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Tall Women or Short Women – Which Do Men Prefer?

Date: 2017-08-13 12:42.

After a while, it started to get to me. I wished I could be shorter so that these objects of my affection would pick me for once! I 8767 d secretly seethe as my crush chose to date the shortest girl in class. The heart I 8767 d scribbled around our initials linked by a plus sign on my Trapper-Keeper mocked my unrequited love. I 8767 d stab it out with a ballpoint pen, an inky blotch that mirrored my bruised ego.

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Thank you for your honest, self-searching post.
I have a suggestion. Take a look at the HAES site. Find out which exercises make you feel the best about yourself. Think about including more fruits and veggies in your daily eating regime. Start changing how you feel about your *health*, as opposed to your weight. You may indeed lose a bit of weight, but this way it won 8767 t come back. In other words, you 8767 ll go to your natural setpoint, and you won 8767 t end up regaining, and will keep maintaining your healthy habits, which in turn will make you feel better about yourself, which in turn will turn men on who appreciate your verve and confidence, not the number you produce in pounds when you get on a scale. These are the men who will really like you, whatever you weigh or don 8767 t weigh. Good luck and bless you.

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Just as a personal note, there are extremes of what people find attractive, my girlfriend is 98lb 8767 s 69 years old and no matter what she does her weight doesn 8767 t fluctuate more than 8 lb 8767 s ever,(been with her 7 years) but she is also 5 8767 7 8798 and has a cute rear. Oh and B cups look huge on her. Eric is totally right, girls do beat themselves up way too much about their looks(yea even my girl friend does it at 98 pounds) I think its a hormonal thing. Even someone who is slightly 8775 chunky 8776 i may still find attractive even with my love of petite girls. You can 8767 t expect all guys to find u attractive, or to be able to get to that point of everyone thinking u look good. Everyone needs to accept that everyone has different tastes^^^like he said^^^ and all u can do is be an attractive person to yourself and someone will 8775 like what your selling 8776 so to say.

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So he 8767 s not allowed to say he doesn 8767 t like fat woman because it 8767 s 8766 shallow and offensive 8767 but you 8767 re allowed to come here and call skinny woman ugly and unattractive? I 8767 m sorry but your post just makes you sound bitter and jealous. If this guy works hard and takes care of himself then he 8767 s entitled to want a girl who does the same, not an 8766 average 8767 ahem chubby girl who sits on her butt all day eating ben and jerrys.

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The fat obsession is not based on anything men think or say. We honestly do not care, as long as you do something worthwhile with your time, like using your brain to conclude that your diet and exercise efforts are futile and you should find a real hobby so that your personality has more depth than a few inches of diet and exercise regime. In fact, its selfish for women to sit around and diet and exercise and emaciate themselves for some illusion that all this futile exercise and dieting will make them more attractive to the men in their lives. As a man with no fetishes for obese people in general or needy preferences for an emaciated woman, and on behalf of all other reasonably minded men who are sick of all this noisy bullshit about 8775 being too fat 8776 , start reading books and cultivating your personality. Learn to shoot guns, find out what philosophy you subscribe to, study something that has consequence in your life, and get some exercise.

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I have never had a problem with men not wanting me, so my body frame seemed pretty ideal to them.
YOU are beautiful!!! Skinny and chubby! WE are perfect the way we are and we will attract men that like us as we are. Some men like Runway skinny and some men like Kim Kardashian to me, both types are fine and different.
***the problem lies in those who need to make one type lesser than the other. Get a life.

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And it 8767 s good to accept reality, no matter what it is at the moment. 🙂 It 8767 s a good habit to get into. I wonder if many crunk feminists drain their own physical or emotional health and get 8766 activist burnout 8767 by REFUSING to take this first step of acceptance. (The second step being: deciding an action to take) Having reality be unacceptable is no excuse to not accept it, na 8767 mean?!

I 8767 m 65 and 5 8767 6/7 and I hate being short. My experience with males indicates that they like taller girls. I have this one friend and I don 8767 t like him in that way, but he told my friend that he would like me in that way if only I was taller. Also, every time I wanted to do any sport other than gymnastics, my parents would tell me that I wouldn 8767 t be any good at it because I 8767 m short So those of you who are tall as lucky

You have really touched this subject excellently and honestly. I believe what you said about guys having different tastes because I asked some of my guy friends about it and they said there are different guys with different tastes, some like women who are skinny, some middle-sized women and some overweight women. My point is if a guy approaches you in the size, shape you are in know that you are the type of woman he wants to be with and you don 8767 t have to change yourself for him or anybody because you are perfect just the way you are unless he wouldn 8767 t be with YOU if you weren 8767 t.

Instead of trying to make one group feel better at the expense of the other and save yourself some botched research time, why not come to conclusion that men (and women) like whoever the 8775 f 8776 they like. Healthy should never be negotiable and neither should being the best you you can be. If a guy has an issue with your size, while it 8767 s his preference, it 8767 s also his problem keep it moving. Whoever wrote in this question has esteem issues. Until you 8767 re happy with you, no one will be happy with you. That should be the take away. Confidence is one of the most attractive features you can have. Be the best you you can be, feel good about yourself athee th guy (because that 8767 s what we 8767 re looking for, to attend that one special guy, not all guys) who is meant for you will find you.

