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Communication Studies 666: Conflict and Communication. Analysis of when and why conflict is prevalent in daily lives (including mass media) and how communication affects reactions to and consequences of conflict. Conflict is part of our evolutionary heritage. How well we handle various conflicts affects, to great degree, our success or failure wherever we interact with others, including intimate relations, school, and workplace.

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Anthropology M695: Afro-American Sociolinguistics: Black English. (Same as Afro-American studies M666) Basic information on Black American English, an important minority dialect in the U. S. Social implications of minority dialects examined from perspectives of their genesis, maintenance and social functions. General problems and issues in the fields of sociolinguistics examined through a case-study approach.

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Maintenance may be awarded to either spouse if the court finds that the spouse seeking maintenance lacks sufficient property, to provide for his or her reasonable needs, and is unable to support himself herself through appropriate employment or is the custodian of a child whose condition or circumstances make it appropriate that the custodian not be required to seek employment outside the home. When awarding the duration and amount of maintenance, the court shall consider all relevant factors including:

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Communication Studies 688. Media and the Mind. Investigation of media persuasion and entertainment appeal through three intersecting approaches: study of cognition. reflection on personal experience, and hands-on analysis of television, film, and radio. Topics include perception, imagination, narrative, play, emotion, and dreams. Students collaborate with each other to assemble media critiques and create their own short stories. P/NP or letter grading.

Florida Dating Laws

Communication Studies 698: Rhetoric of Popular Culture. Rhetorical approach to study of U. S. popular culture. Examination, both at theoretical level and through specific case studies, of ways in which popular cultural texts perform rhetorically to influence political and social struggles shaping everyday life. How do particular artifacts or communicative texts constitute source for (re)negotiation of cultural meanings as well as greater understanding of ways language functions as vehicle for human action. Letter grading.

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A legal separation may be granted on the same grounds as a dissolution of marriage. In a legal separation, the court may make provisions for the custody and the support of each child, the maintenance of either spouse and the disposition of property. The parties may also reach a mutual agreement on maintenance of either spouse, the division of any property owned by either of them, and the custody, support and visitation of their children. Custody, support, and visitation of the children is subject to modification. [Based on Missouri Revised Statutes, Section and ]

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Communication Studies 679: Trial by Jury: A Communication Perspective. A study of the American jury trial system as a communication process. Examination of the impact of courtroom television, paid jury consultants, and celebrity prosecutions upon the system 8767 s communication dynamics and the search for truth. Review of communication research and empirical data in an effort to decide whether the American jury system places too much emphasis on winning and not enough on seeking the truth.

Communication Studies 675: Criticism and the Public Arts. Introduction to methods and problems of criticism in the public arts. Study of several types of critical methods: formalistic, analogue, pragmatic, and aesthetic criticism. Topics include definition of art and criticism, aesthetic media, genre and resources of film, television, theater and public discourse, varieties of critical methods, problems of critical judgment.

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Communication Studies 686: Media Portrayals of Gays and Lesbians. This class focuses on how the mass media have portrayed gays and lesbians and why. It will cover the media''s depiction, portrayal, and handling of homosexuality, particularly focusing on how gays and lesbians have been negatively stereotyped, portraying unrealistically, and often not portrayed at all. It will explore not only how gays and lesbians have been represented, but also why certain portrayals have tended to dominate.

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Anthropology 685A: Introduction to Psychological Anthropology: Historical Development. Prerequisite: course 9 or consent of instructor. Survey of the field of psychological anthropology, with emphasis on early foundations and historical development of the field. Topics include study of personality, pathology and deviance, altered states of consciousness, cognition, motivation, and emotion in different cultural settings.

Communication Studies 667. Sex, Politics, and Race: Free Speech on Campus. Focus on concept of freedom of expression on campus during postsecondary education. How First Amendment, case law, and federal and state statutes affect students'' and teachers'' abilities to speak on and off campus. Discussion of harassment and campus speech codes, campus demonstrations, student publications, student conduct regulations, and restrictions on displays of art and academic freedom.

Political Science 696E: Elections, Media, and Strategy. Lecture, three or four hours discussion, one hour (when scheduled). Requisite: course 85. Designed for juniors/seniors. Analysis of elections and media, including game-theoretic analysis, Downs spatial model of elections, valence characteristics in elections, campaign finance, endogeneity problems in social sciences, liberal bias in media, industrial organization of news industry, and effects of media on voter decisions. May be applied toward Field III or V. P/NP or letter grading.

Communication Studies 689: Organizational Communication. Introduction to issues and literature related to communication within organizations. Organizational communication concerns theories (explanations) of organized behavior, conceptions of organizations, study of bureaucracy and its alternatives, metaphors for organizational communication, power, conflict, and strategic communication in organizations. Focus on behavior of individuals and teams within organizations.

Communication Studies 658: The Media and Aggression Against Women. (Same as Women 8767 s Studies M658) Prerequisite: course 657 or consent of instructor. Social scientific study of intersection between mass media and men 8767 s aggression against women. Particular consideration of sexual aggression, pornography, and characteristics of aggressive men. Analysis of interaction between 8775 nature and nurture. 8776

Communication Studies 679: Psychology of Language and Gender. (Same as Women''s Studies M679) Examination of current topics at intersection of gender and language. Topics include sex differentiation in language cross-culturally sex bias in lexicon and usage sex differences in lexicon, syntax, phonology, and nonverbal behavior development of sex-differentiated language in children "women''s" and "men''s" language in various racial/ethnic/class/sexual preference groups and conversational interaction.

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