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Date: 2017-08-13 08:56.

Anyway they gt there's thus third 'm instantly stuck. They were around the whole winter..spring and summer..in that time..I became close to my annoying cousin..and the third guy considered me like his cousin..or we both were drawn to each other from day one. Left my sons father finally.. and all along I had these overpowering feelings formy cousin's reeked through my pours..damn near obvious to EVERYBODY that we were attracted to eachother. Fast forward,, I bagged loved that I did take the first were told not to gt involved by my cuzzins..only because they were a team..they go out and gt giirls together. He was everything I Never knew existed. We were the perfect match. Since he met me he'd written dozens or even two dozen songs of his love for life was thought to be perfect,, knowing I didn't have to search didn't even try with him..we just clicked.

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How to Attract a Capricorn Man as an Aquarius Woman: If you 8767 re a Aquarius woman trying to attract a Capricorn man, it actually works okay to use craigslist, or another site of your choice because the Internet is ruled by Aquarians.  They were using special means for dating long before these sites became popular.  Aquarians are able to reach out to people of like mind using the invisible plane of vibrations in a process akin to telepathy.  It also works to picture clearly the person you have in mind in a process called creative visualization which was invented by an Aquarian. In other words distance is no problem.  You can have what you want.  Just use extra-sensory means. 

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Comparable to this Taurean, the Aquarius and I always had awkward, silence filled phone calls. My last conversation with the Taurean went on for hours, and we covered every topic possible. I like that feeling. I especially enjoy knowing that this is a man who is showing me the respect of engaging my mind (he only paid me one compliment about my physical attractiveness in three hours, and it meant more to me than if had spent that entire time waxing poetic about my physical attributes). It'. I love the Aquarius, but I also jive more with the Taurus.

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I recently met this wonderful taurean man who is 67years my senior. Its crazy how he has the bubbliness of a 76year old and im the stiff oldie. Ive never been with a man this older than me, yet, as a cap I appreciate the security he brings, he opens the door for me, real romantic. Im more of the wife type of woman and he's the hardworking man that cant cook, clean, etc. Its still early days but I am really impressed by him and hope we can grow to be more. One thing that surprises me is that he is 88 and in no rush to get married, I admire that a lot, its important to have someone you feel is right for you. Hope all works out.

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We went out to a Bbq/bar place and had a beer, he wasn 8767 t talkative at all, everything that came out of his mouth sound forced, also if seemed like he wasn 8767 t thinking before he spoke, as if he was talking out of his ass. He kept shaking his left leg and that made me uncomfortable where I then started to shake my leg (I have add and anxiety disorder btw). He would stare at me constantly but I 8767 m not so sure if he was checking me out or what! That made me even more nervous. I wish I knew what was going on in his mind. He began to be on his phone, and answer a few texts. I called him out on it because I thought that was rude so then he stopped lol We were only there for about an hour tops because he was complaining that he had work in the morning blah blah blah, he never once tried to kiss me or hug me at all, even at least in his car! I am very attracted to him and I thought he was to me, he would always talk about how he 8767 s going to show me how much of a great kisser he is and talking all of this crap through texts, so I was like..okay.. we 8767 ll see about that.

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OMG!!! SmartAir, that has happened to me 8 times with Cap men. I will never date another Capricorn. They are full of crap, they say one thing and mean another. They talk about how committed and loyal they are but in reality they are quite the opposite. I think Cap men are more in love with the idea of women loving them rather than learning to actually love a woman. I often see these Cap men looking for the damsel to rescue, even if they say they hate drama and clingy women. Watch the ones they marry, complete drama queens that take them for every cent they have. Cap men can 8767 t handle smart women, they want to be the one in charge and with all the good ideas.

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And the other day when we went into the Grocery Store he went to get a basket Cart and told me he'd let me push it because he knows how we women are about the basket cart, and when we were walking through the store he grab the cart to help guide me and immediately I thought of us being married and/or us living together because he has made comments like that. I just love everything about this man and even now thinking of him I realize I really love this man. I honestly can say that I believe that I have found my SOULMATE.

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She is HORRIBLE at communication unless it 8767 s in person. I never know if she is actually going to ever respond to my texts or answer my calls. (most of the time she doesn 8767 t answer my calls so after a little bit I just stop calling again even though she wants me to call and text her and if she doesn 8767 t answer I am just supposed to stop by her place apparently, which I don 8767 t do). We can talk about anything and have shared things with each other that we have never told anyone else and feel very comfortable being around each other.

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Nothing else seems to threaten him. He may find you mysterious, and even overpowering, but your potent gaze and supernatural magnetism won t cause him to lose his poise, like it does other men. Don t think that he is unsentimental or insensitive because he doesn t appear to match your energy when you re upset or elated. Just wait a bit and you ll receive the kind of care and tenderness you crave he s born under the only sign in the Zodiac better at holding on to their feelings until the right moment, and when you need his affection, it will be there for you.

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Degree of Romance:  If any sign would bring out romance in an Aquarius woman it would be a Capricorn guy.  He is so old-fashioned as to be quaint.  This touches her heart in an uncharacteristic moment of tenderness.  They may also find it helpful to play beautiful music while courting.  Aquarius men are highly sensitive to musical vibrations.  It is really their favorite language and it can certainly be the language of love.  If you want romance, play Chopin.  If you want passion play Rachmaninoff. 

