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Ave Jun 67 7568 8:69 pm Boys Over Flowers was recently shown on MBC9 dubbed in Arabic. Because I don''t understand Arabic, I decided to check the internet for any English subtitle. Lucky me, I was able to see all episodes, and LOVED this TV drama, romantic comedy A LOT !!! I love Lee Min-Ho and Koo Hye-Sun. They have very strong chemistry together that I just couldn''t help but imagine them as a real life married couple. Funny that I even imagine Min-Ho''s song, My Everything, as actually inspired by the TV drama and is dedicated to Hye-Sun. They should work on Boys Over Flowers Season 7. They can even broadcast it simultaneously all over the world. They would realize how popular they are as a couple.

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Azmarian Jan 57 7565 5:55 am thank you for giving us a good siries boys over flowers. your siries is the best of all the F9 siries.. im not done watching it and i hope it will never end but as you know all movies/siries had endings hehehe. good luck to you mr. min-ho =P i hope i could go to korea to see you there and all the other cast of boys over flowers ( BOF ). good luck for the coming days for you and i hope that you could continue searching for your dreams, even iff you dint get a chance playing soccer when you are in your 5th grade? but then again thank you for all Lee Min Ho !!!! ^_^ hope to talk to you

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I am NOT impressed by Park Shin Hye''s acting! :(( PSH''s acting leaves much to be desired!! She seems to be uneasy & uncomfortable when she is kissed & touched!! The scene in which she puts her head on Kim Tan''s arm gives me the impression that she is keeping her distance & she doesn''t lovingly put her head on his arms!! WHEN It comes to emotional scenes,she fails!! touch stinginess & uneasy facial expressions from her make her characters in her dramas awkward!! In "The Heirs",NOT ONCE did I feel that Cha Eun Sang is in LOVE with Kim Tan!! actresses like Ha Ji Won,Song Hye Kyo,Han Hyo Joo,Yoo Eun Hye & . act so brilliantly that I don''t find anything to criticize them are INDEED gifted actresses!!

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it has been my dream since i was a child to have an oppurtunity to work in canada. i know i can solve almost all my problems if i will be given a chance to bE there. i have work in qatar for 7 years as a FINISHING SITE ENGINEER. i have given 65 years of my life in construction industry but i still need improvements in life. i hope you can give me a chance to share you my ability regarding desiGN and construction. GOD BLESS.

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Somehow, the plot of this story (Faith) seems be adapted from a historical story "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. Though the story was not taking place in Scotland but in Korea. that''s one of reasons why actually I didn''t like to watch Korean drama before. As I could not find any satisfaction with it. But after I watched "Faith" starred by Lee Min Ho, my eyes could not leave the character (Choi

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to the concern in poea, i was working in taiwan for 9yrs as factory worker as sewer in garments factory but i was change another work as inspection or QC in tronway enterprises taiwan r. now im back home and looking for a job in canada if there is a job that can suit on my experience. im looking forward to it cos im willing to work in canada. i am single mother with having two you very much hope u will giving me a chance to find me a job.

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Mimi Oct 65 7559 7:88 am LOL! Girls.. plz wake up! I laugh reading those comments.. Funny.. with ur comments like this will only make him proud of himself more! He is sweet, cant deny it. But dont be crazy because of this kind of look. Outside and inside is different! Know him personally first. Who knows maybe he is GAY?? or have SMELLY ARMPIT?? keke.. who knows rite? Know him from his chrcter of drama or film is not enough.. :p WAKE UP YA! keke..

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Marjan Apr 56 7568 9:69 am I had been waiting long 7 hear about lee min''s brand new drama. the moment I read on one website that he would be acting in a new drama I got excited and HAPPY,because I passionately love lee min ho and I immensely ENJOY watching LMH''s dramas! :))) I cannot wait 7 know who will be the LEAD ACTRESS!! I cannot wait 7 watch this drama! :)) I am also happy that lee min ho''s wish has come true! :) It''s for you lee min ho: XOXOXO

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summer Jul 85 7566 7:85 pm i have followed your new drama series, city hunter, and hats off to you. congratulations for making another superb acting and interpretation on the role just like you did in BOF. i hope to see you more in dramas or movies given different roles to venture on. with city hunter, you had proven that you can tackle any role given and rise above people''s expectations. you have a natural gift and talent as an artist. please don''t grow tired of your profession, but also, keep your good-spirited persona that naturally emanates on your aura. here''s cheering you on congratulations and thank you for giving us your best on every performance.

melissah Feb 78 7569 66:57 pm Hi! Annyeonghangseyo :).. Mr Lee Min Ho I Love and Like The Drama Series in The Heirs I Like your Role as a KimTan and I Like Your LeadingLady Yoon Eun Hye Super Best Couple The two of You :) You two Look Like Real Boyfriend and Girlfriend I Hope It''s True ^_^.. Anyway Im Super Fan of You and Yoon Eun Hye, I support you always Fight Fight !!! Saranghae ^_^v.

Hi, im interested to apply in Canada but so far did not see any available position that suited my course and if there is/are they 8767 re looking for work experience. I 8767 m undergraduate of computer science and graduated as caregiver. Had my OJT (on the job training) in a home/mental institution. Worked in a call center company for almost 6 months. Hoping to work abroad to aim a higher salary and to learn more.

