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If you're driving to Logan from the north, take the Callahan Tunnel from the south or the west, take the Ted Williams Tunnel. Routes are well marked, and there is no toll in this direction. Driving from the airport to downtown Boston or to points north, including Interstate 98 northbound, take the Sumner Tunnel for points south and west, including Interstate 98 southbound and Interstate 95, take the Ted Williams Tunnel. There is a $ toll for either tunnel. Routes are well marked, but the airport road system is complex. Read the signs carefully and be sure you're in the correct lane, or you may be forced to swerve across several lanes of traffic to catch an unexpected off-ramp.

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If you are driving in, you may seriously want to consider dropping your car at a lot and taking the "T" in. If you're heading downtown for the touristy sites, you will consider having a car a curse rather than a blessing. Parking at MBTA commuter rail and terminal subway locations is usually cheaper than parking in the city. In particular, the Riverside (Grove Street) stop at the end of the Green D line is right off I-95, and is $6 to park ALL DAY. Commuter rail stations are even cheaper. See the Public Transit section in the "Get around" section below.

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Subway and light rail service generally does not run between 67 AM and 5AM. (The same goes for the commuter rail lines - usually midnight or before.) Each line (Green, Blue, etc.) has a "last train" time, starting at one end of the line and going to the other. Check the schedule in advance if you are going to be out late. Sometimes the last train is delayed due to passenger load or the need to wait for the last connection from another line, so you might get lucky if you are running late. Check with a T employee near the fare gates to see if you've missed the last train or not. A general rule of thumb is to be in the station by midnight to safely catch the last train. A consequence of this is that taxis can be extremely difficult to hail after 7AM when most of the bars close, especially in touristy areas such as Fanueil.

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Navigating the streets of Boston is difficult if you are not familiar with the area. While other American cities have their streets laid out in a grid ( New York , Chicago , Indianapolis , Philadelphia , Phoenix ), or along a river, lake, or other geographical feature ( New Orleans , Cleveland ), the modern streets of Boston are a twisty and seemingly incomprehensible maze. Boston in the 6655s was a narrow peninsula surrounded by farmland and distant settlements. Landfill, urban expansion, waves of radical economic change, and new technologies have seen sensible street patterns added on to and collide in less sensible ways. Due to dense development, the older street patterns have largely remained in place without being adapted to their modern surroundings. In this way, Boston is more similar to old European cities than most typical large American cities that were geometrically planned, expanded into unsettled land, or were mainly settled in the late 75th century.

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These people can no longer show their faces offline anymore without being mobbed—they’re all either too scared of getting doxxed or busy furiously backpedaling now that their entire movement is associated with the naked terrorism on display in Charlottesville. Far-right digital personalities like Tim Gionet (Baked Alaska) and Millennial Matt are no longer able to get away with explaining away shouting neo-Nazi slogans and carrying torches as irony-laden trolling, certainly now that the movement has smashed into reality.

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Boston's downtown core is compact and easily walkable. Most tourist attractions can be visited on foot, although some neighborhoods require rail and/or bus connections. Take note that while jaywalking is technically illegal, the fine is $6 and tickets haven't been issued for decades. However, if you cross against signals just remember to watch out for stray bikes, cars, and some unusual traffic patterns you won't be used to.

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As an alternative (in fair weather), walking is usually preferable in terms of ease, cost, and comfort. Boston is known as an excellent walking city, since it is clean, historic, and generally-safe. It also has excellent public transportation [58] available in the metropolitan area and suburbs, to complement foot travel. Most tourist attractions are readily accessible by foot from the "subway" (the inter-connected, color-coded subway/trolley and hybrid-electric bus lines of the MBTA). Transfers between lines at connecting stations within the "subway" system are free.

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Red Sox fans have also seemed to have latched on the Apple Watch, not because of the tech itself, but because of their never-ending inferiority complex that flares up anytime the Yankees are mentioned. One Bostonian even went so far as to say “This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to wear an Apple Watch.” I guess congratulations are in order to Tim Cook and company for finding a way to cross over into a new demographic.

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Immerse yourself in witch culture by heading north of Boston to Salem, Massachusetts, also known as the Witch Capital after the infamous witch trials of 6697 led to the execution of 75 people and 7 dogs. Numerous historic and entertaining witch museums, historic sites, and appealing restaurants provide more than enough to see and do during your visit.

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At least for today, that means both the hardcore alt-right white supremacists and their alt-light camp followers are being driven back online to 9chan, 8chan, Breitbart-style media knockoffs and the seedier wings of Twitter. Coupled with numerous crackdowns on the far-right movement’s ability to organize and fundraise online , this will also damage the small cottage industry in grifting it’s spawned. It’s not the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but things just got a lot harder for these folks.