Hi there. I really liked reading this article. A lot of the time, I end up being depressed over my weight. I live in a small country town where I moved to a couple of years a go. Where I used to live, I would have considered myself averagely sized compared to most other girls my age. But here, girls just seem to be slimmer and more toned, and it 8767 s not just be who thinks it. So here, I 8767 m sort of one of the fat girls and there aren 8767 t that many.

First I 8767 d like to acknowledge, from one big girl to another, how brave you are in making yourself vulnerable to write this. Thank you! Your stories truly felt like you were talking about me. Being big and dating is hard especially for me! I can 8767 t speak for all big girls but I 8767 m an extremely confident, independent, and incredibly charasmatic woman who knows exactly what I want. Im looking for a partner, not just some guy a skinny girl doesnt want. I dont have time to waste on men who think I 8767 ll be their unopinionated baby maker or a sexual version of their mama. This ain 8767 t that! I 8767 m also working on my health, but losing weight to be thin feels like I 8767 m giving into the oppressive forces that dictate what my body should look like. Ugh! Thanks for this, I feel less alone in the struggle 🙂

It is a touchy subject and so I try to tread lightly here, but also it’s important to me that I am as helpful as possible to the ’s a difference between someone who aspired to be “sickly-looking-thin” versus someone who is naturally extremely skinny. I have known women who are naturally extremely skinny because that’s just the way that they are. When a woman is naturally built that way, it is not disgusting or nauseating. It’s just her body appreciate your comments (I sincerely do) and I think you brought up some really good points and discussion. so I like this site

Ugh. Super skinny girls are ugly and anorexic to me! I wish guys never dated them at all! To me, I see them as ugly,dumb, ditsy airheads! Guys who think they 8767 re 8775 hot 8776 are wrong. They should date women with abit of meat on themselves instead of women who are skinny, weedy with legs that are tree trunks! To all skinny bitches, if you 8767 re reading this, go and eat something now! The world will be better without you, XD.

Most of the 8775 modern women 8776 I 8767 ve encountered for the past several years say all the right things it 8767 s character, intelligence, sense of humor, et cetera, that really count yet when it comes down to their actual selection behavior, it 8767 s obvious that a man 8767 s looks (including height especially height) and money are the actual motivators. These same women also talk about equality ad nauseum, but when the check arrives, they suddenly become traditionalists.

Seeking out a custom men 8767 s clothier or short clothing specialist who can help optimize your look is an option many men take. They realize a second set of eyes and years of experience dealing with hundreds of men with similar problems gives a clothier expert status the best study their craft and can build entire wardrobes for their clients that not only make them look taller but are interchangeable and functional for maximum wear.

I think of all that CRUNK club-hopping I did in ATL back in the early days of the CFC. Nothing can make me dance with abandon like a smoke-filled club strung out on CRUNK. And when me and my girls would go and shut the club down, routinely, I’d be the only chick that hadn’t been approached, danced with, hit on. Now I never thought I’d find my prince charming in a club. But everyone likes to be desired. So no matter how much Big Boi proclaimed back in 7558 that “Big Girls need love, too,” I don’t think the other ATLiens got the message.

What a courageous article to write. A friend of mine had the same problems as you when she tried dating men who wanted big women they saw her as just a big woman and nothing else not her personality or intelligence. When I was at college people said to me why don 8767 t you lose weight you have such a pretty face it 8767 s a shame. Well heck-what a thing to say.
I hope you get to where you want to be and are happy there, where ever that may be.
Bon courage

I agree with your points and like how you kept mentioning that skinny girls are attractive too if they are healthy. I think this type of information is what a lot of girls need to hear these days because many girls look in the mirror or step on the scale and think it 8767 s okay to change their body to look different than what it looks like naturally. It 8767 s like they 8767 re changing their makeup or jewelry. They don 8767 t realize that there is beauty in all body types and being healthy means a lot. I used to wish I wasn 8767 t so skinny and had curves and I felt ugly. I tried to gain weight before and and all kinds of unhealthy foods because the healthy fats were not enough. Girls don 8767 t usually do this type of thing these days, so I can see why it wasn 8767 t in the article. But, I think it relates because it 8767 s not healthy to have abnormal eating habits just for vanity and it doesn 8767 t make you attractive, especially if you don 8767 t look and feel like yourself.

finally, just a word on the men who love BBW: they 8767 re not all fetishists. some of them, it is true, fixate so much on your body that they exclude the fact that you 8767 re a human being, and that makes them, IMHO, no better than men who 8775 fetishize 8767 a flat stomach. but a lot of men in that community are simply men who like big women and find it easier to meet them this way (likely because so many big women have been chased out of more 8775 traditional 8776 venues by the fat-hatred you cite in your post). maybe don 8767 t just write off that option.

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