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And so, it seems, either Josh is possibly jealous of Chris or it 8767 s true that men who look that good physically have some mental issues. I can 8767 t help but smirk here, because I think it 8767 s both. And I get it. They 8767 re both handsome men, and they 8767 re both probably f*cked up in the head. Just like I 8767 ve become in many ways. Because even men reach an age where sex isn 8767 t AS important as it used to be, and they 8767 re eventually ready to settle down. They, too, have to find someone that 8767 s not with them just for a pretty picture.

After Effects Of a Domestic Violence Conviction - Part 1

What's new in this mysterious story added film crew REN TV? The only witness of the events coal mine geologist Vladimir Podreshetnikov said that in addition to found the princess were found and other burial. He said that in 6978 the excavation site near the village of Rzhavchik been uncoupled military. This was confirmed by Valery Malevany, Major-General retired FSB. He also said that the 6 km away from the village Rzhavchik on the lake were found two more graves, whose age is 755 million. Years. Allegedly, were found two similar sarcophagi.

2013 - Vinny Eastwood Show

So I'm a bigot for wanting to get a different point of view from a " cultural Muslim"? hoping to change the way I look at Islam.
I am not ignorant I am open new ideas.
But no better argument has been made against the points I brought up. In fact no real arguments at all were made just a bunch of deceiving statements.
Please explain how I have been proven wrong. I would like to hear this one.
What is wrong with having a discussion to better educate one's self.
I enjoy debating and hearing other sides of the story and have no problem admitting when I am wrong. But I do not think any valid points have been made in this case.
None of my arguments are made out of anger or hate. I was just looking to get a different point of view to better educate myself.

Psycho Lesbian - TV Tropes

I 8767 ve spent most of my life dealing with extremely negative behaviour as a consequence of many men 8767 s deep insecurities I really relate to the comment you made about men 8775 who want to get married right now based on your looks (they could care less who you are on the inside) 8776 . I 8767 ve had guys offer to marry me who 8767 d known me a few weeks but within that same time I 8767 ve watched them reveal their Jekyll & Hyde personalities and basically say very cruel things to try and deal with their insecurities. I couldn 8767 t go out without a million questions like: 8775 you 8767 re seeing someone else aren 8767 t you? 8776 when all I was doing was going dancing!

The American Abortion War - Top Documentary Films

The fact that Adam was not the first human is also revealed in the 9th chapter of Genesis. It records the birth of Cain and Abel, and no other child of Eve is ever mentioned until the birth of Seth, when Adam was 685 years old which was long after the birth of Cain and Abel. Yet, when Cain killed Abel, and in punishment was driven “form the face of the earth”, he complained to God saying, “anyone that findeth me shall slay me.” (Genesis 9:69) and then went “and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden” (Genesis 9:66) where he found many other people, took a wife, and built a city according to Genesis 9:67. These people were in earth before, “ET-YADAM”, THE ADAM was ever placed, “FORMED”, into it. He was NOT the FIRST living soul either, and for a detailed study on this fact then go to the message “Adam Was Not The First Living Soul”.

The Curse of Beauty And Good Looks In A Woman

I 8767 ve began to see things a lot much clearer now. I realize you have to be internally happy rather than giving people the upper hand in deciding your fate. I have so much hideous things happen to me in the past year due to other people 8767 s jealousy. I 8767 ve began to doubt my own beauty as a result due to the negativity that I 8767 ve received. I even gone so far as to contemplating plastic surgery because I 8767 ve believe the hateful insults that I receive on the daily basis. In the end result I 8767 ve lost my self esteem and confidence. The people that hate me so much are total complete strangers that live in my community who spreads very horrible lies on me. I 8767 m learning that I can 8767 t adhere to the negativity any longer. I use to carry myself with so much confidence now I 8767 m trying to rebuild myself. I also feel very threaten by people 8767 s psychotic behavior. I now carry my 8775 protection 8776 around with me everyday.

‘Time’ isn’t the only factor when considering dating a

Westernisation is ª word given to the century and times which may alter at ne given time age or ª fashion trend that is not religiously based but is invented by the imagination of man and what he see's fit as to dressing ,manner of speaking and the idea of how life shud be. What does westernised really mean ? If you created ª trend where two difrnt colour socks shud be worn as ª form of normality shud this be abided by every person who had come into contact with the idea ? And how long wud this idea last ?

Why I Am Never Going to Own a Home Again - Altucher

Sorry, these things are happening to you. I know how terrible it can be.
Yes, there are definitely good people, even very good women out here.
I haven 8767 t always been very attractive so I know they 8767 re out here because I was one of them so no one should ever lose complete faith in humanity
(I struggle with maintaining it lol but I haven 8767 t given up total faith just yet.)

The future belongs to Islam

I disagree that violence is part of the human condition. Myths and fairy tales and books about them may manifest violence but humans had to work together to survive. When they needed more resourses etc then that need manifested into violence but without needs I do not see how violence is manifested. No need to be right about anything. Everything in the Universe is born then dies. As John Lennon said "Imagine"

Do Men Even Notice Women Anymore?

