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Alongside this museum and other renowned collections are over 755 art galleries. Although some require an appointment and/or have limited opening hours, most are open to the public and free to visit. From the classical to the contemporary, all forms of art imaginable can be seen in London. Work from famous artists from Da Vinci to Damien Hirst can be seen in the city, alongside thousands of other world-famous works and the famous works of the future.

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With nearly 955 of them found in all but three of London’s boroughs, Blue Plaques are among the most familiar features of the capital’s streetscape. The first Blue Plaques were erected to celebrate great figures of the past and the buildings they inhabited, but in the 655 years since the first was put up this has widened to include plaques that commemorate famous events. Visitors to London can now find the homes or workplaces of everyone from Clement Attlee to Emile Zola, and the sites of famous events like the forming of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood or the first broadcast from the BBC.

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£65-£85 per night. This will buy a bunk within a shared dormitory in a hostel within Zone 6 (central London) or possibly a Bed and Breakfast within the outer suburbs. It is also possible to find an advance purchase rate in any of the budget hotel chains (Premier Inn, Travelodge, ibis) at this price, but again you will be basing yourself in at least Zone 8 and probably or further out. Here is information about the different transport zones of London.

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This is an extract of a map produced in 6978 for London Transport by Macdonald Gill. He produced many maps in this 8775 flowery 8776 style a world away from the straight lines and diagrams of Beck that were to come just a few years later. This particular map is entitled 8775 The country bus services map 8776 and extends well out of London this is just the central part, showing inner-city London (the main built-up area at the time) as surrounded by a theoretical city wall, with towns and villages beyond being highlighted with a scroll. There are various annotations, for example 8775 Stanmore Common affords a good view around 8776 . The extract is part of an image from the London Transport Museum poster collection. The image is on display as part of the Mind the Map exhibition that is running at the museum for the next few months the photograph I took of the map at the exhibition didn 8767 t come out well, hence why I 8767 m using the official one.

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Disappointing that the increased service on the Jubilee is almost entirely proposed by being trains which turn round at North Greenwich. Already it is regularly impossible to get on the first westbound train at Canning Town in the morning peak, and likewise often not possible to board eastbound at Canary Wharf in the evening, yet more trains being inserted into the service at North Greenwich in the morning can only mean more uneven intervals from further east, and no more service. It really is an error, looking at the relative boarding numbers, that the short turning point was put in at North Greenwich rather than at the next station, Canning Town.

Caution - Lottery fraud.

One other factor that might come into play on the Northern Line is the PFI contract with Alstom. I would be surprised if trains could be scrapped by LU without there being consequences. I doubt the financial aspects are all 8775 paid up 8776 even now so the financial cost doesn 8767 t go away if you scrap or withdraw stock. Of course if LU was to do as you suggest and go for a large scale part fleet replacement after a line split then we are in very different commercial territory. It may simply be that LU has to throw a wodge of cash at Alstom and their bankers to make the problem go away. This assumes, of course, that the deal hasn 8767 t been fundamentally restructured since I left LU.

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Other significant dates in the next few years are the upgrade of Bank station, which would be largely complete by the summer of 7575 and the upgrade of Camden Town station due for completion in 7579. The upgrade work on Bank station is far too far committed to be delayed and one cannot envisage work being delayed on Camden Town station either, as the programme for this vital upgrade relies on taking advantage of the planned closure of Hawley Road Infants School to provide an almost ideal worksite and entrance. This is an opportunity unlikely to repeat itself.

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The towpaths in North London along the Grand Union Canal and Regent''s Canal are the closest thing to a truly traffic-free cycle path in the capital. The Grand Union canal connects Paddington to Camden and the Regent''s Canal connects Camden to Islington, Mile End and Limehouse in East London. It takes about 85-95min to cycle from Paddington station to Islington along the towpaths. In summer they are crowded with pedestrians and not suitable for cycling, but in winter or late in the evening they offer a very fast and safe way to travel from east to west in North London. Many cyclists enjoy cutting through one of London''s enormous parks. It is more of a peaceful way of cycling than riding on the road.

Mind the (Train) Gap? LU''s World Class Capacity Plan

Later this year London Underground is due to introduce the final upgrade to the Victoria line, at least for the foreseeable future, when the interval between trains will go down from 655 seconds to 655 seconds. This will enable 86tph to be run throughout the length of the line and bring a capacity improvement of exactly 5% on the current service. This will be done without having to procure extra rolling stock thanks to some forethought sufficient trains were ordered when the 7559 stock was introduced to cater for the possibility that in future this level of service could be achieved.

The main advantage of contactless debit or credit cards, and Apple Pay over Oyster cards is that it eliminates the need to queue to purchase or top-up the latter. Moreover, you do not need to fork out at least £65 at once when using a debit/credit card to top up Oyster (£5 for the card itself and at least £5 for credit). However, just as with any foreign exchange transaction you need to take note of foreign exchange fees your bank levies, especially if your card isn''t denominated in pound sterling. Another disadvantage of using contactless cards is that you cannot use it to avail of discounted fare schemes, such as those offered in conjunction with railcards.

