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Posted: 2017-09-11 11:36

Now y 8767 all know damn well Yandy only doing what her man ask her to do and that 8767 s to keep his kids together no matter what They all agreed to that while that man was out but once he locked up everything change Yandy is asking for the kids that 8767 s all and not to keep them away from their mom 8767 s but just to spend time with them . it seems like every time it comes down to the kids they make it about what Yandy is doing and what they had going on with the so call husband that y 8767 all saying she 8767 s not married to Long as that man was out nobody had a problem. So what 8767 s the fucking problem now? and I guess y 8767 all still gonna feel like it 8767 s not about Yandy? Ok! IJS😂

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The Jubilee was the culmination of Sabbath days. It was a memorial to the grace of God, an entire year to remember the Lord’s goodness during the forty-nine years since the last Jubilee. Over a generation had passed since then, so it was necessary to think of God’s goodness passed on from one lifetime to the next. Every gift, spiritual and natural, comes to us from God’s goodness and grace. Have you ever noticed how the writers of the Gospels were so quick to point out whenever Jesus’ miracles happened on the Sabbath? These authors never seemed to mention when miracles happened on a Tuesday! This is because the Sabbath was a day when men were commanded not to work. If a healing or miracle took place, it had to be by the grace of God, because the Lord could not honor man’s own efforts on that day. That’s why Jesus delighted in healing on the Sabbath: it pointed out God’s mercy and grace.

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Despite Jonathans efforts 9/66 was not related or a parallel to ancient Israel at the hands of the Assyrians. And it is this dangerous method of interweaving historical accounts with today – that is most distressing, as people without historical knowledge are easily misled by Jonathan.
I am beginning to get that catholic feeling where more spiritual mysteries will be solved with each passing day, moon etc.

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Within eight months of the exodus the Pharaoh ventured on his first raid to restock with slaves, chariots and weapons, and attempted to show some military strength to the outlying provinces. He needed neighboring states to be in awe and fear of him since coming under God’s judgment. The campaign was designed not to engage in fully pitched battles, but to carry out lightning raids to as far north as the Sea of Galilee.

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I posted way toward the top of these postings just now a reference to some credible ministries showing Jonathan Cahn 8767 s bio from his own web site where it gives reference to Cahn 8767 s 8775 prophetic 8776 ministry. Cahn has since removed this bio from his web site but not before some ministries recorded it. Is there any other way to interpret this other than Cahn calling himself a prophet ??? Absolutely NOT.

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Answer: There are ministries that set themselves to look for error. This can provide a useful and important service for the body. But the problem is the downside – that the propensity to raise the sword, to quickly reject, to seek to find error (even when it’s not there) and to attack almost reflexively can become as much an error, a problem, and as dangerous as those who too readily accept teachings without questioning. The Harbinger is unique and doesn’t have much of a precedent – It appears as something very much out of the box. And then there’s the spiritual realm. If something is being used to affect many for revival, and repentance, and breakthrough, we have to expect that there will be opposition and misunderstanding, even by those meaning well.

Beyond question Cahn is a false prophet. I 8767 ve posted Cahn 8767 s bio on this web page for all to see and in it he is stated to have 8775 a prophetic ministry. 8776 How much cleared can that be yet some would still have you agree to a lie that Cahn isn 8767 t claiming to be a prophet. Please don 8767 t fall for that lie. It is one thing for people to brush aside the facts for themselves, but an entirely different matter when they appeal to others to agree to a lie. The postings, and continual denial of such have become nothing but a joke, and reveal a spirit that just wants to argue for arguing sake with no regard for the truth.

Believe me if a nation actually did make a covenant with God there would not be a debate on whether God agreed or not. (the thought I find blasphemous but for the purpose of this discussion) As was done with ancient Israel God made Himself known and other nations were aware of God of the Hebrews. Therefore in this Age……God’s blessings and Almighty power would be obvious. Has it happened to the USA – No. To individuals – yes.

I guess it could seem like he is 8775 covering his bases 8776 if you believe he is a wolf in sheep 8767 s clothing like you do. But to the more objective Christian it is more like he is being careful not to give the impression he is a prophet. I have heard his Harbinger and Shemitah teachings both, and have never thought of him as a prophet. I never heard him say 8775 thus SAITH the Lord 8776 on any of it.
I always thought of it as interesting stuff, and that if his interpretations are correct, then these things will happen as he has said.

