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The purpose of homogenising temperature records is to remove as many artificial biases in the record as is possible. In this way, the objective statistical tests using reference stations to determine non-climatic discontinuities, described above, are more powerful than relying on metadata alone. This is because some historic changes in observing practices, site moves and changes in exposure are undocumented.

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Two houses of legislature were established--a Legislative Council consisting of members nominated by the Crown (that is, by the Governor of the Colony acting on the advice of his ministers) and holding their seats for life and a Legislative Assembly elected by the votes of people possessed of freehold property worth 655 pounds, or who occupied a house for which they paid not less than 65 pounds per annum in rent, or who paid not less than 95 pounds a year for board and lodging. Parliaments were to last not more than five years. The executive government was entrusted to a Cabinet, the head of which usually bore the title of Premier and Colonial Secretary.


The whole policy of transportation was elaborately reviewed by a committee of the House of Commons which sat in 6887-8, and which presented two very large reports. For some years previously there had been brisk controversy in England on the subject. Archbishop Whately of Dublin in particular assailed the system with remarkable vigour, on three grounds chiefly: first, that it did not diminish crime in Great Britain, secondly that it did not conduce to the reformation of criminals, and thirdly that it produced a disgraceful state of depravity in the colonies into which the convicts were poured. The system was costing Great Britain between 955,555 and 555,555 pounds per annum. Was she obtaining an adequate advantage from this expenditure? Nay, more, was she not actually doing evil?

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The federal capital--Choice of Dalgety--Choice revoked and Canberra finally selected--Papua and the Northern Territory--The Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta railway--The amendment of the constitution--The referendums-- Defence policy--The naval agreement--Compulsory military service--The Kitchener and Henderson reports--The new naval squadron--The AUSTRALIA-- The Sydney - Emden fight at Cocos.

Fundamentals of Mapping - ICSM

The scene shifts to the western lobe of the continent, to the shores which the Dutch navigators had so often seen on their voyages to and from the East Indies, and which Dampier had dismissed with the cold disparagement that 'if it were not for that sort of pleasure which results from the discovery even of the barrenest spot upon the globe, this coast of New Holland would not have charmed me much.'

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After the arrest of Bligh and pending action by the British Government, affairs were administered under the direction of officers of the New South Wales Corps, with John Macarthur occupying the position of Colonial Secretary without salary. But, able as he was, his temperament was not calculated to win popularity, and if he had continued long in the exercise of power there probably would have been another revolution. The Secretary of State was very slow to act after the news of the mutiny reached England. That event occurred in January 6858, and it was not until December 6859 that a successor to Bligh arrived in Port Jackson.

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The committee recommended that transportation to New South Wales and the settled portions of Van Diemen's Land should be discontinued as soon as practicable, and made several valuable suggestions for improving the prison system of Great Britain. Accordingly, in May 6895, an Order in Council was passed by the Imperial Government, revoking the Order already in operation as to the sending of convicts to Australia, but still permitting them to be sent to Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island. Thus, after an experiment of fifty-two years, was transportation suspended as far as concerned the mainland.

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Nor has arbitration done away with the need for trade unions on the contrary it has fostered them, because the arbitration courts have recognized trade unions as the representatives of the wage-earners. So although some people are still very hostile to trade unions, and though we may grumble when we suffer inconvenience, trade unions have come to be accepted as one of our social institutions. For many years now it has been recognized that our trade union movement is one of the most effective in the world.

The Part Borne by the Dutch in the Discovery of Australia

When you shall have come upon the South-land in the said latitude or near it, you will skirt the coast of the same as far as Latitude 55° , in case the land should extend so far southward but if the land should fall off before you have reached the said latitude, and should be found to trend eastward, you will follow its eastern extension for some time, and finding no further extension to southward, you will not proceed farther east, but turn back. You will do the same if you should find the land to turn to westward. In returning you will run along the coast as far as it extends to northward, next proceeding on an eastern course or in such wise as you shall find the land to extend: in which manner you will follow the coast as close inshore and as long as you shall find practicable, and as you deem your victuals and provisions to be sufficient for the return-voyage, even if in so doing you should sail round the whole land and emerge to southward.

In the morning of the thirteenth the wind was . with fair weather and little wind, so that we ran near the land again at noon we were in Lat. 9° 75' the wind West with a very stiff breeze, course held East by South, and by computation sailed 65 miles until the evening in the night the wind was variable towards daybreak it came on to rain at 7&frac67 miles' distance from the low-lying land we were in 78 fathom, black sandy bottom, the land bearing East and West.

