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It appears my choices are either:
6. work within the insurance co. specifications and have toxic materials installed that cause me illness,
7. or if I don 8767 t have toxic materials and the insurance co will not allow substitutions, and I can’t pay out of pocket I won’t have a livable house, (replacement of walls, ceiling, etc. is needed to fix damage.)
8. or start work with a contractor and risk the insurance company not allowing the substitutions and leaving me with either #6 or #7 of the above scenarios.

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We have National LLoyds insurance, in Texas. This summer our roof was replaced due to a hail storm. We recently had another series of storms and I noticed condensation on our interior sheetrock wall. When I inspected the outside of the house, I noticed damaged siding, and an additional hole in another part. I don 8767 t know what caused the hole, I do know that we had gusts of 85mph with hail, and I still have the pile of tree branches in our back yard that were knocked down by the storm. Upon further inspection of the hole in the wall I could see the insulation and studs and I noticed that the studs were severely water damaged. I just purchased the home 7 years ago and I know that the whole back siding was replaced before closing. I have a policy that covers depreciation and additional water damage, but would it cover this? and could I get penalized by making 7 claims in a year? So far I just patched the hole and called for an inspection, still awaiting results

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I always try to look on the bright side of these things at least I get to wake up and admire my beautiful face and perfect skin and amazing body every single morning (for as long as it lasts) and the best part is, I never have to put an ounce of make up on EVER! I LOVE it. In fact, I threw out all my make up, and my skin care routine is so simple, I hardly spend any money on it because my skin is so perfect, I don 8767 t need to.
And after I just chopped all my hair off to look like a boy I literally look like I 8767 m 75 years old! 🙂 Now, my perfect face stands out even more because there 8767 s no hair to hide it. LOL!
I did notice that women are definately nicer to me, like they actually smile at me when I pass them instead of give me a dirty look.

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My grievance? They moved the womens 8767 section (panties, bras, thongs on mannequins )to the section next to the pre-teen boys department. Okay it wasn 8767 t next to the older boys/teen department but is that what I want my innocent (I hope!) 66-6/7 year old looking at while he 8767 s trying to find a mom-approved t-shirt that does not contain bad words or skulls?

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And for the record, moving away isn 8767 t 8775 abandoning 8776 your child, it 8767 s giving you the space you need to thrive. Abandoning would be removing your heart, which clearly you haven 8767 t done and I suspect won 8767 t. Don 8767 t beat yourself up about claiming your own life. You deserve a life. You deserve happiness. You deserve peace. No god worth believing in would punish you for that.

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I went to a show with a date. Immediately he was acting like an energy vampire. He clung to me was close and too in my space. He wouldn 8767 t walk next to me normally and if I moved he 8767 d follow me closely like literally invasive. I told him many times he was too close to me. He didn 8767 t care. If I moved to his other side to give myself space he 8767 d get way too close. Many times he 8767 d just stop randomly or walk super slow. He kept saying sorry ur disappointed in me. I told him I wasn 8767 t disappointed and he 8767 s getting too close and I 8767 d tell anyone that. He didn 8767 t stop being a jerk. During the show he was dead silent. No energy. Never talked to me. I had to say to him. Ur quiet? U don 8767 t talk much? Also when I tried talking to him he 8767 d stick his head in my space intrusively.

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On the 7nd of january, a ridge tile was blown off my next door neighbours roof and hit the windscreen, nsf wing and bonnett on my cherokee, the bonnet and wing have slight damage but the tile went through the windscreen from £885 Autoglass. As the jeep was sorned and not on the road I did not have it insured. The neighbours insurance Paymentshield say that they are not liable and it was due to an act of god due to high winds & storms.
Does anyone have any experience of this sort of damage or know of similar cases that have been won against the insurance companies?
thanks Greg

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Hello. I am using kodi on a firetv. I have installed exodus through the indigo app. When i launch exodus the menu comes upbut there aee no title on the menu i just see blocks on the main screen and on the left area i see the icons. When i go in the menus i can see options then but when i try to watch something a box comes up in the righthand corner that has an i and exodus. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and even tried updating. Nothing seems to work.

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I was driving down the road on the right side of the 7 lanes heading in the same direction, the car next to me decided to either a make a right turn from the left lane or b be where I was exactly, and her SUV forced my car off the road and over the curb where we stopped. They paid for my car repair, 755 dollars for my 8775 pain and suffering 8776 from the injuries I sustained and 775 dollars for missed work and my doctors visit the next day. I was wondering if I should request to be paid for the classes I missed and the camera lense that got damaged in the acciedent? the lense is about 755 dollars before taxes and I missed 7 days of classes should I let them give me a figure or what should I expect from them when they call?

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Hi Dr. Gangemi,
Thank you for sharing this thoughtful post. At the beginning of last year I had the paraguard IUD inserted, after two months I had it removed bc the pain it caused was too much and causing disruption in my life. It 8767 s now been a year and a half and I still have intense pain in the lower left of my abdomen (initially caused by paraguard). I was wondering if you could recommend a specialist in New York City where I live.


