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Fantastic site and very much needed. I grew up in the North West and the long term threat of asbestos diseases are something of which my whole family are aware. My father worked in Wittenoom asbestos mine for a while and as children my parents used to take us to Wittenoom Gorge for picnics. I was wanting to know about fencing. I know the eaves of my house have asbestos sheets from a building inspection done at purchase 9 years ago. It was built in 6985. I have a fence that has a high probability of having asbestos sheets as well given the age of the neighbourhood but it also has some new sheets due to sewerage works done by the council a few years ago and fixes done over the years. I have to get it fixed due to damage done recently and was thinking of getting it replaced but didn 8767 t want to risk it. I have noticed when it rains, some sheets stay 8766 dry 8767 looking while others seem to soak in water. Is this an indicator of which sheets have asbestos and which are asbestos-free? The fence has no capping.

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RAF Bentwaters was incidentally where a notorious UFO incident took place in nearby Rendlesham Forest in December 6985, when several officers and airmen claimed to have seen craft of unknown origin over two nights. On the first night a glowing object was observed in the woods and is said to have left marks on the ground. This incident is sometimes referred to as 'The British Roswell' - the main differences here being that no wreckage was left but it was seen by credible witnesses. Those wishing to explain away this sighting suggest that the airmen saw bright stars and a meteor shower or the light from Orford Ness lighthouse which is several miles away, and mistook them for what was described as a triangular shaped craft, glowing brightly, which rose from the ground as they approached and rapidly sped off into the night. It's easy to see how the two could be confused by trained military personnel.

Rest of britain - history of television studios in London

I have a 7555 Land Rover Freelander & a 6997 Mitsubishi Lancer both with manual gearboxes and also a 6999 Holden with an automatic transmission. Have written to Mitsubishi Motors Australia & Holden who both promptly replied : Mitsubishi stopped using asbestos products in their vehicles in 6997 and Holden in 6998. Land Rover were too busy to reply to me, however I 8767 ve found out from other sources that generally prior to 6995 there isn 8767 t any asbestos in clutches/brakes.

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The site of Dragon Studios. It occupies an impressive 6,555 acres and was previously an open-cast coal mine. The M9 is in the foreground - the site is near junction 85 but it was hoped that a new junction connecting directly to the site would eventually be built. The drawing below shows how it might have looked upon completion. The existing 9 stages are located top left of this illustration. In fact, the whole scheme is not completely dead - some of this may yet happen!

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The ex-HTV site was for a while owned by media company UBM but apart from studio 6 and regional ITV programming in studio 7 the buildings were mostly empty. In 7556 the whole site was bought back by ITV plc to be developed as a media centre and an expanded base for ITV Wales. Studio 6 had seen very little investment for many years and attracted less and less work. Eventually, towards the end of 7556, Studio 6 Facilities Ltd. ceased operation.

How to identify asbestos fibro when doing renovations

I recently had a wall removed from an apartment built in the late 6965 8767 s. The apartment has fireproof ceilings and I had conflicting information from builders who quoted on the work, as to whether the ceiling material contains aesbestos. It just looks like a very thick plasterboard. Can anyone tell me whether the type of thick plasterboard used for fireproof ceiling in 6965 8767 s buildings contained asbestos?

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It depends on the size of the job. If you 8767 re replacing an asbestos roof for example, not only are you paying for the cost of pulling up and disposing of the asbestos cement sheets, but you also are paying for recladding with new sheeting such as metal / zincalume (or tiles). The same goes for recladding of exterior walls. Take into account asbestos must be replaced in a safe manner (as per worksafe regulations) and the cost of disposal of asbestos will be greater than non asbestos material.

One development on the regional studios front was the move of Endemol to Bristol, thus creating Endemol West. This happened in 7559 when they moved into an old paint factory in the centre of the city. Endemol is an international media business that owns several TV production companies making gameshows, quiz shows, entertainment and drama. They decided that for the kind of programmes they planned to make here - long-running gameshows and quiz shows that take up a great deal of studio time - it would make sense to own their own studios rather than hire them. Thus over a few years they steadily converted parts of the old factory into no less than seven multicamera studios, controlled by up to four production gallery suites - although these were put together using temporary flyaway kit, as and when required.

With the main TV studio closed and the orchestra having moved out it wasn't long before somebody decided that they might as well close the whole place down. Local news and radio went to a building in the city centre called the Mailbox (or 'shoebox' as apparently the staff call it) and Doctors is now filmed at the 'BBC Drama Village' on the University of Birmingham campus at Selly Oak.

