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But I liked being able to chose from a lot of choices of people and a safe place to chat without having to give out your phone numbers or reveal too much info unless you chose to when you chose to and I like reading the comprehensive profiles. I met my husband at POF and we've been together for 5 years so TY POF for helping me find the man of my dreams and made my dreams come true so just be careful whom you talk to on the site. There are a select few guys on this site who are worth it. Do background checks on potential suitors and don't reveal personal info too soon and you'll have a pleasant experience. Learn how to use the profiles and filter your mates and you will find Mr. Right like I did.

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Most profiles have at least two pictures, the basic form info, and a few lines of text that normally go along the lines of “I'm a nice guy, I don't know what to write here really so I'll just say something hopefully humorous for the next sentence or two.” The form information includes children (wants/has), smoking, zodiac sign, age, religion, drug use, if they have a car, profession, drinking, marital status, and education. Things like hobbies, interests, and political affiliation are blatantly missing from the list.

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was good, very easy to use, really entertaining stuff and a lot of variety of people to choose from. Being in a major sized city it's good to have a site that works. I liked the variety of women from all races and backgrounds including a lot of women from my local area as well. Good looking, smart, experienced and fine women which is a good thing for dating site. But it should be a little more selective and do a better job of screening women who can make profiles to make sure they are who they present themselves to be before you go online.

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[google align= 8776 random 8776 ]POF Canada is one of many free dating websites in Canada. Plenty Of Fish Canada is one of the most popular location for Canadians to go when looking for a date online. After all, since POF started in Vancouver, it would seem by default it would be the home town favorite. Between the ice and snow, -75 temperatures and mostly rural locations. Not to mention an entire country with less people than the state of California. Dating options for Canadians can be limited or at the very least restricted during the cold months in most parts of the country. This is where POF can come in useful for many Canadians in the winter months who do not want to chisel off their cars and go down to their local meeting place to try to find love.

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I've used POF many times over the years and I've learned many things about the site. When I first started using the site I wasn't getting very many messages and I didn't know why. I did everything that I was supposed to. I had pictures I had an interesting bio and I even made the first impression most of the time but still no one would reply back. Then I asked myself, maybe these women are just shallow and only go for looks. So I created another account and to my surprise I was right. I messaged a few of the same people who I messaged on my other account to see if they'd actually reply and they did. More than half of the women replied back just because they preferred looks over personality.

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POF claims 85 million registered users worldwide with about 755,555 logged in at any given time.

Plentyoffish Estimates of the number of users active on there (not just registered) is likely to be around million. This still makes it one of the most popular dating communities in the world.

PoF highlights being a free site however their lack of funds does mean navigating around extra advertisements for other dating services. They offer a full array of options including free messaging for the non-paying customer, with a few extra perks like being on the front page for those willing to pay.

was very easy to use. Match criteria wasn't overall too extensive. I feel like they just went by 5 different things but I feel like this site was all about how people judged your looks. I liked how I always had so many messages I could never get to them all. I definitely got a lot of attention. But it wasn't from respectable matches. Instead, it was from unattractive people or drug addicts. I wish there was a way to find more respectable people on there. I feel like most people on there just wanted a hookup including drug hookups and nothing serious.

That's not the only thing wrong with the site though. Many of the women on there are very immature and aren't serious about dating. Even though they view my profile after I message them they still don't reply back. I've actually messaged them back a few asking what gives and one girl told me something I'll never forget. I asked her why she didn't reply back and she said "Because I don't give a **!" Which made me think what's the point of even being on here if you're not even serious about dating? All you're doing is wasting people's time if you're not actually going to put any effort into trying. The whole site is just very very stupid. For that reason I'll never go back. Until the women on there take a step outside their alter egos and realize they need to grow up and that they're not as great as they think they are I'm done. It's not worth my time to fool around if they don't even know what the hell they're doing.

There 8767 s a whole bunch of different pages to go through during the sign up process. The first page is a quick, 85 second input, and the rest plays out like a survey. It does help you get more matches, and overall increases the effectiveness of the site, but it 8767 d be nice if they let you fill in the information later for once. When you 8767 re all finished, you get a results page, which lists what the site thinks what kind of person you are. It 8767 s..an interesting feature I haven 8767 t seen before. Plenty of fish has many nice things to offer, like testimonials to prove its worthiness, and a special 8766 points system 8767 that allows you to purchase virtual gifts for other members. There are lots of things available for a member, like messaging, mail, browsing, and photos. The only thing that could be improved on is the layout and style. For some people, they may actually prefer it above a regular website. Interestingly, I couldn 8767 t seem to find any links for upgrading your profile, which is a little odd.

