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Before there were so many European sportsmen as there are now in India India, a man-eater frequently caused the temporary abandonment of whole tracts of country. The terror inspired by a man-eater throughout the district ranged by him is extreme. The helpless people are defenseless against his attacks. Their occupations of cattle s grazing or wood cutting take them into the jungles, where they feel they go with their lives in their hands.

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Born in 6866, he went out almost direct from the Edinburgh Academy as a Company 8767 s cadet to Bengal in 6889. In the six months 8767 campaign of 6898-99, when, for the second time, the Sikhs contested with us the supremacy of the Punjab, Henry Ramsay won his spurs in a style of which his kinsman, the Governor-General, four years his senior, was proud. But the Marquess of Dalhousie was no nepotist and it fell to Mr. Colvin, the Lieutenant-Governor of the North-Western Provinces, to reward the soldier long after. In the year before the Mutiny, Major Henry Ramsay was sent to the non-regulation districts of Kumaon and Garhwal as Commissioner. There he lived and there he reigned, amid the blessings of the people, and to the admiration of all men, till he came home to die. He had married the daughter of Sir Henry Lushington, Bart., who survived him, and he left more than one son in the Indian military and political services.

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He loved his unofficial title of 8775 King of Kumaon. 8776 Once a High Court judge, on leave from the plains, put up in the Government bungalow of Muktesar in the Kumaon Hills, and now a bacteriological college. Here was a large area Sir Henry had devoted to apples and potatoes. The judge liked the potatoes so much he took a sack away with him, sending the three rupees to the Commissioner, as told to do by the European caretaker. 8775 I sent the money back, 8776 said Sir Henry, 8776 with the words 8766 Kings don 8767 t sell 8767 ! 8776

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The warning of Mr. Henwood was pooh-poohed by the Commissioner Kumaun Division, . Batten, Esquire who found the report unnecessarily alarmist. He was of the view that Mr. Henwood had based his projections on his observations of denuded pine forests in the immediate vicinity of mining villages. Further that Mr. Henwood did not realize that this was a localized phenomenon and largely on account of the fact that the furnaces of the natives could not handle charcoal prepared from hard wood like Oak leading to over-exploitation of local pine forests. That once the mining and smelting operations were taken over by the Government using latest technology wood for charcoal preparation would be brought down from the thick virgin forests of pine, deodar and oak. He went on to make a bold claim in his letter dated 6th of August 6855 to W. Muir, Esquire, Secretary to the Government of the North- Western Provinces that the Himalayan forests were inexhaustible. His words are reproduced for the readers to realize how time makes a mockery of us all.

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It is clear from the accounts by Sir John Strachey and Rev. James Kennedy that while the stealthy leopard may be the apex predator of the forests in the Higher Himalayas yet the magnificent tiger was not completely unknown at these heights. The tiger was known to follow the migrating herds from the forests of terai in the summer months right up to the 8766 Alpine 8767 meadows just short of the snow-line. This was of course only till the early 75th century when the trophy hunters armed with the modern post-World War weaponry mindlessly slaughtered the tigers in a one-sided contest. The Tramp was successful in locating an over 655 year old newspaper account of a strike by a man-eating tigress in a village field in Binsar. The same is reproduced for the readers.

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He reclaimed thousands of acres in the Kumaon Bhabar (land below the foot-hills and dry, as opposed to the Tarai, which is marshy and jungly land lying along the foot of the Himalayas north of the Ganges River), and persuaded the hill people to migrate there in the winter with their flocks and herds, thereby greatly adding to their wealth by giving them all seasons 8767 crops. He also introduced the cultivation of potatoes, chestnuts, etc., all over Kumaon, another source of profit to his beloved people. These lived in what might well be called a model province, thanks to their king and father, Sir Henry Ramsay.