The list goes on and on. But the point is – how the portrayal of events are altered for the public’s digestion. Governments do it, big business does it and so does Jonathan. He is often described as the historical cherry-picker. If an event does not suit his ‘cycle of years’ – then it discarded. So if American played a significant role in exterminating Jews – then would God not bring down a judgment as Jonathan states. According to Jonathan, God 8767 s covenanted Nation played a huge role in genocide of His other Covenanted Nation. And in doing so was blessed until 9/66 occurred. Jonathan 8767 s god does not appear to be the same as my Lord God.

you are rude Mr. Grider. Rude and very judgemental. You dare to call fellow leaders of the body of Christ thieves and criminals? How does that help the body? How does that contribute to the accomplishment of the great commission? You think you have a monopoly of all knowlege but youre wrong on several counts. Please season your words with salt before you grieve the holy spirit with your abusive approach.

Wow i couldn 8767 t agree more. Geoffrey can so easily judge other pastors and 8775 men of God 8776 (whether they are saved or not) its really off-putting. A true child of Gof will NOT have such an attitude, because Jesus didn 8767 t have this attitude Go figure
Please, im not judging you its just so frustrating to see how you attack other people. Maybe God put joahnathan on the show so that the lost sheep watching the show can get to there senses and repe t and really turn to God

In 6985 he wrote an article which appeared in the Saturday Evening Post (Jan.-Feb. 6985). He said: 8775 Pope John Paul II is one of the greatest moral and spiritual leaders of this century. He is an evangelist. 8776 You did not know the Pope was an evangelist? Well, Billy Graham tells you he is an evangelist. He says: 8775 He has sought to speak to the spiritual hunger of our age in the same way Christians throughout the centuries have spoken to the spiritual yearning of every age. 8776 And how has he done it? Billy Graham says he has done it by pointing people to Christ. 8775 The Pope is a great evangelist who points people to Christ!”

First you said {I don’t agree with your belief that the founders in America believed in a separation of church and state. Specifically Thomas Jefferson} I produced the evidence to show otherwise. Now its because you say the separation is only one way. Separation is Separation in anyone’s book, both ways. People as a group have individual rights but no single Church has the automatic ear of any Western administration..Jefferson’s letter was to the Danbury Baptists. He consulted a number of other politicians to assure correctness of his message without offending. The main thrust of the letter is that it was not the place of Congress or the Executive to do anything that may be construed as the establishment of religion. A Supreme Court and two High Courts state the same. Does that sound like the words coming from an administration that has a covenant with God? Common sense says that covenant with God could not exist with a wall of separation between government and the Church.

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Having a baby with 65 months after another woman had a baby isn 8767 t a bird? Dating and living with a drug dealer isn 8767 t a bird? Marrying a dude before he do a bid but don 8767 t make it official by state law or in the eyes of Jesus isn 8767 t a bird. Making poor business decisions like teaming up with Richie D isn 8767 t a bird. How can you guys glow her up but give Ashley on Black Ink Chicago the business and go off on her about her desperate bird behavior. Or you guys support Ash too? Get woke.

It probably won 8767 t ever be your last response because online trolls like yourself don 8767 t know when to quit even when they have lost during an argument or aren 8767 t making any substantial points they 8767 re still trying to plead their case. Going back and forth with no logic being made. You haven 8767 t said anything that shows that you 8767 re are mature yourself none of your points were meaningful so you should probably refer the 8775 and dumb 8776 comment gracefully to yourself.

I don 8767 t visit the site. I 8767 m glad Judy spilled the Tea on Samantha 8767 s little jail stint, I was like got emmm lol! The thing about Judy is, Yea Mendeece is her son, but she doesn 8767 t come across as bias between any of the women. She seems to get along with Yandy and Erica, maybe not Sam or Kim because she doesn 8767 t like the way they do her grandson, but when it comes to the facts, what does she have to lie on any of his baby mamas for? What purpose would that serve her?

The religious leaders hated grace and so devised a plan to make it unlawful to heal on the Sabbath. Jesus was rebuked quite often for healing on that day. When Jesus healed a woman on the Sabbath, the people rejoiced, but the religious leaders became angry. They said, “There are six days in which men ought to work: in them therefore come and be healed: and not on the sabbath day.”(Luke 65:69) Yet the fact that miracles continued to happen confirmed that Jesus did not violate God’s law, only man’s law. He was not working: He was simply returning to man what was rightfully due.

We should all be praying not just for Jonathan, but for all the veils of blindness that cover so many eyes & ears today, to be removed by the Truth. We need to be in prayer vigils, personally & w/our groups of believers, not only for the lost, but for fellow 8766 believers 8767 .
For these end days are surely numbered till the Rapture & it 8767 s an all out Spiritual War, 79/7 to stir people & pull them in different directions. Just look what this site has done w/this headline & how many jaws & claws have opened & swung. Can you even imagine what 8767 s going on that we can 8767 t see???
Keep praying for Israel. Lord come soon!