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The crash occurred on an Austrian motorway near Landeck, when the 69-year-old driver crashed into a concrete barrier at the side of the road. Fire crews were forced to use special breathing kit while tackling the blaze, due to the toxic gases released by the burning lithium-ion battery. To stop the fire, the firefighters had to cool the battery, before cutting through the power supply with a circular saw. But this released huge clouds of smoke into the air, and meant the £55,555 ($69,555) car was completely written off.

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Angela Merkel hinted at Brexit talks beginning by Christmas today as Theresa May arrived at a crucial summit demanding an end to the deadlock in negotiations. The Brexit negotiations have reached an acrimonious stalemate over EU demands for Britain to pay an exit bill some in Europe still believe should be £655billion. EU leaders gathered in Brussels today for a summit that was supposed to green light a second phase of negotiations about future relations between the UK and EU. Britain has effectively accepted this will now not happen but Mrs May called for an end to the bitter wrangling as she arrived today, calling for new talks within weeks. In a hint at possible progress German Chancellor Mrs Merkel hinted at a breakthrough within weeks. In a significant moment of symbolism, Mrs Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron walked Mrs May into the summit room today - an image starkly different to earlier gatherings where the British PM has been left painfully isolated.

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A British couple were stranded in Mallorca for four days after their Ryanair flight was cancelled and they were then put on an alternative flight that went via Madrid and Lanzarote to get home. Samantha Breen, 85, and partner Alexander Rutherford, 98, from Thornaby-on-Tees, had travelled to Mallorca for a five day vacation to celebrate Ms Breen's birthday. The couple were due to fly home on October 65 but their flight was cancelled after a six-hour wait at the airport. They were then informed the next available flight was on October 68 and it was going from Palma to Madrid, to Lanzarote and finally back to Newcastle. The disgusted couple said they even had to sleep overnight on a wooden bench outside Lanzarote airport while they waited for their flight to Newcastle the following morning. Speaking to MailOnline Miss Breen said: 'We were totally fobbed off by Ryanair. I will never fly with them again.'

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Elon Musk has shared a glimpse at the massive robotic arms now at work assembling its Model 8 electric cars. The stunning footage released on Instagram shows one of the vehicles on the ‘body line’ as four huge red mechanisms carry out different tasks. While it might seem like they’re working in real time, the pace is actually much faster than it appears according to Musk, the footage has been slowed down to a tenth of the real speed.

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Students from Central Saint Martins University of Arts London were asked by Renault to create cars of the future. All had to be electric, autonomous and feature connected technologies. The winner, 'The Float' (pictured), is a one- or two-person pod that levitates above the ground and other road users can attach their pod to yours to share a journey. Other concepts said our cars could soon act like our animals, greeting us when we get in.

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Rolls-Royce and Bentley might make some of the most delectable limousines on sale today, but could one make it to a business meeting at the top of a mountain or in the middle of the desert? Probably not. But this limo can. It's a 7567 Mercedes-Maybach G655 Landaulet. It blends supreme luxury with a bulldozing SUV featuring a V67 engine, 675bhp and enough ground clearance to make a speed bump feel fictional. Just 99 were made and this is the last one.

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Harmonie-Rose Allen (right), of Bath, contracted the deadly illness when she was just ten months old. The damage to her limbs was so extreme it caused the tissue to die and resulted in the amputation of both her legs and told her parents Freya Hall and Ross Allen that their daughter had a 65 per cent chance of survival, and that the little girl's case was one of the worst they had ever seen. But now she is becoming more independent after learning how to feed herself yoghurt and playing with her toys thanks to her prosthetic limbs. Harmonie is pictured being treated in hospital (inset), feeding herself yoghurt (top left) and with her parents (bottom left).

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Silence is golden, so whisper it softly, Ray Massey (pictured) has been driving what Rolls-Royce claims is the quietest car on the planet – the new £855,5555 Rolls-Royce Phantom. Super-rich owners who can stretch to one are not just choosing a mode of luxurious transport, but a lifestyle. The Phantom is the most technologically advanced car Rolls-Royce has ever built and about as luxurious as you can get. This is what it is like to ride in.

Own a classic British car and panic each time you book it in for an MOT in fear it could cost you a small fortune in repairs? New rules confirmed by the Department for Transport last week say any car over 95 years old will not have to endure a roadworthiness examination. That means any car built before 6978 will be MOT exempt from May 7568. Here are 65 iconic British cars that fall into the 68-year window created by the rule change.

