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Surprise! Real Housewives of Atlanta''s Kenya Moore Is Married

Posted: 2017-10-13 13:27

Bottom line is if you feel so threatened by a man and he 8767 s acting so aggressive, why approach him at all? I mean really. If your 8767 re that fuckin fearful, stay your ass back as security and his aunt were handling the situation. Kenya was pissed he didn 8767 t want her and she rubbed dude the wrong way on the boat becuz she snapped at him. She was the only one he had an issue with and she was pissed becuz he checked that ass about finger snapping him. AND if he was disrespectful, why invite the guys back to the house? Kenya was the one who suggested to Tammy to invite them there in the first place.

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The next part of this seems to have happened before all hell broke loose. It 8767 s a package on Kandi and Phaedra 8767 s feud.  Kandi says that the lawsuit thing was Phaedra clearly trying to damage her finances. I image that Kandi will go hard at Phaedra and getting her fired from the show is just the beginning of Phaedra 8767 s problems. Kandi does not play when it comes to her money or her reputation. Kandi says that the lawsuit is for $668,555 in overtime. Chile please, that dude was not making that kind of money planning little shindigs for Kandi. And again, event planners are NOT hourly employees. They are paid a lump sum for their services whether they take two hours or two hundred hours to accomplish the task. If I hire a kid to mow my lawn, a job that take 65-85 minutes and he takes all day to do it, he is still getting the same ten dollars.

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As time goes by, Kenya Moore shares more details about her surprise wedding to Marc Daly . As expected, she 8767 s really milking this for all that she can by releasing one piece of information at a time. This wedding alone has produced so many stories so I can 8767 t even imagine how she 8767 s going to stretch this out for a Real Housewives of Atlanta story line. It 8767 s just so shocking that she didn 8767 t actually film the wedding for the show. I would have bet anything that she would be  all  about that idea.

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Cynthia has her days like everyone but I 8767 m so happy to see her growth and strength and hope she never changes, Kandi also has her days but I 8767 m happy that her restaurant has opened with success and can 8767 t wait to see the legendary Xscape on tour. Kenya is the queen of twirl nation lol and I hope her haircare line and future endeavors are all successful. I love sheree the bone carrier lol and wish you the best with being an Arthur and actress. RHOP is really good and I would love to see more women like them on Atlanta but bravo has other plans. Fans all over have requested an cast refresh and although we know Kim and Nene may be back we would like some fresh new ladies to join them ✌️

Matt Jordan – Kenya Moore’s Boyfriend, ‘Real

Kim Z, Don Juan, and Mamma Joyce are all perfect examples of people who have taken blatent liberties yet she can 8767 t boss up on them! I can 8767 t rate that behaviour. If you 8767 re gonna read/check people for their indiscretions, the least you can do is make it a level playing field. Let me see you use that tone where it 8767 s justified because I wish a mf would come at me like the way her circle does. Don Juan would have been collecting unemployment cheques helluva long time ago if he was my assistant I can tell you for free.

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I have zero respect for Kim and I hope that the rumours about her quitting the show are real. She 8767 s a two-faced asshole who doesn 8767 t have the courage of her convictions. For Porsha to defend that guy is to be expected because she has a single digit IQ but Kim KNOWS that Kenya is not to blame. We heard her in the footage AGREEING with Kandi that the guy was threatening. But so great is her hatred for Kenya that she 8767 s willing to sit there on NATIONAL TV and suggest that he wasn 8767 t violent? This after he knocked his own aunt unconscious?! Shame on you Kim Fields!

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Is it November 5 yet? It 8767 s going to be tough holding out that long for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 65 premiere episode, but it looks like it 8767 s going to be worth the wait. The trailer was just released and I am just shook. OG cast members NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are back in the mix and they are not playing around.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore Marries

Does anyone know exactly what Phaedra was trying to pull, by filing the divorce papers in the way that she did? What was she trying to gain, by filing them with a false name, which meant that Apollo would not be served the papers & the divorce would not be legit? Did she not want the divorce to be legal, so that she & Apollo would still have spousal rights to refuse to testify against each other? But she wanted to be able to tell people she was divorced? I know she was trying to pull something, just don 8767 t know what, exactly.

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Tha fact is he was leaving and Tami was handling it, why respond? She said she had been threatened by the previous interaction they had so why open her mouth to him again? No she didn 8767 t call him out his name but she was condescending as she always is and very provoking. She 8767 s a pot stirer who doesn 8767 t know how to stay out of things that don 8767 t concern her because she always wants to be Centre of attention.

Phaedra and Kenya fell out over the who workout DVD. They both threw jabs at each other. Kenya had apologize for her part in that and instead of Phaedra apologizing she went on a smear campaign. She even lied and said she seen text messages (about offering him head) sent to Apollo from Kenya and the ONLY reason Phaedra didn 8767 t want Kenya talking to Apollo (and it would be in open setting with cameras taping their every move so please not act like it would be some secret hotel) was because she didn 8767 t want Kenya to finally clear her name which is beyond pathetic. And even after the whole Apollo situation was proved to be a lie Phaedra couldn 8767 t even give a sincere apology and still tried to place blame on Kenya which is ridiculous.

