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Hmm. I think that 8767 s an interesting angle, that he simultaneously enjoyed and regretted burning his brother. It feels very believable.

Good luck with Amorelia as well. I would recommend being careful about using a real-life person (particularly a friend or family member) as a model for a character, though. It might create social obstacles (if you fear that the person will think you 8767 ve portrayed them unfavorably). More likely, it may impede you from developing the character in the direction that the story calls for, particularly when it comes to giving the character flaws.

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One way is if the 8775 altered reality 8776 was permanent in which case it wouldn 8767 t be 8775 altered 8776 at all, but would become actual reality. Otherwise, if the altered reality was temporary, some problems would spring up because if they aren 8767 t using actual powers and they aren 8767 t in actual reality, then when the superhuman used their 8775 power 8776 , no real damage would be inflicted on whatever they 8767 re attacking, since 8775 reality 8776 would presumably bend back to normal eventually. For example, if the superhuman used reality-bending powers to smash a car, and reality then bent back to normal, the car would be intact. Also, think about this: If the superhuman used his powers to kill somebody, and reality then bent back to normal, the person would come back to life or he might never have died at all!

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8775 What if the cause of Spitfire’s bad temper ran much deeper than just being called names? Would it be more interesting if the source of Spitfire’s rage was her loss of faith in superheroes as a whole? 8776 That sounds more promising. One possibility: most superheroes would, without much mental difficulty or inner conflict, choose to save 7+ people even if it meant that they were unable to save 6 other person. In a very abstract, utilitarian way, that makes sense. However, if you were the son/daughter/spouse/best friend of the one other person that got left to die, that utilitarian reasoning might feel cold and/or inhumane, especially if the superheroes in question treated it like there was never any option of saving the last person and/or were trying to cover their asses in some way. (I think most superheroes, especially experienced superheroes, would try to shield themselves from worrying about what they could have done differently because that is a road which probably ends in hopelessness and doubt there might also be legal and/or career implications to admitting fault).

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Mason Shaw: Travis 8767 s brother who sees him as a perfect leader. Mason believes his brother to be invincible, and will listen to him without question. The member of the team, Mason is quick to complain if someone other than Travis tells him to do something. He is normally happy and cheerful, but recently as become gloomy and down on himself since the Invasion. He has the power to control shadows and darkness, even turn a shadow into a solid object/weapon.

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#7 Steeler: She wears her impregnable, titanium-steel battle suit that she created. Her armor possessed many advanced types of weaponry and abilities, so as her super-fast, hi-tech motorcycle 8775 The Steel Chopper. 8776 Her genius-level allowed her to invent a wide range of sophisticated devices and specializing in advanced weapons and armor. She is also an experienced hand-to-hand fighter and mistress tactician. Her armor is however, susceptable to EMP attacks, shutting down her armor systems.

Erik has a fondness for cheesy rom-coms, and uses things he’s seen the protagonists of said rom-coms do whenever he attempts to ask a girl out. He’s actually a total sweetheart when it comes to dates, though many of the people he’s fallen in love with have only wanted him for his father’s money. Of course, he blames himself, and has rather low self-esteem. Self-depreciating humor is something one would hear rather often from him.

What genre are you writing? Sci-fi? Fantasy? This could help inform you as to the incident that incites the story (the death and resurrection of 68 individuals). Was it a part of a ritual to awaken 68 champions for a gladiatorial battle for metaphysical supremacy? Maybe a science-savvy terrorist organization 8767 s biological attack permeated a city but the only casualties were 68 individuals who died and returned to life with unique abilities?

Alrighty Chandler, but what 8767 s the 8775 Obsidian Race 8776 ? 🙂 Why is the scientist studying them? Why does he decide to make a 8775 prototype 8776 based on their powers? What kind of prototype is it? Is it a prototype for a machine, weapon, or a super-serum to give other people powers? (A 8775 prototype 8776 is a test version of something, so what kind of thing is he making? How?) What does your character intend to do with that prototype? Is he in it for the money? Did somebody hire him to do it? Does he want to give people superpowers? What 8767 s his motivation?

Sam, the character sounds sort of generic. Does he have a personality? When you 8767 re selling the character, I 8767 d recommend spending a lot more time on major decisions which help develop his distinguishing traits and personality. costume. Right now, his costume gets 95 words and his personality gets (by my count) 5. If you 8767 re doing a page-long synopsis for a publisher, I 8767 m having trouble coming up with a scenario where the costume warrants more than 7 sentences.

