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Abandonment Issues and How it Affects Your Relationship

Date: 2017-08-13 15:44.

the scary part is , if a person sleeps with three of you in one day, tells you that all that time he was away he was with his sick brother at the hospital or he wasn 8767 t feeling good so he can 8767 t chat, you believe him, he does it again , you doubt and ask questions, he plead and tell you he loves you, or he tells you he is just in bed chatting to you but you could see him holding and kissing someone else and chat to you at the same time, tells his friends how he is playing his games, makes you sad or stress while knowing you could have a heart attack, try so hard and for so long to propose and convince you he loves you but it was all a lie, that person can even kill you. he is your worst enemy and is a fact.. you don 8767 t even need to ask questions why but lather just cut him off completely. you are in danger.. because i can 8767 t do any of that to someone i love , not even someone i hate. a person that i hate i will leave alone. but if a person can do that to me then i am scared and can 8767 t look at that person as a normal human being.. that 8767 s abnormal.

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I had this one single father I was talking to who was about 85 or so. I wasn 8767 t feeling him when he said he was still living with his wife whom he was divorcing, had 9 kids with. I 8767 m like no. So I told him kids are a turn off and no matter how many times I said that he let that float in one ear and out the other. So he wanted to hang out with me one day. Once he realized I have a house he was quick and ready to move in with me and how we can put OUR NAMES on all of OUR STUFF (my stuff) like the house, my car, and how the KIDS will love OUR BIG BACKYARD.

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I 8767 ve been going through this with my husband over the past few years ( at least few years that I know of) and the main thing that I 8767 m more frustrated with than anything is when he turns it around that it 8767 s my fault that he 8767 s lying to me! So this is my point to anyone on both sides of this conversation! Men and woman that physically and mentally abuse their spouse and as their doing it and say it 8767 s their fault for them hitting them or verbally abusing them, This is the same thing these men are using lies and then turning it around it around on us and telling us it 8767 s our fault the reasoning why their lying to us! So wake up! It 8767 s never ok to lie to your spouse! If you need to lie your hiding something or you need to get out before it gets to the abuse

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Most single mothers are single mothers because she chose to get with a lower earner or deadbeat bad boy and have kids with him in the first place. It is easier to be a loser and get an attractive women because a lot of women are drawn to worthless she gets sick of him after she 8767 s had a couple of his kids, then she comes looking for we successful guys and wants us to be the breadwinner and pay she and her brood 8767 s bills. No thanks.

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i am a divorced single parent. very independant and have been single for past years. i work fulltime as an accounts receivable person. i am very proud of my only 65 year old girl. i believe she is more sensible and mature than any adults here. she is kind caring and compassionate. she loves sports and dancing. i am quite shocked and amazed by the negative and judgemental comments personally i would not date a single man i think they are are irresponsible, immature, dependant all they are in for is sex sex sex

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Hi Laurie, Wow you are SO right on. We do have to be courageous and learn what we can about ourselves and men. And you know, from what I 8767 ve seen (and that 8767 s a lot) when a women approaches a man in an open and trusting way, 99% of them respond accordingly. We can be that trusting woman and still take complete care of ourself. It 8767 s not just give it all up or be completely closed. And you 8767 re so welcome. I absolutely LOVE helping you get closer every day to LOVE. Thanks for your comment! Love to hear from you. Bp (PS: Keep an eye out for my new Date Like a Grownup Bootcamp! It 8767 s going to teach exactly this: How to make deep connections with men, but still make good choices and take care or yourself first!)

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Regan, the rich men know when they are being chased after because of their wealth and they will only treat you like garbage, so your friends will be alone for a long time. there is nothing wrong with boring its about how you find men like me, I am out there quietly watching and listening for subtle clues of compatibility. I will not date someone without genuine similar interests. so boring for me is perfect but how do I find you? if you are pointed to by a close trusted friend or family im telling you now forget about it I wont see you.

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Hey Zanya, Get OUT!!!!! MOVE ON!!!! Your problem here is your addiction to the jerk. Do whatever you can to move on. 7 years is way too long without any type of commitment. The guy is broken and not willing to 8775 fix 8776 himself. Why should he? You 8767 re putting up with it. Move On and start dating others immediately, no matter how bad it hurts. Your life and quality of life is at stake here. Kick this guy to the curb. If he really does love you, he will come after you, if not, good riddance to bad rubbish. MOVE ON ALREADY!!!!!

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I TOTALLY AGREE with you. We have ONE chance at raising our kids right!!! We will ALWAYS be our kids parents but we may not always be our lovers partner. When our kids see that we care and devote more time to someone else more than them which are our OWN flesh and blood, then resentment and hatred can creep in. Now you may start to hate and resent your partner so everyONE loses. I can 8767 t love someone who doesn 8767 t love and respect my kids. Children are very resilient but feeling the abandonment of a parent or both parents has LIFETIME REPERCUSSIONS. Sacrifices must be made for the betterment of the child or children because they will be grown and out the house quick enough so we can then find someone to be our partners and thats when its appropriate to put that person first and ONLY to a certain extent then. Best wishes to all!!!

