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Guys, would you ever date an emotionally damaged girl

Posted: 2017-09-12 07:27

You know the one person who should and once the love has been built will always love you? YOU! Start to take care of yourself today! No there is no Mr. Right waiting to tell you all the things you always wanted to know about yourself because guess what nobody knows yourself better than you do! Only you can save yourself. Isn 8767 t that the best thing ever? You don 8767 t need to look out for that one guy because you don 8767 t need a singe one of them to get happy and healthy!
(And you should not start dating if you can 8767 t be happy & healthy on your own.)

Dating the Damaged Girl | SBM

In other words, if he ignores your feelings, you don''t do or say anything loving back. Even if he ignores you for weeks afterward. You simply wait, sitting on your hands for as long as it takes him to approach you again. And if you''re still upset, you must state your feelings. This will show him that you aren''t a pushover , and will make him see that loving you requires accountability and structure.

Never Ever Date A Damaged Girl! (The Follow-up

7. A Real Charmer. Look out for the person who is quick to flatter and compliment you without really knowing you. Often these people "do" charming (as opposed to "being" charming) and are adept at communicating and appearing enthusiastic and enthralled. It''s a well-rehearsed act. Their focus is on short-term intimacy, appearing to be open, revealing and vulnerable. In reality they prefer the chase to the catch.

Dealing With Emotional Baggage – When The Woman You Date

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I would strongly advise against any woman marrying a man that has slept with a 655 women. If hes had access to that much pu#& y in his life there s a strong chance hes goin to relapse even in a happy marriage trust me! Certain dudes arent marriage material just like certain women arent, its all about your standards. I wouldnt want my daughter to marry a reformed player, and i wouldnt want my son to marry a reformed garden tool. Sorry Ms Fontaine but there is only so much change a person can go through.

Too Damaged to Love Again?

As far as the numbers game, I m only 77 and I m already over it. I don t mind sharing my number because I m comfortable with it, but I make a mental note of it whenever a guy asks and how he asks. And it s an even bigger flag when he follows up with don t you wanna know my number? NO, I don t want to know what s that going to do for me? I usually take things slow, so by this point I m pretty sure we ve both decided what we want out of whatever is going on. All I need to see are the tests results stating that you are clear of any and all STI s.

Are you Dating an Emotionally Damaged Woman

yeah i''ve heard women saying shit like who am I his mother, to help him get over his issues? but that''s a fucked up overly egoistic mentality, cause they don''t know what will happen to them in life one day. no one does. when my wife met me, she knew i was greately affected by the recent then death of my father, but she stayed on my side, gave me strength, and together we moved towards a better tomorrow. some times it''s exactly that support that will help you deal with the demons of the past.

Why Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men Is Like Rescuing

65 is a lot of idcks. But as you angrily put it, the mere number alone doesn t make you a smut. We would have to talk about each one and circumstances. However that is a healthly amount of idcks, either way. I mean its not like you can have a telethon to raise money for idck strave african women who have sucks off 65 guys. People won t feel sorry for them, they would say 65 idcks, that is enough to live off of. I am not going to donate my hard earned money to well feed women. See what I mean?

So Cold: 7 Ways To Successfully Date An Emotionally

I know many couples that have been married for over 85 years and are products of the Double Standards. Granted those times were different, but gender roles were clear as day. To those successful couple the DS was not a struggle it was a way of life. Women asked for gentlemen and men asked for ladies. The high level of comfortability we enjoy during this day and age, has led to a level of loss of self respect. Is crazy the number dudes here talking about girls are hoes bc of this and that when they fcking all types of girls, cheating on them, lying to them, and turning them into hoes and they judging them for what they have turned them into. Yall are something else! (Kevin Hart voice)

The Unfortunate Status Of Broken Girls And The Only Way

First things First, I never tell a woman my body count nor do i wanna know hers cuz it ll definitely clap my dome if it s too live There s zero value added I made that mistake with my last gf (while we were dating) after being single for dangnear 8 years and basically i wasn t the guy she imagined i was (BTW, i m not a athlete nor in a frat so it s modest for a regular guy but i guess she thought i was an virgin-angel or something).

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She had me on some massive pedastal of sorts, she d get up all close to me, speak like she s a kid almost - all giggly and flirty. It was super cute and i loved her for it. Any serious conversation though was hard because of too many barriers caused by past hurt. I d try to get in her mind and every time i felt i was, there was always something else to make me question what was truth or not. Insecurities were ridiculous.