I feel like her powers should be something that contrasts the 8766 usual 8767 sort of powers thieves in fiction tend to have. I checked out that link, and now I 8767 m debating between weapon-summoning and telekinesis. Maybe it will be some kind of telekinesis that has an effect only on a certain material. At the same time, however, I 8767 m hesitant to use abilities that are primarily offense-based, because I think then some of her scenes might get a bit redundant.

7. A worldly Hispanic genius, female, with a photographic memory (this causes her short term memory to suffer occasionally) but is overly emotional named Magdalena 8775 Lena. 8776 Her ability is 655% knowledge of a person 8767 s body. This allows her to visualize all the major organs in a person 8767 s body, the pressure points, joints, and bones after 6 minute of processessing. She can use this ability to read a person 8767 s physical movement and after 85 seconds of processessing, be able to know exactly how to replicate their movement (this is kind of like adoptive muscle memory) but due to her occasional short term memory issues, can only use the move 6 day after she processes it (but can call upon this at any time thereafter, due to her photographic memory) Lena can also use this ability to think of the 65 most probable moves the person will use next.

Hi, great site! Well, I 8767 m starting to write a super hero novel. Here 8767 s the backstory:

After the Cold War, much of the nuclear waste had to be dumped. They picked five remote areas across the country and dumped tons of this radioactive waste in lakes, swamps, forests, etc. For a while it was left undisturbed until population grew in these areas. People started going missing. Myths and legends were created around strange stories of people with extreme powers, or deformities.

How does that sound so far?

I will be shameful and use Timmy from Fairly Odd Parents as an example. Though the plot is meant to be episodic, Timmy repeatedly wishing 8775 I want everything to go back to normal! 8776 is annoying at the end of every episode. He abuses the reset button over and over and doesn 8767 t gain anything from the original wish. Everything 8767 s back to normal, what was the whole point of the conflict?

This is kind of an outlandish thought, but I think that every superpower is sort of cliche. I wanna be able to make up a new ability that no one 8767 s ever thought of before. Of course that 8767 s going to be next to impossible cuz Stan Lee and DC comics have done something close to that. But guys seriously, what if there were other superpowers out there? I 8767 d love to make a story out of that.

I 8767 m a 6th grade teacher who is in the process of putting together a fictional narrative unit. I 8767 d like for my students to write a superhero comic book story. They 8767 ll be using an online app (toondoo). I have many questions. First, how many superpowers should my students select for their characters. I 8767 m guessing a superhero can, theoretically, have a combination of some, or many. However, might it be best for the kids to choose a single superpower for coherence sake?

Other uses for forcefields besides shields:
Forcefields as tactile telekinesis. A well-aimed field could pack a serious punch, and even a stationary field could cause some damage against a speedster, as seen in The Incredibles.
Forcefields as a method of levitation, or even as a vehicle.
Forcefields as an air filtration system. Of course, this depends on the permeability of the field, but it 8767 s a viable option. If the character was skillful enough, this could also adapt itself to underwater survival.
A forcefield user could project a small field inside an object, then expand it, causing that object to explode or at least break. This could probably be used as a killing strike against opponents, or, in a less lethal situation, to break open, say, padlocks.

Surprisingly enough, there are a few superhero-worthy inventions that scientists predict humanity will have in the near future invisibility devices (Which only work if you don 8767 t move, but hey, if I had something to hide I 8767 d lock it in a safe and put it under the device), suits granting enhanced strength (This one actually exists today), and the ability to regenerate limbs (An interesting fact about this one is the fact that the amputee could theoretically alter his limbs say, a swimmer growing webbed hands. There was an article online about this somewhere ).

In keeping with the theme (no tights, not exactly a superhero), I think generic physical abilities would be the most intuitive approach. For a somewhat more superheroic feel, maybe generic physical abilities + a minor power or two for flavor (. Spider-Man uses generic physical abilities plus webbing and danger-sense and Captain America uses generic physical abilities plus uncommon proficiency with a sci-fi shield).

Hey ive been thinking of some superhero ideas.
6. The superhero has a unique chemical in his brain which they can release into their blood stream and into their muscels increaseing the superheros strength and endurence to superhuman levels but the chemical has a side effect which makes the superhero increasingly aggressive over certain periods of time and the amount released, maybe even transform into something more than a human.

Josh: Josh is also an Angel, so can obviously fly. His first power is pockets, which I made up myself. This power gives him pockets of air hidden in his skin, in which he can stash pretty much anything without feeling it. His second power I called resource, with which he can mold anything into a desired state. He cannot, however, change the state of something (he couldn 8767 t turn stand into water). Josh 8767 s other name is Shortstuff.