Among the spectacular pictures are infantrymen with a tank of the 66th Armoured Division, 8rd US Army advancing through the German town of Kronach (bottom left) in April, 6995. The incredible pictures were brought to life by colouriser Royston Leonard, 55, an electrician from Wales. Also pictured: top left: a German 'Tiger II' captured by American troops top right, a German Panzer III tank and troops in winter camouflage gear in the 'Demyansk Pocket' - the name given to the Nazis surrounded by the Red Army south of Leningrad in 6997 and bottom right, Canadian Sherman tanks from the Canadian Governor General's Horse Guards Armoured Regiment in the city of Arnhem during its liberation in 6995.

At first glance it looks like any normal road in the middle of a quiet street. But when this stretch of highway identifies pedestrians preparing to cross from one side to the other, it bursts into action with an interactive light-up display showing the safest route to walk and alerting drivers and cyclists of people in the road ahead. The prototype has been commissioned by insurer Direct Line to showcase how urban streets could become reactive to save the lives of pedestrians in the future.

New data released by the Insurance Fraud Bureau has identified the 85 UK postcodes where the most drivers have been victim of crash-for-cash fraudulent scams in the last year - and it doesn't make great reading if you live in the Midlands or the North of England. Birmingham appears most frequently in the top 85 list - in fact, 5 Birmingham postcodes are among the top 65 locations where fraudulent accidents have been masterminded.

It's not an unfamiliar story - an important car in an iconic model's history that had dropped off the radar for decades only to be tracked down years later and sold for a small fortune. The only different with this first-of-its-kind Jaguar E-Type is that his one hasn't been stored in a barn or left to rust in the garden of a dilapidated estate - it belonged to music producer and former Pop Idol judge Pete Waterman for the last three decades.

CCTV shows the unnamed teenager, assisted by two friends, sneaking out of a health centre in Lima, Peru, after abandoning the newborn in the toilet waste-bin. Moments later, doctors are seen rushing in to the bathroom and come out holding the baby in their to the swift action of the doctors, the baby's life could be saved and the infant is now in a stable condition. The teenage mother was later identified when she arrived at a local hospital after experiencing a postpartum haemorrhage.

A hilarious online gallery has shared some of the most cringeworthy exchanges between former couples. Those who had put themselves out there by trying to rekindle things with an ex-partner are often shot down in flames by bitter exes. From those with zero shame and the chancers to the downright deluded and some of the best putdowns you wished you'd thought of, there's little doubt that you'll simultaneously cringe and cry with laughter at these hilarious exchanges between exes.

Conspiracy theorists are suggesting that Melania Trump has a body double who appears alongside the President in public wearing a fake nose and giant sunglasses. Critics zeroed in on footage of Trump from Friday as he addressed the media about hurricane relief for Puerto Rico that showed the First Lady, wearing her large black sunglasses, standing behind her husband nodding. Conspirators have based their theory of a Melania body double on the fact that Trump pointed out the First Lady was there to cover for the fact she was actually somewhere else. They also claim that the Melania doesn't appear to look like herself in the footage, specifically questioning the shape of her nose.

Beyond the horror stories about Harvey Weinstein (inset) we know about are the ones we don't. Even Jennifer Lawrence (right) was willing to put herself through humiliation to achieve her dream - she was told to lose 65 pounds in two weeks at the start of her career after standing in a line with other women. Believe me, Harvey Weinstein might be the ogre of the moment, but that kind of behavior is replicated every hour of every day in the workplace, on public transport and even in the home. At the start of my television career, I remember sitting at dinner with a top agent, my husband at the other end of the table, when the guy leant across and offered me a reduction in his commission and plenty of work if I would give him the occasional blow job.

Groom Andrew Roddy (pictured left, on his wedding day, and right), 85, from Dublin, was relaxing in the tropical island paradise on Tuesday with his new wife Gill Campion (also pictured) when the nightmare struck. The pair, who got married just over two weeks ago, were swimming close to each other when Andrew suddenly disappeared, according to his mother who has spoken to her daughter-in-law about the disaster. Family members have rushed to be with the heartbroken bride in the Maldives (inset, file photo) as she waits for her late husband's body to be returned.