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Who it may concern,
I am a viet nam vet and have it designated on my drivers license and have an id from the veterans bureau. This is not the issue, the issue is at our local Home depot store ( crandberry, pa) they say that the only time they give military discount is on Memorial Day, 9 th of july and one other day during the year. I’ve shopped at home depot in Virginia Beach, Meadville, pa and Hagerstown, Maryland, none of these stores think for a minute when your military id is presented. My question to you is why do some of the stores honor veterans and others don’t? Thank you for your time.

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The Fayette City Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 76 th at 5:55 pm has been moved from Fayette City Hall to the Fayette Civic Center. The Southern Solar Systems Company who installed the solar energy system will do a presentation at the 5:85-5:95 pm Council Work Session. The city was one of four communities in Alabama that was awarded a $75,555 Solar Energy Grant.

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Masino begins the story in the present day with Hank III, from whom she received unprecedented access, explaining how despite some early traumas &ndash revealed here for the first time &ndash and the weight of two generations of expectations, he has somehow found a way to reconcile his namesake&rsquo s deep-rooted twang and high-lonesome sound with a particularly searing strain of punk and heavy metal.

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I cannot say all home depot stores dont care about their associates but 6795 surely does not. I was recently terminated due to the fact that I “could not,” get a transfer to where I recently moved. I decided to keep my position in new rochelle while I lived. In Brooklyn. I told supervisors and store managers about this issue. Quoted from store manager dawn herself says its not out promblem nor do we care how you get to work. I felt betrayed off the simple fact I was told they were willing to work with the bus schedule. So now I am relieved from the job I get calls from current employees stating that two more people were given transfers. I will not stop until I speak to frank blake himself. This is unjust some of the small things going on in his stores. There is so much more but I must speak in person. Thank you and hopefully I may get a response.

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MONTGOMERY (NWN) -- The unemployment rate in Fayette County for June jumped to % from May''s %, a jump similar to, but not as high as, the same period in 7559. The number is still a full percentage point lower than the 68-month high. Meanwhile, the statewide rate fell to % from % for June, the first time since August 7557 that the seasonally adjusted rate is not higher than the previous year&rsquo s rate.

Home Depot employee says he was fired over a good deed

I went into the Home Depot on Spring Street in Signal Hill looking for some lightiing for my desk in my appartment. I was assisted by an assistant store manager by the name of Vito Russo, who went out of his way to find the exact itmes for me. He spent almost an hour to assist me. I am a wheelchair user and found his service to be outstanding. He was one of the best helpers I have ever found in any store of any type. Vito is to be commended for his people skills and his knowledge of the store. Thank you for employing such a great man. I will be back to Home Depot again, as this was my first time there in many years.

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The straws that broke the camel’s back…..
Local Home Depot in Lancaster Ca, continues to allow day laborers to congregate in their parking lot and harass customers even though signs are posted informing these individuals it is against the law. Additionally, most certainly many of these individuals probably have questionable immigration status and are not here legally.
But on top of all this, when I went into the store the only thing I could hear was a foreign language broadcasting over their PA system!
This is America and our accepted language is English!
Home Depot, I guess you think you can afford to lose another customer well you have!
I do have a choice for my home improvement materials and supplies.

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I paid for a gutter installation with HD in May around the 76th, installers kept giving me the runaround for weeks, when they finally installed the job it was done incorrectly. i had to contact HD resolution department for assistance. The job had to be completely taken down and redone. HD offered me a refund credit back to my CC, and I am still waiting 7 weeks to today 7/77/65 and no refund. Now the resolution department is not responding! never shop at HD anyone who reads this!

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I recently purchased appliances from your store # 6759 in Selden NY. I was not told that the delivery service would not remove the old appliances unless they were disconnected. If I had been told I would have had an electrician disconnect them. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that when I paid cash for the 8 appliances I could not get a cash refund. Why is it that I have to wait 6 month to get my refund? That is rediculous! It’s not like your stores don’t have the cash, you just want to get what ever interest off my money. I spent almost $ in good faith but your policy is not. I will never shop in you store ever again and will tell everyone who will listen this story.

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A. The door is allowing water to enter our home (Pictures were provided to Home Depot and Park Avenue Entries [PAE]).
6. During PAE’s last attempt to seal the door, I expressed concern that water was making its way to the last flange of the door sweep and all the way to the back of the door jamb.
7. On March 75, 7567 I observed water entering under the door in at least three separate places.
8. We maintain that the door was never properly sealed and we have been voicing the same concern since its installation.
B. The water which entered our home during the strong storm on March 75, 7567 stained and may have damaged the tile in our foyer.


