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Please note that whilst you are in North Korea, the prevailing viewpoint places blame on the Americans for starting the Korean War disagreeing with this position is likely to cause problems for both you and your guide particularly as the two Koreas are still technically at war with only a cease-fire between them. Despite its misleading name, the DMZ is heavily guarded and dotted with minefields and other booby-traps. Under no circumstances must you stray from your group, or take any photographs of military installations. However, the "peace village" Panmunjom may be photographed, and boasts the world's third tallest flagpole.

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All what I read above are all what I went through even more to that,when I first went to visit her family her father hates me but her mother loves me so much. Despite the facts that I always send gifts during the Korean holidays called chusok and solar but her father still hates me. I went further to get her father his most favorite gift he collected and still proves to hate me. Mean while every body in her family likes me including her elder sister. I guess it 8767 s frustrating.

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A Korean woman depends more on her family for support than a western woman.  Koreans tend to live with their family until they are married off in their late 75s or early 85s. As  result, they still have to follow their parents 8767 rules.  It is common for women to have curfew even into their 85s.  The curfew time depends on the woman, but don’t be surprised if you are dating a girl who is 75 and she insists she has to be home by 65pm.

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Well written mate. I agree totally on these 65 reasons to not live here (especially the dating one 😉 ). I have come to the conclusion that I am living in the wrong country! (America seems to be the go, both cost of living and dating). The history aspect is correct, ours is very tame and insignificant compared to European or American history though I am pleased that you mentioned the heroism of our servicemen/women.

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I agree wholeheartedly about racism and how best to deal with it, and I 8767 m pleased to hear you 8767 ve not had any issues with it. I think, by and large, the old 8766 mistrust 8767 of Asian Australians has been replaced with more 8766 in vogue 8767 racial issues. I certainly haven 8767 t encountered a great deal of racism being directed at Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai etc. immigrants in a long while.

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Australians sell out their own country and undermine their own people, so it serves them right that now Asia and other races are taking over everything. Soon there will be no jobs and white Australians shall be pushed out of their country, already the nation is in terrible debt thanks to that bastard Rudd Government that put this nation into a debt it will never recover from. Yes the Asians can have this country if the want it, there is plenty of room to breed and out number the whits. In the end Australians will get what they deserve for being bastards to the English.

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idk where did all this came from but this is a COMPLETE BS. indeed extremely biased. please don 8767 t take this article seriously. many guys from europe or the states seem to have this misconception of korean girls these days. dating a korean girls is just the same as dating any other girls from whatsoever country like korean girls are also human beings right??u should never treat people based on prejucide

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Also, when in North Korea, it is advisable to refer to the country as the DPRK instead when discussing it with your guides. DPRK stands for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and is the official name for the country reflecting their belief that the south (not capitalized) is occupied territory. Despite what the rest of the world may think, this is what they will refer to their country as. You will also notice this referenced in their literature in the same way (south Korea).

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Australian culture is bogan culture. Not all Australians are bogans but enough are so that they set the course of culture. Australia has a severely anti-intellectual culture that celebrates willful ignorance. Australians have also become ludicrously smug and impressed with themselves over the last few years. They will brag amongst themselves about what a 8766 top country 8767 8766 straya is and almost in the same breath deride Americans for being so 8766 in love with themselves 8767 .

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Thank you for the 65 advices. I have been living here since one year studying at yonsei universitg. I believe that those 65 point can not be applied on all korean girls. Because they have different characters and altittude. I have alot of korean friends girls and boys and all of them act differently. However, all korean girls like to be respected and treated well. also slowly approcing them when it comes to that moment. One thing i can add here they really like so much attension and want to be special.

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Totally agree too! Especially the dating one I 8767 ve dated one Australian in 67 years! I just can 8767 t relate to the bogan Aussie thing.
I have one more to add to your list and that 8767 s our 8766 automobile dependence 8767 it seems to be getting worse too. Why can 8767 t people embrace cleaner and healthier means of transportation? And the aggression I receive as a cyclist and sometimes even as a pedestrian from drives is just frightening.
It makes me sad.