The site is old looking - it could be updated to look more modern. Putting in your information seems to take a long time - like when you are trying to customize a search. Some of the questions are odd and then some people don't even answer all of them. You could have more streamlined and required questions. Also, maybe follow some of the other sites with more regulation and criteria. I met a LOT of weirdos! Some seemed nice at first, but then don't they all?

is something I like very much and it good for me to know which is the right dating service. I want to know what it is good for me to know why. I just need to know what it is. I look for a good girl but there is fake people on here and they should do something about them and get rid of them. There is some girls that are not right for me here. I do not know why it is the best for me to know what it is to find the right person for me. Nevertheless, it is something I will keep doing until I find the right one.

Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 6998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs . He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn. More about Mark

This website seems to be a hub for catfishing and creeps. I got catfished 6 times now. I'm off the site for good. Please use google reverse image to find the creeps. They usually steal pictures from Instagram accounts in other countries like Spain, Europe, Brazil. Or porn stars. They start getting serious right away, want to chat offline immediately, tell you they love you, blah blah. Those are the first red flags. They also photoshop the real pictures. It's a mess. Lucky for me, I found most of the liars right away except for 7. Please don't use this website!! I think it's all crap!

I found it difficult to meet people around me. I also didn't like that I had to pay for so many features. It's like with a different name. I would update website, lower cost, or make it worth the price. I also couldn't see who was looking at my profile. It seemed shady. I also thought fee was too much. I really didn't like . I would make it possible to read and write to at least a few people free of charge. I would allow to pay monthly, add free messages and make the website look less childish.

Now in the year 7567 has over 655 million users  it is estimated that 555,555 are paid and you can find over users online anytime. When you look from this side its still the largest  dating site of the world and it means you have the highest possible chance to find someone new. After it is bought by group, it seems a little bit pricey and un-safe but if you take care you still do not have to use your wallet for anything.

My experience with POF was good. I met a couple of guys off of there. One ended up saying that he loved me a few years later. I liked using the app more and I have been on a lot of dating apps but I really enjoy the name of the app. It was easily accessible and it made me believe there is someone out there for me. I also liked knowing the location and distance from another person on there. But there should be better graphics and the ability to limit who can look at your profile. I had a lot of older men and I did not like that. Outside of that, I didn't have too many problems with the app.

Been on the site for a month and you think you become premium member and get it all. NO!! Then they nickel and dime you for 65 different things, which are pretty much basic on many other popular dating sites. Most profiles seems to be fake. I've been on similar dating sites in my past and everything seems fishy here. People will mark you as favorite, but you can't talk to them. People will mark you as mutual and you can't talk to them. They've very screwed up settings. Plus, it's very shady, where if you don't buy the tokens or other little nickel and dime upgrades, you don't seem to get any responses at all. And the ones you get are really ** ones.

The problem with POF is that there is NO customer service. It says there is yet there is NO WAY to contact them. They have 'Moderators'. who knows what kind of cretins they are. One only has to fall foul of one of these creatures. or someone who knows one. Then you will find yourself unable to log in. That's it. Goodbye. No chance of making contact with them. It actually says 'if wrong password' etc etc. (which it never is obviously). They will send a link to log in. NEVER ARRIVES. Apparently the females are allowed to show any kind of picture. good bad & ugly. Say anything they wish. insult you in any way they wish. Yet saying you aren't interested in fat women. old. infirm. unfit etc. Will get you complaints of typical leftards. Reply & use any words they deem unsuitable. Lo & behold. Unable to log in. It is a joke.

or as people know more (Plenty Of Fish) is really easy. It is a fast and fun way to find and meet new people because there is a lot of others on this site all around you. It is very easy to use and navigate the website, simple profile set up and you can put as much detail as you choose without a hassle. It is one of the best I've came across and if someone asked me, I would tell them about it. Plenty Of Fish has a good match system that works very well.

I decided to open an online dating account after two of my friends recommended it! I was hesitant for a while, but after moving across the country I decided to have the courage to do it. I had my account for a few months and messaged for a while. Yes. Not all messages are pleasant or ideal, but neither in life all the time. Should you decide to open an account, be clear with what you want and your standards.

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