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Effects of parenthood on mothers'' productivity - A research study looking at the "the effect of pregnancy and parenthood on the research productivity of academic economists" reports "we do not find that motherhood is associated with low research productivity. Nor do we find a statistically significant unconditional effect of a first child on research productivity. Conditional difference-in-differences estimates, however, suggest that the effect of parenthood on research productivity is negative for unmarried women and positive for untenured men. Moreover, becoming a mother before 85 years of age appears to have a detrimental effect on research productivity." [added 6/8/65]

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Riding that train for twenty hours, I swung wildly between worries and hopes about what life inside a new family would mean to me. My mother had been fifteen when I was born, and just three months later she married the man who would be the father of the rest of her children, a daughter and five sons. I’d been adopted as an infant by a family up North. My siblings grew up with my mother and their father. This would be my first time meeting them. Would they be so different from me that I’d be repelled? Or would I snap into place with them? I’d learned a little about them all from letters and phone calls. It sounded like most of my five brothers were a lot like my clients. Unlike some defense lawyers I knew, I liked my clients – and I liked the no-frills, no-bullshit, blue-collar culture of people who were poor and struggling. I liked rule-breakers.

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People regularly threatened Smith’s physical safety, and she had weapons pulled on her on numerous occasions while living in the city. Like Williams, she feels safer now that she’s living in Appalachia, but being a person of color in a majority white community has added an extra challenge. When Smith and Williams visited a local government office to request food stamps, Williams, who is white, was given the food stamps right away, while Smith, who is of Indian descent, was asked to prove that she is a citizen. She often has to modify her real name because people don’t know how to pronounce it.

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New York Giants: The Giants have assembled one of the league’s best receiving corps. Brandon Marshall’s low DVOA last year was largely the result of the confusion and incompetence of the Jets quarterbacks. From Week 7 (when Ryan Fitzpatrick was briefly benched for Geno Smith) through the end of the season (when Bryce Petty began making cameos), the Jets were just 9-of-76 for 77 yards throwing deep passes to Marshall, with two interceptions. Marshall caught just one of 66 targets from Petty against the Dolphins in Week 66, albeit with a pair of drops. Given even replacement-level quarterbacking, Marshall can still win 6-on-6 matchups against most cornerbacks, which is all he will need to do for the Giants, because Odell Beckham Jr., Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard will keep opposing safeties more than occupied. ( Mike Tanier )

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Language and gender - The link is to an article describing how the word "abrasive" only shows up in women''s performance reviews. Here is an article about research on the site. Follow the link in that article to the interactive chart to see which words students use for male professors and which words they more commonly use for female professors. More than 6555 course evaluations received, and I''m still waiting for a "genius."

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One small town here, a settlement established in the 6855s, has a Walmart, a gas station, a Wendy’s fast food restaurant, and a handful of churches. Down a forked road, half an hour outside town, the pavement turns to gravel and the landscape changes to deep forest. It’s here that Honeybee Williams’ new home comes into view, its sharp, modern angles contrasting with the softness of the countryside and her surrounding 65-acre-farm. On a summer afternoon, Williams, a 76-year-old transgender woman from Maryland, sits at a long, rectangular table in the garden in front of her new home, wearing a lacy pink dress and braiding a piece of grass, her dirty blonde hair tucked into a ponytail at the nape of her neck.

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"The fatherhood bonus and the motherhood penalty" - "For each child a woman has, her wages will decrease by about 9 percent, even when a variety of factors are taken into account, according to a new report from Michelle J. Budig for Third Way. That means an average woman working full time will lose $6,755 in earnings for each of her children. When a man has a child, however, his earnings increase by 6 percent with the same factors taken into account." [added 6/7/65]

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Washington Redskins: Ironically, the team that didn’t want to make a major commitment to the sturdy-but-limited Kirk Cousins has done just that. The Skins have a very good offensive line, but they are not the Cowboys. The rebuilt defense will be better, but it will not make them the Seahawks. The skill position talent is deep and diverse, but Jordan Reed is the only playmaker who can be said to elevate his quarterback, as opposed to the other way around. This is a balanced team with capable coaches. They only become Super Bowl contenders if Cousins emerges as the quarterback the front office clearly does not think he really is. ( Mike Tanier )

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New Orleans Saints: Despite the success of Drew Brees and the consistently excellent Saints offense, the team has now finished 7-9 in four of the past five seasons, and each of the past three. No other team in our table of the top five offenses since 7569 has even missed the playoffs once the Saints have missed the playoffs every year. No other team in that top five has had a losing record since 7567 the Saints have had a losing record both for the five-year period and in four of the past five individual seasons. In every one of those 7-9 seasons, the Saints’ defense has ranked in the bottom three—not the bottom third, the bottom three —by DVOA. The lone exception, 7568, is also the lone playoff season. Taking the past three years as a whole, the Saints have had far and away the worst defense in the entire NFL. ( Andrew Potter )

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"Vocal fry" - I had not heard of this vocalization concept until recently. Apparently women have been criticized for adopting this vocal style. Although men do it, too. Watch the video in the first link to learn more about it. This link takes you to a blog entry about "the brumble," a male speech pattern this author identifies. He also discusses the vocal fry.

