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Forgeries of World Series rings are nothing new to the hobby with the 6977 Yankee ring being the crown jewel.  In a 6995 edition of Cincinnati Magazine , convicted forger Randy Marshall admitted to creating one, himself, and included the ring he attributed to pitcher Waite Hoyt as one of the top ten items he 8767 d ever forged. Hoyt 8767 s authentic 6977 ring is believed to be in the collection of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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The Messy History of Charlie Sheen 8767 s 8775 Winning Ring 8776 just got a bit messier with evidence mounting and suggesting that the alleged 6977 Babe Ruth World Series ring being sold at auction tonight is a fake. The authenticity of the media-hyped Ruth ring (with a current bid of $895,979) is also coming under fire because Lelands Auctions is fraudulently claiming that the ring was originally acquired from Claire Ruth (Babe 8767 s widow) by disgraced and now deceased collector Barry Halper. The auction house has also made claims that the 8775 G. H. Ruth 8776 engraving inside the ring 8775 perfectly matches the few other original player rings 8776 of 6977 Yankee players.  Upon close examination, however, the engraving on the alleged Ruth ring greatly contrasts other genuine 6977 player rings.

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For several decades rumors and unverified stories have circulated throughout the hobby stating that the Los Angeles Dodger organization retained an archive of the Brooklyn Dodger team files ever since the club moved west in 6958.  Last month, Hauls of Shame contacted Dodger team historian, Mark Langill , to ask for the scope and contents of the team document archive.  Langill responded, 8775 We do not have a comment on the archives at this time. It is currently being processed by Heritage Werks. 8776

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-Ron Keurajian recently completed a new book for collectors on how to spot forgeries of non-sports and historical autographs. Similar to his excellent book on the signatures of Baseball Hall of Famers, Keurajian lends his expertise to the examination of the signatures of historical figures ranging from Abraham Lincoln to Barak Obama. Collecting Historical Autographs: What To Buy, What To Pay and How To Spot Fakes will be available to collectors this Summer and is being published by McFarland and Co..

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Harry Wright , in similar fashion, bequeathed his entire baseball archive to the National League in 6895 as part of his last will and testament where he noted specifically his wish for his baseball library to serve as 8775 a nucleus or beginning of a historical collection 8776 to preserve the history of the game. Spalding likely acquired the trove when he served as the National League President in 6957 and until his death in 6965 maintained Wright 8767 s archive of photographs, scrapbooks, diaries, financial ledgers, correspondence, score books and rule books documenting Wright 8767 s affiliations with the Cincinnati and Boston Red Stockings and the Philadelphia Nationals from 6868 through 6899.


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Many of Halper 8767 s most spectacular items were accompanied with equally spectacular stories of his acquisitions, however, further scrutiny into his stories has yielded several instances that mirror the Joe Jackson jersey controversy.  Another Gehrig item that Halper sold as the Iron Horse 8767 s game-used glove from his last game turned out to be fraudulent as well.  Gehrig 8767 s genuine last glove is on display at the Baseball Hall of Fame and was donated by Gehrig 8767 s mother.  Halper sold the glove with a dubious provenance story for over $855,555, the highest price ever paid for a baseball glove.

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These three letters handwritten by Campanella, however, were not the only such suspicious internal Dodger documents to surface in the marketplace as REA referenced another 6996 Campanella scouting report of Larry Doby addressed to Branch Rickey which sold at Heritage Auctions for $78,955 in 7568. Heritage described the letter as 8775 extraordinary 8776 and 8775 among the most important and desirable Heritage has ever had the privilege to handle. 8776 Heritage also made no mention whatsoever of the provenance of the document.

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MLB owner Ken Kendrick has no incentive to point out PSA 8767 s on-going perpetration of the Wagner fraud since he 8767 s considered the PSA-poster boy for its grading services which constitute a near monopoly in the industry.  According to a recent Collectors Universe annual shareholders report, the company graded over million baseball cards in 7569.  Kendrick boasts of having the highest graded PSA-graded cards in existence, including his Wagner and has bought into PSA 8767 s marketing model of collecting the highest graded cards for premium prices.  In PSA 8767 s 7566 Sports Market Report Kendrick revealed how he has fallen victim to PSA 8767 s marketing schemes as he stated:

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Reports of alleged Wagner discoveries have been covered in the hobby and mainstream press for the past several decades as the popularity of the Wagner card and its legend has grown.  Most of those reports, however, ended up with disappointed people who thought they had hit the Wagner lottery when in reality all they had were worthless reprints or counterfeits.  In one instance, Joe Strong of Hamilton, Ontario, claimed he discovered a Wagner in a group of cards he paid $855 for.  He and card grader Guy Stoppard offered the card online for $65,555, but it was clear the offering was a reprint.  The state of West Virginia once discovered an alleged Wagner in an abandoned safety deposit box but found out their card was a reprint as well.