Dating a broken girl emotionally damaged symptoms

8775 Because if you gonna do something egregious, you might as well go balls to the wall. If not, just be the hot ass mess that you are. 8776 That 8767 s one of my favorite quotes.  There are those situations that we find ourselves in that cause us a great deal of anguish and frustration. Have you ever been so knee deep into a mess of a situation that you couldn’t even reach out to your friends because you already knew they would tell you that you had no business in the situation to begin with? What’s worse is that you actually know that you have no business being in this situation, however you should have known long before reaching the point of anguish that you would be in it.

Emotionally Damaged Women. have you dated one?

Now that we have somehow found the courage to poke our heads out and smell the roses, we can’t help but being like Chicken Little. We see how wonderful you are and how much you are really trying to show us that you have no intention of hurting us, but sometimes, it all comes flooding back, and we cannot help it. Please be patient there are more of us than there are of you. If you don’t follow through with me, you will with the next.

6Signs You Suffer From ‘Broken Woman’ Syndrome | Get The Guy

For years, I struggled. I can 8767 t tell you how hard I found living life, but practicing this, every time I felt these familiar pangs, I noticed two things happening: by recognising and accepting the emotion I was experiencing, I was able to manage my reactions, recovering more quickly. It helped knowing that what I needed from others, I already had, within me. Secondly, I became much, much better at recognising other peoples emotional needs which curiously made me a better friend that 8767 s the thing that surprised me. Once I was being kind to myself, it was easier to show kindness to others. It wasn 8767 t easy to start with it facing fear head on, is daunting, but it gets easier, quickly. I promise.

7Character Traits That Prove You Are Dating A “Damaged” Woman

Sometimes a woman is not taking the walk of shame. Sometimes she s just taking her ass home. Call it, the stride of pride. We can t have it both way bruh. You can t say you hate when a chick won t go home the next day, but then call it the walk of shame. Sometimes us men can be so backwards. We want people to think we respect the women we smash, but then we get mad when they bring an overnight bag to the crib. Your boys see that girl leaving the crib in the outfit from the club the last night and yes that s the Walk of Shame. I can t judge a girl taking the Stride of Pride. I guess I had to learn this the hard way when I seen one of the baddest chicks at my school taking that stride, but she was coming from the dude s house that she was dealing with. It just dawned on me, how the hell else would she get home?

Good point. It is also nice if you find someone who may have had baggage but has grown enough as a person to be able to let it go. If a person is just completely jaded over something that damaged them years ago, considering that it wasn t exactly serious, and they still behave like their whole world is a mess then I think that foreshadows the inability to recognize learning opportunities and the inability to self-reflect and grow. While some people may want to be with someone who isn t damaged goods I think the best option is someone who has been damaged and then gotten over it. You wouldn t want someone who hasn t faced adversity because its difficult to know whether they d bend or break when faced with difficulties. Maybe to some the perfect person would be someone who hasn t been damaged, but personally my idea of perfect person is someone who has been through some things and knows how to cope with it.

You got to think to yourself, how many men have dated women with children and at a certain point a conversation is had about how far this will go. Most women with children know, there&rsquo s going to be some good men who just make the decision that it&rsquo s not something they can deal with. Doesn&rsquo t make them any less of a man, it&rsquo s a personal decision and mature decision to not enter a situation that they later will have to leave abruptly and off messed up circumstance.

I grew up in a strong family unit, she grew up with a Dad going away 8-9 months at a time and showing love by buying her something. Mum was a busy body who couldn t settle down enough to have a deep conversation. and then her brother was an older child, the golden child and he bullied her a LOT growing up. This obviously made her feel not good enough, always wanting to prove herself or be good enough. Whatever she d do for attention would never be rewarded.

But you have to be careful here Keona, the rest of that paragraph was very important. In addition to the fact that sometimes men just don t care what the word is, although they take into consideration. There s a story I always share with people. I have a classmate that I went to school with, who moved across the country, this lady got around in school. She met a guy and they were engaged. I had the chance of meeting this guy and because I knew he was going to marry her, he asked me joking one time, Haha, yo what did people used to say about her back in college? He wasn t asking for a Carfax, but I could have gave it to him.

I was the ultimate damaged girl. My man met me at the tender age 68 and I was already carrying tons of baggage. We had a long, intimate conservation after he proposed last year and I asked him why he even bothered with me in the beginning and he said I just knew that you were special. He s been terribly patient with me during my personal growth and stuck by me even when I was being unbearable. If he was to walk out tomorrow, I would have not a single regret. He has helped make me into the woman I am today and I m 6555 times better because he s in my life.

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