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If I may, as a Canadian guy, growing up we hosted a number of international students mostly from Japan. I was raised to be a gentlemen and proper as well. I love to cook, and can be found solo or getting parties cooking ^_^ I don 8767 t know about friendzones but happy to be kind to all, keeping ones place top knotch tidy is a must _^ I 8767 ve been cheated on, and wish never to put anyone through such a awful thing. in closing I 8767 ve always loved to Asian culture and it 8767 s rich history thanks for reading and yup still nice guys out there ^_^ Cheers

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I visited hooker hill today after reading all the post above. Nice to get a very detailed information about this place. Thank you. My visit took me to Ambrosia. Was ushered in by a beautiful korean lady. She informed it was 655, 555won and I accepted without much bargain. Got a good BJ from her and a good fuck. We lasted 75 mins and I felt cool with it. She proposed that another lady join us but I said no cos the she was much older and not beautiful. Had a good chat with them thereafter and I was given their business card to call when I need escort service.

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Here 8767 s the caveat for me: he is so genuinely kind and sweet in all other areas that I cannot 8775 see 8776 the disconnect as well. At first I thought maybe there 8767 s other women, etc But now I 8766 m thinking it is the differences within our cultures. I am used to Western men talking to me about everything, and now with him, I am thinking he perhaps was raised not to value intricate conversations between men and women. I write and write of my feelings and the feedback I get from him is 8775 My girl 8767 My sweet and good crazy girl 8776 , 8775 we will be so happy together 8776 , 8775 I need you now 8776 sort of thing.

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Adf your people come to my country to. Yous live on our tax dollars. But in Canada we inbrace our foreign people. We embrace each one of your cultural heritage and choice. But when you say crap like this it makes people feel like shit. I love Korean culture and any asian or European culture. And I love Korean women they are beautiful inside and out. But like all women they need to be respected and not stereotyped every one is different.

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Man, don 8767 t think like that. If you have a good heart, then maybe you are just looking in the wrong places or approaching the wrong women. You should really try going after women who look a whole lot than they are. I really don 8767 t think there is much hope in finding a long term partner in someone who hasn 8767 t experienced life yet unless you are just as immature as them. I don 8767 t think a woman really appreciates or recognizes a good man until after they 8767 ve been through a few bad ones. I don 8767 t know why God blessed me with youthful looks but some people think I am as as 68 even though I am in my 85s. There is a looking woman out there for you, just make sure you look for her qualities not just her looks. I never get with guys because of their looks or their money. I fall in love with their character and I know that if you are more selective, you 8767 ll probably find the right one. There are good and bad on both sides of the coin.

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But a more important factor in all of this is that when the people who grew praised and told they were special and could not fail all their life get on-line to find their cliques and peers they discover find much to their disdain they are average and just like everybody else. They are not special or even really very unique. They all wear the same clothes and listen to the same music It 8767 s just a giant HS of average even the usual cliques have such blurred lines that you can 8767 t really use that to find your group (. goth, skater, jock, science nerd ).

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Stereotypically Ii find these to be somewhat true. I say stereotypically and somewhat because obviously its not true for individuals. Living in Japan all my life, having mostly Japanese friends as well as Japanese cultured friends, and having a Japanese cultured ex-girlfriend makes me say that there is truth in this article. Everything I read here made me recall things I 8767 ve seen everyday either through tv or through experiences. Yes it sounds gross. But there is a reason why someone would see Japanese women like this. It 8767 s just Japanese culture. It 8767 s funny how similar characteristics can be seen in many of the guys here nowadays.

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My experience with business here? A Piggery 8 sows, a sari sari store and internet cafe run by family members for their benefit and gave my wife something to do. At the end if the day they All failed, they were making a decent and good profit but over time lost money. Why? Too easy, capital is viewed as profit and my family thinks the foreigner will reinvest the capital while they spend it all. Skimming and pure theft was a huge problem, credit and giving stock away to friends was considered humanitarian. See the foreigner supposedly can afford it and it is customary for the family to take more than they are intitled to. For the life of me I could not understand why the piggery could not turn a profit, piglets were healthy but most were dying and the dead piglets given to family members for their celebrations??? WTH? I canned the business idea and gave my family a monthly wage to leave me alone. The idea I liked the most if I could trust anyone here but I can 8767 t, is boarding houses. Demand is huge with limited amount on the market. I know they work.