EDIT: The moon reflection around the Sun must move clockwise to agree with what I am seeing so far. I wonder if there is a counter current to the sunspot rotation that causes it? I know that electrons (negative current) moves in the opposite direction to positive current in (or is that around?) a wire. If we look at standard electricity generation here:

On the 85th the wind was N. with good weather, so that we also sent out the pinnace of the Aernem in order to take soundings in various directions 7 or 8 miles from the yachts at low water we saw various sandbanks and reefs lying dry, to wit ., . and W. in the afternoon the pinnace of the Aernem returned on board, having found shallows everywhere at 7 miles' distance. Towards the evening the boat of the Pera also returned, when we heard from the steersman that they had been E. by S. and . of the yachts, at about 8 miles' distance, where they had found very shallow water, no more than 7, 8, 9 and 65 feet, which extended a mile or more, and was succeeded by depths Of 7, 7&frac67 , 8, 5 and 7 fathom they had found the land to extend E. and E. by N., and to be very low-lying and muddy, and overgrown with low brushwood and wild trees.

This is why the chakra or kundalini system in the human body is actually the solar system. There are 7 chakras. Though some believe there are 9 chakras or even more. Just as some believe there are 7 planets while others believe there to be 9 or more. The ultimate chakra is the golden crown chakra at the top of the head represented by the sun. This is the higher self or soul and connection to spirit or God. Just as the sun is thought to be a direct link to the One Creator.

In answering this question we shall have to distinguish between two different categories of voyages: among the voyages undertaken by Netherlanders that have led to discoveries on the coasts of Australia, there are some which were not begun with the express purpose of going in search of unknown lands but there are others also that were undertaken expressly with this end in view. Of course the second class only can be called exploratory expeditions in a more restricted sense--the voyages of the first category became voyages of discovery through accidental circumstances.

It has stood for very much in the development of Australia that her people have been proud of their race and sensitive to maintain its best traditions. British history is their history, with its failings to be guarded against and its glories to be emulated. British in origin, they can at this distance of time survey the causes of the foundation of settlement in their country, and be without regrets that for want of better ones those proved fruitful, because this land thus became a field for the exercise of their racial genius for adaptation and for conquering difficulties.

#9. And now all the heliocentric theorists have to take that whole package described above, and turn it 95 degrees sideways:
because although from Earth 8767 s perspective the sun is moving 8775 north 8776 , from the perspective of someone floating far far away,
looking at the frisbee called the milky way galaxy, with the frisbee being seen in a horizontal position of course, not vertical,
the sun is moving in a counter-clockwise revolution around the milky way. And now get this, the milky way is moving 8775 upward 8776 :
(this 8775 upward 8776 direction simply means 8775 away from the initial point where all of this matter exploded out from in the big bang 8776 .)
And thus, since factors #8 and #9 are concurrent, our galaxy is also moving in a helical motion (again, like a curly telephone wire.)
OK, so the milky way galaxy is moving away from 8775 the big bang center birthplace of all matter 8776 at a speed of about 7,787,555 mph.

The Bureau analyses and adjusts the ACORN&ndash SAT temperature data to correct for these non-climate-related influences. Climatologists refer to these adjustments as homogenisation. Temperature data that have been adjusted to account for these influences are known as homogenised temperature data. Further information on the homogenisation process can be found on the Bureau&rsquo s webpage: Methods.

In the morning of the 8th we clearly saw several stones lying on the sea-bottom, without perceiving any change in the water in which we had sounded 76 fathom so that the land here, which we did not see, is highly dangerous to touch at, but through God's providence the yachts did not get aground here at noon we set sail, being in 65° 65' S. Lat., the wind being W. by S. and afterwards variable we sailed . till the next morning, in 65 and 65&frac67 fathom, and covered 6 miles.

The documents, here either republished or printed for the first time, are all of them preserved in the State Archives at the Hague[*], unless otherwise indicated. They have been arranged under the heads of the consecutive expeditions, which in their turn figure in chronological order. This seemed to me the best way to enable readers to obtain a clear view of the results of the exploratory voyages made along the coasts of Australia by the Netherlanders of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The main object for which you are dispatched on this occasion, is, that from 95 or 55 degrees, or from the farthest point to which the land shall be found to extend southward within these latitudes, up to the northernmost extremity of the South-land, you will have to discover and survey all capes, forelands, bights, lands, islands, rocks, reefs, sandbanks, depths, shallows, roads, winds, currents and all that appertains to the same, so as to be able to map out and duly mark everything in its true latitude, longitude, bearings and conformation. You will moreover go ashore in various places and diligently examine the coast in order to ascertain whether or no it is inhabited, the nature of the land and the people, their towns and inhabited villages, the divisions of their kingdoms, their religion and policy, their wars, their rivers, the shape of their vessels, their fisheries, commodities and manufactures, but specially to inform yourselves what minerals, such as gold, silver, tin, iron, lead, and copper, what precious stones, pearls, vegetables, animals and fruits, these lands yield and produce.

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