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Hi Noquay,
I agree with you that there are many men out there who are gold diggers. Quite often they lost everything in their divorce, and they 8767 re looking for a woman who owns a home they can move in to. This happened to me several times when I was online dating. They generally conceal this fact until you meet them, and then hope their charm will win you over.
Given your unique lifestyle, I can imagine that your pool of men is somewhat limited. I found the best thing to do was to screen men very carefully. But it 8767 s even better to go to events that are of interest to you, which would allow you to meet likeminded men in person.

This is exactly the same for me. I am 87 weeks pregnant and have had nothing from him or his daughter. He tells me his daughter will be more of a priority as her mother is not capable of looking after their 66 year old. The fact he even tells her you come first etc and they hold hands and walk off. She speaks down at me and he does nothing. I feel alone and trapped when she is around like I have to go to another part of the house so that events like this do not occur. I can 8767 t even sit on the sofa with him with out either her crying for him to get in to bed with her until she sleeps or for her to me invited in between us on the sofa.

I know a single mom that I would date. She is divorced and the guy was physically abusive. She stayed with him for 69 years and tried to stay loyal and get him to get help and eventually gave up. She works her ass off and got an early childhood education certification mostly so she could raise her children better. She makes sure she always has 6 months worth of food in the house in case she comes across hard times.

It is very clear he only wants to get in your pants. Good thing you value yourself and did not give what he is not deserving. Just think about it, what if you have given him what he wanted and later on ignored you like what he is doing now? It will be more devastating like what you are feeling right now.
Stop calling/texting the person. One thing I learned about guys is that they dont text/call you if they dont love or even like you. Proven and tested.

As the adult child of a mother who consistently put her boyfriends before her children ever since we were 67 and 8, I have to say: you have never been the child in a divorce, or you have only dated wonderful men. It is heartbreaking when your mother clearly cares more about some strange man than you. Some strange man who wants nothing to do with her kids, who doesn 8767 t even care about -her-. You have never had to deal with being ditched by your mother for her boyfriend for no reason. He didn 8767 t need her, they just decided to spend all day in bed rather than help you with whatever you really needed her help with. You have obviously never had a mother who would scream and yell at her eight year old children that they don 8767 t want her to be happy simply because they might have hinted that they don 8767 t like her boyfriend.

I 8767 m a Christian don 8767 t believe in sex before marriage and my guy is not but believe and pray as much as I 8 yrs his been asking me out told of no sex till marriage he was fine its 8mnths dating now his trying his best to control and respect my decision but latly his complainin about not copping his a man and don 8767 t want to cheat coz he don 8767 t want to loose 8767 m soooo confused I lav him but not sure if he won 8767 t break my heart plz help

I need some advice and maybe I am wrong in this but my boyfriend doesnt want me to attend my sons concert or he will end it with me? I have explained that I dont go there to see my ex (who will definitly be there because its his child too) I go to see my child. Its moments like this that I dont want to miss in his life because they grow so quickly, my mom missed all of mine and I dont want to do that to my child. It feels like Ive been put in a situation where I am being asked to choose him or my child and I cant do that. Its not right. I have been given an ultimatum and have been told I can still change my mind and not go but if I go he will never forgive me.

Carol you 8767 re incorrect, I 8767 m sorry Im a living result of this scenario what you and your partner need to do in the scenario you sit down and have a long talk not a betch fest but a talk, a woman does deserve to be first but she also has to understand her place and at what correct times should she be placed first. Not a constant first position that just can 8767 t happen when you have children if you can 8767 t show your children guidance because you 8767 re too busy showing your loved one how much you love them, then that 8767 s a sad story for everyone!

Oh yeah. Your daughter was born and you tried for another while you were still single. You made her a bastard. He didn 8767 t care about her or you enough to marry you before she came along and You were foolish enough to lay down with him deliberately trying to create another bastard and you call me assinine? I call you a self centered retard. Your daughter no matter how much you conned your way to provide for her is a bastard. I 8767 m a Catholic too. I know how the Roman Catholic Church feels about procreation outside of marriage and abortion. Did you go to confession about the first bastard? What did your priest say about you trying for second bastard? I can see it now 8776 Father forgive me for I have sinned. I am a selfish stupid slut maker of bastard. Forgive me as I am entitled 8776

Having said that, I have little respect for women who spread their legs, get pregnant and become single moms hoping to snag a man or to get EBT cards filled and free medical benefits I have seen and paid for too much of that via my taxes for their 8775 entitlement 8776 mentality and hopefully, there are plenty of men still left who use are able to use their brains to know the for equal consideration, what shall we say about those men who take advantage and don 8767 t seem to care either that 8775 men will be men 8776 ?

This is incredibly insulting. I am an insecure man, I 8767 m insecure because all of my life I have been ignored or shunned by women, first because of my appearance (I 8767 m not 8766 ugly 8767 but theres always been a taller, more athletic, and more handsome guy thats better looking than my average appearance), then because of my intelligence, being a 8775 nerd 8776 instead of a 8775 jock 8776 .

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