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You would think with EVERYTHING that whites have done to blacks over the CENTURIES, all of the lynching, all of the beatings, all of the raping, all of the murders, all of the discrimination, all of the denials, all of the disrespect, all of the stealing, all of the 8775 Pure D. Hate 8776 that they CONTINUE to do toward us today, you would think they would be THE LAST culture of people we would want to get involved with. Not to mention the 8775 Jesus Died For You 8776 message they shoved down our throats. The ONLY people that died for me were my ancestors. Even with VIDEOTAPE we are being hunted and killed by whites, cops AND civilians. Black Men, Women, AND Children. I don 8767 t care what the writer 8767 s agenda was, the shit is true, he just left off what I 8767 m saying. Sometimes 8775 Slaves Don 8767 t Want To Be Saved. 8776

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Your melon is twisted, stereotypical? WOW. Why do they have to be sluts? Are girls somehow less in your archaic mind than men? If a man bags every chick he can he 8767 s a stud, but is he really a stud if all he 8767 s bagging are 8775 cheap sluts 8776 ? You 8767 re wrong, I 8767 m a white woman in my 95 8767 s and my husband was white, but he died, for our country. The man I recently met happens to be black, but that 8767 s not why I like him, and I 8767 m pretty sure he isn 8767 t into me because I 8767 m white. His ex is black. We can be just two people who want to be together. Dividing us up by color is what 8767 s keeping us from uniting at Americans. You 8767 re really almost feel sorry for you, except you 8767 re a jerk.

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Fellas, I get it: Having a white on your arm is like riding a unicorn—it’s not supposed to happen outside of the occasional wet dream. Some of you n*ggas covet white women because they are status symbols in the eyes of society. Some of you believe that having the interest of a white woman makes you superior to other black men. Gaining their approval sets you apart from the other n*ggas who don’t have that special something that will catch a white woman’s eye. It makes you feel better about your place in the world. Instead of being the average n*gga, you become the type of Negro that’s acceptable to the blond haired, blue eyed goddess. Besides, White women don’t typically get involved with average n*ggas. They pursue super n*ggas who can provide three luxuries: a big penis, gobs of cash, and gorilla strength in case danger approaches.

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There are lots of dating sites to choose from and sometimes it’s difficult to decide which one is right for you. So how can you decide? Well in general there are two main types of website – generalist dating sites and niche dating sites. On generalist sites people are not looking for anything in particular. For example if you are a white guy you will not know for sure if anyone on that site likes White you are a black woman and you are into White Men then you won’t know if any white guys that you find are into Black Women until you go through their dating profiles in detail. So it amounts to a lot of time searching and reading through lots of profiles searching for like minded people. So at best you will find a small number of people who might be suitable.

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I am from Jamaica and most us don 8767 t know what the fuck all this racism crap in this day and age is all about! Or care! We date any race we want Asian,Latin,Caucasian,we don 8767 t give a damn! that 8767 s because people are people anyway you look at it! We bleed hurt feel and shit the same! I probably feel this way because I 8767 m a proud black man! I 8767 m quite capable of taking on the world and hold my own! God made us to be anything we want to be free to be who we are! Be respectful and humane to your brother regardless of his race! You 8767 ll feel a better person!

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Why all the mudsharking? Are they paid to do this? Do they not realize I can now watch barely anything with my kid as she grows up now at the risk she thinks it 8767 s normal and okay to date outside her species? (Going by the scientific definition of species related to the DNA percentages, Africans are a different species). Do these novelty seeking producers and writers just think about the short term buck? Absolutely no comprehension how this effects future generations let alone human beings as a whole?

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As an American born Asian man, I agree completely. White people are constantly being portrayed in the wrong light with the rest of us. That said, their image is uplifted in contrast to everyone else 8767 s. The reality of it is white women are disgusting. They look like men and without makeup, they look like hideous creatures. They age rapidly after 75 and are void of any morals. It 8767 s also funny how you bring up them valuing animals more than fellow humans. It is certainly true from what I 8767 ve seen. The biggest of them all, they can not relate to me as a non-white person. They seem to enjoy basking in their blissful ignorance.

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I can tell it 8767 s a joke, even reading his bio at the bottom of the article. That said, I don 8767 t think this was needed. Raw stereotypes and no playing with them to imply the indication that they are jokes. That said, yes, the only thing I fear about dating a White girl is the parents. Even if they come from an era where more Blacks and Whites were fucking each other post-Jim-Crow (aka, the 8767 75s) anyway.

We finished up, paid and left and we weren 8767 t in the car 65 minutes and he called me. I was leaving that afternoon to fly back to the state where I live, and I 8767 d told him so when we exchanged numbers. I packed the rental car, and got on the road back to Atlanta, he called and we talked during the entire two hour drive. I got lost and since I was on the phone he was my navi. He told me he would call every day, and with the exception of two days he was sick he has. I told my surrogate mother about him,(she and I are different colors, and this is only important because what she said to me is what made me come here. She is my mama and I am her daughter and it 8767 s been that way for over 85 years)

I date any race where we click. I don 8767 t seek a given race, but I do largely avoid black women because for the most part, they are the same: when they don 8767 t get their way, the attitude comes out and they don 8767 t know how to control their emotions and talk it out. Same with Ricans. Other than those, the female is perfectly content to let a guy be the 8775 Man of the House 8776 which avoids arguments and such. That 8767 s just the way it is.

