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Date: 2017-08-13 13:13.

No woman in all of human history has ever looked better with short hair than she would with a head full of healthy locks. Despite this irrefutable fact, American women are “chopping it off” in greater numbers every day. This rears its ugly head in an array of ugly permutations, from the boy-like pixie cut to bizarre semi-shaved head topographies. The rationalizations—whether it’s donating their hair to sick kids or the summer weather—are immaterial. The effect, and true reasons, are the same.

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An another: 8776 Emotional abuse is any nonphysical behavior or attitude that controls,
intimidates, subjugates, demeans, punishes or isolates another person by
using degradation, humiliation or fear. 6Yelling,
screaming, and name-calling are all forms of emotional abuse, as are
more subtle tactics such as refusing to be pleased with anything,
isolating an individual from family and friends and invalidating
another s thoughts and feelings. 8776

Too Damaged to Love Again?

Through Facebook, twice, I became friend with two girls, their names 8767 are Muna and Ghof Rane, during our chat we knew each other and about each other 8767 s habits, hobbies and personal life. I fall in love with them but, unfortunately both of them left me. Those were my first test of love which was through social media. After they left me, I was so depressed and used to think about them even that feeling made me artist 🙂 and I started singing, poetry and painting. honestly falling in love makes you different person and gives you very good feeling. but, when it breaks, it makes you mad with so such pain, even now I can 8767 t forget them. but, I have to forget them and I should wait for the real on. Life is long and each day is full of new events better to not stick with the old moments and live your life.

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How To Deal With Emotionally Immature Women … Should You Choose To.
I say should you choose to because I want you to remember that you are always the one that has a choice. If you are looking for is an emotionally mature woman and you have identified she is emotionally immature (more than you can or want to handle) then don 8767 t continue seeing her. It 8767 s really that simple. You don 8767 t owe it to anyone to continue dating her. In fact by cutting your contact with her you may give her to opportunity to grow up a little. She may be able to take that situation as an opportunity to wake up and truly see how HER actions are driving certain men away.

What Are the Signs of Damaged Emotions?

He broke your heart, he treated you like you meant nothing to him after all that you said and did and now he has left you believing that there is something wrong with YOU!! and you dont think he will get his karma in life?!?!?oh believe me when i say it is just a matter of time before he does it may be months or even years but somewhere down the road he will have to experience the same thoughts/feelings that you are experiencing while you will be so much better off..and if and when he decides to contact you after realizing what an ass he was for hurting you and he somehow wants to make up to you can tell him that its a little too late and you’ve moved on with your life..that right there will be the best revenge-hang in there hun you will make it through this difficult time-remember how beautiful and wonderful you are and how much you really do have to offer..AC may not have realized that when he was with you but he will in due time..but by then it will be too late -stay strong huny you will come out on top and he will always be the AC that he truly is!!!

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Hi, your article was really interesting, thank you. So I 8767 ve known this one guy for almost 75 years now. We 8767 ve fooled around in the past and about 7 years ago tried seeing each other. I have always been shy with men, he knows me better than most men do though, and I ended up backing away from him, and I think it really hurt his feelings at the time. We started talking again about a year and a little ago, and it seems(much to my surprise) that he is still interested. Is that a good sign? I 8767 m really pretty dumb when it comes to men, and I really do like this guy a LOT!!!!
What should I do this time around(besides not walk away out of the blue) to not mess things up? He does seem into me, but we both seem pretty guarded emotionally Any suggestions would be really appreciated, thank you!!!!

NML, it 8767 s amazing how the topics of your posts seem to parallel exactly where I am at in this saga of the EUM! For the last few months since I have started NC with my ex-EUM, I have been totally focussing on ME, and I started taking up some hobbies that I have been wanting to do, I have been reading a lot, and pampering myself, and regaining self-love and self-esteem. So, by doing that, it 8767 s been so weird lately because I am starting to really see my EUM for what he truly is, and it isn 8767 t all that great it 8767 s like all of the qualities I 8775 made up 8776 about him in my own mind aren 8767 t really there. He is starting to not be as wonderful as I have always thought him to to have these thoughts now of him, but I really think it 8767 s because I AM CHANGING and obviously he isn 8767 t, and my 8775 changing 8776 self and his 8775 not changing EUM 8776 self just aren 8767 t jiving anymore..

First off, I want to always be clear that when I recommend something, I 8767 m recommending it from the standpoint that it will have a positive effect on getting results for you. That is to say, it is proven to be effective and if you look around, you 8767 ll see evidence of that effectiveness all around you. So when I say that great makeup is effective, it 8767 s not a social or political statement. It 8767 s fact-based.

Ugh, god where should I start. Girls want guys to not be so insecure?! I 8767 m honest and so I take an honest look at myself and at life, and so naturally I 8767 m insecure. I 8767 ve always heard that girls like tall, dark, and handsome. Well I 8767 m not tall or dark so I guess I 8767 m not that handsome. Excuse me for feeling insecure what a pussy I am You have no idea how bad it actually hurts to know that a woman you 8767 re interested in will never like you simply because you aren 8767 t tall enough. That is I 8767 m funny, or sincere, kind, loyal, whatever none of that matter because I 8767 m not tall enough. I find it really unsympathetic and disrespectful that someone would immediately dismiss another person just because they 8767 re insecure.