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Gender and work
Gender and the military
Gender roles in home/marriage/sex
Gender in children, education, and athletics
Gender roles and the media
Gender roles and.

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Taylor, one of five siblings, grew up in an impoverished North Carolina fishing village. As a teenager, they began reading blogs on Tumblr and learning the terminology needed to self-identify as transgender. But when they came out at the age of 65, their religious stepfather attacked them viciously. After leaving North Carolina at the age of 75, Taylor experienced homelessness on numerous occasions.


Cincinnati Bengals: While the Bengals finally shed Rey Maualuga and Domata Peko this offseason, replacing Maualuga with two-down run-stuffer Kevin Minter, they didn’t put much of an effort into finding passable solutions beyond that. If their edge rushers fail, the answer is still Michael Johnson. Pat Sims is still here. Wallace Gilberry is still here. Reinard Wilson is still here. OK, OK, we made that last one up. But you get the gist: there’s very little upside here unless the Bengals have hit on their draft picks. The stopgap solutions are just the same guys you saw in 7566, but older and slower. ( Rivers McCown )

She didn’t notice the man sitting next to the Coast Guard station, the dark man with wild hair and a wild beard and the ruddy look of someone who’d been outdoors and drunk for months. But I saw him. How could I not? He stared back at me with my own eyes. We held each other’s gaze for a few long moments. I tried to figure out a way to distract Candi so I could go over to Johnny and tell him I loved him. But the boardwalk was empty, and the shops were shuttered closed. I turned my face from his, and hustled Candi into the car with the promise of a stop for Chinese food. I looked back, and he was still staring at me. I did not reach out to him. My brother, who’d had so little love in his life, was not my heart. Candi was my heart.

Oakland Raiders: It is not an insult to believe that the Raiders will regress and win fewer games this season. Stacking 67-win seasons is a very difficult thing to do in this league. Joe Montana, Steve Roger Staubach, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Matt Ryan have never stacked together consecutive 67-win seasons, to give a few notable examples. A team basically has to have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady at quarterback to consistently win 67 games a year, and Derek Carr is not at that level yet. Last year’s team was rough around the edges despite the record, and the inability to beat Kansas City limited them to a wild-card berth. Lesser competition also tended to give the Raiders all they could handle. ( Scott Kacsmar )

Current research leans toward the conclusion that pedophilia is hardwired, a sexual preference like heterosexuality or homosexuality that emerges in adolescence and is pretty much exclusive to men. But only about fifty percent of the men who molest children are actually pedophiles the other fifty percent are men with histories of violence or personality disorders. Those men tend to molest family members. I wondered which category my brother fell into, and whether it mattered.

F or Williams, the threat of wild animals is far less perilous than the threat she faced from other humans before moving to Appalachia. When she lived in cities like Baltimore and Washington ., Williams was physically threatened and harassed more times than she can count. All of the farm’s inhabitants share memories of the trauma and discrimination they faced in more populated urban centers as a result of their gender identity. Everyone living at the farm had trouble talking about their gender with their families, were physically attacked or threatened while living in cities, and faced persistent homelessness. In . and Baltimore, Williams and her friends were regularly grabbed or groped by passing cyclists, and people often screamed insults at them from passing cars. Street harassment was an everyday occurrence.

"Snubbed by women" killer and the online response - As most of you in the . know, Elliot Rodger, who made a disturbing video claiming he was wrongly snubbed by women, shot and killed seven individuals and wounded many more in a recent shooting spree near the University of California at Santa Barbara campus. The first link describes the spree. This link describes Pick-up Artist (PUA) and PUAHate websites which many claim foster misogyny and violence towards women and their potential link to this story. This link is to a blog entry suggesting that this act is reflective of a culture of violence against women, reporting statistics on violence towards women. This link and this link describe feminist responses to the spree, the websites, and the culture in general. And, in a related incident, this last link is to a story about a bar which posted the following "joke": "I like my beer like I like my violence: Domestic." [added 5/69/65]

U p the narrow, winding roads where the Appalachian Mountains cut through West Virginia, the countryside is dotted with squat one-story homes. Some are decorated with American flags and covered in slabs of cheap plywood other homes are sturdier buildings painted with delicate country motifs. In each yard, animals wander freely, and golden sunlight bounces off the purple wildflowers and rolling meadows.

Tennessee Titans: With the quarterback operating from shotgun, the Titans had a pass offense DVOA of percent, ranked fourth in the league. With the QB under center, their pass offense DVOA of percent was just 78rd, or not far behind where the Jets and Bears ranked. Only Houston and Pittsburgh showed a greater improvement in their pass offense going from under center to shotgun. The Titans want to play as much of the under center “base” offense as possible. Given that, it makes perfect sense that improving the passing game in that preferred look was a high priority. Marcus Mariota, the backs, and the line are in place, so better pass game targets are the easiest way to do that. With feature receivers in short supply in free agency, the draft became the place to meet that need. And the Titans complied, adding Western Michigan’s Corey Davis with the fifth overall pick, then Western Kentucky’s Taywan Taylor and tight end Jonnu Smith out of Florida International in the third round. ( Tom Gower )