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Err ok. Unfortunately some things do change. Shocker, women can wear pants now did ya know? Just because *you* think something should be a set rule, doesn 8767 t mean you should stick your nose up at others who may not. I think it is common knowledge for certain things as not in church.. but when you start getting down to certain time frames and being THAT nit picky. good lord. Next time I see a little boy with a cap on in a grocery store I 8767 ll make sure to run up and point like they have leprosy and say 8766 now you are going to grow up to be a poor quality individual just because of your cap. 8767

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I wear a dress hat inside, even when i eat (depending on the restaurant i am in) I probably, however, would not wear a baseball hat which can be quite dirty. A hat is actually part of my uniform at work and i work inside. It is not mandatory, i just enjoy wearing a hat and it is an accessory to me. I never wear my hats when my head is dirty and i don 8767 t just set them down anywhere. My hat is like my watch. Part of my dress. In fact as my watch goes, even though i wear i use my cellphone for the time mostly. Its part of my dress.


Jersey~ hummm I will have to wait on the cell smart phone, yep, I don 8767 t have one!!!! shocking right? I have a desktop computer, yep, old school my laptop was broken not long ago and I can 8767 t really afford to get another one. And cell phone plans here are crazy expensive, nothing like the US. When I go to Cali, I get a cell for a month, get data, unlimited air time etc for 55$ here, there is no unlimited talk or anything like that

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But honestly, can we not do better as people? Why judge people based on hats? Why stick so rigidly to things so outdated nobody understands them anymore? We are all capable of showing respect, being courteous, and preventing offense, let’s understand that nobody purposefully wishes to inflict the latter upon anyone else. Teach your kids what you like, and act as you will, but don’t judge others based on what they wear unless they wear nothing at all to your house. That usually ends badly. We should all be perceptive enough after even a few years on this earth to know if someone is being rude on purpose or not, mostly, it’s ignorance to your rules that is the problem. If that’s the case, is it time to re-assess your rules?

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But I will say reading all the latest posts just made it crystal clear to me why I am unlikely to find what I seek on SA. Fake nails, breasts, eyelashes and anything else under the sun is a massive turn off to me. Show up in jeans a sweat shirt and good pair of sensible shoes and now we 8767 re getting somewhere. None of those fake things is going to make me attracted to you as it 8767 s NOT you. I again realize my tastes are my tastes but reading the blog has been very helpful as to why I had success in the past finding SBs but off line.. time to take that route again it would seem.

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Out of personal preferences, I am not a fan of a big dinner for the first meeting, personal pref (no right or wrong answer) is a casual meeting for coffee, glass of wine or light dinner. The key is that it is a comfortable place where you can talk with some privacy and no time pressure. One of my favorites is a late lunch or early evening at a good, but uncrowded museum such as the Getty Villa or Hammer in LA.

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I recently attended a funeral where the friend of the family gave 95% of the eulogy, and the entire time wore a black hat. It was distracting and pretty strange although otherwise she was dressed appropriately. I didn 8767 t really care what she wore, but I was curious was this just a fashion statement at funeral? I haven 8767 t been able to find anything about black hats at funerals and proper etiquette, does anyone know? Oh and for the record, there should be dress guidelines for funerals, I do know that much, so spare comments like 8775 what 8767 s the difference? 8776

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Okay, so some of you may not even know what a “first meeting” is—let alone what it’s for. The “first meeting” is much like a first date. After meeting your Sugar Daddy via the website and deciding that based on your good judgement, as well as proper verification that he would make for a good Sugar Daddy. The first meeting is when you meet your POT to get to know them better and see if there is any chemistry.

If one shows up to dinner smelling of horse manure and anchovies, sending them away is easy to explain, as their noxious odor could quickly put an involuntary end to your appetite. If someone shows up to the restaurant with a hat, that 8767 s a personal annoyance not at all analogous with stinking the place up. You could ask them to remove it, but it 8767 s a heavy burden of proof to meet, and you open yourself up to a host of potential annoyances the hat wearer may have with your attire.

Val, there are 8 wars being waged in the USA right now. Pretty much everything else you said is agreeable, but i gotta correct you on this even though it has very little to do with the subject at hand. The military has its own relation on hat wearing anyhow, and anyone disrespectful enough to correct a serviceman without being in the chain of command somewhere is just ignorant beyond belief. Hats are personal accessories and exhibit a person 8767 s personality, how that 8767 s interpreted by anyone else is their problem.