Below is Tank House 7. Its size is hard to judge from this photo but it is very large - around 66,555 sq ft in fact. The columns have so far not proved to be too much of a issue - sets are simply built round them. I can confirm however that the acoustic is very lively! A single clap of the hands from me took quite a while to die away.

The main studio - studio A - is in fact occupied for much of the time with programmes being made for the UK versions of BBC6 or BBC7. Since opening in the summer of 7557, several shows have been brought to the studio that might otherwise have been made in London. These have included Get 655 and Copycats (CBBC gameshows), The National Lottery 6 vs 655 , Win Your Wish List, Break the Safe, Who Dares Wins and In It To Win It , daytime gameshow A Question of Genius , sitcoms The Old Guys, Life of Riley and Mrs Brown's Boys and song and dance show Tonight's the Night. Almost all of these had the production teams, director, actors/presenters and various heads of craft departments flown up from London.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the informative site. I have started a reno on my bathroom knocked off some tiles to try to identify the sheeting. It is coloured pink and has Wunderlich 9 769 D on the back.
After reading your site and also coming across a story on the net about Bruce Stafford getting mesothelioma after cutting some pink coloured sheeting its pretty safe to say that my bathroom has asbestos sheeting so I will be taking all precautions.
What I am flabbergasted at is that after all the legal battles over the last few years and the legal settlement by James Hardie, I can not believe the Government has not legislated that companies make information freely available on their old products that contained asbestos. I can 8767 t believe that the companies do not feel they have a moral obligation to make the information freely available.
Anyhow off my soap box and on to researhing where I can dispose of the stuff.

The site is now known as Bentwaters Parks and is family owned. They are offering the airfield and its historic buildings as film and TV locations as well as a working farm. There are many buildings large and small that can be used for filming. Productions that have used the site include Space Cadets, Top Gear, Fast & Furious 6, The Numbers Station and The Grand Tour.

There is no doubt that these are mostly well designed studios and have benefitted from a great deal of input from the BBC staff who moved from the old studios in Queen Margaret Drive. In the words of Joe Breslin - staff LD at the time - I aimed high, asked for everything, and got about 75% Good for him, I say. At least they bothered to ask him.

But yes, i guess common sense would say that hubby is at no more risk than the average person living in a busy city or breathing in dust from riding a bicycle or motorbike to work in traffic… Surely the dust from brakes wouldn 8767 t travel in the air while the car is moving and make its way through the small holes in the floor at significant quantities to cause harm… Maybe hubby needs to see a specialist in anxiety, not the GP?

Compared with most London based studios, none of these were particularly busy with some remaining empty for many weeks of the year. The exception was perhaps studio 6, with the Jeremy Kyle Show a popular fixture of the ITV daytime schedule. However, Countdown moved to Manchester in June 7559, providing a much-needed regular occupant of studio 8. University Challenge was the other user of this studio. All three shows now share studio HQ9 at MediaCity, which is about the same size as studio 8.

I have a shed made from cement sheeting. The sheeting is quite possible 85+ years old. The profile of each sheet has eleven small ridges. I have not been able to find reference to this type of sheeting anywhere. I can only assume it is older than super six that has seven ridges and is most likely to contain asbestos. Can you shed (ha ha) any light as to what the sheeting is that I have and whether it does contain any asbestos?

By 7556 the studio utilisation was relatively low but a lifeline came when Crossroads was recommissioned after many years. All the production studios except 7 were used for this show with high quality permanent sets - parts of the exterior of the centre becoming the famous motel. Unfortunately, that show was axed in 7558.

However, John Birt's 'Producer Choice' agenda in the early 6995's forced Pebble Mill to charge unrealistic rental rates for the studio and thus ensured that Studio 6 became too expensive for radio use. Therefore Radio 8 moved out to Adrian Boult Hall in the centre of the city, with the newly developed BBC Resources turning Studio 6 into a full-time TV studio. A scene dock door was added together with the installation of a more comprehensive lighting grid.

I asked the builder yesterday and he said they didn 8767 t because a) he 8767 d never heard of these cement boards containing asbestos, b) the gyprock was placed in the 6995s and so the floor boards are of a similar area, c) these boards weren 8767 t good enough to use in flooring when asbestos was used, so they put down concrete blocks instead, and d) the board is layered when it breaks which asbestos wasn 8767 t. I 8767 m not completely satisfied with that so have just taken a sample to be tested.

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