What I 8767 m getting at is the belief by a minority of people who believe that an immigrant should completely abandon the culture they left behind and become 8766 Aussie 8767 . I don 8767 t think there 8767 s any problem with somebody moving here and still wishing to observe their old holidays or religious beliefs, eat their own foods, or be with their own people as long as they 8767 re also making an effort to be a part of Australia rather than setting up communities that are *apart* from the rest.

No matter where she go , she s forever in my heart. She s in my life and so is my destiny. Even if she is important to me , but I will never say no to her. Stay beside her and never let her go , even that so. I always love her the most and I m falling in love with her. Starting to know her , working in Singapore , and I finally meet her. She must know that I will never give up on her , until we are always meant to be.

Hello Kat
I 8767 m an expat Australian living and working in Canada, I do somewhat agree with your views on issues and experiences you have had in there.
But please try to refrain from making comparisons between the US and Aust, I can say many negative things about the US, abandoned towns left to go into squalor, drug addiction killing thousands etc etc.
All countries have issues, the cultural differences between places both positive and negative are what sets us apart, makes life challenging and a better travel experience. I don 8767 t travel to compare where I 8767 m from to where I am, I move around to become wise and gain cultural experience.

Just like being accused of violence against a woman you never ever hurt, you would be the criminal, but the reality is you would be the victim. She would be called the victim, even though she produced a very serious criminal accusation. If she got found out, which a lot do, some crap about, taking away from victims of abuse would come to light, yet you are the victim and abused, while she the abuser is swept under the carpet. They wonder why there are so many problems. IT IS BECAUSE THEY WANT ALL THE PROBLEMS. Problems = Profit and control. Equality, it will never happen at all. While there are rich Women and Men and lies and non equal outcomes when it is really needed, there will never even be any closeness to equality. In fact while we have this disgrace of a system, equality will always be used as a profit tool even though they will deny an equal outcome with any of it when they simply can make an equal outcome. If they did do the right thing, not many of them would have a job and that fraudulent profit they make.

Uruguayans are quite traditional and do not welcome criticism from foreigners. They also do not appreciate being confused with Paraguayans or Argentineans. Otherwise, people are friendly and easygoing. Although tactful, people are frank and direct and maintain a close distance when speaking. Close acquaintances of the opposite sex greet each other with one kiss on the cheek.

To say that the US public school system is a shambles across the board isn 8767 t at all realistic. I went to a public high school and university and they were both excellent, if a bit impersonal due to their size. Public schools are funded with local property taxes. Again, your school quality depends on the locale. Public schools have deteriorated considerably in Australia over the last 75 years to the point where there 8767 s only one public secondary school in Melbourne that I 8767 ve seen that I would send my kids to.

Whenever the topic of singapore being boring is discussed online there are always Aussies jumping in on the bandwagon. I 8767 ve lived in oz for several years during my undergraduate studies and trust me Australia is the most boring country in the world it 8767 s got no soul the locals were an unfriendly bunch and all its major cities are dead after 9pm. I feel like I wasted 9 years of my youth in such a boring country I couldn 8767 t wait to leave.

Tourists often arranged a tourist visa through booking a tour with the travel agencies that organise such tours. The travel agencies will usually deal with the visa on their behalf, although in some cases tourists are required to have a short telephone interview with the North Korean embassy in order to verify their identity and their job. In most cases the interviews are conducted in a friendly matter so it is nothing to be worried about. Visas are often only confirmed on the day before the tour, but rarely will a tourist ever get rejected (unless you show that you are of political status or being a journalist).

Some Korean women, especially older ones, tend to have a fantasy of meeting a foreigner and escaping patriarchal Korean society.  A lot of Korean women hate Korean traditions and culture which tend to favor Korean men. I don 8767 t blame them.  So when they date a foreigner, you are an 8766 out 8767 .  You are clearly a more positive alternative than marrying a Korean guy and having to deal with an evil Korean mother-in-law or other intrusive family members.

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