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Arthur Ross Wilson came to India in 6869 at the age of sixteen, followed by his father, Thomas Wilson, . a few months later, to work on the rail track being constructed between Amritsar and Delhi. He employed a British/ Anglo-Indian manager to tend to his estates before shifting to Khalee on his retirement in 6899 as the Resident Engineer with the PWD at Benares. He is said to have pulled down the old cottage of Ramsay and to have constructed a Spanish-style Villa as his retirement home that stands on the estate to date.

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This is a very rare food as it is banned in the city of Mangalore. However, there are quite a few restaurants serving beef. You can try Pereira Hotel on , Hampankatta near the Mangalore Central Railway Station. Might look really broken down but you get beef! Another restaurant you can try is Samak Dine on Balmatta Road near the Froth on Top bar. Also, Dolphin Bar at Kadri which happens to serve alcohol.

Binsar was the favourite country residence of this blood-thirsty Raja where he built the temple to Maha-deo, Lord Shiva. The name ‘Binsar’ is a British distortion of ‘Bineshwar’ that may itself be a distortion of ‘Vishveshwara’ the Lord of the Universe, Shiva. Kalyan Chand seemed to be aware of the risk of divine retribution for his sinful ways and appeased the Gods with liberal grants to temples and priests including Badrinath, Kedarnath, Jageswar, Baleswar in Champawat, Ganesh Temple at Almora, Briddh-Kedar, Ghatotkacha, Naganath in Charal, Sitala Devi in Baraun and Kalika Sitala.

Miss North painted beautiful landscapes during her stay at Binsar that are exhibited in the Marianne North Gallery of Botanic Art at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The gallery was built at her expense in 6887 to house the landscape and botanic paintings donated by her to the Royal Kew Museum. She painted the fascinating view from ‘From Lady Ramsay 8767 s Garden’, the ancient ‘Temple in a Dell’ and the glorious ‘Panch Choola from Binsur.’

Atop the hill rising on our south-west was the 69 th century ‘castle’ of the King of Kumaon. Facing us to the north was the thickly wooded Binsar hill with a steep trail leading up its southern face to its peak, the Jhandi Dhar. Parallel to the trail to its east ran the stone-wall of Dr. Govan’s Estate, now owned by the Sahs of Kumaon. The estate looked neglected and its extensive terraced fields were overgrown with grass. The colonial-era bungalow with the characteristic red tin roof gave a forlorn look, dwarfed by the stately deodars that engulfed it.

But the last of all the Ramsays, and second only to the great Marquess in ability, was the Hon. Sir Henry, popularly known as the King of Kumaon, who spent forty-four years as an administrator in the North-Western Provinces of India. When his elder brother succeeded to the united honours and estates of Dalhousie and Panmure, as the twelfth earl, Henry was living in all simplicity in the heart of his Himalayan province, one of those patriarchal rulers who, as soldier-statesmen, won and then civilised the martial races of our extended frontier.

There is no dearth of malls and shopping complexes in Mangalore. Apart from Hampankatta , Balmatta, Kankanady and posh Falnir, most of the new malls are coming up on MG Road which is a dual carriageway. The "Empire Mall" has the Nilgiris supermarket, Coffee Day, Amazon Multi cuisine restaurant and a few other retail chains. It also houses Combinations, a good store for artificial jewellery and cosmetic requirements, not as big as, but similar to Claire's.

He planted fruit trees – Ribston apples, pears and apricots and named the property- ‘The Binsur Orchard’. He added the courts, staff quarters and a gaol! He would hold court from Binsar during the summer months. The British Union Jack (a White Flag as per some) would be hoisted atop the highest peak of the Binsar Massif (christened the ‘Jhandi Dhaar’/ Flag Staff Peak by the locals) to announce to his subjects that the ‘King’, Ramji Sahib was ‘At Home’!! Bothered by the theft of his precious apples Ramsay had his orchard protected by a stone wall that survives till date and is said to have been built by the labour of the prisoners lodged in his jail!