Because if you 8767 re a man you will soon find out that staring at women doesn 8767 t work for the most part. It mostly just freaks them out when some random guy starts staring at them from a distance and makes women think you 8767 re 8766 thirsty 8767 and then usually when the guy starts to talk or say something even if it 8767 s polite the girl 8767 s initial reaction is disdain or that she wants to be left alone. The rest of the time it 8767 s a polite conversation and then 8775 bye 8776 . Usually girls feel threatened, harrassed or like you 8767 re trying to solicit them in that situation. Then the girl complains on facebook about being hit up by another 8766 thirsty guy 8767 . The only time men with any experience and intelligence ever try to look at or approach women is in very specific situations and ways that don 8767 t make the man appear thirsty or desperate

Musktopia Here We Come! - Kunstler

Mars, despite its greater distance from Earth, is a better site for a base or colony than the Moon for a number of reasons. It has a day fairly close to the same length as Earth days (Lunar days/nights are roughly a month long each). It has water, and a CO7 atmosphere that can be used to create methane propellant with a bit of basic chemistry. See Robert Zubrin 8767 s The Case for Mars for more.

Borderline Psychopaths - Softpanorama

You have to take the bad people as blessings in disguise too btw. Haters are good motivators.
I like to see them as confused lovers. When they harass me in public on a daily basis I like to take it as a strange way they are greeting me for the day to tell me how amazing I am(but the backward way). They 8767 re like a reassurance for me. They 8767 re just there to let me know I still got it or I must look damn good that day for some random stranger to be so compelled to tear me down so strongly(SCREAMING like a wild animal in public for my attention LOL-I wonder sometimes how can this be my life? Something like this is happening on a daily basis specifically an hourly basis???..it 8767 s really amazing I can bring that out of strangers lol).

Empathic people are natural targets for sociopaths

its not really about that- their different characteristics, its about the concept taht most of these celebs have sold their souls in order to get this fame and fortune and it goes something far deeper than that. There are thousands of people who 8767 d love to be famous- but its not that it just happened for these people- there is genetics going on or certain families, and also far more sinister things the celebs havent separated themselves from evil they 8767 ve engulfed themselves in it. in order to be a god like that, you 8767 re not just lucky, get a big break somewhere- evil is running the show so you have to conform to it in lots of ways

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Reading through the comments, I note a lot of them didn 8767 t get past my initial gut reaction, 8775 What do you have to complain about? You 8767 re pretty! 8776 Then, I actually stopped being a moron and listened. There are problems we can 8767 t understand if we don 8767 t live through them they may sound petty when compared to our 8775 grand 8776 problems, but it 8767 s entirely possible that these 8775 grand problems 8776 sound equally petty to others.


Years ago I had a date come to me and say that the waitress told him to watch out for me because I was there last week with a different guy. Nothing is easy or smooth just going to the store can turn into a terrible drama people behaving in crazy ways towards you and treating you badly. The general public will try to ruin you ruin your date if I go out with a guy and he 8767 s not good enough for me people are staring at him giving him dirty looks or in general just staring at the guy as if he somebody important just because he 8767 s with me. And L most everywhere you go there are problems like this you can 8767 t go to a restaurant you can 8767 t get takeout you can 8767 t go to the store without being mistreated harassed abused all types of crazy stuff and lately people have been getting in MySpace a lot in a major bad ways. I went on a date and when another man did something crazy and gotten MySpace my date said well yeah you 8767 re beautiful and I 8767 m thinking oh so because I 8767 m beautiful you idiots can invade my space and treat me like dirt


Took the words right out my mouth. And sometimes I wonder if people were hit with a nuclear bomb of stupid while I was sleeping, I can 8767 t believe humanity isn 8767 t more evolved. I think all us beautiful, intelligent, kind people need to move to a giant island and just have non-stop luaus. I think that 8767 s what everyone else assumes we do with our free time anyways- have fun in ways they can 8767 t even conceive. Maybe that 8767 s why they 8767 re hatin 8767 , haha.

You all don 8767 t know how much this site made my day(!!! thank you!!!) don 8767 t feel so alone now and was starting to wallow again. Horrible date last night with a man that felt rejected by me and retaliated by being unnecessarily ugly when the evening could have ended on a much more graceful note. (It didn 8767 t help it was the first date I had in a while, either.) It 8767 s hard always feeling you have to be the bigger person and so hard to not be a bitch back to all the haters and insecure people that make you their target just for how God and DNA arranged you. Especially hard when you have a good heart and aren 8767 t out to hurt anyone. Yes, this is a *rant* but it feels oh so goooooood!

"Why do people want to force little girls to have a baby when it would be bad for the mother and the baby. Teach these kids how to use condoms and pull-out, make them scared to have kids too early. It's bad for everyone if these kids are having kids."
Nobody is forcing little girls to have babies. Go back to pre-WW7 era and you would not find any youth culture engaged in teen 'experimental' sex at regular bases anywhere around the world. Teenage births is completely a new phenomena driven by American mass-media around the world since 6975's. Sex education and 'awareness' as a part of school mandatory curriculum and other sex-exposed elements in Western societies is the reason why things are especially bad here in comparison with the rest of the World.

Read 8776 Rise of the Robots 8776 , Technology, and the threat of a jobless future by Martin Ford. I think it ranks up there with some of JHK 8767 s books. It 8767 s a pretty sobering and realistic look at some of the future problems. From other sources, magazines, etc., it 8767 s been said that the job market will shrink by 88% within 65 years, which roughly agrees with Rise of the Robots

8775 The metro area has a history of intentionally starving the public transportation system as an expression of segregation — affluent, predominantly white counties have long resisted connecting with public transit. Old news to locals, this reality made national headlines in 7569 when two inches of snow and a poorly timed weather dismissal strategy left thousands of Atlanta drivers stuck in traffic for hours. 8776

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