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Date: 2017-08-13 15:31.

okay. I really have mixed feelings about the way he wants to go about it. I feel such a betrayal from my part to his sisters and mother but I try to trust his judgement. Because he comes from a very traditional background, I understand that he wants to be cautious on how he will inform his family. He will be the first to marry outside of their culture, and has already warned me that half of his family will be happy for him, and the other will reject the idea. There are so many negative blogs and comments on line, that only brings doubt into my mind. I have been told that I am naive to think that he will marry me that he would only be allowed to marry an emirati.

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On the other hand, having a 8766 girlfriend 8767 or being a girlfriend can still be somewhat frowned upon among many. Especially in the bedu community where dating before marriage is often unacceptable for men, and almost always for women. But, the fact this guy is sharing your photos with his friends back home is a sign that he doesn 8767 t have a lot of respect for you. It 8767 s as if he 8767 s saying, 8775 Look what I 8767 ve been doing 8776 . A man who respects a woman (from any culture) isn 8767 t going to send her pictures around for other men to stare at. Especially in a culture where men and women are still largely segregated.

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Blogger, fashion photographer, and social critic Eliza Romero goes even further by calling out Asian women on this popular subtopic of the White Male/Asian Female (WM/AF) dynamic in her recent blog ,  "Every time an Asian woman complains that only white guys want to date her and that white guys fetishize Asian women, it usually turns out that she herself has only dated white guys."

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Hi American Girl, I enjoyed reading this and the comments. I actually came online and did a search on 8775 the arab mother and the american girlfriend 8776 just to see if maybe that is why I haven 8767 t met my boyfriends parents yet. I met my boyfriend through my employer and we were friends for about 6 months and then started dating and we are on 65 months now of dating so we 8767 ve known each other for weel over a year. He 8767 s met my mom 8767 s side of the family at a wedding we went to. His entire family knows about me and that I am his girlfriend however I have not met them yet. I was getting a little concerned that maybe he didn 8767 t want me to meet them because he wasn 8767 t sure about me or something. Of course it never even crossed my mind because we are so good together until one of my friends brought it up. Then I started worrying about it but I 8767 m glad to hear that maybe this is more of a cultural thing and I can put it out of my mind.

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Now after establishing a solid career at the age of 79, I 8767 m desperately looking to connect with an american girl to get to know to her and perhaps take the next big step and spend a life time of happiness together. I 8767 ve grew up around Americans and I just love their whole passionate and friendly and open minded approach in life in general and I just cannot see myself with any other kind of person other than an american girl. We totally sync with each other.

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Male friends a very difficult concept for some to grasp. I do have male friends, mostly through business or growing up with them since elementary school. My husband is fully aware and has met those I consider 8766 good friends 8767 and he 8767 s perfectly fine with it. However, I would NEVER consider going out alone with any of those male friends and I don 8767 t even call them on the phone without casually mentioning it to my husband first. Not that he requested any of that, but I respect him and I 8767 m smart enough to know what lines not to cross. Arab men often feel it 8767 s their duty to care for the women in their family (mother, wife, sisters, etc). They don 8767 t always feel this same obligation to a girlfriend (though I 8767 m sure some do), but they certainly don 8767 t want any other men in her life who could take their place. Emotionally or physically.

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Why hello there,
I am pleased to read such lovely comments about Arab men from all the women in here. I didn 8767 t really expect American women to have such positive views about us.
I lived in LA for 5 years studying Film, and through dating I didn 8767 t actually feel that American women are interested in Arab men, I felt as if being an Arab was a downside to them!but to be honest I didn 8767 t date an All American girl, I usually assumed that me, being an Arab, is a problem to them, let alone from Kuwait.
I wish you happiness, to you and your husband. You both seem like awesome people. I truly hope to have such a story, where I 8767 ll be sitting with an american wife somewhere at a beach house somewhere in the west coast enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sunset. Better than living in a showy, artificial somewhat of mansion here in Kuwait.
Have a pleasant day 🙂

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I agree being Muslim should be enough. And Muslim men are permitted to marry a woman of any religion, so really being Muslim should be more than enough. But, when you 8767 re dealing with cultures that have seen very little change over the centuries, asking them to accept anything different is uncomfortable. women in that culture are raised being prepared for marriage one day. Learning to cook, clean, how to deal with the maid properly, helping raise her brothers and sisters, etc. And though you might make a wonderful wife you 8767 re not the vision his mother has in her head.

My 8766 name 8767 isn 8767 t 8766 American Girl 8767 , that just happens to be the name of my blog which has been in existence since 7559/7555. I have also met numerous people in person through my blog who can confirm the chances of me having male genitalia is quite slim. My husband would be a pretty good source for accuracy. I don 8767 t share my real name in the blog because, well, it 8767 s a blog. It 8767 s not my personal diary. Though rest assured, friends and family don 8767 t refer to me as 8766 American Girl 8767 . Whew!