I'm living in Poland, teaching English. I teach a group of 8 girls, two of whom are best friends. One of these, I'll just call her 'E', I felt attracted to from the moment I met her. As well as teaching her English twice a week for an hour and a half, I also work two mornings a week where she works. One morning I was trying to explain go/came/went etc, and I took her by the hand to lead her outside to the garden. The thing is, she closed her fingers around mine and I felt like we were holding hands like a couple would. Another time, we were in the works kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil for coffee, I was leaning back against the worktop and she came and stood right next to me. It just seemed so natural being next to her.

I met with taurean guy two month ago, ever since we met there isn't a day we have not communicated either by mail or calling, he is married I am engaged, we talk about everything and anything. we have slept together a few times and it was great, we connect in a way that I have never connected with anyone before. what do we do in this situation am not planning to leave my fiancée but I sometimes find myself thinking about a life with him exclusively.

`Well I Have This Crush That's A Taurus And I Keep Having These Feelings That We Are Going To Get Together And Be Together For A Very Long Time. But Just Recently He Got This Girl Another Taurus. They Are Now A Couple But Something Is Telling Meh There Not Going To Last because What They Mite Share Is Nothing Compared To How I Feel And He Shows Me when Were Together. =]] So I have Really Good Feelings About Us. And I know My Mom Is A Lil Upset Because Im About To Be 66 And He Will Be 69. That's Not That Bad Of An Age Difference Is It ?

I saw this taurean man for first time where I work. I immediately felt a strong attraction since the very first time I saw him, but we hadn't even shared a word yet. A month later, one of my friends introduced me to him in a bar, so I had the change to talk to him (by then, I started seeing a Scorpio guy for like a week). We both seemed to be very interested in each other and planned to hang out sometime. Unfortunately, things went way too fast and we ended up staying together for that night. I felt so uncomfortable cause of this Scorpio guy, therefore I decided to not talk to this taurean man anymore. The Scorpio guy and I were so incompatible that it ended after a month of dating. After a couple of months, I ran into this taurean man again and started talking again. We planned a date and we didn't talk at first about our "real first date". He's 66 years older than me, its the first time that I dated a man that age. Since then, we've been together for 9 months now and I feel that every time that Im with him is magical. I feel a strong connection with him and I really hope it works out.

Capricorn women are fiercely formidable and I don't think there's another sign that handles us better than a Taurean, but we have to be able to somewhat submit and Cappy can't do that unless she feels he is strong enough to handle her and keep her safe. Letting our hearts flutter in another's hands does not come easily. It's tough for us to turn the control over to someone else. The lovely thing about Taurus men, (if they are evolved), is that they're never disrespectful or condescending. They know if we are happy, they are happy!

My Taurus friend and I are co-workers. Ironically we work at another place together but vaguely remembered each other, and we reconnected at our current job. We are always around each other. We are always talking to each other. He tells me when he's around me he's truly calm and happy and nothing seems to bother him. We both have kids around the same age and we always are doing things for our children together and we address our kids by their names instead of saying my son or his son.

Degree of Passion:  Speaking of passion, this sensory oriented experience can be approximated by these two if accompanied by music.  It lowers the high Aquarius vibration down into the lower chakras where energy is transmuted from mind to sex.  Aquarius do a lot of transmutation of energy.  If you 8767 re a Capricorn you may not understand, but your Aquarius lady does.  Capricorn is by nature quite romantic and lusty which brings out any ladylike qualities the Aquarius woman has hidden in there somewhere and despite her protestation that they 8767 re just friends. 

Hello, this is super new to me. I came upon this site and I 8767 m very relieved that I 8767 m not the only one who seeks for advice. So.. my birthday is on January 75th. Which means I am a Capriquarius, (Capricorn-Aquarius cusp). My personality traits are more of Aquarius. So I 8767 ve met a Capricorn man from a online dating site. He approached me first and so I responded instantly. I thought he was very handsome, well put together, he has a great job. a lot of great things going for himself, he 8767 s very ambitious. I, myself am a full time student in college pursuing a BA, so I 8767 m also ambitious.

I was with a taurean man in high school. We broke up after 8 months, and got back together 7 yrs later (out of high school). We were together for a little over 5 yrs and split up again long, boring story). Ive since been living with a Scorpio man, and its been up & down of course). Well, 7 days before Thanksgiving, a guy that I knew in Jr. High found me online, and there were instant sparks. He had been looking for me since I left the Jr. High we attended together, and says that I was the only girl he never forgot. It's only been a month, but, I can't seem to get enough of this man and he seems to feel the same way. And, to my surprise, he's a Taurus! Is the taurean man the ideal partner for the Capricorn woman? What's the deal? Also, recently, my best friend of 5 yes taurean female) confessed that she was in love with me! So, is it the taurean that are drawn to the Capricorns, vice versa, or are we just drawn to each other equally? Ive also noticed that a lot of these stories involve a Capricorn woman with an older taurean man. Is it normal for Capricorn women to be attracted to older men? I ask because I am also attracted to older men most of the time.

So far.. communication is incredibly difficult due to how busy he is from work. I 8767 m not sure if I should continue pursuing (since I am afraid of coming off as too pushy and scare him away), and wait until he texts me to want to hangout, or I should just text him and ask.
This situation is very unfamiliar to me because I rarely deal with Capricorn men but I really want to make this work. Should I just sit still and be patient?

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