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When it comes to Monsters, Inc., it s throw a dart time. You could go for Boo, arguably the cutest kid in movie history. Or Sulley, John Goodman s lovable walking rug of a monster. Or even Roz, the first evidence that Bob Petersen could do more than work behind the microphone. But it s the refreshing, unforced jollity and decency of Billy Crystal s Mike Wazowski that just about wins out. Endearingly hapless, with a cavalier attitude towards paperwork, the manic wackiness of Wazowski provides the perfect counterbalance to Sulley s more lugubrious nature. And when he s funny, boy, is he funny. No wonder the dude goes into stand-up by the film s end. Oh, and we should also point out that Wazowski is effectively a walking eyeball just another excuse for the boys at Pixar to show that they can take any object or shape and invest it with emotion and life. Show-offs.

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Maybe it s because Captain Hook started out on stage that he s so darn good at getting us all cheering and yelling at the screen - for the other guy. A villain more adept at sneering you d look hard to find, and as cold-blooded killers go it s hard to top him. But he s also a man of culture and some pretentions to finesse, making his all the scarier when he decides to just go for the throat. And it s a testament to this film that, while the character s been played a thousand times, this one feels like the original. Maybe it s that dashing red coat - we do love a man in uniform.

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Well,since NO programme-black or white,would dream of having a life-size Brad-from 6968-
8767 77,Brad was Barbie 8767 s then-boyfriend Ken 8767 s handsome black buddy in my case,I 8767 m a good ol 8767 black Canadian lad,65,with boyish good looks,a muscular build-I 8767 m 5 8767 9 8798 ,755-755 lb.,68-inch biceps-who 8767 s attempting to become a Country song-writer and said to resemble a handsome black cowboy IN AND OUT of my Wranglers jeans and other Western or casual garb-such as Yours Truly,I don 8767 t give two craps about Nia Long or anyone else on TV!!!!!

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Exactly. There is a current campaign to propagate the myth that black women are falling over themselves for white men. Sadly, inferiorized blacks are now perpetuating it. You can see it all over youtube with these black women who feel the need to post lengthy, random, self-deprecating videos about why the only date white guys. Ask yourself what other group of people behaves in this manner. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, 8775 No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. 8776

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I understand what you are saying, but I think both black men and black women tend to date the scraps (either lookswise, successwise, or both) of the white race. Alphas date other Alphas. A white Alpha male or female will date a white Alpha of the opposite gender. Heidi Klum though viewed as successful and beautiful was also knocked up and dumped by a rich white man when she got with Seal, so at that point she was a scrap. No alpha white male would marry a woman that was pregnant with another man 8767 s baby no matter how successful or beautiful she was. Seal was happy to take her that way, but I doubt he would have taken a knocked up and dumped black woman. Somehow white makes everything alright!

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I understand with your mixed background that it is hard for people like you to 8766 keep tally 8767 . But that is in the minority, not the majority. You can deny race all you want. You don 8767 t have to call yourself anything, don 8767 t check any boxes. At the same time, if someone wants to claim, they have a right to as well. Your distaste for people to be part of groups is rejecting the reality that human beings will always categorize or organize. One will see that from the lunchroom to the global landscape, race is included.

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Name one black man of power and wealth dating trash? Wasn 8767 t Heidi Klum ( voted the most beautiful women in the world ) dating a black man ( Seal I beleive and he had a busted face too )? Only broke brothas date undesirable women of other races. Actually the less money any man makes, they usually tend to have less than attractive women. Now tell me, when was the last time a successful black woman dated a white man that was considered the most attractive man in the world? Or at least Hollywood?
The Channing Tatums and Brad Pitts aren 8767 t dating sisters like very often that and for every black woman that does there at least ten more black men dating hot non-black women. It seems powerful sisters date the men even white women don 8767 t want. As you can see successful brothers aren 8767 t hurting for options, only the black ones. Remember that ABC special about the group of successful black women crying about not finding men? Never seen the brothas do that.

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Nia Long shouldn 8767 t be apologetic for having a white love interest. A. It 8767 s a brilliant strategic move bc that means the Best Man is not a 8775 black movie 8776 so more non-black people will go see it.. B. Most of the time when you see a black woman with a white man, she is dating an equal or higher. Her standards don 8767 t change just because he 8767 s white. Some Black men will date 8775 any ol thing 8776 as long as she is not black ie (Elin Woods the nanny), basically the leftovers that the white men didn 8767 t want. So why should the black woman be apologizing?!

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I don 8767 t think it 8767 s stupid, but just about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Black women are probably the last in line to date outside of our race (but more likely than Asian men imo). We 8767 be been taught for so long to look for a good black man and sometimes just aren 8767 t attracted to other races. We may not pay attention to a non-black male bc we don 8767 t think we 8767 ll have much in common with them. There 8767 s a sense of pride in having a good black man, maybe because they seem so hard to find. But we need to look past that and just be happy with whoever loves us and we love them back.