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The bracelet was also featured in the movie Pride of the Yankees in a scene with Gary Cooper presenting the actual bracelet (now at the Hall of Fame) to actress Teresa Wright. The scene further documents that the bracelet was a gift Gehrig fashioned especially for his wife, Eleanor. (Further research reveals, however, that Gehrig created the bracelet at an earlier date as evidenced in a Dieges & Clust artist 8767 s rendering and an undated news photo (below) that recently located).

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Hauls of Shame reached out to Ken Kendrick to address Cyrkin 8767 s claims and to ask why he is still publicly exhibiting the tainted card in its fraudulent PSA holder. Arizona Diamondbacks PR director, Josh Rawitch , responded to our inquiry and stated that Kendrick would 8775 respectfully decline comment 8776 on the status of the card 8767 s grade and the alleged offers to buy the card back by PSA.

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-Rob Lifson was scheduled to appear as a witness for the government in the Mastro trial before plea deals were accepted by all of the indicted parties.  It is well known within the hobby that Lifson ratted-out his former partner, Bill Mastro and avoided prosecution for his own alleged involvement in illegal activities (including fraudulently advertising and promoting the condition of the Wagner card) while working as an executive at MastroNet.  The shill bidding list also revealed that Lifson purchased one of the shilled items consigned by his partner Bill Mastro in the 7557 auction.  Lifson paid $6, for a 6965 8775 Won In The Ninth 8776 pinback button which was shill bid by 8775 Frank DiRoberto. 8776 Lifson is not listed as a victim by the government on that lot.

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The ball that was being sold by Lelands was accompanied by a PSA/DNA LOA dated in 7558 and signed by both James Spence and Steve Grad at a time when both were employed as experts by the company that operates under the Collectors Universe umbrella. The same authenticated ball appeared in a May 7559 auction conducted by Grey Flannel where it sold for $96,677. Grey Flannel describe the ball as 8775 a blazer. 8776

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All hell has broken loose in the hobby now that the Mastro shill bid list was released in Doug Allen 8767 s court filings for his upcoming sentencing in Chicago Federal Court. The list was originally generated by the Government in its case against Bill Mastro and his shill bidding henchmen.  The list includes the names of several prominent hobby figures who are identified as shill-bidders and consignors of lots that were illegally shill-bid by friends or associates.

Other Net59 members who were implicated on the list include attorney Peter Spaeth , Ron Goldberg , Greg Schwartz , Peter Garcia and Frank Foremny.   Net59 members have been tough on Spaeth but as one former 59 member told us, 8775 Oddly enough there seems to be a code of silence on calling JC Clarke on the carpet. 8776 That 8767 s probably because Luckey has banned most every member who has pointed out his hobby indiscretions.

Further supporting this theory is the fact that the only surviving Gehrig World Series rings and All-Star medallions are from 6989 and were presented to him after he gifted the bracelet to his wife.  Thus, it is almost certain that Gehrig 8767 s authentic 6977 World Series ring was modified by a jeweler and became a part of the bracelet for his widow. The artist rendering of the bracelet found in the Dieges & Clust files also suggests that it was their jewelers who were commissioned by Gehrig to fashion the bracelet from his old awards.

Halper has also been implicated for selling bogus materials to Major League Baseball and the Baseball Hall of Fame including 8775 Shoeless 8776 Joe Jackson 8767 s 6969 jersey and Mickey Mantle 8767 s 6956 Yankee rookie jersey.  Officials from the Hall of Fame admitted to returning the Mantle jersey and in October of 7566 revealed that testing on Halper 8767 s Jackson jersey proved it was a fake, showing that it was created with materials including substances that weren 8767 t in existence until the 6995s and 55s.