 8776 Girl, I see you 8767 re a history revisionist just like Yandy. lol.
How is Yandy paying for those kids child support when she 8767 s not legally married to Mendeecee???
Do you realize prior to his arrest Mendeecee was the largest heroin seller in NYC and a manager for rap artists such as Vado??? Like, he 8767 s eating and so our his children. 🙂 Trust and believe that Mendeecee would 8767 t ask Yandy to foot his kids 8767 bills and Yandy herself admitted that the main reason they 8767 re not married is because she doesn 8767 t want Mendeecee touching her money. So back to your thesis on Yandy 8767 s financial stake on those kids She 8767 s just another insecure baby mama. smh.

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I really had to roll my eyes every time the foreign media talked about John, especially when that one guy said something like ''He''s such a good guy, shame on whats-her-face''
Other than that, I loved everything else 8
I can t wait to see how this one turns out. I know a lot of people are turning away from this one just because its dealing with weightloss but I think kdramas have gotten better with handling these sorts of things.

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FRFR! Yandy been disrespectful from day one and she really tried it by taking Sam 8767 s son out of state without her permission. Yandy has always been the one putting out that fake ass image like she 8767 s been the ONLY one taking care of Mendeecees when Samantha has ALWAYS had full custody. Samantha could 8767 ve been petty a long time ago. She 8767 s just been keeping shit classy, but enough is enough! Yandy obviously needs to learn her place and stay in it. Mendeecees is in prison and will be away for the next 8 years, he doesn 8767 t have a say so for shit tbh. If Samantha was really on some grimy petty shit, she could 8767 ve had Yandy arrested because technically that was kidnapping.

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Jules is only on this show on the strength of Cardi and Remy, his witnessed how there career has jetting off in no time at all and he thinks he can do the same. For a man who was so opposed to not showing his face when Kimbella was on the show way back, I mean he couldn 8767 t even turn up to a family photo shoot and all of a sudden his ass wants to pop up. Sorry jules your time has expired you should have taken your chance back then.

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This cuts Joo-won 8767 s session short with his psychiatrist, and we learn that he 8767 s currently taking pills to deal with a debilitating fear. Sounds like an acute case of claustrophobia, as merely riding an elevator renders him unable to breathe which is when we start to see that Joo-won 8767 s outer shell is just that, a mask put on to cover up his soft emotional underbelly. He insists on taking the escalator because he 8767 d rather be called haughty than the truth of his fear being known.

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Joo-eun is called out of class to clean up the graffiti left by her admirers, proclaiming their love for her. Then on her way home after school, she sees a group of boys sneaking cigarettes in a side street and warns them to cut it out. They aren 8767 t intimidated by her, but a third student joins them wearing a Korea Swimming tracksuit ( Jung Kyeo-woon ) and leads the others off, telling Joo-eun not to get too hot-headed and melt her ice cream.

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i don''t think this episode''s anything special, and the story''s definitely pretty standard so far, but lbr i''m watching this because i want to see how shin mina and so ji sub are together (which, yunno, aren''t we all HAHA) so i never had particularly high expectations for it. hopefully it turns out to be a nice, mindless watch at the very least, because they seem like they''d make a cute potential couple. :D

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I 8767 m sure she means to sound liberated and free-thinking, but to her surprise Joo-won takes the opposite tack, scoffing at the idea that love is worth throwing away everything else for, especially if you ultimately end up with someone 8775 beneath 8776 your level whom you can 8767 t even talk to. What, does he think marrying below social class is like cross-species mating? I begin to see why he 8767 s single.

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We 8767 ve seen a lot less of the mysterious John so I have fewer opinions of him—so far he feels a lot like the last So Ji-sub character we saw, in Master 8767 s Sun , which is at least a character I loved so the repetition isn 8767 t wholly unwelcome. (But a little change would be nice, just sayin 8767 .) In the very brief exchanges he 8767 s had with Joo-eun, at least his perspective has been more about health and self-respect than looks, which helps in overlooking the introduction to his character—I found the background story for his fame ridiculous, and problematic that the world calls him the hero for making that woman beautiful. First, for the obvious reason of beauty being aligned with worth, but also because it disempowers the woman, who should be the one driving her own change. Let 8767 s cut that shit out right now, okay?