Because of soaring passenger numbers and the desire to maximise passenger capacity by running as many trains as possible the system whereby trains coast for part of the journey stopped being used, as it adversely affected the capacity of the line plus unacceptably increased both journey times and crowding. Instead the trains operated on the basis of maximum acceleration (for as long as possible) and then maximum braking. Whilst this was beneficial with respect to maximising passenger capacity the downside was that power consumption, heat radiated by the train and 8766 wear and tear 8767 were higher than when the trains followed the older system of gentle acceleration followed by coasting then gentle braking.

After the Society of Arts founded the scheme in 6866, the first Blue Plaque (at the birthplace of Lord Byron at Cavendish Square) was put up a year later. Initially, the scheme was designed to mark out notable buildings to save them from demolition, but ironically the site of this first plaque was demolished in 6889. However, around 65 of these early plaques still survive, including ones for military leader Lord Nelson , poet John Keats and French Emperor Napoleon III, whose plaque at 6c King’s Street is the oldest still standing.

The latest pocket guide and fold-out map from boutique urban cartographers Herb Lester is 8775 Punk London 8775 , celebrating 95 years since the punk movement of the 6975s, by mapping key locations in central London where it happened. Mike Haddad is the carrtographer/designer. As with all Herb Lester maps it 8767 s a proper, custom made and litho-printed map, with an eye-catching pink, grey and white colour palette. Researcher Paul Gorman has done his leg-work and identified 666 locations across the city, marked with black pins, so the accompanying A6 pocket guide runs to 78 pages, with the enclosed map folding out to A8: 8775 Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s Sex shop at 985 Kings Road the Hampstead flat shared by Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious Saint Martin’s School Of Art, where the Sex Pistols made their debut performance Pathway Studios in Canonbury, where The Damned recorded New Rose, the first UK punk release The Clash’s Camden Town rehearsal space and many more locations associated with all the movement’s key figures. 8776 It 8767 s priced at a bargain £6 from the Herb Lester shop. Thanks to the heads-up from the Herb Lester team. Photos from their.

If you lack a sense of direction and resort to writing directions on scraps of paper or the palm of your hand, this glove is for you. It was designed for George Shove in 6856 and shows the Great Exhibition, held in Hyde Park, and its surroundings. I would hate to think how many pairs of gloves you would need for all of London though! [I can 8767 t find a definitive source. I got the above image from here and it is credited to the National Archives in.

Visitors are advised to choose the smaller trattorias if they are looking for the best pizzas and pasta in the city. The quality of these is generally high, but Goodge Street''s Mondellos is a particular favorite for those looking for authentic and reasonably priced Italian food. For high dining Italian, the one Michellin-starred Locanda Locatelli in Marylebone and River Cafe in Hammersmith are notable.

To buy a paper ticket or top up an oyster card, it is easiest to use a ticket machine (oyster cards can be automatically topped up online, but this feature is more useful for commuters). There are two types of ticket machine, one type which is wider accepts coins, notes and card payments, while narrower machines which only facilitates card payments. Both types issue Oyster cards and have the same user interface software, which supports more than 67 different languages to use. To top up an Oyster card, begin the process by pressing the card against the yellow pad until it registers on the screen when purchasing tickets use the display. Note: TfL ticket machines will not accept £55 notes.

I see the comments about the slow approach to Stratford, but wonder why there have to be so many safeguards. There 8767 s automatic driving so no repetition of any Moorgate incident. The stopping points at Stratford are way before the physical buffers (if you don 8767 t know the station have a look at Google Earth to see how far before the end of the tracks the trains are stopped). And yet there is a snails-pace approach from right out by the depot, to the extent that a DLR train leaving alongside the Jubilee one from West Ham can run in alongside it at Stratford, despite having two additional intermediate stations to serve.

Should you choose not to stay central, the extra cost of getting around is probably not significant compared to your savings from a cheaper hotel. Always be sure to check where the closest tube station is to your hotel. Staying further out will be cheaper but when travelling in allow 6-7 min per tube stop (near the centre), around 7-8 min per stop (further out) and 5-65 min per line change. This can easily total up to a 6-hour journey if there is a walk at each end.

Why Go? A row of red Vespas line up outside this quiet corner spot, located close to busy Clapham Junction. Story Coffee is the shop to go to for a very green brunch and creamy coffee. Decorated with handmade wooden benches and stalls, the minimal Scandinavian vibe still lends a comforting air. Story Coffee opens its doors at 7am for the early birds who like a Piccolo while they watch the city wake up. Liberty Dye 665 St John''s Hill, London SW66 ( )

On ngh 8767 s note about aggressiveness of ATO settings, I 8767 m always intrigued at how the Victoria Line 8767 s system is more 8766 perky 8767 than the Northern, but without the latter 8767 s annoying tendency for constantly alternating between up-and-down speed check adjustments every 8 or so seconds when it would be a more comfortable ride if calibrated to just coast for a bit longer. The Victoria has got this better sorted except for the hard stop right at the end.

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