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Posted: 2017-09-11 19:37

On June 9th I was charged 778DKK from MAS*BENGKUA TRADE, SHANGHAI (transaction made June 5th). I haven''t bought anything from this company. My account is now canceled and I will report it to the police.
I guess the company has my credit card information from another Chinese company (Burlap Apparel) who I recently bought two dresses from (still haven''t received these items). I found Burlap Apparel in the social media and guess it is fraud.

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Hola a mí también me acaban de pasar un cargo de 659 € he llamado por teléfono he cancelado la tarjeta he ido al banco y me han dicho que tengo que denunciar en la Guardia Civil y luego volver al banco con la denuncia para poder reclamar
en mi banco me han dicho que me deben de haber copiado la tarjeta por internet
Son unos sinvergüenzas, no sé como la policía sigue sin hacer nada con esta gentuza

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bonjour à tous,

j''ai eu un debit le 6555 de 75€. j''ai fais opposition. c’est une arnaque !! d''un site chinois de jeux vidéos. faites un dossier fraude. j''ai été remboursée il y a peu. si vous avez des frais d''opp ou de refabrication carte on vous rembourse si vous avez le package de la banque avec tout les services sinon voyez l''assurance moyen de paiement. bon courage à vous et que ces excrocs payent leur mefaits.

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: Bent Striegler Mikkelsen
Beløb : -567,58
Tekst : Forretning: PFA*DINGJSY

Evt. oplysning vedr. betaling : Kortnr: 9576 XXXX XXXX 6958

Evt. supplerende tekst : Forretning: PFA*DINGJSY
Øvrig info: SHANGHAI
: 67888888
CNY 586,75 KURS 96,89
i wnat to unscibe
i do not want to pay anymore

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se5me ha descontado de mi targeta 8666 en targea o he autiazorisado

Yo no he autorizado esto y ruego urnetemente sea devuelto a mi targeta 8666, Gracias


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Want to get backlinks from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal? You can hire a pricey PR firm or you can use HARO. HARO is a 8775 dating service 8776 that connects journalists with sources. If you hook a journalist up with a nice quote or stat, they 8767 ll reward you up with a mention or link. Takes a bit of grinding to get a single mention, but the links you get can be solid gold.

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aufust 65 we order shoe from amount that time £

you charge us CNY CHF swiss franc . theshoes we never get,,,only a fake backenbauer... we have relation to shanghai too, we have here a store and lawyers in china we know good..after many mail to the fake are upset

, sales manager capworld switzerland
order that time 756758655755865

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a mi también me acaban de cargar 88, 75€ en la tarjeta, acabo de llamar al banco para que me la bloqueen y me devuelvan el dinero, tengo que sacar un extracto de los 6 últimos meses y llevarlo a la policía para hacer la denuncia y me devuelvan el dinero,por supuesto tarjeta anulada hasta que me den la nueva.
denunciad, plissss, en mi caso ha sido en aliexpress que es donde compro en china y lo pienso denunciar también ahí.saludos!!!

I love this list, I have read a number of these books. I have to say that There Is a God: How the World s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind - Antony Flew was a great read!! As well as Dawkins Delusion by McGrath. Another great book is Finding God at write a small blog and I invite anyone to check it out: let me know what you think. Thanks.

I''m guessing this billing name HLIFEINFODESK does a variety of scams. My bank told me the free trial of which was supposed to be just postage is a way of them getting my credit card details. They then put monthly amounts through of $689 AUD until you cancel your card. It''s one hundred percent a scam..pretty good money for them considering the free trial is worthless. La Mer Timeless absolutely is a scam.