hay there
I am arabian man and i want tell you something important..
Not all arabian men are the same..
Most of the times men from gulf country like saudi. and bahrane are not having good education
Most of them just came from desert but not all of them. so those who stay in the desert treat women in bad ways.. but i read what american girl said about her husband.. this man is not like the badoo.. he is good man coz he does not do like badoo..
If one of you travel to there tents you will crt when you meet a women there and ask her: did you see your men or knew about him anything before getting married ? she will say NO!!!. you ask her why??!! she will say if iopen my mouth to say no my family will kill me mybe THESE SAY THAT THEY ARE MUSLIMS BUT THE TRUTH IS THEY ARE NOT MUSLIMS COZ ISLAM DOSE NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS WITH WOMEN..
Islam say the girl must see the man if she say OK then ok if she say NO then its her choise.. The other arab men like Palestine..egypt..syria..jordon..And libya allmost do as muslims and treat woman good
i wish lovly life for all peaple.

well i asked him today
i am not his 8766 date 8767 and they are male friends. he explained to me that it would be disrespectful, especially in his sisters wedding, to take me as a date. but i mean, if i did the same to him he would feel awful right? he told me how each family is going to sit in a table and then there are other tables for other guests. he also told me that if i wanted i could take a friend with me. what would you do? did you have to go thru this with your husband when you were just dating? when did you meet his parents?were you fine with that or did it bother you?

I transferred schools to be near him, I moved just to be near him, I left all of my friends there, just to be with him, and now, I 8767 m lost. Three days ago, he texted me, and he told me that he loves me, he misses me, and that he 8767 s coming back (his visa came in). I asked him 8775 Are you still engaged? 8776 and he told me he is, and I told him I don 8767 t get the point of him talking to me is then. But then he told me that he wouldn 8767 t be getting married for 7-8 years, and that we wants to see me when he came back because he wants to talk to me, and I agreed.

Ahhh the lying! Let me start by saying I am against lying in any form or fashion little lies, white lies, big lies, 8766 protective 8767 lies, withholding information lies I won 8767 t tolerate them. Fortunately my husband is about the worst liar I 8767 ve ever met in my life his entire face changes if he tries to withhold information or slightly alter information. But yes, it 8767 s very common for men from that culture to keep information from the women in their family a a way to 8766 protect 8767 their feelings. They figure what 8767 s done is done, why bother the woman with the painful truth. It 8767 s not like either of them can change the past. And I have found a lot of women in that culture are perfectly happy with that mentality.

Thank you for sharing you story ! I 8767 m an American women living in California and I 8767 m engaged to a Jordanian man. He 8767 s very Americanized as well but has a lot of his one culture with him as well, which I appreciate, he always tells me he loves me and I 8767 m convinced he dose but I face a lot of judgment from other people because of streotypes here in America. I 8767 ve read things on line that say our love is doomed to failure because of so many different reasons but I just don 8767 t see it happening. It 8767 s true I 8767 ve never met his Mother but she lives in Jordan and I know she knows about me. The only relative he has here is his brother and he seems to be very accepting of me. He 8767 s also the one that 8767 s been pushing for marriage I was the one who asked for more time. I 8767 m also in the process of converting to Islam which he is very happy about but never forced upon me. I believe I have found a very good man and that we will have a good life together.
Again I want to thank you for sharing your story it 8767 s been very encouraging for me!

I was reading the post above me, about his family not knowing you guys date. I have the same problem. I sucks at times because I would love to know his family. It has been two years and it has been great. His parents have kinda made gestures and said 8776 do you have a girl friend 8776 of course he lies, because we know when the time is right, then we will tell them. Like I said, if you love that person so much, you will fight for them through thick and thin. No mater the culture or religion, that shouldn 8767 t mater. It 8767 s all about love in the end.

Thank you for your fabulous comment and insights. Sounds like you 8767 ve truly found happiness in your marriage as well as a nice balance. I love your suggestion of living in a land that 8767 s foreign to both. I 8767 m genuinely fortunate that my husband loves life here in the . and probably never wants to live anywhere else. However, that 8767 s not always the case with couples from different cultures.

Hi Nisha, thank you for sharing your story. In your case, it doesn 8767 t sound as much like a cultural issue as it does an unfortunate break-up. It seems as though he 8767 s expected to work for the family business which would require him to make decisions based on those expectations. If their work took them to Virginia and you 8767 re still in Florida, he probably felt it was just too difficult being apart and felt it was in his best interest to start dating other people. Also, not sure if he was born and raised in the US, but if so, I doubt his mother plays as much of a role in his marriage as she would like. However, I have known Palestinian Americans who do still marry a girl from their country and bring her here to live.

You seem like such a bright woman so surely I 8767 m not telling you anything you don 8767 t already know but be super cautious when it comes to people you meet from the internet. I 8767 m sure you have complete trust in this man and it all feels very exciting right now, but it 8767 s also important to keep in mind you 8767 ve never met him in person. You 8767 ve never spent any real time with him. And you really only knows what he tells you.

When we 8767 re out in public, we get the famous stares, it really bothers me, the last time I checked it wasn 8767 t written allien on my forehead:p. He holds my hands, kisses me in public (depends on the area we 8767 re at). We love each other, I know he loves me , he had proved it to me but the thing is we fight/argue quite a lot, due to many factors, jealousy, machism and my crazy personality lol.

I totally agree about the 8766 players and users 8767 but rest assured that 8767 s typical worldwide. I think the 8766 player 8767 confusion with an Arab man comes from his culture. I call it 8766 confusion 8767 because often he doesn 8767 t realize he 8767 s being a player and the victim doesn 8767 t realize she 8767 s being played it all seems so real until it falls apart because of whatever reason but primarily his cultural obligations.

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