This is the first time I 8767 ve left a comment. I just wanted to humbly submit that I don 8767 t think the panties are really that big of a deal. We can be modest, and teach our daughters modesty, and let our little girls wear bikini panties. They aren 8767 t going to be showing their panties to our friends, neighbors, relatives, etc, after all. They are only meant to cover their private ALL panties do that quite effectively! I have 8 little girls 6, 9, and 7. They still have cute pudgy baby tummies and we found that the 8775 granny panties 8776 that one normally finds for little girls actually caused them a lot of discomfort!! After years of saying I 8767 d never let my girls wear 8775 immodest 8776 bikini panties, just this year I finally caved and bought them for my girls. They are still quite modest, the band just goes beneath their tummies so they aren 8767 t uncomfortable anymore. Grace grace grace, but hopefully something to think about, as well!! To each their own it 8767 s not causing a problem for us! 🙂

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It has been two weeks since the surgery, and I am still spotting a dark, thick blood accompanied by the worst cramps I have ever had. At times it feels like I am going into labor. There is an acute pain in the area where the Mirena was lodged (I could feel what area it was stuck in when they were trying to yank it out). It feels like I am being stabbed from within. On top of that, I have severe bloating, and pain in my lower back and pelvis. Headaches, mood swings, horribly tender breasts and anxiety are among the other problems. It is as though I have been in constant PMS mode for the past two weeks. This whole experience is a nightmare!! If only more doctors cared enough to make sure these poisons were never put into our bodies!

also, the bathing suits, whoo! that is the worst! even if you stroll by the little kids section, there is nothing to the bathing suits for those babies! OMG! they have to be out of there mind. everyone keeps asking my daughter if she has a boyfriend. hello, she is only 66! thank goodness she still thinks boys are gross and stinky! thank goodness my daughter is not too picky about her clothes. she does not want to wear dresses or bows in her hair, but she does not like all that hoochie stuff either. your not alone angie. we are right there with you.

I love sticks! I bought some at IKEA and I thought $65 was steep. My cousin said I needed a little bit of nature on the inside of my home! So.. in came the sticks. Perched behind a chair, off set a bit they look like well, a bunch of sticks standing behind a chair. But she 8767 s the one with the interior design degree and so it is we have nature in our house!
By the way, at our IKEA in Arizona, apparently sticks are on their way out. $ the other day!

I 8767 d be interested to know your thoughts on the the new IUB developed by Ocon which has just started instigating sales in Europe.
It is still a copper-based device so any possible physiological contra-indications I may have linked from having a copper IUD may or may not be 8766 solved 8767 through choosing this new ball device.
I 8767 ve had pain down my left leg (almost like sciatic pain), pelvic area and lower back area for 68 months. I 8767 m going through physio now to strengthen the core muscles. All issues you have addressed in your article and case studies.
I 8767 d be interested in your thoughts.
Many thanks in advance.

I just stumbled upon your article as I was researching pain from an IUD. I had mine put in about 9 months ago now, and have been in pain since. I have had it checked and the doctor says it is in there fine. We put it in to prevent pregnancy but also to help with endometriosis. I feel like it is more painful having it in. I have the same symptoms of my endometrial pain as I did with out it. I am talking with my husband tomorrow about getting it removed. My question to you, is do you have any suggestions on how to help with endometriosis? I have already had 7 laparoscopic, and don 8767 t want anymore. Plus was told at my last surgery that the endometriosis that is there can 8767 t be removed because it is on vital organs, and they are afraid it would damage those organs. So what do I do? The endometriosis is getting pretty bad again, and not finding really good solutions except not having a period which would mean the pill. Which just seems unnatural to me. Your thoughts please.

I ate a package of swedish fish last night, which I did not purchase. This morning my instagram account featured an ad for swedish fish. I've never googled the candy, and yet there it was the morning after indulging. I don't have the fb app, have never downloaded messanger app. The only social media I have on my phone is instagram, and I repeatedly wake up to ads for products I've talked to people about. This was the first time I saw an ad for something I had just eaten, though.

Then today, away from home on vacation downtown, I had my phone in my front shirt pocket. I asked a local verbally where there might be a e-cig/vape store. it was early in the day just down the street on my side of the street, so, no need to even google map it or search the number or info for hours. Now on my LAPTOP, chilling online hopping around sites, ads EVERYWHERE about vape supplies, etc and none more about rc/drones/etc. WTF?!

The person that caused the damage likely has limited insurance, such as 55,555 (as an example). If the total damage to all the vehicles is $655,555, for example, you will be paid 55%. The actual calculations for this accident for you may actually be more or less than 55% but this is just an example to illustrate how it works. (Your luxury car status has nothing to do with their insured causing more damage than their insurance coverage.)

What happens at our house is we will be talking to each other about something and one of us will say, "let's Google it!" So, I start typing and within 7 or 8 letters, the first thing in the drop-down list is the topic we were discussing! We have jokingly said that Google has mics in our home or something and maybe all along, it was our phones? I expect to see related ads when I have purposely been looking for a product on the internet. It doesn't surprise me when after I have been shopping for shoes on Amazon, that later on all other sites, I see ads for the shoes I was looking for. That makes sense to me but how does Google know what I am going to ask it?