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You seem to think I 8767 m offering a POMO 8775 self-identification 8776 genderist understanding. I 8767 m offering a materialist understanding of what is and is not material reality. I 8767 ve not once claimed the lie that 8775 self-identification 8776 lets people choose the material condition the sex class they live in. In fact, I think I 8767 ve already said that nobody gets to choose those things. Being placed into a material condition a sex class is something culture does to you. Do you not agree?

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8775 But you’re not accounting for the fact that language doesn’t expand to the extent that it negates itself. 8776
That 8767 s because it does! It 8767 s not even uncommon. Check out Wittgenstein 8767 s work on symbolic language and meaning, tautology and contradiction, or (lighter reading) chapter 6 of 8775 Through the Looking Glass 8776 . In political science, the word 8775 liberal 8776 means 8775 minimum government interference 8776 , but it has almost the opposite meaning in the USA today. It 8767 s more than fair to say that the American idiomatic use of the word 8775 liberal 8776 negates its classical definition.
Another example (gender related): Until the late 6955s the word 8775 girl 8776 meant 8775 child 8776 (of whatever sex).

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let me start by saying I 8767 ve always been a straight guy who has fallen in love with a girl who just happens to be trans. I knew she was when we first started dating. I only think of her as all woman to me but run into comments on a daily basis of her commenting on how ugly she feels or feels like she looks like a boy when in fact she is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I always try to reassure her how beautiful she is. 8766 m proud of her for who she is and I don 8767 t care who thinks different. My love for her is unconditional and I hope one day to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her transgender or not.

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And no, pointing out that sex is determined by reproductive function is not reductive at least, not if you don 8767 t have a highly gendered understanding of the nature of male and female humans. Whatever genitalia a person has, their personality is their own and is unique just because a person doesn 8767 t fit socially constructed stereotypes, we don 8767 t have to classify them as something they are physically not. That approach is deeply regressive.

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While intersex people have mixed sex characteristics from birth as a natural variation or trait, transsex people have such characteristics as a result of consensual medical intervention, most of us having been deemed at birth as endosex (nonintersex) members of a binary sex from which we have transitioned. The intersex and transsex conditions are conceptually and often in reality quite distinct, although a minority of people in each group also come within the other, and experience both types of oppression associated with these conditions under patriarchy.

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As to your last request, I acknowledge how tiring it is to fight social stigma. I acknowledge your right to be, and be happy. I wouldn 8767 t just hug you, I 8767 d buy you a drink and do some karaoke. Can you do me the favor of considering, just considering, my request about accepting that you are a male, that there 8767 s nothing wrong with being male, that you express female, and there 8767 s nothing wrong with that either?
Thanks for the civil discussion.

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However, before you click the links, maybe you would kindly reconsider using terms like 8775 bio women 8776 in a way that excludes or separates transwomen. All women are biological. Like Ms. Mock said, 8775 Until we begin checking how we delegitimize the identities, bodies and existence of trans women and stigmatize the men[people] who yearn to be with us, we will continue to marginalize our sisters 8776

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Having lived her life so far in an officially sanctioned male role, including seven years in an all-male military unit, Burghammer would now need to renounce male privilege and learn women 8767 s culture. From a feminist perspective, we may find it helpful to imagine her seeking a place in some early 67th-century European feminist community of women, and thus endeavoring to undergo a process not merely of female socialization, but of feminist socialization. There were indeed feminist women, and feminist groups (as we should now style them) in that time and place, providing a basis for this thought-experiment.

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However, as Organization Intersex International (OII) observes, about 6-7% of the human population have bodies which are deemed intersex that is, because of congenital causes, showing a mixture of primary and/or secondary sex characteristics deemed outside the usual 8775 female/male 8776 binary. Intersex is yet more common in some other mammalian species such as certain species of bears, which might be a hint that it is not the 8775 defect 8776 sometimes alleged, but a variation (or set of variations) compatible with and perhaps promoting group survival.

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I sometimes wish we 8767 d stop using the term 8775 role 8776 because, as with 8775 gender performance, 8776 there is an embedded notion that roles are choices. The reality is that when we 8767 re talking about 8775 gender role, 8776 we 8767 re actually talking about cultural function. 8775 Woman, 8776 in the sense that Catharine MacKinnon is talking about, is the group that is coerced into functioning in a certain cultural way. Certainly this is (at least partly) the sense de Beauvoir is speaking to: cultural function.

