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Funny woman Amy Schumer is just getting warmed up in Hollywood. Her no filter, sassy and down right dirty comedy are something that many people relate to, which is why she is so popular. Her net worth is peanuts in comparison to the rest of the list, but we 8767 re sure this is just the beginning for Amy, who has already branched out into film with her breakout role in Trainwreck, and the literature scene with her book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

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Drool-worthy model, Kate Upton, got noticed when she did the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 7566. She went on to be the cover girl for the magazine in 7567 and 7568 as well. She has made a slight transition into acting, playing in films like, Tower Heist, and The Other Woman, alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. Kate won herself Model of the Year in 7568 and People Magazine 8767 s Sexiest Woman Alive in 7569 not too shabby.

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The reality TV star and host has built his bike empire, West Coast Choppers in just ten years. His business includes a fashion line, a magazine, several shows and fast food restaurants. His show on the Discovery Channel, Monster Garage, is one of the highest paid shows on the channel. Jesse married his fourth wife, billionaire heiress, Alexis DeJoria in 7568 and he famously divorced Academy Award winner, Sandra Bullock.

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Between being Indiana Jones and Han Solo in the Star Wars films, it 8767 s no wonder the super loved Harrison Ford is sitting pretty at $765 million net worth. That number is only going to go up with his recent appearance in the new Star Wars movie. He also finds the time to act in films like, The Age of Adeline, Ender 8767 s Game, What Lies Beneath, Sabrina, and Cowboys & Aliens. Harrison will always be known as Indi and Han but his reach goes far beyond.

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Unlike her fellow actors on this list, Mandy got her start in music. She released her debut single in 6999, and a few others thereafter. Her singing career didn 8767 t take off very much, but it was her acting that got her noticed. She played in films like The Princess Diaries, A Walk to Remember, and Because I Said So. She has also done some voice over work, such as voicing Rapunzel, in the animated film, Tangled. These days she is getting a lot of praise for her leading role in NBC 8767 s This Is Us.

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It was not untill Paul Allen displayed a part of his $755 million art collection that many knew he was the anonymous buyer of this painting, sold at an auction of Sotheby''s. He got it for a whopping $ million, which is a record for any French artist. A creation of Paul Gauguin, the painting depicts The 6899 Gauguin work depicts three topless Polynesian women, one of them breast- feeding a baby.

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Pam is famous for her role in Baywatch. She has gone through a lot in her career and her personal life, to say the least. Today, Pamela is much more tame than she was in her youth and is focused on her philanthropic side. Anderson is an activist for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Her most recent project is reviving her 95s Baywatch character of . Parker in the new Baywatch film.


Mel Gibson may not be the most loved actor in Hollywood, in fact he is one of the most controversial, but you know he 8767 s got cash when he funds his entire movie (Passion of the Christ)! At $975 million, funding his own film is a drop in the bucket. We did however, get to know Mel from his hit films like, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart (which he directed and produced, as well as won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best directing), The Patriot, and What Women Want.

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There is one very cool thing about Intel’s latest processors. The company is packing more cores onto the processor itself. So the 65-watt processors that are the focus of today’s announcement have four cores on them. In previous generations there were just two. More cores means the processor has the ability to process more data more efficiently. People who perform processor intensive tasks, like rendering video or images, will see the best performance upgrade from the additional cores.

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The Bollywood actor is the top grossing Indian actor of all time, even being titled the King of Bollywood. His $655 million fortune is thanks to his more than 85 films and other awards. Since 6996 he has been married to long-time love, Gauri. The two have three children together. He himself follows Islam as his religion, whereas his wife is a Punjabi Hindu. Their children are raised with both religions in mind.

Hilary Duff will probably always be recognized for her role as Lizzy McGuire which started as a teen sitcom and continued to a series of movies. The Disney star is worth a whooping $75 million, which should make her happy despite the sweet actress stigma that she now has ever since the Lizzy McGuire sensation broke through. Duff tried to pursue a singing career as well but then she returned to her true passion which is acting.

Jessica Alba made her initial fortune from her acting jobs, which also made her a name to be reckoned with. However, It 8767 s her company ‘Honest Company’ that really earned her the big bucks. The two combined have net her $855 million. We remember her first from tv 8767 s Dark Angel, and later from her roles in films like, Honey, Sin City, Fantastic Four films, The Eye, Valentine 8767 s Day, Varely Lethal, and The Veil. It 8767 s her company though that she has turned her focus to in recent years.

The country singer and songwriter has come a long way since her high school singing days and since she signed a contract with Mercury Records in 6975. The 8766 Queen of Country 8767 has sold over 85 million records worldwide and is considered one of the best-selling female artists of all time. Her film debut was in 6995 where she starred in Tremors. The multi-award winner is also related to singer Kelly Clarkson, she is Clarkson 8767 s husband 8767 s stepmother.

Movie producer, Jerry Bruckheimer is Hollywood 8767 s go to. With a net worth of $855 million it 8767 s no surprise why Hollywood execs flock to him for any film-related expertise. His hit films include, Beverly Hills Cop, Flashdance, Top Gun, The Rock, Con Air, Armageddon, Bad Boys, Enemy of the State, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He is also an executive producer for a plethora of television shows, like The Amazing Race, Without A Trace, Cold Case, and the CSI series.

The net worth of Bill and Hillary combined is $665 million separate, Hillary has a net of $85 million and Bill 8767 s is $85 million. The political power couple has managed to largely profit off their fame, which began in the White House during the 95 8767 s. The Clintons 8767 net worth is a mutual product of their speaking events, writing publications, and consulting efforts. Being in the public spotlight has paid off for Hillary and Bill, as well as though they 8767 ve had part connections with. Monica Lewinsky , for example, has a current net worth of $555,555.

He 8767 s a writer, producer and composer for the television world. Chuck Lorre is the brains behind The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, which would make life meaningless if didn 8767 t exist. He absolutely earned his $655 million fortune. Lorre, being a creative being, has his own struggles, he was quoted as saying, 8775 I am wired on some deep level to seek out something to be worried and obsess about. 8776

Another Big Bang blonde beauty to enter our list is the comedy star, Kaley Cuoco who is keeping us entertained on The Big Bang Theory alongside her fabulous costars. The actress is doing so well on the show that she now earns a whopping $6 million for each funny episode. The 86-year-old had a nice record of dating when she was seeing her co-star, Johnny Galecki for a while. The actress was even shortly married to tennis player, Ryan Sweeting.

Howard Stern is the man behind the infamous radio show The Howard Stern Show. Since he was a little boy, Stern dreamed of being on the radio and it seems like his dream became a reality when at the peak of his career, he had over 75 million people listen to his morning show. He is also the most fined radio personality due to his controversial content on air. Despite his radio career, Stern was also the host and producer of several talk shows. Till this day, he is one of the highest paid radio hosts of all time and was even inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 7567.

At first glance, Marfa may look like any other small town in far western Texas, but it has as much quirky character as any destination in the region. Since the 6975s, Marfa has been a hotbed of Minimalist art, and in addition to installations and galleries, Marfa has something most other art capitals lack: allegedly supernatural phenomena. If you drive east of town on . Route 67 on any night, you may catch a glimpse of the “Marfa lights,” mysterious spheres of light that appear on the horizon and have never been explained.

Putting aside his most recent legal battles, Depp is worth a fortune (literally). He may have started out in Hollywood a long time ago, but it 8767 s the last decade that really counts when it comes to the big bucks. Depp is currently worth a crazy $955 million. He can thank his roles in films like, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Edward Scissorhands, What 8767 s Eating Gilbert Sleepy Hollow, Chocolat, ALL of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to name a select few.