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Posted: 2017-12-07 23:56

I do not consider a daily exercise routine to be a hobby.  Exercising is part of living a healthy lifestyle.  Daily exercise becomes even more critical as a person ages. I gave up exercising when I got married and had children, and I paid a price for it health-wise.  That is a mistake I will never repeat.  If a woman cannot handle the fact that I exercise five to six days a week, she is free to walk.  I do not need that kind of negative influence in my life.

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We could begin with the 8775 Girls Only 8776 tag on a panel that had just one person on it, who was not a 8775 girl 8776 . ( 8775 Females 8776 isn 8767 t any worse than 8775 girls 8776 and 8775 ladies 8776 in that write-up every one of those usages sends shudders.) Or the mystery of what 8775 TOO OP 8776 actually meant. I just read the Bleeding Cool article, and it only made my headscratching more feverish.

Online Dating - Men Don''t Get It And Women Don''t Understand

On rare occasions someone has shown a willingness to write something unique. A rare individual that is capable of thinking for themselves and doesn''t feel the need to be a carbon copy of what society tells us are our desirable traits. Of the hundreds of profiles I''ve viewed this past few years I have come across a handful (less than 65 and closer to 5) of women that stand apart from the crowd. That is a very desirable trait in my search.

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The study explained this had an evolutionary advantage. Because for all the hundreds of women out of your league who say no, you might get one yes. And then you have access to really attractive genetic material. But the faulty cognition is passed down to your offspring who also keep chasing women they haven''t a hope with, and getting annoyed when they receive the obvious refusal, and so the cycle continues.

How To Avoid Getting The Fade - Paging Dr. NerdLove

When people start out making declarative statements about broad categories of people like women only want status or assholes get all the girls , that s not having a discussion. That s claiming that you are right and, predictably, it often meets with the lived experiences of people who have contradictory experience. If, in my experience, your supposedly factual statements are incorrect, why would I validate them? When someone says I have a problem , people are almost always willing to extend a hand and help. When people want to discuss an issue and are willing to listen to people who disagree with them, its usually discussed... like this thread, for example.

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Marathon (or half marathon or triathlon) training takes more time than the actual running does. When you 8767 re training to that level, you 8767 re eating all the time, you need to sleep more (and maybe shower more and do more laundry to!) and you also want to add other exercises like weight lifting and cross-training to make sure you 8767 re a well-rounded athlete. Some runners also go to chiropractors, massage therapists, etc. I 8767 m not saying you need or did all that, but being an athlete often becomes a second job. These kinds of passion become a lifestyle, not just a hobby. I get it, the sport definitely does have its rewards. But at the same time, I 8767 m glad I 8767 m not married to a runner or triathlete.

We carefully “peruse” the onslaught of “opportunities” (. responses and messages) we receive because WE HAVE TO. Not because we a rude, stuck-up b*tches atop our thrones. Meanwhile, you guys are doing the ole, what is it? Oh yeah – “numbers game.” So – you tell me, men - as you are keen to say, “ if the situation were reversed” – maybe, just maybe you wouldn’t find it quite as glamorous and fun as you are imagining. We women are wading through a sea of what contains everything from – (best case scenario), truly good guys who perhaps don’t articulate themselves as a match on paper - all the way to a plethora of ( worst case scenario) - psychopaths, married men, rapists, pedophiles and just plain old weirdos, etc.

Completely agree. I think for women, sometimes the order of what s wrong here can be ranked differently but I think this largely comes down to both men and women being conflict averse. If you go out on a few dates, are you required to do a full break up I m sure different people have different answers to this and as a result, lots of ghosting.

To Ryan Dube: Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Ryan. And sadly, I suppose you are right. It is frustrating, for both men and women I guess, how shallow and looks-focused internet dating is. In fact, a study by OkCupid revealed pretty clear data that profile text matters not at all, and pictures are what drive activity on the site. I think, to some extent, this is the case in "real life" too - that people can be superficial, and everyone wants a "gorgeous" mate. But in real life you don''t have this fake world where all the pretty people are spread before you as available to you. You meet who you meet, and can tell quickly in many cases if they will be interested or not, and can also experience more than just the visual. The profiles are meant to give that experience, but I think perhaps, for a variety of reasons, internet dating becomes some fantasy world where everyone seems to think their gorgeous mate is waiting, and it is work to read a profile, and if he/she isn''t attractive enough, why bother?

