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How to Get an ex Back with Law of Attraction | Altered

Posted: 2017-12-07 15:13

I love your comment, I think ppl just come up with their own ideas If we get more of what we think about,and if we get something better, then we created that My question is, why spend time visualizing, using affirmations, and heart energy..If the universe says, 8776 I 8767 m gonna give you this, and not what you asked for, because I think this is better 8776 . If I 8767 m spending time doing all of these LOA techniques, then I want what I asked something better that 8767 s defeating the purpose of the LOA

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I followed your steps and my ex started to text me daily saying he missed me for a week. I didn 8767 t reply to the last text as I didn 8767 t feel it needed a reply. Afterwards I had a couple of negative daysof thinking and he didnt text again. I text my ex about a week ago ( which I know I shouldn 8767 t have) and he didn 8767 t reply. I 8767 m wondering what to do now. I 8767 ve been following all your steps again.

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Hi, Mike Thanks for all your previous info..When you are at that point of letting go, do you still do affirmations and visualizations, or do you stop doing and just trust the universe to deliver your desire Question??? What does this means I seen a truck the other day with his last name on it and my brother in-law said they seen him walking up the I don 8767 t think it was him because he don 8767 t live on the same city as I I sure didn 8767 t call and find all cost he will have to come to Me!!!!


You can 8767 t worry or fear that he will not, you attract more of the same. That 8767 s is why I love using subliminals and people have great success with them. When using subliminals you are NOT worrying or getting stressed about your current situation. You can just go into a dream like state and let the subliminals do all the work. You can STOP thinking about what you don 8767 t have. There are so many more benefits too much to go into here.

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Dear Sapna, me and my bf broke up one and half months back. Same as yours, he blocked me from everywhere. I have started practising law of attraction since last week. You know what! He suddenly called me day before yesterday and yesterday he saw me but i was ignoring him. He got mad and scolded me for not smiling at him. SEE the progresd dear. He has started to miss me. But one thing, DON 8767 T be needy. Imagine that you are already with him. Imagine that you are having loving conversations with each other. DON 8767 T things that you dont want to happen like 8775 he has moved on 8776 . I REPEAT don 8767 t imagine a bit of such things or else you will attract more of the same. 8775 what you think, you become. 8776

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These kinds of ideas confused me (and I guess confusion just means I 8767 m out of alignment) and send me reeling a bit I had thought the fears/beliefs that I needed to let go were the ones about not being able to reconnect with my ex, and training myself to go by feel has been a super helpful learning from Abraham because I noticed that when the 8775 intuitive 8776 said these things to me, I immediately felt super depressed and sad.

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It 8767 s a game don 8767 t take it too seriously pal -). It 8767 s not only women who are like that, it is everyone who 8767 s got choice be it a gal or a guy. There was probably nothing wrong with your text, it 8767 s simply that she meets a bunch of guys all the time and she 8767 s interested in some more than in others. I wouldn 8767 t waste much time thinking about that chick, there is plenty of fish. Your mindset is crucial buddy, even more important than looks 😉

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My boyfriend and I broke up 5 weeks ago. His father is terminally ill with brain cancer and I was diagnosed with oral cancer a few months after his dad 8767 s prognosis. I 8767 m doing well after my two surgeries, but his father is not. It was my boyfriend 8767 s decision to break up with me and it 8767 s so incredibly difficult. Since we broke up, I 8767 ve read The Secret and have read almost every single article and message board about couples rekindling their love with LOA. I 8767 m hurting, but I 8767 m positive that time will heal us all and that if we 8767 re meant to be back with our loves, it will happen. I feel that my boyfriend and I will find our way back to each other. I 8767 ve also written down manifestations and meditating daily about my health, life, career, and my boyfriend And I 8767 ve already started seeing change in the other aspect of my life. Be patient and Stay positive!!

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Aright so I kind of feel I 8767 ve burnt my bridges here but here 8767 s how it goes: I first meet her IRL at her home (through my dads work). Waited about 6 week followed her on social medias and then sent away a casual snap: 8775 Hey :) 8776 she replied with a 8775 hello there 8776 . Then I sent, All good with you? :). She replied 8775 OMG it 8767 s you! 8776 . I sent, yeah it 8767 s me haha, all good? :). We then snapped for around 7-8 hours but just casually. Then I snapped her the next day at afternoon, no reply. waited for 6 day sent another casual 8775 Hey, all good with you? :) 8776 She replies with 8775 Yeah all good with me, and you? :) 8776 blablala just another casual back and fourth conversation. Then I sent her a text around lunch the next day, no reply. So she doesn 8767 t really reply to my snaps at the day. So I thought, OK I 8767 ll let her snap me first now. Waited for about 9 days and felt like I have to snap her agian now, it 8767 s been 9 days cmon. So I snaped her agian, I started the conversation, AGIAN. But we snaped for about 7 hours agian but just casual, AGIAN! So now is my question, can I move forward from this? And if so, how?

Hi mike. Just looking for an opinion on my situation. My ex just broke up with me two weeks ago out of the blue, and moved out today. We had broken up in October as well, but that time I moved, and across the country from him, much less. He literally wanted nothing to do with me the first month i was gone, but I started using the law of attraction and affirmations and sure enough within a few weeks he begged me to come home and work things out. I came back in December and already things somehow managed to crumble. Do you think the law of attraction will work a second time?