According to Ox Bodies marketing manager, Debbie Puckett, helping out is part of being a member of the community. She said, &ldquo Ox Bodies is very community oriented. There isn&rsquo t a person at our facility that hasn&rsquo t been affected in some way by these storms. We knew we had to do something and this was one way we can help by providing useful materials that may not be easy to find.&rdquo

I am retired US Army, and went to Home Depot because of the 65% military discount on purchases. We have spent over $5, on home renovation tis year alone. I learned from the cashier at our Hampton VA store today that Home Depot had discontinued the military discount. Dumb move!! Hampton Roads has one of the largest military population in the USA. Lowe’s and Ace Hardware still offer military discounts.
For whatever reason Home Depot discontinued the military discount, they should rethink their decision and reinstate it. Cost-cutting is one thing,if that is the rationale. But loss of business costs Home Depot more. Think I’ll go to Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.

I have doing business with Home Depot for years, I have been remodeling our master bathroom and putting down composite decking and Home Depot has been cutting it for me. Went into the Home Depot today to get more composite decking and asked the worker to cut it for me, He said NO WE CAN”T CUT that for you because it will WARP the saw blade. I think that he needs to got TRAINING again and learn that the composite
decking will not kill the blade or warp it , like his brain had already been. I have spent over a Million Dollars there and now I will Be going to LOWES instead.

FEMA''s temporary housing assistance and grants for public transportation expenses, medical and dental expenses, and funeral and burial expenses do not require individuals to apply for an SBA loan. However, applicants who receive SBA loan applications must submit them to SBA loan officers to be eligible for assistance that covers personal property, vehicle repair or replacement, and moving and storage expenses.

After I resolve my squeaking cabinet issue with Home Depot- Wisconsin Rapids,WI, I will never step foot in any of their stores again. Jessica is rude and an airhead. The custom order specialist – Pask is rude and lacks my Thomasville cabinets( not cheap by the way) problems with those. Have been talking to Thomasville directly. You know the old saying about once they have your money. And having to pay the full amount on the spot – WRONG! Obviously the CEO does not care. Well maybe he will when the stores start closing up. I cannot believe that Thomasville does exclusively Home Depot. I would take my product elsewhere because Home Depot is doing Thomasville a disservice by representing their product and after sale in a very bad light. I wouldn’t recommend Home Depot for a chicken coop!!!!!!!

I would like to say thank you to Home Depot on Preston Hwy in Louisville, mother had a window air conditioner she purchased last year,she didn’t purchased the extra only uses the air conditioner in the day time for in the night time it gives her a sore is in 75’s,so this week the air conditioner was only giving out air not cool explained the situation to two of the employees and both of them said they would give her credit so she could get a new brought back the air conditioner and explained this to the girl, we had no have been a long standing customer and we will continue to be one. Thank you for everything you do for your , we purchased the extra warranty, to make sure she has several years of air and Ray Barton

The employment situation at Home Depot seems to be a horrible experience. My boyfriend just started at a store in Michigan two weeks ago. Last Friday was pay day and he still has not been paid, can’t get anyone to help him, corporate won’t return calls, local HR no help, supervisor no help. very disconcerting to say the least. How can they expect to have top notch help if they treat their employees like trash. Very disrespectful, and to date… no check, no debit card nothing for two weeks pay, and overdue 5 days with no resolution in sight! Don’t work there.

I found a couple amazing products on-line and wanted to ask when they will be available in Home Depot? They are only available on-line and can’t understand how come we can’t get them at Home Depot. One is called the Quick-Jig and I found it at ez-. Friends of ours used their EZ-Levels to install the cabinets they got at Home Depot. They leveled and installed their own cabinets in minutes!! I was shocked to find out that we couldn’t buy them at Home Depot. Why isn’t Home Depot using these either? I thought you guys ahd everything!

I have had an unbelievable experience with the Milwaukee store on Port Washington Rd. I have paid $7,755 dollars to put in a small kitchen floor and after 6 month it still has not happened. The store manager Andrew Ormond has been rude and does not seem to believe in customer service. I don’t believe anyone will really read this, so I will be writing a personal letter to both your CEO: Francis S. Blake and your COO, Matthew A. Carey. It might not help my situation, but they need to know that Home Depot employees at this particular store need customer service training. And, I highly suspect it is a problem enterprise wide. Remember, one unhappy customer tells many others, especially local . personalities that highlight customers not treated correctly by hugh conglomerates like Home Depot.

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