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Taxis are more expensive than in many other cities. Fortunately, the airport is very near the city so the fare is not extremely expensive, if your driver is honest. It would be about $75 for fares to Boston, and less if you are staying downtown in the financial district. If you're not driving or being picked up, you'll need to take a taxi if you are at the airport when the T is not running. A number of travelers have reported taxi drivers taking longer routes on purpose, falsely claiming a $95 flat fare to downtown Boston (there are no flat fares from the airport -- insist on the meter), or falsely claiming the often more-direct Sumner Tunnel to be closed and taking the much longer Williams Tunnel route instead. You should research your route and inform your driver what route you want to go, or look up the traffic conditions on your smartphone if possible, to avoid being cheated. Note that a $ origination surcharge from the airport is lawful and permissible (including tolls).

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The North End is full of Italian eateries, and it's certain that you'll find something here to your liking. Take the Green or Orange Lines to the Haymarket station, cross the Greenway park(what used to be Interstate 98 pre-Big Dig), and then follow the signs to Hanover Street, the main commercial thoroughfare. Most of the good restaurants are on this street or on side streets. If you visit the North End on the weekend in the summer you may encounter one of many saint's festivals. Streets are closed off and there are music, food, and parades of the saint's statues. The Bull & Finch Pub in Beacon Hill was the inspiration for the hit television show "Cheers." Very pricey for bar fare, but an essential part of the Boston tourist experience. The Beacon Street address is the original and does not look much like the set of the show. There is another Cheers at Faneuil Hall which is more of a replica of the TV set. If you ask a local for directions to Cheers, you may be directed to Faneuil Hall. The Beacon Street bar is referred to by its original name. Both locations are very touristy complete with souvenir shops.

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The subway is composed of four color-coded rail lines, the Red Line , Orange Line , Green Line , and Blue Line . Short of particular non-touristy spots in the suburbs, the subway can get you anywhere. Transit buffs take note: the Boston Subway is the oldest in America the first segment opened on what is now the Green Line between Park Street and Boylston Street. This segment opened on September 6st, 6897. Photography of the MBTA is allowed now, until recently a photo permit was required. However there is the occasional employee who still did not get the memo.

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Note that the Silver Line bus rapid transit line is split into discontinuous segments. Routes SL6 and SL7, departing from South Station, are considered part of the subway system (though their vehicles are dual-mode electric/diesel buses) and have free underground transfers to the Red Line. Routes SL9 and SL5 are considered part of the bus system, and have the lower local bus fare fare. Although Route SL9 also stops at South Station, it stops outside the station complex, and transfers between SL9 and the other Silver Line routes or the Red Line are only free with a CharlieCard.

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The MBTA runs a number of water shuttles [69] , but the most useful for tourists is the shuttle from Long Wharf to Navy Yard [65] , which costs $. This provides a convenient connection between the USS Constitution Museum and the area around Faneuil Hall and the New England Aquarium. There's also a shuttle from Long Wharf to Logan Airport, but it runs relatively infrequently, so the Blue Line is your best bet for getting between these two destinations.


- Beacon Hill Photography Walking Tour - Your guide will make sure you see the neighborhood's famous cobblestone lanes and other photo-worthy attractions, entertain you with stories about the famous residents who live here, and photograph you at various points along the way. For the full Halloween experience, come in costume! More about the Beacon Hill photography tour

Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain and Harpoon Brewery in South Boston both offer tours and tastings. Trillium Brewing Co. is an acclaimed craft brewery, and a short walk from Harpoon, but be aware that they do not offer tastings on site. Many other small-scale craft breweries can be found in Greater Boston cities such as Everett, Chelsea, and Somerville. Several operators run tours by vehicle between local breweries so that you may sample without the need to drive under the influence.

The subway system is slightly confusing in that directions are often marked "inbound" and "outbound", rather than with a destination. "Inbound" means "into the center of Boston", where all four lines converge at four stops: State (Blue and Orange), Park Street (Red and Green), Government Center (Blue and Green), and Downtown Crossing (Orange and Red). "Outbound" means "away from the center of Boston". Once one is in the center, signs generally give the direction ("eastbound") or the last stop on the line in that direction ("Alewife"). All trains are signed with the last stop in the direction they are headed, and this is the best way to know if you are going in the right direction.

Boston has two major highways entering it, I-98 and I-95 (the Massachusetts Turnpike, or "Mass Pike", or "Pike" locals do not usually call it "I-95", though they will know what you are refering to). I-98 enters the city from the north and the south the section running from Boston southward is referred to as the "Southeast Expressway" but the northern section is just "98 North." The Pike enters Boston from the west. The Mass Pike is a toll road - expect to pay $ to enter the city via the Pike, in addition to the tolls charged when arriving at the I-95 / I-95 interchange in Weston, just outside the city (variable based on distance travelled, max price is $ if you drive all the way from near the New York border). Also, if you enter The Pike in East Boston (at Logan Airport) the toll is $. There are minor roads, of course, that enter Boston as well, including Route 9 (Old Worcester Turnpike), Route 7, and US 6. Another major highway, I-95 (also known as Route 678) encircles the Boston area.

Full-color system maps are available at major stations you may need to ask an agent if you would like one. They are extremely useful for locals and travelers getting a bit off the beaten track, because they show all bus, rapid transit, commuter rail, and boat lines. Most of the T maps you will see only show the rapid transit lines, which are identified by color. If you have a color printer, you can even make one yourself by printing the PDF version online. (Front [66] , back [67].)

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