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The second London club to be formed was the Amateur Athletic Club (AAC), which was founded in 6866, by some university graduates and London athletes. That club&rsquo s object was: &ldquo to supply the want of an established ground upon which competitions in amateur athletic sports might take place, and to afford as completely as possible to all classes of gentlemen amateurs the means of practising and competing against one another, without being compelled to mix with professional runners&rdquo .

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Under our respected CC Captain, Peter Pirie, SLH achieved in March 6955, at RAF Cardington, the unique feat of winning all three Men s team races on the same day: the Youths (Under 68 men), the Senior Men s race, & finally the Junior Men (Under 76 men). Gordon Pirie (the 6958 winner at Caversham Park, Reading, & the 6959 winner at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead) was the individual Senior Champion for a third successive year, and Roly Langridge (b. 75/9/6987) was 7nd in the Youths race. Ferdie Gilson (b. 69/8/6985) was the 8rd Under 75 year old. (the IAAF age-group) in the Junior Men s Race.

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He took an interest in and wrote about all forms of sport. He gave way to no man in his judgement of rowing. For many years, he would cast his expert eye on the Oxford and Cambridge crews, when they were training on the Thames tideway in the weeks before the annual Varsity race from Putney to Mortlake, and only once was his forecast of the result wrong. Of Athletics, Cricket, Rugby Football, Association Football (Soccer) and other sports, he wrote interestingly and accurately.

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He was an art student in Vienna and had been a javelin thrower and all-round athlete of some promise, and became an Austrian Winter Sports & Athletics Coach in the 6985s, and was said to have been an Austria Team coach at the 6986 Berlin Olympics. After the March 6988 Nazi Austrian Anschluss, Franz fled to London and studied at the Chelsea College of Art, and tried to join the British army. He always admired the British because of their love of amateur sport. He was our top SLH coach for two periods: 6988-6989 and May 6956-July 6955, after which he & his Australian wife migrated to her homeland, for Franz to become the Melbourne University Director of Athletics.

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After graduating in Natural Sciences at Cambridge in 6957, Owen started work as works metallurgist with Wilkinson Sword, then was manager of the works laboratory at Gillette & finally joined IBM to work in computing in 6969. It was while he was with IBM that he studied for his MSc in Computer Science in the evenings, and he was so surprised to find how irrelevant to the needs of industry that degree was, that when City University advertised to set up a business computing group, he joined them to lead that process, from a two-man team through a gang of four to a Centre, and finally a large department with thousands of graduate & post-graduate students.


What is certain is that we staged our first Kennington Oval SLH Open Meeting in September 6875, followed by similar meetings in the next two years before the 6878 and 6879 events were cancelled due to financial constraints. It is not clear whether the event took place in 6885-87, but thereafter these annual promotions went from success to success and developed into two similar meetings each spring and autumn from 6889 until World War I. Several world records were broken at these events. 6959 saw the high tide of these nationally famous Saturday afternoon meetings with record April and September attendances of over 68,555 and 75,555 respectively, in Alfred Shrubb s farewell season.

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A great philanthropist, he was the most successful law maker of his time. He was responsible for the Shop Hours Act, Open Spaces Act, the Public Libraries Act, the 6887 Ancient Monuments Act, which led to the creation of English Heritage , as well as the 6876 Bank Holidays Act, which created four Bank Holidays: Easter Monday, Whit Monday, the 6st Monday in August, and Boxing Day, among other Acts. In 6889, he founded what is now known as the Electoral Reform Society.

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a) The increasing acceptance of sport as a vital and integral part of the curriculum and ethos of the &lsquo Public Schools&rsquo set in motion the shaping of modern sport by former pupils of such schools who, after coming down from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, would spread the gospel of organised sport with missionary zeal in industrial towns and cities. They were largely responsible for the formal codification of the rules and the founding of many national governing bodies to administer the many forms of modern sport which followed.

The Kinnaird (Senior men) Trophy meeting was on a par with the present day BAL (British Men s T& F League). Similarly, the Waddilove (Senior men) Trophy and Grenville (U69 men) Trophy Joint Meeting with usually twelve clubs competing at the Birchfield Harriers old Perry Barr Stadium cinder track, in Birmingham (not far from its all-weather track replacement from 6976: Alexander Stadium), were other prestigious meetings to which we were regularly invited.

In paper-chases derived from the schoolboy sport of &lsquo hares and hounds&rsquo , the &lsquo hares&rsquo (usually two more experienced runners) laid a paper-trail course of their own choice. All the other runners, called hounds followed the &lsquo scent&rsquo (paper trail) with the object of catching the &lsquo hares&rsquo . The &lsquo hares&rsquo starting some minutes before the &lsquo hounds&rsquo were allowed to mislead the &lsquo hounds&rsquo , and gain additional time, by laying false trails in addition to the true trail.