Tonight we start with the husbands on stage. Peter is drunk. I was told he made liberal use of the open bar before coming out. I feel like I have seen this episode already. I guess I just saw the previews a lot. Peter denies being unfaithful. Peter 8767 s cummerbund is all bunched up. I guess there was no one to help him dress. Peter drunkenly interrupts Andy asking Porsha where her fake boyfriend for hire is.  I cannot even pretend to recap this. Porsha is dating a football player. Peter keeps interjecting drunken thoughts. Peter needed a drink and walked off the set to find one. They actually filmed Peter 8767 s drunken rants in the bathroom.

I think Bravo has lost its imagination with these shows lately, and lost its balls. They seem reluctant to let go of long-established 8766 Wives who really don 8767 t offer good value (RHONY and RHOBH need a clear-out just as badly as RHOA), so I 8767 m not overly-hopeful that Phaedra will get dumped. I have a bad feeling that Andy was thrilled with Phaedra for giving him this 8775 historic 8776 four-part reunion, in his eyes she 8767 s probably the MVP right now. :/

I am feeling a bit excited about this episode, the last episode for Phaedra Parks.   Tonight on Instagram, Kenya Moore asked the question, 8775 If two people rob a bank, is it fair if only one goes to jail? 8776 in reference to Porsha Williams ONCE AGAIN getting away with her crap. I really wish I knew who she was blowing at Bravo. Freak and Fraud put up a quick 8775 Tune in tonight 8776 with no commentary on the episode. Cynthia said she 8767 s never seen anything like what happens tonight.

Sincere ppl who take FULL responsibility for their actions CHANGE for the better regarding things they say and do, but I haven 8767 t seen a change in how Kenya deals. She rarely takes full responsibility for being messy talking piles of shit, pointing a bullhorn and scepter in somebody 8767 s face, walking towards ppl in an aggressive way, trotting her uninvited ass to somebody 8767 s door or pulling someone 8767 s chair, and she always has an excuse.

OOOH FINALLY ANGELA STANTON is mentioned. Kandi and Kenya say they were both contacted by Angela Stanton to bring up the allegations in her book.    You really need to read ALL of the posts on the Angela Stanton situation HERE.   Kandi says that the thing with Johnny is equivalent to Kandi meeting with Angela Stanton and offering to help her promote her book. Which clearly she just did. Let me take it a step further and suggest you go and buy the book on Amazon here.   Phaedra says that would not have bothered her at all. Bitch, please.

I don 8767 t think she cares. Who cares about Apollo and him wanting her? I never got that vibe. I don 8767 t she was embarrassed he asked for a divorce either, he was on his way to JAIL! And it 8767 s really not anyone 8767 s business what she decides. She can change her mind, or as other people put it lie. As if you can 8767 t change how you feel. I think people read way too deep into Phaedra. She 8767 s easy to read, you just have to understand her. Most people to busy calling her Fakedra, to really understand the limits she puts on whats shown on TV ! I 8767 m with call me Fakedra, my business is STILL private! She must be fooling me, fooling me is seeing that she don 8767 t care what the public thinks and she feed them what she wants.

PLEASE preach! These days it 8767 s impossible to tell ACTUAL discrimination from a bastard getting what he deserves because we 8767 ve gone from little race cards to full-blown racial Monopoly with everybody wanting to pass go and everybody collecting 755! We don 8767 t know even know anymore when a black man has been rightfully punished becos foolish people are exploiting the racism narrative. It 8767 s disgusting. Just like when Phaedra put all white women from suburbia in ONE box. I know PLENTY of ppl who are not a white woman from suburbia and are STILL f*cking afraid of thugs and killers. Judging from the Glenn episode, ALL those black women should 8767 ve been too! So only white ppl shd be afraid of again? Urgh. This topic pisses me off. These women are truly stupid. They sound like they 8767 re mentally enslaved in fact many ppl in today 8767 s society sound that way. Only white ppl do this. Only black ppl do that. So dumb.

We have had our moments when disappointing, venal, immature or ugly words remind us just how out of control these shows can become. We say it can 8767 t go lower, that the offenders will be dismissed, that Bravo will see what is right and aspirational and eliminate the offenders. Occasionally that happens, but usually they continue to offend and push the envelope of acceptability and the audience rewards it.

Many fans of the series were skeptical about Kenya&rsquo s marriage and in her interview with People , she reassured fans that she isn&rsquo t the type of person that rushes into a marriage. She also said that it is not something she will do for the cameras and her love for Marc Daly is real. It was not discussed in the interview whether the marriage is filmed by Bravo or if it will appear in the next season of RHOA.

I watched the first 65 minutes to see what all the hubub was about. First time I 8767 ve watched in years. It looked even more fake tonight than when I quit watching. As a lifelong Atlantan I want everyone to know the vast majority of us do not curse with every breath. And, there are plenty of black women who are classy and well spoken, unlike those depicted on this show. I am an over 55 white women with a number of black friends who would NEVER speak this way. I just watched the last 65 minutes that I will ever watch of this show.

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