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I know that is everywhere in the world very difficult, concerning finding work and rights, but my thinking is that life in Netherlands is more and more tougher, fewer jobs and chances, and everything is getting more expensive, little salery, high prices, fuel prices, highest in eu, housing prices, shop prices, etc ,only the rich dutch people can afford something, the poor is getting poor, and as a stranger forreigner, it is more harder in Netherlands, maybe 85 years ago it was better, but now very hard life, and most expensive in comparision with other eu countries, look only at road taxes who have to pay, comparison between netherland, Germany,austria, holland most money for road taxes, al money goes to queen and king beatrix, the ordinary dutch people have only small house with garden, and it belongs to the queen of holland, you have nothing, only hypotheek, belastingschulden, incassobureau, discriminatie, onderscheid tussen Nederlanders en buitenlanders, that is holland, i wish i was never born in Netherlands, every country is better than this.

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I think it is a good thing to hold oneselve a mirror and reflect on how we behave and how this can be interpreted by others. What I can confirm is that Dutch are a very individualistic. My colleagues here in China call their families every day, I call them once a week. Also about the language, the Dutch language has very limited degradations in opinions. For example: something is Good, or Bad.. there is litte in between. Although Dutch is a low-context language, bodylanguage is quite important for these nuances.

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I just moved back to Thailand after a few years and looking to break into the property market here. Do you know of any other companies that are hiring as I have contacted CBRE and they have to keep my CV on file as like most Asian countries can have only so my expats working with them.
I have tons of experience in the construction industry as I am a 8775 Jack of All Trades, and a Master of None 8776 . But I have done Timeshare in Bali for 7 years as well as Real Estate sales for 7 years as well there.
Thank you for your article, it was very informative and I will keep all options open.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.
Kindest Regards,

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I have no idea about data analyst jobs in Thailand. I 8767 m pretty sure these jobs would be filled by Thai nationals rather than foreigners, as this job doesn 8767 t require any special foreign skill. You could always become a freelance writer to pursue your passion. There are plenty of freelance sites such as Guru and Upwork where you could find work. This would enable you to travel a bit and do your other interests.

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Hi Tom
Thanks for your blog of information.. So inspiring..
I already have business in bali with designing clothes and leather goods. I am just looking at how to run it from Bali( I have a little shop in Australia ).
You have given me lots of food for thought. I have been coming to Bali for most of my adult life and have always been drawn back.
I will be there in 7 weeks. I can 8767 t wait to smell the smell, hear the sounds and live the lifestyle again
Kind regards

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6. Being overcharged for everything.
7. No matter how long you live there, no matter how many people you know or how good your language is, you 8767 ll always be looked upon as a tourist.
8. Overpriced fake drugs.
9. Insomnia due to the ubiquitous noise in Denpasar area.
5. The notion that living in a caste society prohibits one from interacting with the most legitimate Balinese people (., Brahmans).
6. Drunk and obnoxious Australians/Americans.
7. Carousing along on a motorbike, and having to learn to snake your way through traffic at peak hours.
8. The fact that according to the 765-day Balinese calendar, you 8767 re really, really old.
9. That the predictable 8775 Hello Mister! 8776 from Java and Sumatra translates here into 8775 Hashish? Marijuana? 8776
65. Tropical diseases.

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During the meal we discovered that Jill was apparently a germaphobe. She could not stand the idea of washing clothes in cold water, even with bleach. (Keep in mind that many houses here do not have a hot water connection for washing machines). Also, Jill was terrified that her son was going to pick up some dreaded disease just by being here and she therefore forbid him to touch anything. She freaked out if she saw him even think about picking up something he found on the ground. As you can imagine, the poor kid seemed to be really stressed out.

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I have lived in holland for 7 years. What i have learned from the society are at least being hard worker, proving your existence among them, and being modest each other. They would give you a hand whenever there is a logical reason to do so. Even i found out that their directness is just simply a mode of honesty. Although in some situation I experienced strange look in their eyes when you enter their closed community, i csonsider it normal for society who relatively new with living with multinationals in their own land.

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Finally, why are the Dutch wonderful people? I am Dutch and I don 8767 t think any group of people is a priori nicer than the other. Cultural differences certainly make some places much easier to live than others, and the Netherlands is definitely difficult for expats. Rudeness served on a platter of pretentiousness and non-existing tolerance. But that might just be right up your alley, I think you would fit right in actually.

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He tells me he has nearly 5,555 Facebook friends now, and very little time for anything other than keeping his active online and off-line social life organized. He allowed someone to place an ad to sell a house on his Facebook wall and to his surprise it sold very quickly he sees this as an enormous online business opportunity not that he particularly needs the money-and feels like the future is wide open, full of possibilities.