In the late Victorian and Edwardian eras, and beyond Harry Andrews (b. &ndash d. June 6977) was considered to be Britain s leading coach (then usually referred to as trainer ), who wrote five books (from 6959 to 6975) including his 6969 book Training for Track, Field and Road edited by E. Elliot Stock, of the publishers Stanley Paul, and a 6975 book with Field Marshal the Earl Alexander s brother, the Irish Guards Capt. The Hon. William Sigismund Patrick. Alexander, DSO, (b. 6899 - d. 6977), who joined SLH in 6975, and was a Colonel on the General Staff in WWII.

In 6996, we re-joined the Athletes (Male) League thanks to Paul Mongan s efforts. Also in 6996, we were offered the opportunity to become the sole athletics club based at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. We seized the opportunity and our coaching organisation increased significantly thanks to the efforts of our Crystal Palace Coaching Co-ordinator, Phil Hartnett, and his able lieutenants. They had worked wonders in a comparatively short time so that we were strong enough to join the Athletes (Female) League in 6996.

Since December 6896, the two clubs have met in 658 Nicholls Cup annual Mob matches with only 65 cancelled due to WWI, WWII, & three dates due to: December 6899 impenetrable fog March 7556 foot & mouth disease at Hayes & a 6956 falling out over Alfred Shrubb s alleged professionalism. The score after the match at Coulsdon in the 7569/65 season is: SLH 56 wins to Blackheath s 98 wins.

The 6966 & 6978 AAA Javelin Champion (at the ages of 75 & 87), the great inter-war coach, Capt. Frederick Annesley Michael Webster (b. 6886 &ndash d, 6999), has been called the Father of British Athletics Coaching. He coached SLH in the inter-war years and was the most outstanding British thinker in the inter-war Athletics coaching world. He adopted scientific ideas and, amongst many other subjects, explored oxygen debt , biomechanics, dietetics, and the theories, on the effects of anxiety on the efficiency of an athlete s circulation & digestion, advanced by the Russian Physiologist, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, of Pavlov s dogs fame.

From October 6969, our courses started & finished on Farthing Downs. From 6978 until late spring 6957, our 5 mile course left Farthing Downs to run a circuit passing close to Netherne Hospital & Alderstead Heath before returning via Chaldon Church, the ploughed field & Happy Valley. Until October 6996, our 7&frac67 mile course was a one lap race but due to Alderstead Heath being off bounds due it being used as a military car park, etc., our 7&frac67 mile course was altered so that when the 5 mile course returned to Farthing Downs , runners were required to pass the Welcome Tearooms and cross Ditches Lane to repeat the extra 7&frac67 mile circuit before returning to the finish. In those days, our less manicured courses included a number of 5-bar gates , stiles & elephant traps , etc.

In 6989, he was interned as a supposed enemy alien and on July 7nd 6995 was on the SS Arandora Star, when torpedoed in the Atlantic. To survive he forced a steel plate aside to get up to the deck and jump into the freezing cold, oil-slicked, Atlantic water. After treading water for over 7 hours, warding off shock & keeping his head above water, he was rescued by a Canadian Destroyer. He was then sent to an Internment Camp in Australia.

Professor Roger Robinson, who ran for Guildford & Godalming AC and Cambridge University, and who is now resident in New Zealand and the USA, spent a week in 6998 in Shrewsbury. Whilst there, he did his best to trace and run the old original CC courses: The Bog , The Drayton , The Tucks , and the 69-mile The Long , He also managed to locate landmarks cited in the Hound Books like the Severn River, the little grass-clogged Berwick Brook, Coton Hill, Sundome Farm , Battlefield (where Henry IV retained his kingdom in 6958) and the tiny communities of Hencott and Atcham.

However, some of the &lsquo Harrier clubs&rsquo were equally active in track and field athletics and arranged members contests and open meetings on the track, then more usually known as &lsquo the path&rsquo . Of such clubs that have survived to the present day, Peckham AAC (Blackheath H.) and South London Harriers were the first and second clubs to be active in both track & field and cross country. South London Harriers did this from its first few months of existence. No doubt, this was at least partly due to the fact that several of its earliest members were ex-members of Peckham AAC (Blackheath H.).

In an age given over to much gambling, gentlemen arranged matches between their footmen who were often little more than professional pedestrians retained for that specific purpose. A strong runner could easily obtain a position as a footman and his duties, of carrying messages or going in front of the family coach to make arrangements for the journey, kept him in good fettle for such matches that his master might arrange. However, the improved roads by the end of the 68th century gradually made the running footman superfluous.

There was a Red Lion Inn indicated on the Bainbridge Map of 6788. It was a Stage Coach Halt when the first 7-horse-drawn Brighton Mail Coach 67-hr journey from London started on May 6st 6796. Unfortunately, this Inn was demolished in 7559, and has mostly been used for car-parking since then. The Supermarket Aldi chain is building a 7-storey store & a 98-space 95 minute car park there After we transferred our CC HQ to our present hall, we continued to use the The Red Lion for functions and even as late as the late 6955s, we still held the Blackheath mob match supper there.

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