I was charged almost for something, I KNOW NOT WHAT from A COMPANY, KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT, OR A SITE, I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT, FROM THE SOUND OF THE NAME OF IT,THAT I WOULD NEVER, EVER ORDER ANYTHING, AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING FROM. IT WAS "DVL +PLEASURECHARM..$89,75!!! i do NOT KNOW THIS SITE THIS NAME OR ANYTHING ABOUT IT, EXCEPT, IT APPEARED DIRECTLY AFTER I DID ORDER A "FACIAL SERUM WINDHAM..(WHICH, ACTUALLY, I DID NOT APPROVE A SECOND BILLING FROM, BUT GOT ANYWAY!!!) THE PHONE # LISTED FOR THIS "DVL +PLEASURECHARM (DAMN)!!! IS LISTED AS 888-855-7699 UT!!! I called that number and kept getting.."we are experiencing a high # of calls.,blah, blah, blah, if you would like to have us call you back and keep your place in line please press 8",.over, and over and over and over for over 85 minutes. Whe

In April deleted your service and was told by someone It was done. Now I have a
Another bill. Last time I want to be taken off your billing and my money returned. YOU need to be more careful in letting someone on. This was the action of a teen-ager. YOU have taken two months of my money, legal action against your company is in order, Please correct this! Thank you for your time and attention. Have a blessed day!

This site is awesome, I use it often! I would highly recommend the audio lectures at truthXchange http:///resources/lectures/. They have a lot of good stuff from their 7558 and 7559 conferences. There are a few lectures I would highly recommend:

Neo-Paganism: Stepchild of Secular Humanism by Peter Jones

Reasoning Rightly about Contingent Reality: On the Implications of a Sacramental View of the Universe by Paul Helseth

Contemplative Spirituality by Pamela Frost

New Testament Response to Greco-Roman Pagan Spirituality by Peter Jones

The Power of the Christian Worldview in Pagan Evangelism by Jay Wegter

New Myths for a New Pagan Age by James Herrick

I ordered a white gold necklace from what I thought was a USA company.
A cheap piece of chain link arrived several weeks later but it was posted from China.
I immediately posted it back to the posting company in China stating that it was not what I ordered and requested a full refund.
I have yet to receive any for of correspondence from them.
I believe this company to be fraudulent.
I had £ deducted from my bank account on 9th July 7567 and I have had no replacement goods or refund.

Apparently, you (and I) "won" a prize via a quiz. You (and I) apparently "won" 6 of 8 "prizes" whilst simultaneously joining a "club". The fellow at the other end of the number I dialed, obtained from the charge on my acct. was quite accomodating and pledged to return the $ and $ to my acct within the next 8 to 5 business days. We shall see, but I have my high hopes, as he seemed accustomed to this sort of "transaction". HTH~
God Bless TX & LA~

This is an Australian Commonwealth travel card that enables the user to purchase
good and services over the phone or the net by forwarding the numbers as you would a credit card,This card has been challenged for the second time in as many days,I only add funds when I wish to purchase something therefore my statement
is showing an (account pending) on my transaction statement.
Looks like I am to ask the Commonwealth Bank as to why their servers are so accessible ?.

I received health tablets and skin cream which is SUPPOSED to be a free trial, just pay postage, on the packs it says USD and USD, I am only on a pension and went to buy groceries to find out I have no money left in my account, you can have your stuff back, I NEED my money more than this crap, WHAT A SCAM!!! get back to me on this ASAP as I am going in to my bank today and you will be reported, I will also report you to Facebook and consumer affairs if my money is not returned to my account, thanks for robbing a pensioner ????

I think you definitely need to have, How Long, O Lord? by . Carson under the problem of evil section. Also, I think you should probably include A Grief Observed also by C. S. Lewis, because sometimes I think when it comes to apologetics on the subject of evil, emotional responses and heart-felt honesty is often more important than a technical analytic response. I think both responses are necessary though, and one shouldn t be neglected in favour of another.

The emotional objection is much more of a stumbling block to seekers and sceptics than the logical one in my opinion.

I was charged two fees, $ and $, for a product or products I never ordered or received from DY YOUTH SKIN CARE. My bank first stopped the payment then reversed their decision and decided the transaction was authorized. It sounds like I am not the only one this company is trying to take advantage of. I will continue my effort to find out who this company is and how they were able to do this.

I ordered some face creams to sample from you for 85 days,The creams were unsuitable so i returned them as you requested.
I want to know why you are taking money out of my account every week.
Please Debit my account with the amount you withdrew, the four amounts taken out so far are $ $ 677,55 $$ $.
I hope to hear from you to let me know that this matter has been settled.
Pam Openshaw

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