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Any proximity to James or a similarly game-breaking player makes it hard to weigh exactly how much a player is worth just ask any team who signed Mo Williams or people who bought Daniel Gibson jerseys. But now Irving is free to answer all these questions right as he enters what should be his prime. That he was swapped out for a very similar player makes this experiment even juicier. As someone with no particular emotional stake in the Cavs or Celtics as franchises, but who watched Irving play when none of this ever seemed possible, the most interesting part of this season will be seeing all these vague hypotheticals tested. The only thing I know for sure is that the Celtics open against the Cavaliers on October 67, and Irving will seamlessly fill Thomas’s shoes in this capacity:

ABrutal Recap Of The Very Bad Pokémon Go Fest

If I’m upfront about my not wanting something serious and my inability to fall in love, is it then their problem if they continue to harbor delusions of being “the one” that can change me? I get it, I thought I was in love many times before, before I realized it was the constant sex and offerings of food that kept me. So I know feelings can be confusing, but I also really want to get laid consistently with someone I can trust.

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Very recently I broke up with my girlfriend of six months, Jenny (not her real name). Jenny is a wonderful person and we’ve become close, but I knew she was in love with me, while I didn’t feel the same way and could not foresee a strong romantic future with her, feeling more like we would work better as friends. After deciding I needed to break up with her, I possibly made a mistake of waiting a couple weeks to actually do it so that it happened after her birthday and after she finished some stressful school projects. Meanwhile, I have a friend, Tanya (not her real name). Tanya and I met while working professionally on a freelance project, and we subsequently became friends almost exclusively through text, seeing each other (never alone) maybe three times since we finished the project months ago.

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Volume 5, Chapter 3: Unforeseen Complications - Rooster Teeth

I didn''t mean for people to openly fight the Grimm. I fully agree that the sort of training I had in mind does not suffice to effectively take part in fighting off the Grimm, more so, such people would be a burden for the Huntsmen. However, if – along with the training – people were drilled to seek the nearest shelter, these basic skills would ensure that more of the citizens would actually get there, because, as opposed to no training, they would be able to overcome some of the weaker Grimm on their way.

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Let me be clear: this was an arbitrary decision. It was different than what I’d talked talked with our senior team about yesterday. I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet. I called our legal team and told them what we were going to do. I called our Trust & Safety team and had them stop the service. It was a decision I could make because I’m the CEO of a major Internet infrastructure company.

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Based solely on the information we have so far - we are not entirely sure that "speed" is Ruby''s semblance. Qrow said that Ruby''s semblance was "bursting into rose petals" and her speed could just be a side effect of her her actual semblance. Also..based on the glimpses we''ve had of Ghost Summer - she may have "bursted into rose petals" too. So we don''t know if Ruby inherited her semblance either.

And also, it has not been clarified by CRWBY what the silver eye powers are, is it a semblance? Are speed and "bursting into rose petals" side effects of having silver eyes and her silver eyes ARE the semblance? We don''t know. But we do know that Ruby could pass the silver eye trait on to her child, because Summer did. And no, the two souls would not be inherited - but we can discuss if their child could be a candidate for Ozpin''s soul after he dies - like how the Maiden''s powers are passed. Ozpin did say they had to be "a like minded soul".

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But where did they Get the Crystal''s? Does her aura make her able to summon Constructs for a cost? What was that cost? Did she use her own blood? It is said that every living being makes Dust/Crystals, So wouldn''t it be ethical if she had a power to Produce Dust inside herself? (only small Of Course) If so, How did this happen? Why is that there? is it another Aura? Will she be able to Recover if the dust is in her blood/body? and btw why wont they Weiss just say, "Hey so i protected your 7 daughters from getting killed, We got separated so.  we are huntresses together and we stay together and thats why i''m going to haven to find Ruby

Cloudflare CEO on Terminating Service to Neo-Nazi Site

Some of this is due to inexperience. A lot of people (myself included, way back when) will find a situation like this and feel like they have to grab it with both hands. They believe that this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation. They think they’ll never find someone this awesome that’ll make them feel this good and if they miss out, then they will go to their graves believing they missed their One True Love.

roacheboy - Ruby isn''t Raven''s daughter - she doesn''t seem to care about Ruby, she barely cares about Qrow (or is that he''s a big boy who can take care of himself?). Either way Raven probably sees it more as a business transaction anyway "Nothing personal, but my men gotta eat."

As for the first part of your questions. I just gotta say HUH? It''s been explained, by Winter, that "All Schnee''s can summon" and Weiss just needs to focus and concentrate and "call her fallen foes". I guess that might mean - in your terms - the "price" was paid with their blood and with Weiss''s victory. (You do know that the Huntsman she summons is the knight from the White Trailer, right?)

What shocked me the most was when she asked if it was because of someone else - specifically, if it was because of Tanya. Jenny had been cheated on by previous partners, and it made her anxious and constantly afraid of it happening again. She knew Tanya and I texted often, and on the few occasions we did see each other, Jenny could sense Tanya was into me even when I couldn’t at the time. She did not mention any of this to me prior to this day, for fear she would seem paranoid, which I understand. I confirmed to Jenny that I have not cheated on her, and it’s just about how I feel about her, and no one else.

For some reason I feel as though Weiss erred in telling Vernal about Winter. Even if Ironwood closed the borders and recalled his forces if there''s the threat of war on the horizon, would he really withdraw his special operatives which, one could assume, includes those skilled at reconnaissance? Hypothesis: If Cinder comes to the bandit camp, might Raven take that information abut Ironwood''s troops and use it for bartering?

Which is confusing to me because I thought we discussed this? Which leads to a weird ultimatum of “date me or GTFO.” Which, whoa dude, I mean if they were getting too attached and wanted to fall back to just being friends, sure. I mean it would suck for me but I value them as a friend more than getting off so after a minor mourning period of losing a fuck buddy I’d adjust and be a friend.

The app is certainly a relic, from a time when the casual computer user couldn’t crack open Photoshop or Skitch or Pixelmator or thousands of web apps. MS Paint can’t save image components as layers or vectors it’s for making flat static images only. It doesn’t smooth lines or guess at your best intentions. It does what you tell it and nothing more, faithfully representing the herky-jerky motion of drawing freehand with a computer mouse. It’s from a time before touch, a time before trackpads.

“We need to have a discussion around this, with clear rules and clear frameworks. My whims and those of Jeff [Bezos] and Larry [Page] and Satya [Nadella] and Mark [Zuckerberg], that shouldn’t be what determines what should be online,” he said. “I think the people who run The Daily Stormer are abhorrent. But again I don’t think my political decisions should determine who should and shouldn’t be on the internet.”

In the couple weeks leading up to breaking up with Jenny, it became clear to me that Tanya and I had a lot of chemistry and that I could see myself dating her. Once I made the decision to break up with Jenny, my ideal plan was to remain friends in whatever way worked best for her. Then after a month, following another professional engagement I had with Tanya and assuming I still felt strongly about her, I would ask Tanya out.

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I can''t explain just how giddy I was when Ozpin finally laid his cards down (most of them, presumably). From the very first Volume and Chapter until the 5th and now. I''ve been wracking my brain to figure out his identity almost everytime I sat down to watch a new release. Looks like most of my theories were incorrect, or just not quite accurate. But that just made this all the more exciting to see and hear.

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