Hey i luv a girl for a very long time and we talk almost everyday via text rarely in person or on phone i confessed my feelings to her and she put me in friend zone though she cares about me a lot bt i can 8767 t get out of friend zone and she is a bore type of girl coz she is more into studies and y our conversations are gettin dry
So please help me and I 8767 m clear about my goal i want to marry her.

Hey.. short update on my case..
I have a friend who is experienced with empathy and he also helped me 5 6/7 years ago.. well, with the bond I have with my ex, he is able to sense what she feels inside and can guess what 8767 s going on with her, but.. and this is a big BUT now..
Even this is contra-productive, right? I mean.. sure, now he tells me she does miss me inside, but pride and/or fears are still preventing that she contacts me about coming back.. I know that she loves and misses me, but pretends to be happy with her new guy on the outside.. also he told me that he feels that something big is coming about now..
So here is the BUT:
But as I learned, thinking about how she feels, what is preventing her return, that big moment I am waiting for.. thinking so much about it, even though I also am thinking of and knowing that she will return, I am delaying things more and more by thinking of one 8775 but 8776 after another as 8775 but she is pretending 8776 , and 8775 but she is scared of doing that final step 8776 and stuff..

The biggest problem is you noticing what is by keeping track of how long it 8767 s been and what isn 8767 t happening. I suggest you go on YouTube and check out Veronica Isles. There is another great channel you should start watching called YouAreCreators. Start watching their videos ASAP. You need a major positivity boost and also need to learn the quantum physics explanation behind LOA (that channel has many videos about this). Once you realize that we are all made of energy and create our whole reality, you should never doubt again.

Nancy i have to ask you. I know we have to be unshakeable in our beliefs that we received our exs already but what happens say if u are weak for a day or a few hours..tears, 8775 this wont work 8776 etc and then snap out of it and are supremely confident the universe punish you for half a day of being down and go 8776 right thats it game over 8776 OR does it just slow down the manifestation

Hi i need some help with my boyfriend also if its ok ( btw its long distance) well i stopped talking to him around 9 months ago due to the fact that he had a bupolar episode, he was saying mean things and wasnt making much sense. I decided to get a break from him for a bit ( weve had breaks before). And i checked his facebook a few days back and usally when i decide to back away from him, he makes statuses saying depressing things ( directing towards me) i know this because he has told me he regrets everything he does to me. He has a really rough life and grew up in a broken household. When i checked his fb he had stauses saying 8776 i 8767 m lost 8776 8776 bottomless pit 9/65 8798 and so on. His friends also tried to contact me ( which they have done before when we had breaks)
TL DR I want to talk to him but im unsure how too, im nervous
but deep in my heart i know it will work out but my brain is saying otherwiseay

I found out yesterday that my ex is dating someone and obviously I didn 8767 t handle it well. We got into an argument via text because I brought up the past. I was just so hurt. But at the end of it I apologized for what I said, and explained that I was hurt by the news and then I said I truly wish you all the best, so I felt like I redeem myself somewhat. My close friend tells me that it 8767 s obvious she still loves me, because she wouldn 8767 t be going back and forth with the text messages. And that even though she just started dating someone it doesn 8767 t mean anything, as this is what most people do and it could all be over in a month or two. I don 8767 t know what to do, we are still friends on Social Media, and I was thinking maybe during this 85 days I shouldn 8767 t post anything or block her from my posts. I 8767 m torn.

Hi Nancy What can I do, I 8767 m in tears right now for what he said to me I really love this man, but he might be involved with someone else Lately he 8767 s been very mean to me How can we become close again He don 8767 t come by my house like he use to..I read everything you said..Does the same apply, is this hopeless I just want him to love me Can he change or is this hopeless

I 8767 m a little confused, if you say don 8767 t stalk their social media but you guys are friends via Facebook and instagram, and to throw out love letters and such, but you don 8767 t have to block them from social media. So if seeing them with their new spouse will make you feel down, etc. I 8767 m not sure I 8767 m wording my question right, I guess I 8767 m just trying to figure out if I should just go 8766 ghost 8767 and have them wonder what happened to me or why I haven 8767 t posted? I should I continue posting stuff displaying myself in the highest light, happy and smiling? I 8767 m torn between the two and don 8767 t know which one will be more effective? Anyone else is free to reply, I 8767 m open to all opinions and dialogue.

Hi Nancy
I have a couple of questions. I split again with the love of my life after she came back. She is very suspicious and religious. I believe in God but am no where near as 8776 full on 8776 as Linda. Linda believes if i speak to or go to coffee with a female friend and had forgotten to tell her I have cheated. Anyway she read my phone one day and i was talking to a friend about LOA and he said it 8767 s sorta like magic. She now has it in her head that I am using some sort of magic and impacting on her free will. I love this woman so much we 8775 get 8776 each other. If I am believing with my whole heart but she has given up and doesn 8767 t want me am I affecting or bending will? Some things on web suggest I would be and the universe will NOT grant this. Greg

I 8767 m really happy and grateful for my new job and I 8767 m generally happy pursuing hobbies playing the piano but it 8767 s been four months since my ex left me and I worry the longer it takes to get him back the harder it will be. I started LOA in December and at the end of December he started texting me and I texted him back several times but I thought that the last text didn 8767 t need a reply. I really regret that mistake and hope it hasn 8767 t ruined my chances of getting him back. After that he didn 8767 t reply to two of my messages including a happy birthday text. I would appreciate your reply.

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