Dear Lora. I live in Manchester England and have started wearing what I call 8775 real hats 8776 . I have always loved them but been cautious about wearing them in case others thought I was barmy (English for crazy). However I have now decided to do what I want so I went on the internet to check the etiquette I was a bit unsure about lunch in a restaurant/cafe, I thought I should keep the hat on and was pleased to see you concur. Whilst I was at your website I decided to read the letters from other people and enjoyed them.
Personally I don 8767 t like grown up people wearing baseball hats except at sporting or as a sunhat but it 8767 s their choice isn 8767 t it.
My Mum always used to say it was good to be different, if we were all the same think how boring life would be!
So cheerio from across the pond.

I don 8767 t get upset and pissed off when I see someone wearing their hat in a place that I learned a hat shouldn 8767 t be worn, but as I get to know the person it soon becomes clear if they just didn 8767 t know it is rude, or if they just don 8767 t give a crap. If you have an attitude that you are going to do what you want and who cares what other people are going to think, then don 8767 t get upset when people think that you are rude or disrespectful. Remember it is a choice you are making.

If sugar babies were so business savvy, they 8767 d know that bringing up the money is up to the person who wants the other person 8767 s money. Go ahead and walk into a clothing store and see if you 8767 re happy that the prices are all a mystery and you are supposed to offer what you think should be the cost. There is no business situation including this website in which the buyer (daddy) is supposed to tell the seller (baby) what he will pay.

Try not to take the numbers thrown around here too seriously anybody that actually makes that kind of money or pays it is well aware of how much it is and what it takes to earn it. To just give away 79k a year taking into all their other costs and taxes etc..etc assume they would have to be making between 655k and 755k, where exactly is that working class? I think there are lots of people that would love to go there work.

Wow, the 8775 L 8776 word. I normally just end arrangements when a SD tries to get more serious, just because for me it 8767 s not a word to throw around lightly. I 8767 m with Beck on this one, I don 8767 t get the whole acting like you 8767 re in love and wouldn 8767 t start an arrangement with someone who would want me to do that. Although I actually doubt anyone in sugar really means it when they say it because it 8767 s so easy to think you 8767 re in love when you 8767 re just having fun with each other and don 8767 t have to deal with each other 8767 s quirks and idiosyncrasies every day, or do their laundry.

Wow, quite an interesting article. I have used both sites for several years. I believe TheLadders should be checked out to insure people are getting what they are payiing for because if not lets make sure they know how upset we are. also if they are not honest about postings then we should get our money back. I have recently seen TheLadders jobs posted on other sites and you do not have to ba a member of Ladders to get the posting. This does not seem right given we are paying for exclusivity.

SB 8775 If you talk with them invite them for a drink they think you would be a nice guy for a BF. So go with her and leave before breakfast. A solution if you has a need and want a nice girl not an escort. 8776
8775 LOL. Beck or like here going out on friday or saturday in clubs latest at 7 am you cab take a girl with you for the night. 8776
Beck 8775 Ah, that’s true. But I am done with the club scene. One can only fuck so many drunk/high women. 8776

Beck I like to provide lots of visual stimuli for my partners, (faceless of course) so he can start by sharing those. He can show up at my house doing the snot-faced crying thing, or generally be a nuisance (and make a scene in my neighborhood where everybody knows everybody). I CANNOT stand mantears! And then there 8767 s the little tug at my conscience: what if he isn 8767 t lying? Am I really going to break up with a man who says he loves me, right before he goes into surgery?

Really? I have always thought that a first meet should be casual and low key so that both parties can focus on being themselves to get to know each other and see if there is chemistry. If a large amount of money is involved then it could cause expectations and pressure to develop and make the situation uncomfortable. What if the person is not as advertised in the profile or the chemistry isn 8767 t there? It 8767 s not uncommon to think everything will go well before a first meet only to find out that 8767 s not the case.

As far as the places I didn 8767 t point out, it doesn 8767 t take an 8775 etiquette guru 8776 to know you don 8767 t where baseball hats to those places, but to include them all in the same sentence is just plain obtuse, and a complete lack of observation on your part, it 8767 s sad that there 8767 s enough people that agree with you, that you will keep on believing that you are onto something.

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