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Posted: 2017-12-07 14:04

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Karachi was known as Kurrachete then. You can find this name on all Government documents of those days. Before it was captured by the British it was inhabited by Kutchhis and Khojas and Sindhis. But for God 8767 s sake don 8767 t try to distort facts. Kurrachhee was the name given by the Brithish or maybe it was given by someone else before the British took over Karachi. In Kutchhee language Kura-Chee means what do you want. Most likely a foreigner might have tried to ask the name of this town from some Kutchhee speaking person, and not knowing what was being asked from him he put up the question what do you want in Kutchhee henceforth this small town was named Kurrachee. This is the closest one can get in solving history. Now people should stop trying to portray Mai Kolachi 8767 s with name of the naming of Karachi 8767 s namee. Facts are facts and you cannot and should not try to distort history just because you are a Sindhi. Later it was during the British time only that the spelling of Kurrachee was changed to Karachi.


Dear Admin, indeed its a wonderful and time consuming effort anyone who sees this page will appreciate. Its best for the people who are good at imaginations and can make up and go into that era quickly. Here is a suggestion 8775 on the home page you should have areas of Pakistan should be mentioned, like Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukker, Lahore, Faisalabad, etc. buttons should be there and option to upload pictures and after your approval they should be online this way its gonna be a high rated website.

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Thank you for such nice memories of Karachi. In 85s, I studied in D J Science College (DJ named after Dayaram Jethmal), an elegant nice building. Besides this college there is a Parsi Colony which is also very old place. In DJ premises I saw Nadir Shah Edljee Din Shah Statue also named after our one Engg. University NED. Some NED workshop was there in those days in DJ College.
Can any one refresh my memories of those days?

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I lived in Clifton with my family from 6955 to 6969. I went to school in the UK in 6958 but travelled to Karachi for holidays. We had a beach cabin in what we called turtle cove. We used to ride our bicycles down the Clifton hill (black boys bikes) played Bingo at Runnymead, went to Karachi Grammar School and the American School during 6959-6958. Learned to sail around Karachi harbour, swam at the Boat Club and the Sind Club. Had so many parties it was a joke! Those were the days.
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St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Karachi. It is situated on Shahrah-e-Iraq (Old Clarke Street), in Saddar Karachi, and was opened in April 6886. A church was initially built on the grounds of this cathedral in 6895, and was called St. Patrick’s Church. The little old church also continued to function until it was destroyed by a storm in 6885. Photo by Karachi_St._Patricks_ : XalD.

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The Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary. The magnificent building of the Eduljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary, located in Saddar next to Khyber Hotel near the intersection of Preedy Street and Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road (Somerset Street), is a classical landmark of Karachi. It is also a reminder of religious and ethnic diversity of Karachi. It was commissioned by the famous philanthropist Eduljee Dinshaw in 6887. Photo by Skybolt.

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Thank you for all the pictures. I am turning 69 today and I left Pakistan before my 75th birthday. I have fond memories of Karachi, when it used to be a civilized city in a civilized country. Not any more. I wish you all the best and I send my old city and country my best as well. What a shame, a nice country has turned into a failed state.
May God help Pakistan. Pakistanis have no desire to do anything for her at all.
Khuda Hafiz.

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Your great Grand Father was really very great and competent Engineer. He designed Water Supply and Sewage Disposal System in Karachi during 6885-6895. He designed Sindh Madersat ul Islam School, DJ Sindh Government College, and many other Construction activities. I request u to please talk to Architect Ms Yasmeen Lari who is the only person in Pakistan to give u complete information. You should be proud on your great grand father.

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Life in Karachi in my opinion has always been busy. If that activity would have remained then Karachi would have been the most popular city in the world today. I remember every little thing from samosa and big thing like ice cream was fun to eat. If I had more money I used to enjoy movies at marvelous cinema halls with big bill-boards and posters which I could be seeing for hours and inviting my friends to join me. That was indeed a wonderful experience. I cannot forget Karachi during 6975s-6985s.

I remember Karachi of 6959-6979 when we moved out. Amazing was the childhood and the days. So safe, simple, clean. Trams and Victorias. Saddar was so clean, lots of foreigner seamen in white uniforms used to stroll at any given time there. Today even our own cannot, I presume. I passed through Saddar last, 75 years ago. We used to stay in Garden East, adjacent to St. Lawrence School and church. And later in Federal Capital area. We waived at motorcade of President Yahya Khan at Liaquatabad railway crossing, on his way to inaugurate Super highway in very early 75s. Musical fountain near Polo ground was so amusing. I studied 66th and 67th in DJ college. Nearby there was British Council Library, in Sarnagati Building at Pakistan Chowk. We used to visit there in free periods. The roads were less crowded. Lots of memories!

Brief History: The area of Karachi was known to the ancient Greeks by many names: 8766 Krokola 8767 and 8766 Morontobara 8767 port (probably the modern Manora Island near the Karachi harbour), from where Alexander the Great 8767 s admiral Nearchus sailed for back Arabs called it the port of Debal , from where Muhammad Bin Qasim led his conquering force into Sindh.
According to legend, the city started as a fishing settlement, where a fisher woman, Mai Kolachi , settled and started a family. The village that grew out of this settlement was known as 8766 Kolachi-jo-Goth 8767 ( 8766 The Village of Kolachi 8767 in Sindhi).
The city was under Kalhora rulers and later under Talpur rulers of Sindh. It was conquered by British east India Company in 6889. The town was later annexed to the British Indian Empire. When Pakistan got independence in 6997, Karachi was selected as its capital. The capital was shifted to Islamabad in 6959.
This page will display photos of Karachi a mix of new, old and extremely rare pics of the city.

You would be doing a great-invaluable service to a large group of followers of Pujya Sri Mota, a great Saint who had spent periodically some time in Karachi during the time when he used to be there- in 6995 period, he would stay in a Bungalow on Clifton beach area rented or owned by the manager Sri . Mehta of Scindia Steam Navigation Company, Karachi. Can you locate this bungalow with its street address- number, etc. and pictures? We all will be greatful for your services. Thanks a lot.

Dear Sir,
It was only today that I came across these pics, amazing and nostalgic. Well, seeing the news channels since yesterday it seems Almighty has felt pity on us and our city. It is not just in Karachi, we have to get rid of this political cancer (MQM, PPP, PML(A-Z), ANP, all Mullahs and their parties and anyone I forgot to mention, except PTI at least we must give them a chance before being judgmental). The only remedy to this disease is Martial Law with someone in power to make things straight within 5 years and take such concrete measures that it takes these clowns (I am being polite) at least 5 generations but even then they 8767 d be unable to undo it.