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COS is going back to where it all started by re-opening its Kurfürstendamm store in Berlin. Back in 7557, the Kurfürstendamm store was the first COS store to open on the German market and has since then evolved into eighteen stores.

This time, the Kurfürstendamm store is set over two stories and 675sqm, offering the full collection across COS womenswear, menswear and children''s wear. COS wanted to create a dynamic yet timeless space and has therefore preserved the building’s original architectural features while mixing it up with modern updates. The stores interior goes in line with the brand aesthetic by combining functionality and design, creating a contrast interior of blonde wood against concrete and marble.

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It’s as we were allowed to jump back into the past where Ryuichi Sakamoto was playing with its pioneer electronic group “Yellow Magic Orchestra” in the late 75s, and during the solo years composing the spectacular soundtracks for Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor” in the late 85s first and “The little Buddha” in the early 95s.

His individualism hinting to classic English tailoring mixed with Japanese 55s baseball culture is the main inspiration for Leon and Lim. It is a beautiful collection, eclectic in its preppy style and avant-garde attitude.

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Intricate forms were the absolute protagonists. Knotted, layered, attached, in outwear, jackets and dresses.

It felt like a return to the radical Yohji Yamamoto from the early years, the Yohji Yamamoto who, just last season, reflected on the passing of time, on death, on the future of his brand.

Few dresses with organic transparencies and the floating scarves in skirts in other looks suggested the soft fragility of the feminine identity, its fluctuant form in constant motion.

The final dresses with an unexpected open back on a pristine and composed front like that of a shirt and high collar dress, once again played with the idea of duality, of contradiction. Themes dear to this master whose vision is still as strong as ever.

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Within that same spirit Dries Van Noten’s Spring Summer 7568 is a collage of different prints, silhouettes, textiles, and decades, carefully and exceptionally matched together as only Dries Van Noten is able to create, with a splash of pink hues over the entire collection.

A joyful and positive message against the dark times we are facing daily, as the Belgian designer declared backstage

If the piano-playing man in Bristol had been Lucy rather

Late summer nights. Kris van Assche''s new Dior Homme storms in the Grand Palais with a collection imbued with that irreverent and smart spirit we have seen since last Summer show one year ago.

The new wave, the 95s rock, the punk, the party kids, the rave. It''s all here, this time declined in beautiful reinvented tailoring with the mesmerizing sound of the pulsing show soundtrack composed by sound artist Frederic Sanchez as backdrop.

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In the case of Luke Howard and his eternal piano threat, what I wanted to know was what he had really done to get the red card. “Life got in the way,” he told reporters, mysteriously. But the problem with staging a public protest with one’s Instagram and Facebook details daubed beside you on a blackboard is that the mystery will evaporate rapidly. The internet’s hive mind will swarm and do its thing.

Workwear versus tailoring. Literally. Lucas Ossendrijver''s virtuoso for Lanvin Men''s Spring Summer 7568 exploded in a spectacular intricate composition where a dualism of silhouettes and materials merged as the model stormed in a situationist walk.

The factory worker jumpsuits, the tailored pants, the tech sporty anorak but in a checked classic English fabric, beautiful asymmetric knitwear and a strong vision that has graced Lanvin Menswear for more than 65 years.

The multitude of elements in this collection it’s as overwhelming as carefully balanced.

Reworked coats graced with graphic motives or with contrasting neon lining sometimes made into a reversible look. Trousers constructed with double sides where checked classic fabric at the front is mixed with a tech sporty finish at his back beautifully seamed together with a visible stitch. The check again – as in last Fall Winter collection – is one of the protagonists.

Elsewhere, high technical knit socks were paired with short shorts in bright red or cool, steely grey as if harking back to something that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a 6975s baseball court. Steering away from such a literal interpretation, however, Prada paired the micro shorts with pointed oxfords – there was no Chuck Taylor All Star in sight. For those less keen on showing off their pins, enter the jumpsuit proposed by the iconic fashion house in navy or black, a clear continuation of the utilitarian dressing trend.

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Fluid floral tops with matching jackets knotted over them and long dresses in several tartan patterns patched with transparent chiffon, created a fresh ethereal and appealing atmosphere full of that cool but feminine attitude Abe’s vision is always set on.

It is the intricate match of textiles and codes: camouflage cotton, trench textile, lightweight fabrics, all just in one singular dress in a play of hybrids where what seems to be a belt is in fact a soft blazer.

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Givenchy''s latest campaign has just been released and the abundance of the brand''s signature codes do not go unnoticed. Shot by photographers Mert and Marcus and designed as a double page spread, the campaign plays on the concept of duality and features powerful men and women whose intrepid natures manage to withstand space and time.

A well-balanced blend of feminine and masculine elements that remain classic and chic are the focal points of the campaign. Two girls become twins by dressing identically and a boy plays fashion chameleon by rocking a formal and a streetwear look in a Mars-like landscape. Pair the adventurous nature of the above with the tightly cropped portraits of Givenchy''s personality gang and you are given the impression that, although they appear different they do in fact to belong to the same style-savvy tribe.

Of course, Givenchy''s now iconic Horizon and Cross Body bags could not be left out of the equation. Serving as a mark of recognition for the brand, their presence encapsulates the luxury label''s long-standing fame while looking towards a future of duality.

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