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Well..for starters you can ask her why she puts so much emphasis on a NAME? I 8767 m sure ur mum understands that there 8767 s nothing in a name that says anything about the person it is carried by. If not try to explain the same to her. Also ask her if she doesn 8767 t like your girlfriend as a person also. If she doesn 8767 t then u need to go for a period of negotiation while making sure all three of u spend some time together so that the two ladies can get to know each other more. :)

I would agree with you if you had not confused 8775 western men 8776 and 8775 men from USA 8776 . Men form USA the ones which like to hold forth about everything are not representative at all of western men (even if they cannot realize it, but you have to forgive them as their subculture does not allow them to understand that they do not know everything and their crude subculture is not an absolute reference), as, just to make a comparison, men from Vietnam are representative of all asian men.

I 8767 ve dating a Lebanese guy his only 76 and me 77. He is a sweet guy but his jealous a lot to all men surrounding me. We work at one company here in Doha and right now we are quite okay. But I am just a bit afraid since this my first to date to an Arabic man. I was interested in searching the net their characteristics cause I want to understand his attitude more. and I wish we can stay longer.
But as of now, we still enjoy each others company:)

The US is a culture that values youth whereas in non western countries the old are revered, valued and respected. I read x pat forums and guys in their 55 8767 s and even 65 8767 s are easily dating and banging women 75-95 yrs old all day long. In the US old people are practically put out to pasture. Google the subject of how different societies treat the old and you will see this. Also, dating studies show that American women in particular absolutely hate to date men much older than themselves whereas in non western cultures It is a preference.

Anyway i would like to say that i have been dating a lebanese guy for years now, and i have never seen someone so loving, caring respectful and romantic.
I am lebanese myself, and the men in my family are the same.
As for my friends, It is usually their girlfriends that break their hearts and act this way no matter how kind and caring they are.
I really felt confused reading all these comments.
I mean to each her experience.

All have moreover similar kind of problem(Inter caste love) As same,me and my boy friend belongs to different caste His parents is ok for our marriage if my parents too accept,,But my father comes from a village background and he is so keen on his own community welfare only and not even ready to listen my side I do not know what to do..We are not able to do a court marriage also since he comes from a big family consisting of three elder brothers and one his parents ready to proceed our marriage but my parents not even ready to see his face or his family. Anyone pls suggest me with some ideas

So I was out in a club in Itaewon with some friends and in the end it was only my friend and his girlfriend left, and they went home. My hotel was in another direction so I waved them off and seeing I was really horny I decided to see if I could find any girls somewhere. This black guy saw me walking and kind of read my mind lol. He told me to go with him and he took me to Hooker hill (was about a 5 minute walk). This guy wanted to get laid to and seeing I had some cash I told him I would pay for him also if he could find a cheap place ( I was seriousy fucking drunk and didn 8767 t know the prices at all).

None of it sounds too unusual to me, though the charge is pretty high. I hear that gals working the hill ask various amounts depending on the situation. Guys in the know, or who are known, usually pay 55,555 655,555 for a short bit of fun. I have no idea what an overnight would go for. Maybe it would be that much. There are gals that work for a few days or a few weeks. There are gals that work for years but still have a heart and fall for punters. All sorts of things are possible. Thanks for the detailed comment. Cheers!

This is Funny and Enjoyable to read but I think every girl in korea have different attitudes , views and personality And they are woman , what should we guys 8775 Expect 8776 . The only wrong part here is that is doing such things for the namesake of 8775 SEX and LUST 8776 , I thought you said to be 8775 Respective 8776 A man should only go for the Heart and a Soul of a woman Not be thirsty on the FLESH

Every time I 8767 ve been to the hooker hill it has been very quiet. Maybe, I go a little later that the norm but it seems not many people are taking part in the fun to be had on the hill. It 8767 s quiet, there are plenty of pretty woman and I think it 8767 s worth a visit. I 8767 ve been well looked after on the hill and I 8767 m more that satisfied with the girls I 8767 ve met. I will provide a brief review on the establishments I 8767 ve enjoyed most recently.

Believe me (the user that is above me but his name is too long so I don 8767 t want to type it down, which would 8767 ve been faster as this has more words than the name)
The same is for Japan and China
And most times Korean people are really friendly
I guess you were in lucky hope that you don 8767 t become stereotypical because of that one experience OK.
You might of had something that offended them or their culture

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