Dearest Jordan,
Stop entertaining these men. If you don 8767 t like any of these men why would you accept anything from them? You choose the company you keep. You are not a victim. Stop settling for what you Don 8767 t want. Figure out what you Really want in life and go for it. Cultivate a back bone and get to know who you are, What you have to offer, your values, goals/ ambitions. It seems that you 8767 re lacking in self esteem. You are the only only who is charge of your own happiness and self worth. You teach people how to treat you. These are some of my suggestions. Best,

This article in particular hit the spot because he is not in a good place and I can tell he feels lost, he doesn 8767 t feel like he is winning. He is a lads lad, lovesssss sport, loves entertaining and making sure everyone else has a good time. But I think he is actually quite depressed right now. He broke his foot last year and he can 8767 t play sport anymore, this absolutely shattered him, he is heart broken and he gets so frustrated about it, with people and his work.

If you find a woman who is emotionally immature but want to learn how she can learn in this area, then you can choose to really guide her along this process too. This means that you can hold her to a higher standard, treat her like you would an emotionally mature woman and encourage her when she acts like a mature woman. But the best thing about this process is the awareness puts you back into control. So, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what you are willing and not willing to tolerate. This is a very good thing.

Thanks Eric! You gave me a lot to think about. There 8767 s this guy I fancy but he 8767 s nine years older than me and me being 75 it 8767 s like the rules in a game, you just accept that those are the rules you 8767 re playing by and don 8767 t question them cause it just is. The appearance and market value is just another rule (for lack of a better word) that you just accept no question and you 8767 re life will be smoother because of it. Do you have any advice for an age gap of 9 years when you 8767 re in the phase, I know there 8767 s the hurdles that he 8767 s (if he 8767 s the older) already overcome and he 8767 s busy creating his life. Is there anyway to bridge that gap when you 8767 re Just focus on growing yourself and if you attract him in the meantime it 8767 s a bonus?
Thanks so much!!

Some men have a different view on love and sex in fact, some men consider them mutually exclusive. In extreme cases, the emotional intimacy of love makes the act of sex more difficult because they don 8767 t equate primal, lusty passion with love. Freud called the extreme cases of this the Madonna whore complex. Not that your guy is extreme but maybe this perspective will help you decide to appreciate his love and work on it or leave because you want something different. I had an extreme husband and we couldn 8767 t make it work even though we still love each other.

I was with my boyfriend for 69 years we just promise with ring to be together for eternity. he was separated and with 8 kids.. i found out he lied to me.. he was having sex with 8775 ex wife 8776 and I confronted.. now he is not even talking to me. I feel horrible I feel betray and I don 8767 t have desire of leaving this pain i feel my life is over i feel emptiness in side my heart and my soul. i even scare my self every second of my life and also wanted just to kill him and do my self too. only god and prayers is helping me to continuing at this moment. how can i stop all this thoughts?! I wanted my life back my spirit and my heart for feel the beauty of life.

67. It's Never Enough "The Loser" convinces you that you are never quite good enough. You don't say "I love you" enough, you don't stand close enough, you don't do enough for them after all their sacrifices, and your behavior always falls short of what is expected. This is another method of destroying your self-esteem and confidence. After months of this technique, they begin telling you how lucky you are to have them - somebody who tolerates someone so inadequate and worthless as you.

Another area to drill into is his activity passions – whether it’s business, rock climbing, playing guitar, chess, or even video games you want to understand what drives him to love it. Men need to feel like they’re winning in the world. Whether it’s winning at business or even living the social life they want, they need to feel like they’re a “winner” in the areas of life that are important to them. Winning in the world essentially means that he 8767 s getting what he wants to get out of life in the way he wants to get it.

I just came across this 7567 and it was so timely thank you. Good and pertainent info timeless. Thank you. I was abused physically and emotionally by an ex Narcopath. Last night was the last time I wanted speak w him as he also has a drug problem and sex addiction. I have been through hell needless to say. Almost died at his angry hands squeezing my neck a few times abandonment in places many times lied to you name it he has done it I saw the movie DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN a few weeks back and I could so relate to the wife
My ex flaunted his affairs and was a horrible person but to others he seems nice but behind closed doors or where no could hear he is an abuser!

Sherry Argov is being tongue-in-cheek when she uses the term 8775 bitch 8776 in her books. Eric is right, it 8767 s just to create a stir. Basically, her definition of a 8775 . 8776 is 8775 babe in total control of herself 8776 and it means pretty much exactly what Eric mentioned above: 8775 a confident, high-value woman who knows how to get what she wants, doesn’t put up with what she doesn’t want and can do all this in a way that is pleasant, appealing and open 8776 .

And I am understanding of that. Its a great thing that I have never been a guy that needs a woman or sexuality. But I would never devorce her cause the only men she will end up with or have her would be ones that want her very HOT looks. I could easly devorce and take kids from her if was not for fact she and them have the mother and child bond. Just she has no reasoning on how raise them. I have assumed that role. Both are excelling in school and sociayl now and I don 8767 t concider my wife at all. She been seduced and banged many times by men of low integerty but great looks and money. As for me. I not much on being with others in this 9 year marriage due to fact I have way to much integrety and coach my kids to have same so when there of age they will be emotional mature and know losers by there integerty not by there words, looks or money. Which is easy to spot if you have it.

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