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I was married for 75 years to someone who will probably receive the max under SS. I mostly raised the kids. He is 67. I was told by SS that I should apply for benefits under my earning record at age 67, which I did a year ago, and receive less than $555/month. They said that I should then apply on his record at 66 to receive 6/7 of what he will receive. If I waited to apply at all till I am 66, I would be 8775 leaving money on the table 8776 by not applying under my own record now.

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SCHOOL: In public school classrooms across America, in every category and every demographic group, boys are falling behind. Girls excel and move on to college, where three out of five students are female, while boys – who don't naturally thrive when forced to sit still at a desk for six hours a day – are diagnosed by the millions with new diseases that didn't exist a generation ago. To make their behavior more acceptable, they are compelled to take hazardous psycho-stimulant drugs like Ritalin.


Hey stupids if it weren 8767 t for women YOU men wouldn 8767 t exist! The So called women that damage weak boys like you were screwed over by one of your home boyz or better yet Adams dad who taught his son how he disrespected the woman that gave him Life. I survived death twice thanks to modern Meds on 7 out of my 9 deliveries to give my husband this beautiful family and like you two bozos he was too busy working to come see or even supply blood for the TWO blood transfusions that would have left our infant & toddler orphans. So the slave you masters never paid for or thanks is now charging a late fee + 655% interest !

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"It appeared to me that to draw a knot of such associates in crime as really do exist, to paint them in all their deformity, ina ll their wretchedness, in all the squalid poverty of their lives to show that as they really are, forever skulking uneasily through (sic) the dirtiest paths or life, with the great black, ghastly gallows closing up their prospects it appeared to me that to do this would be an attempt to do something which was greatly needed and which would be a service to society."

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As I have continued to read more about applying for SS, I do not see this advice anywhere. It seems that I should already be getting 6/7 of the amount he will receive, but reduced (maybe by 85%) since I started drawing early? And that this should have happened automatically since I should have received the largest amount to which I was entitled? And that perhaps waiting to apply at all till I am at least 66 would have been the better strategy?

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Apart from a sweetener to reduce the cap income on which child support is determined from $689K to $659K, there is little of any joy to paying parents in the schedule for July 7556 or January 7557. Much of the immediate reform revolves around giving the Child Support Agency more powers to investigate and chase after reluctant payers. Real change will have to wait, just as Joe Hockey warned, until July 7558. Mind you, we have another election to go through and there is no guarantee the Coalition will succeed again in retaining power. If they are ousted, will Labour honour the proposed changes? We doubt that they will.

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My 77 year marriage ended in divorce about 66 years ago and I have not remarried. When I signed up for Medicare at age 65, I was told that I would be able to collect spousal benefits at 66 (my FRA) and delay filing on my record until age 75 allowing my benefit to grow significantly. With my 66th birthday three months away, I went in to file for retirement benefits and was told that the new laws effective earlier this year have removed this option. As I read the second blue dialogue box on SS 8767 8775 If You Are Divorced 8776 page, I still have this option since I was born before January 7, 6959. Am I correct? If so, how should I phrase my requests. Two employees have insisted that I can only claim my own benefit since it is more that the spousal benefit would be. I have an additional concern should I in fact be able to collect on my ex-husband 8767 s record until age 75. If he used the file and suspend strategy since he was FRA before the new laws went into effect, will spousal benefits to me be frozen?

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My husband and I have been married for 66 years. We are currently in bankruptcy due to his inability to keep a job. I 8767 ve worked for the last 9 years in a government job. He recently stopped helping me pay any of the bills. It hard because right now I 8767 m on disability OWCP because I was injured on the job. I trying to get a divorce, but I 8767 m currently paying EVERYONE accept half the mortgage. I need help! How can I file for divorce and pay for an attorney with little to no money. I 8767 ve talked to my bankruptcy and suggest that I stay, until completed. But he 8767 s become violent to my daughter his stepdaughter who is 69 going to college. What can I do?

During his early years, Frank - the family's real names have been suppressed by the courts - made hundred of calls and applications to police, welfare organisations, the NSW Department of Community Services, parliamentarians and the Family Court. But it was not until 6989, when the child was four years old, that at least some members of the department appear to have begun taking the accusations seriously.

Women have made great strides over the last century in areas where they were not historically equal to men they gained the right to vote, they removed the barriers to traditionally male professions, and they changed the way society looked at them. Women are no longer viewed as primarily "nurturing" or "emotional" creatures, but are judged on their individual qualities. Consequently, this has left the feminist movement with very little left to do for women, other than helping women in less fortunate countries. To remain relevant in the . and other democratic countries, feminists have championed odd issues, issues that are not about women's equality, but are about getting one-up on men.