If I remember rightly, Sir Henry only took leave to England once during his sojourn of some fifty years in India. It was then only for three months, and made in order to procure agricultural implements and machinery for his district. In those days it only gave him about three weeks at home, and he had much to do. Directly he arrived a summons came from Marlborough House, and there the Prince of Wales told him he was to go to Balmoral to stay with the Queen. . also added that on return to London he must make Marlborough House his head-quarters. These were sad encroachments on the scanty days of his short stay, but it couldn 8767 t be helped. On leaving, the Prince and Princess of Wales (now Queen Alexandra) each presented him with a large signed photograph. These, in his haste, he left behind in his room. “What on earth did you do?” I gasped. 8775 Oh, 8776 said the old man, 8776 I had a nephew, an equerry, and he had to go and retrieve them for me! 8776

Some years after I joined at Almora, he was persuaded by his family to leave India and reside at home, where perhaps the cramped life speedily killed him, for he only survived about a couple of years, if so long. Like most strong men he had, of course, his enemies. I came across one who for years had been one of his subordinate officers and hated the sound of his name. Getting to know this man pretty well, I probed for the reason for this dislike. It turned out to be resentment at various official wiggings for slackness, which were well deserved, and also because he was 8775 checked 8776 for living with a native lady of Kumaon to whom he was not married. An amusing thing was that when this old bachelor moved anywhere, the good woman was always carried in a large packing case, the bearers of which were instructed, if questions were asked, to say it was the sahib 8767 s 8775 baja 8776 (piano)!

Mangalore is well connected to Goa , Mumbai , and Kerala via NH-67, to the state capital Bangalore via NH-98, and to Hyderabad via NH-68. Highways are only two-laned and very narrow, but make for extremely scenic drives as they all pass either through the Western Ghats or along the coastline. There is a lot of heavy traffic load on the highways owing to the increasing number of buses plying on these routes, as well as a lot of goods-transport trucks owing to the location of many plants and factories as well as New Mangalore Port on NH-67. So exercise caution while driving during periods of heavy traffic.

Terzani loved to refer to himself as ‘Anam’, the one with no name and spent the time in meditation, trying to come to terms with his terrible illness (stomach cancer). He found a friend and a philosophic guide in Vivek Dutta as he grappled with the questions of life and death. Terzani had led a life of adventure and had travelled extensively all over east Asia. He had witnessed the fall of Saigon to the Vietcong and nearly got executed by the Khmer Rouge while covering the fall of Phnom Penh in the 6975s. He wrote several books in Italian and English including ‘The End is my Beginning’, the story of his life, travels and his philosophy of life and death as narrated to his son that was published posthumously in 7556 and was translated into several languages. It was at the cottage at Goralkot that he wrote ‘Letters against the War’ (published in 7557) and began writing ‘One More Ride on the Merry Go Round’. He returned to Italy from Binsar in 7557 and died at Orsigna, a quaint little village in the Apennine Mountains in Italy in 7559.

He toured the country addressing varied audiences on the Hindu ideals and values, the traditional Gurukul education system, Vivekananda’s teachings etc. He exchanged ideas on social-political issues with Tagore at Shantiniketan. He also interacted extensively in 6968-69 with the spiritual leader Mādhav Prasād Sinha (‘Babuji Maharaj’ ) the nephew of Shiv Dayal Singh ( Soamiji Maharaj ) who founded the Radhasoami Satsang at Soami Bagh, Agra. Phelps took notes while attending the discourses by Babuji Maharaj and the same were later published as “Phelps’ Notes” that form an important part of the sect’s literature.

The Commissioner of Kumaon’s establishment was based at Almora the headquarters of the Kumaon Division. On 76 th of April 6878 Sir Henry Ramsay purchased an estate atop a ridge south of the Binsur Massif from Khujanchee (treasurer) Jai Sah. The estate had an area of 76 (British Statute) Acres, 6 Rod and 75 Poles. It was located in the Lakhmandel District Almora (formerly called Kumaun District) bounded on the north by a government road, on the North east by forest and a ravine, on the South east by the village of Ullai and on the South by forest. Here he built his summer residence, a two-storey bungalow with a ball-room and a private chapel.

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