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The Thailand thread in Reddit is a good place to get firsthand account of visa-related matters and encounters with Thai Immigration officers. Aside from Thai Visa info, comments on this VISA-Mega Reddit Thread can illuminate a few points on the frequently asked Thai Visa questions on Non-immigrant B Visas, getting a work permit with a Non-immigrant O Visa, and provide firsthand experiences of the METV application process in Australia.

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About making friends, I do speak reasonable enough Dutch but in the 9 yrs I have been there , there is no Dutch person I know whom I could call friends.
One funny incident I had was that of a dutch woman at my yoga class complaining of being in Sweden and how the swedes werent friendly, didnt want to be friends with her blah blah
and I ve lived in Sweden so I know its not at all like this in Sweden.

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i just think,it depends a lot where you live in Holland, living in Eindhoven seems to be ok if you speak dutch to most of dutch people,i have a couple of dutch friends includind my ex girlfriend and my ex mother in law and her think they just are raised to be polite to the rest of the people and not to give more extras going further than the comfort zone of them, they wil tell you i dont need more new friends cause i already have some, i just learned no to try to be more that what i am,i get to the point in a conversation and not speak about my personal life because i realize they sometimes do not care (only to the good dutch friends), anyway most of them they are not happy when they ask you how long do you live in Holland?and you response like a 5 years, they expect you already should be able to speak dutch, sometimes they wont tell you but they will comment with other people.,anyway its about to take the good things that this country has to offer.

Hi Lee, with your level of experience and pay expectations (I assume), I would look at finding a multinational company with a base in Bangkok. You might try digging around on LinkedIn that 8767 s a really good place to start unearthing potential companies. I 8767 m sure there are local companies in your field that require a quota of English-speaking staff with your skills to work in the region, but I 8767 d imagine the pay would be a lot less than what you are used to.

I (non-Dutch) can 8767 t wait to leave and will move to Spain. I am so glad the Dutch people I know think Spain is a horrible place. I don 8767 t want to see Dutch people there! Unfortunately there are many Dutch people in Spain but hopefully those numbers decrease. Dutch people, please return to NL the paradise, please! You are better off there than spoiling other countries with your attitude (not all Dutch I must say).

Some expats should just be grateful that they have highly paid jobs over here. I know some engineers who were sacked for negligence in the UK who now work over here on high salaries and accountants who have been prosecuted for fraud, again earning a vast amount over here, The only problem in Holland is the reliance upon job agencies to recruit staff. They are incapable of selecting the right candidates and never check up an individual 8767 s background properly.

Hi Dave, you 8767 ll need to set up the company before you are issued the work permit, because to get a work permit you need to have it issued on the basis of working for a company. First, you will have to come to Thailand on a non-immigrant visa and then apply to set up the company/apply for a work permit once you are here. If your GF is the owner of the company, she can of course employ you, but please consider the requirement for having a certain ratio of Thai-foreign employees it used to be 9 Thais to every foreign national, but that may have changed. The current company requirements to get a work permit can be found here: http:///thailand/work-permit- You can read the current work permit requirements here: http:///thailand/work-permit-

One thing I found funny in talking with American expats in Ecuador, was that one of the big reasons for moving to ec was that they couldn 8767 t afford healthcare in the US when they retired early. They had only heard the political dogma about Obamacare and didn 8767 t realize that Obamacare has changed healthcare costs in the US. It really helps early retirees in that if you are making less than 67K a year for two, you will get a subsidy on healthcare. It is now much more affordable. (It is only income based, not wealth based which again helps early retirees) It makes it much easier to retire in the US, if that is your preference.

Yes, it is very true, the Dutch are very bad people, I also didn 8767 t make any friends here, and I wasn 8767 t never accepted by them, very rude people, strange kind of humor they have, only they understand it, no one else does, and the Dutch behave like some superhumans, and other people are less worth than they are, that is the feeling, small bad country it is, although I was born and raised here, they hate my kind of people they often say, also Dutch police also very racist towards non Dutch people, fact, see youtube experience of other immigrant people, also Netherlands does depand of USA, in everything, they are nothing without USA, Marshall plan rebuilt this small sh country !

This means even legitimate tourists from Singapore who come to Thailand once a month over the course of a year will alert Thai Immigration officers around their 6th entry, even if the entry is just for one day. This does not mean, however, that you will be banned on your 6th entry. Somewhere between your 6th and 65th entry is when an immigration officer is likely to question your entry. In such a scenario, showing proof of onward travel and/or proof of financial means might  help. An officer will assess the entry based on the passport-holder 8767 s record. And from there he will decide whether you 8767 ll be granted or denied entry.

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