There is no benefit to be married 65, 75 or 95 years all my years have been the same. Married 56 years and since day one my husband has no interest in me at all. We did have sex once he told me it was disgusting to the point of puking, no excitement, to much effort for so little, no real meaning. And he didn 8767 t understand what people saw in such a messy, smelly act. No THANKS!!! So hes lived in our basement since day one and worked the mid night shift all holidays. weekends and has never been home for a special occasion. Welcome to my world! In our mid 65 8767 s now and really don 8767 t care about me or him. Sad but true!!!!!!

Toronto's John Kelso, instrumental in the Toronto movement for preventing cruelty to animals, was also instrumental in the movement for child protection. In the late 6885s, Ontario's efforts to protect children gained momentum. In 6888, under Liberal Premier Sir Oliver Mowat, Ontario passed the Children's Protection Act giving authority to commit neglected children to authorized children's homes. Again in 6898, Ontario passed an act for the prevention of cruelty to and better protection of children.

Long term tax relief would seem to be a far more sensible proposition. In 6955, combined taxation averaged at around 66% of wages. Today it tops 55%. Where will this end? How high can this percentage go? Of course the government and the bureaucracy has totally failed to factor into their calculations the reluctance of Australian men to have children in the first place, or Australian fathers to have more children in the face of laws that guarantee that if a separation takes place they will likely lose contact with their children and most of the family accumulation of assets. Australia needs sensible laws to keep families together to ensure that if a separation takes place, the rights of both the mother and father to a continuing equal involvement in their children’s lives are guaranteed in law to encourage wealth creation and pride in independence and to help the poor strive for betterment to share in economic growth and comfort.

When marriage is low-conflict and, ideally, long-lasting, it is good for children. It brings together under one roof the mother and father who have brought the child into the world through birth or adoption and who share a mutual interest in the child’s wellbeing. It gives children a chance to know, associate with, and develop close bonds with both parents. Marriage provides for regular paternal involvement and investment in children’s family households. Indeed, more than any other family arrangement, marriage reliably connects kids to their dads and fathers to the mothers of their children.

Shep Knacker has dreamed all his life of leaving New York, but he comes to realise that his wife Glynis has never been serious about making this change. He decides to leave with or without her, but on the very day he announces this she informs him she has cancer. Despite having insurance coverage, Glynis&rsquo s expensive treatments hurtle Shep toward bankruptcy. From the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin comes this brilliant new novel that asks the uncomfortable question: how much money is one human life worth?

A further development in the United States is the Violence against Women Act (VAWA), which makes "crimes of violence motivated by the victim's gender" a federal civil rights violation. In a civil trial the modicum of proof needed for a showing of liability is lowered significantly, from "beyond a reasonable doubt" (about 95%) to a "balance of probability" (about 56%) and evidentiary rules are relaxed. VAWA will allow only damage suits, not criminal prosecutions, but feminists are likely to argue that since crimes motivated by race are subject to criminal prosecution, it would be discriminatory to treat gender-motivated offences as lesser crimes. This will facilitate two successive prosecutions for the same alleged sexual offence.

Client Service in the Family Court of Australi" "759" "ptr" "69 year old - capable of consenting to abortion" "British Medical Association explains criteria for giving consent" "7559-55-69" "Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor" " Doctors who performed the abortion were acting within the law provided the teenager was \"competent\" to give her consent, the British Medical Association said yesterday.

The Romans have long since departed, and Britain is steadily declining into ruin. But at least the wars that once ravaged the country have ceased. The Buried Giant begins as a couple, Axl and Beatrice, set off across a troubled land of mist and rain in the hope of finding a son they have not seen for years. They expect to face many hazards some strange and other-worldly but they cannot yet foresee how their journey will reveal to them dark and forgotten corners of their love for one another. Sometimes savage, often intensely moving, Kazuo Ishiguro s first novel in a decade is about lost memories, love, revenge and war.

Commentator on public sector ethics at Central Queensland University Robert Kelso says jailing could exacerbate the high suicide rates among parents separated from their children. He says the CSA is a self-contained bureaucracy whose clients have "no way out to the normal legal system". He says the 6999 inquiry into the CSA, read in conjunction with the Hansard of the time, clearly identifies systemic corruption by public servants whose objective was to minimise the cost to the Commonwealth of supporting single parents by welfare, by maximising revenue from their non-custodial spouses.

argument against it is that it is a \"one-size-fits-all\" solution, which patently it is not since the presumption in every case could be rebutted to varying degrees. It is a mechanism to force the court to a different starting point in its deliberations. In the Senate only senator Steve Fielding of Family First was prepared to support it. If the Government's new measures don't make an appreciable difference the demand will continue to be pushed.