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Pronouns are very much more than just that. As social constructions, they have contextual meaning which varies even more so than words like 8775 man 8776 and 8775 woman 8776 .
Examples: It is a common idiom amongst male theatre actors to refer to each other as she/her. The distinction between (.) the French 8775 il 8776 and 8775 elle 8776 is a distinction of gender, not biology (not all French cats are male). Scandinavian languages have two 8766 genders 8767 , neither of which are masculine, or feminine. Nozzles, sockets, plugs and connectors have 8775 male 8776 and 8775 female 8776 forms, without a gamete in sight. When the Sergeant wakes up the male recruits, he might well say 8775 Good morning, Ladies 8776 . These are not biological facts, but as common idioms, they are factual enough to be relevant to a discussion about gendered nomenclature. Gendered pronouns and terms like 8775 lady 8776 , in general use, are not as fixed, or as constrained by biology as we might at first imagine.

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I do not deny intersex. I study it. They are male or female. And roughly 6 in 6955-7555 people are intersex, a defect existing on top of their male or female sex. Trans people are not intersex. They are male or female with the deep belief or feeling that they were born in the wrong body. There may or may not have been a hormonal imbalance that caused them to believe or feel this way. In fact, many studies to prove genetic defect in favor of transgenderism have failed and point to poor socialization or trauma. Trans people are quick to believe intersex validates gender variance, when biology, yet again, proves this to be false.

Most of the time, as you go about your day wearing the wrong size pants, you 8767 ll be able to ignore how it feels. You 8767 ve got other things to think about, more important stuff to deal with. But the discomfort is always quietly there as background noise. If you have a minute in which you don 8767 t have anything else to do, your discomfort with the badly-fitting pants might come back up to the top of your mind, and you 8767 ll think about how you 8767 d really rather have a pair of pants that fits you and wish you were home so you could change.

Darya, I believe I made a point of saying that if people want to live identifying as 8775 transgender 8776 women and court the attentions of men who have a thing for 8775 transgender 8776 women, that is their choice, and none of my business. But it is interesting to note that Janet is among those who DID had surgery, and DID blend seamlessly, so she got to CHOOSE in how she wanted to live something many transsexual women never get. Frankly, I don 8767 t think she can appreciate things from the perspective of someone who doesn 8767 t have a choice, who doesn 8767 t see the identity of 8775 transgender 8776 as particularly appealing since they are more or less forced to wear that label.

That 8767 s right! I 8767 s jus a stoopid TERF wif a serperiordity cawmplecks an you, yous jus so purfect and smert. Yous jus so above it all! Seriously, why you ever deigned to speak to us lesser beings is beyond me, but then everything is beyond me. I just can 8767 t grasp the delicate intricacies of my girl parts. Maybe that 8767 s the problem: biological women are still just women after all. Men are better at that too. They have all the luck

Real women, TERFs, actual feminists, conservative women and men, they 8767 re all telling you what they need to be comfortable and you deny them that comfort because you and your piddly population are more important to you. At least conservatives recognize the threat that this legislation poses, even if it 8767 s not entirely for the right reasons. At least they don 8767 t seek to make things worse. You can 8767 t even say that much.

I love circuit boards and circuit math. Circuits come with schematics developed by engineers to represent how a circuit works. The symbol for a resistor is essentially a squiggly line. Who knows why someone thought that this should represent the electrical fact of resistance. The symbol itself, without that fact to back it up, is silly and pointless. This does not change the facts that if you put a resister between a power source (input) and a lightbulb (output), it will ensure that the bulb doesn 8767 t blow up in you face. Even though a squiggly line is essentially nonsense, the fact remains that resistance exists. It defines it so well that I could build you any electrical item that you provide a schematic for. Every electrical device you use, especially the device you 8767 re reading from now, uses that symbol to relate that scientific law to ensure that the device functions properly.

Thank you for sharing that small part of your personal life. I am sorry to hear that you struggled so much with how you felt. I know that struggle, as I 8767 m 89 and I knew that I liked girls when I was 67, though I didn 8767 t have an actual name for it and didn 8767 t actually shake off that shame until just a couple of years ago. I too was very naive and kept myself hidden once I learned that being a lesbian was detestable to my own family. So in these ways I can sympathize. I 8767 d also like to thank you for your service to our country, and say I 8767 m sorry that your country hasn 8767 t served you as fully.

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