I started dating my man because he was intelligent, funny, hard-working, we shared common interests and I found him attractive. I married him because he 8767 s the best man I 8767 ve ever known. I couldn 8767 t care less about what anyone thinks about us. We 8767 re thrilled, our kids are ecstatic, and our families love and accept us. It 8767 s all about hearts. When they match, nothing else matters.

It x77 s not like I think that type of beauty is superior, but motherfuckers try to make you feel guilty for being attracted to those types of features at all. Let x77 s be real, blonde hair and blue eyes are fucking attractive and thinking that doesn x77 t mean you x77 re a piece of shit who gives those features inherent value over the features of other races. Rihanna is hot and so is Blake Lively. Lupita N x77 yongo is hot and so is Allison Williams. Sue me for not allowing my race to limit what I find attractive.

This is a terribly upsetting article. Doesnt the author realize that his point is exactly the same as the so called Father 8767 s who wouldn 8767 t let his white daughter date a black man. It is the same argument only in reverse. The author tears down not only white women but also black women by implying that having a white woman is better than a black woman on the eyes of a black man. It is a 8775 status symbol 8776 . No race is better than the other. We are all human and here together so we should support one another regardless of what color our skin is. Which by the way is because of evolution not because God wanted us to only marry people of our same color. Races mix. It is completely naturally and the best chance we have for survival. It is time to EVOLVE ppl.

I find these comparisons funny. Not all black women look anything like Nicki Minaj (not even nicki minajs self) you really should look up obesity rates among black women before you cast shade on a white woman. This article just makes you sound bitter and that in itself is very unattractive. Why are black women a group of people that clamour for equality yet secretly want to separate 8775 their 8776 men from the world? You anger a stereotypes towards black women but hae done nothing but sling around steotypes towards white in this trash article.

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There 8767 s only 6 black queen and she 8767 s located in Africa. Get your facts straight racist ghetto boy on welfare and food stamps. Sickening how the blacks can abuse NOT use, but abuse the racist card and and say racial white slurs and thinks it 8767 s 8775 OK 8776 and have the audacity to deny being a racist, but if a white person does the exact same thing it 8767 s NOT OK to a black person. Why is that? Is it cause you blacks thinks that ya 8767 s got the green light to say/do what the fuck ever ya 8767 s like cause white ancestors enslaved your black ancestors? I think so. Lemme ask you this. If black lives matter, why the fuck are you blacks killing each other off? If that your guys 8767 sick fucked up way of defining true love for your race another well then I 8767 m very happy that I don 8767 t ever experience that so called true live. If I did they 8767 d be nothing left of me but skeletal remains.

*Hey, fellas. Here’s some advice about dating white women: Don’t for a single moment forget that you are a black male breaking a cardinal rule by putting your black n*gger hands on superior white flesh. White men don’t want to see their daughters fraternizing with the enemy. They’ll tolerate having a black son-in-law if he’s making well over six figures and can slam dunk a basketball. But in the back of a white man’s mind, he will always be superior to n*ggers. He doesn’t want his children, especially his daughter, to hop in bed with a jungle bunny. He doesn’t mind his son getting some of that brown sugar—that’s a fantasy white men have shared since the Jim Crow Era. Some white men even like to watch while their wives are ravished by tall, black, musty Mandingo n*ggers. But when it comes to his precious little girl, a white man has one rule for the average Negro: Hands off!

Hell his is no different when black post all that negative BS about why they don 8767 t date black women. You 8767 ll sign-up for that BS all day (both black men and Whit women) and you 8767 ll swear that negative shit is true about all black women. There is both positive and negativity in all races. Just be thankful you 8767 re not attracting the negative in your life, but he 8767 s entitled to his opinion.

A majority saying the same thing about black women not understanding etc could be classed as outrageous (possibly even racist in the US, where b& w relations are supposedly awkward in some states). If serious,the tone to this article would be deemed the talk of groups such as white boys stormfront (who, coincidentally were one of the first results after googling the writer 8767 s name above,they mention the article!). One member suggests Mr Haywood has written negatively on black women also (not sure if true,have a goggle). Some agree with Haywood 8767 s that white and black should not mix even if they obviously don 8767 t agree on his points,so at least he has something in common with someone! If not serious however, then we have the freelance online journo equivalent of a shock jock.

Part of the reason why black people celebrated the . verdict is because it was a rare example of a black man finally beating the system that was so unjust to his people for so long. It was cold, hard, classic revenge. Throughout this nation x77 s history, unfathomable numbers of innocent black men have been hung from trees and burned because of often fabricated stories of their fraternizing with white women, and there were usually no consequences for the white men lynching them.

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