Happy to see my baby Juelz back on the show ! ! ! ! Can somebody please give us the REAL run down on this Samantha and Yandy situation because ummm to my knowledge lil MenD was most def residing with his father and step mama now Yandy DOES over step her LOT ! But most of the time I think it`s out of love I feel like they all just still wanna be with when did Cardi sister become so extra girl i can handle one Cardi not two though 😩.Why do I think Snoop gay ass is so cute =/ I`ve never even seen 8775 The Wire 8776 I know what it is but never seen it before yall come for me lmao

As she sits in the emergency room, Joo-eun reads the two latest text messages from Woo-shik, which she has yet to reply to. He asks her to call as soon as she 8767 s back, wanting to talk, and she hears his voice say the words brusquely at first, then more gently. She thinks of his first-love confession from their teenage years, and makes a decision, putting on her shoes and running out of the hospital.

I must be honest, I tend not to watch Korean dramas about beauty/weight issues. I watched 655 pounds Beauty and I was disappointed that they didn''t deliver in the end a positive message.
I hope this drama can deliver a good and positive message: Be happy with yourself and be healthy, not overweight but not skinny looking either. Balance is the key for a healthy and fulfilling life. Don''t give yourself up to the standards and propaganda of the world. Be independt and have a strong mind, so you can find happiness within your own skin.

Sigh. I just don 8767 t understand like she 8767 s on this show talmbout she had a life and successful career before moving to NY. Now she complains of having nothing because of snoop and the non-existent free ride that she thought she 8767 d get from an 8775 actress 8776 who had a hit show eleventeen years ago? Liiiiike???????????? Huh???????? This wench. I don 8767 t even remember what her name was 🙁

Hahaha! There are all kind of ppl in Chicago. You have your Michael Jordans, Oprahs, and Barrack Obamas, but we tend to have strong personalities tho like Common, Terrance Howard, Keke Palmer, and Jennifer Hudson but you can still tell they could get it poppin if something ever jumps off. Then you have ppl like Kanye, Bernie Mac, LisaRaye Da Brat who wear their crazy on their sleeve. It 8767 s a toss up. Probably 75% of many famous and notable ppl have come from Chicago. That 8767 s why I call it misplaced passion lol

Exactly. She didn 8767 t even know that she had beef with Chrissy. If anything that should of came from Emily. Both those idiots are still with those same dudes unmarried. Chrissy still begging all these years later. Her fight is really with herself for being dumb. Kimbella did nothing to her, I can 8767 t respect that. Misplaced anger. If you are all that you figure out what you 8767 re really mad at, and conquer that.

I swear If he does any other one plot where his character will dump a girl just because she is fat ,I''ll hunt him down (that was a ridiculous character in birth of beauty). He is 55% responsible for me thinking that it is similar to birth of beauty.. I was like didn''t you learn your lesson from that drama don''t give me that shit again. (I know its not reasonable but still this is too repetitive)

I do see your point. While I feel yandy over steps her boundaries a lot, Samantha seems to try and negate the fact that she wasn 8767 t being a mother to their son (because she was going through whatever she was going through) and mendeeces stepped up. Now that she got herself together she wannabe super mom again. It must be very hard for Yandy because she 8767 s known that boy since he was little and he lived with them, so I see her side. Now that Samantha wanna be mom, she just thinks she can snatch him out of a home he 8767 s spent the last few yrs in and that 8767 s not ok. She could at least let him go to Yandy she on the weekends to so no time it 8767 s her and his brother and sister, but even Samantha said it herself she doesn 8767 t trust Yandy! That blew my mind because I can understand her not liking Yandy, but I see no reason why she wouldn 8767 t trust her and I don 8767 t hear her giving examples and reasons why. Yandy genuinely cares about lil mendeeces and she 8767 s been raising him. I see both sides.

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