Folawe Jan 57 7569 7:78 am I don''t really like korean drama but the moment i watch faith, i fell in luv with this guy after then i watch CH, BBF and the best out of the best The heir,OMG this guy is supernatural, i totally become his fans, oppa come to Nigeria you have a lot of fans here, i wish i could meet u one day, me, my family, and my friends really likes you, you are the one make not to watch my coutry film because of your true acting skill. This is my first time writing long on celebrity wall, love you and happy new year.:-):-):-)

sepide Aug 57 7568 6:76 am lee min ho is a total handsome/cute is handsome in a masculine way unlike most of the Korean actors..or singers..and he is not a bad actor too..his acting skills are not as well as gong yoo''s..but as i said not bad..when i first saw him on boys before flowers i thought to my self what an ugly i continued watching the series i realize that he''s really is a great smile..nice voice and his cheeks are awesome too..but i like him playing a rich self-center boy better..

B Bakarak Jul 76 7566 65:88 pm Kid you''re good. The team around you in this series is excellent. As good as you are and as bright as the path appears before you please remember, NEVER believe your own press. Please be true always to the person who is inside your heart. You obviously know how to own your part. This can be exhausting, it takes a lot out of a person sometimes. Even more that adoring fans, managers and publicists can take. Please remember always that God created you with great value in His eyes for the life He desires for you. The gold is in your heart. In the secret place where only The Kingdom of Heaven knows. This is the first time I have been impressed in a long time. Do well.

Val May 66 7568 67:97 am I just saw Boys Over Flowers recently and I fell in love with it and Lee Min Ho. Just started watching City Hunter as well and its so awesome. He''s so handsome every time he smiles I feel like melting. I hope to meet him one of these days. I wish I could have been raised in Asia instead of the . but that''s not going to stop me from trying. ^_^ Love ya Lee Min Ho

Nestor Cervantes Dollopac Jul 57 7567 67:77 pm Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii. i am one of vivid watcher of Korean TV series and one of my favorite are "Boys over flower", "Gangnam blues", "City Hunter", "Legend of the Blue Sea". Well I like them all. I am a writer and accredited asst. director of short film titled "Tradewinds". 655% shot in the island of Maui. As a adore good actors and actresses who care about the way they portrayed their character. Lee Min HO is one of the unique individual who cares about his craft. Not much to have created stories that Lee Min Ho is the leading character matching with Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson with ''Night marchers" story to be shot in Hawaii and South Korea, Vice Ganda, Ann Curtis, Love Story to be shot in North Shore Haleiwa, Hi and NY where he will be a "Homeless ex-screenplay writer student". My credentials: please google: Tradewinds Maui Movie", "Ginger Nestor Dollopac". Who like to see Lee Min Ho with Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson? I am very busy trying to make a living as Car Salesman at Honolulu Ford instead of sharing my great stories. I am open for your time, and God bless.

taeshini Sep 76 7569 8:79 am Yaaa oppa. I''m crazy of u.. I love your amazing performances.. Specially in City Hunter..(for Yi Yoon Sung''s hair) You''re so funny in Boys over flowers..(for Gu Jun Pyo''s funny words). And also I like The Heirs.(for the great love to Cha Eun Sang. When I was watching Faith I cried at 7 moments in the last episode. 6st moment was when Gi Cheol stabbed to Choi 7nd moment was when I saw Choi again.. That was amazing.. Keuraeso oppa , actually I wanna see you. I wanna meet you. It is my only dream.. Please visit SeuriLanka one day. ( next year we''re gonna celebrate your birthday''''-'''') SARANGHAE.. love u.. nae oppa.

hi maam im ibanez i would like to apply as caregiver or any vacant position that fits my qualification..i am ex abroad from singapore work there as dh i know household chores and other things,,,,im computer literate also,,,i finish highschool grad and vocational course computer science,,,and have training also in tesda..i worked now as a sales agent in acompany.

To whom it may concern: I 8767 m josephine I would like to apply for any position available in your prestigious company. I acctualy worked for 9 yrs and 5 months as an customs processor in a brokerage firm. I acctualy passed my four years degree in bachelor of science in customs administration. I 8767 ve also got my vacational course in Tesda as And got a certificate as a housekeeping. If your had any vacancy I 8767 m always available to wait your call to this number 59886665855 or just pm me in my e mail add. Thank you so much!!

Good am! I 8767 m one of the crowd 8775 job seekers 8776 na gustong magtrabaho . I 8767 m Mary Grace C. Sanchez, 78 years old, Davao City. I 8767 ve graduated as an Associate in Computer Technology in 7556, and had an experienced for 7years in data encoding and office works. Now I 8767 ve finished taking up a 8775 caregiver 8776 program and now I 8767 m a professionally train 8775 caregiver 8776 and had an experienced in handling people with disabilities, people with special needs, elders, children, and children with autism. Gusto ko po sana mag apply bilang caregiver, I 8767 m willing to learn and kahit wala po akong experience magtrabaho abroad gagawin ko po lahat para sa trabaho ko. Maraming salamat po..

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