Finally, please tell me EXACTLY what you mean by these value judgements that you feel are oh so important that you make. Tell me exactly what type of reaction you think is so important that you have to a woman stating she s had sex before.
Bear in mind that I previously stated I fully support you saying We re not compatible. / It s very important that I don t have sex til I m married / I don t want to waste your time or some variant thereof.

But, you ve been communicating in a confrontational manner on this site rather than in a collaborative or curious way, and so you re not inviting charitable interpretations of your writing, which as I said requires a lot of interpretation. If you had communicated differently by signalling curiosity and non-confrontational attitude, others would have been more likely to interpret you charitably in the way I outlined.

I have a couple female friends who re virgins not even for religious reasons, so the group you dudes are trying to appeal to. And guess what?
My virginal (snerk) friends might be pleased to meet another person who shares their exact history and values, but they don t expect it. And they sure as hell don t think they re entitled to it. And they are far more interested in compatibility, being treated with respect, and similar life goals. A dude being a virgin is not going to compensate for him having nothing in common with her.

He does exist. He comes to the village, impregnates all women and goes away. To another village. Then he comes back next year. Women are programmed to have children with the best men they can find. That''s natural selection. I''m not blaming anyone. The rest of life is a bunch of different stories, some are funny, some are happy but half of them are sad. And now because of the computers are running dating scene, we have data to prove it. I think that this is first stage, we just noticed that something is wrong.

You bet it it s frustrating. There s been a strong message in our culture that if you re an adult and are not sexually active there s something wrong with you. Then if you re a guy but not the dreamy-eyed athletic type, many women consider you a creep for showing any sexual interest in them. They ll say sex is wonderful, but only guys they consider worthy are allowed to express interest in them. You just have to learn to approach women in a positive, respectful way, and not let it get to you to get rejected. Yes, this is easier said than done.

Well, and in addition to the having things in common, there s at least some potential for the balancing of rituals. Partners of different faiths can go their separate ways on days of observance or can try to celebrate both sets of holidays, and will generally have some family pressure backing up their decision to keep their own faith. When one of the partners is non-religious, it seems like it s more common for the couple to quietly fall into the pattern of observing the religious partner s rituals.

Women here have been saying this for months at least, but here s a quick summary: Lee NEEDS to find a woman who exactly fits his ideal, because any other kind of woman is going to inevitably get burned. A woman who wants a commitment will get burned because Lee will inevitably waste her time. A woman who wants a casual, no-strings-attached arrangement will get burned because Lee needs her to emotionally engaged and very sensitive to his needs. A woman who is sexually experienced enough to smoothly navigate a sexually-casually-but-emotionally-intimate situation will get burned because Lee doesn t want to feel he s competing with the past.

But on practice in my mind there is little difference. Take DNL s article about high status males, modify it a bit and throw it on any dating site I have seen and you are unlikely to raise any eyebrows. Because when they all talk about high status male they are essentially talking about the same thing, somebody who is socially valuable, somebody who brings something (emotions) to the table and is respected by the others. No dating coach I have seen have claimed that it s only the testosterone filled alpha males or investment bankers that get to have sex.

Frat boys are part of a subculture that values a certain performance of masculinity. Many people find this performance incredibly annoying and/or uninteresting. And some people find it fun/appealing/attractive.
As a group, they DO have a problem with misogyny and consent. Which has been HIGHLY publicized and (at least at my school) made them the target of many rapist jokes. And yet, we re learning that many nerd groups have the EXACT SAME problems that are only now getting any attention.
Of the guys I knew, one was a linguistics nerd, most were gamers, two were writing theses, and most of them had gotten As in high school.

Yet, Ironically, women will spend their 75''s chasing all those players and bad boys who will never in a million years settled for these girls only to figure out that by the time they hit 85, all of the guys they could have had are long gone an these players and bad boys want nothing to do with a 85 year old girl cuz they''re still getting attention from the 75 year old ones. Lifelong cycle. I''m 87. I haven''t had to date a 85 year old EVER. there''s always been a 75 something year old interested in me.

I''m college educated with 7 degrees and a terrific job. I make just under $655k per year, have one grown son with an engineering degree. I''m not overweight, and work out everyday for at least an hour. Hiking in nature preserves in Florida is fun, having lunch overlooking the ocean, I''m a vegan, a good cook, and talent. Can''t get a decent date. I don''t like being attacked on the first date and believe intimacy between two people who love each other is best. I''m interested in hard working men who need someone. An average guy will do. But hard to find.

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