To answer your question, I neither supported nor defended OJ as I mentioned he 8767 s no good to his people, and I don 8767 t discriminate or waiver on my position. I have/had absolutely no respect for that knee-grow so I didn 8767 t care what happened to him. He wanted oh so badly to be white, they showed his black ashy azz what they thought of him. But the sad thing is, he was so deep in his self-hatred that he will never believe it.

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This is not about white men but about finding a suitable mate outside of your race. The chances of black woman marrying a decent black man is slim to have to agree with Oprah the number 8767 s are just not there for us! The majority of black men are in prison,on drugs,down-low,dating white women,uneducated,emotionally unavailable,have criminal records and the list goes issues are not acceptable for a black woman who wants to have good husband,good marriage and a successful is unfortunate but if black woman don 8767 t start dating outside our race whether it be white,asian,arab or whatever our race will eventually black man 8767 s priorities have changed over the years and they have become brainwashed by the media & only concern is looks and sex! They have lost their minds over looks and sex and forgotten about the bottom line which is their financial and mental no longer have morals and values and some even want to have more than one wife Why? because the media & internet has portrayed this black men as sex on black men get it together life is so much more than this.

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Well said Val! It is part of an ongoing media campaign. Everywhere you turn in media, especially film and television, you see black women paired with white men. Yet, that is still the least common IR pairing. The most common remains white men and Asian women. One must think critically about why the media have chosen to highlight the opposite end of the spectrum, and to the exclusion of
black on black couples.


The second golden age of animation is well under way, with Aardman, Miyazaki, Disney Pixar and DreamWorks rolling out rather good stories on a fairly regular basis. But which characters of the stop-motion, CG or hand-drawn world really make the grade? Which existing characters made the leap from short form to full-length feature with their dignity intact? How do the newcomers really compare to old hands of earlier eras? Read on to find out.

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About as subtle as a Simon Cowell critique, the clue to the true nature of Dodie Smith s great villainess can be found in her name, like Dr. Evil, or Truly Scrumptious, or former Celtic defender Rafael Scheidt. In other words, beware a woman named de Vil, who smokes liberally, cackles malevolently at the drop of a hat, swans around in a car that has a King Kong-sized carbon footprint, and wants to make a fur coat out of the skins of gorgeous little Dalmatian puppies. Oh, and she s called Devil. But it s the OTT nature of Cruella capitalism run rampant, greed gnarled into a snarling mask of hatred - that makes her so memorable, and has sustained the character through animated sequels, live action movies (where Glenn Close had an absolute blast) and even on Broadway. If she doesn t scare you, so the song goes, no evil thing will.

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Nia Long 8767 s assessment is totally correct. Taye Diggs 8767 wife is white. Cuba Gooding 8767 s wife is white. Robert Deniro 8767 s wife is black. Chiwetel Ejiofor 8767 s girlfriend is white, George Lucas(Star Wars) is hooked up with a Black Woman. The late film critic ,Roger Ebert was married to a black woman. The great Frederick Douglass 8767 parents were bi-racial. Interracial dating, marriage or just hookups is far from trending. On the TV show, Once Upon A Time, there was a sistah romantically hooked up with a white dude. This is a non issue period.

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How could we separate Woody and Buzz, you ask? Well, because Woody just edges his spacey BFF in the character stakes, springing fully-formed from the screen as a living, breathing, er, child s plaything. He always tries to do the right thing, but it s not always easy for him, and Pixar s genius lies in showing that even such a Dudley Do-Righter sometimes wishes he could take the easier road. Still, his intense loyalty to his friends, palpable humanity and the deeply emotional character arc he s given put Woody head and shoulders above the rest.

What Im sayin IS the propaganda is WHY people are with SAME COLOR casts in most Hollywood films. You wont see an interracial couple because most productions don 8767 t view that as mainstream and will make money across the globe. Its a small minded way to go, but we all know money talks. Minority and any race will be with what matches them and what casting director feels like tells a 8775 good story 8776 if they are not trying to have audiences focus on the COLOR dynamic they will always cast same race. People focus on that whether we like to believe it or not.

Surely YOU don 8767 t speak for all black women do you? You certainly do not speak for me.
Some black women ARE attracted to some white men when it comes to attraction or who each of us seek out for partners it really is individual YOU can only speak for yourself there is no great black leader and we are not a monolithic culture. I have been attracted to black and white men and I have dated only black men until after the failure of my first marriage. That marriage ended my dating black men. I have been married for over 75 years to a wonderful man and he is my first and only white guy did I seek out a white guy?NO but I am very glad that this one found me because not a day goes by when he does not make me feel like a princess and lets me know DAILY how much I mean to him and how much he loves and adores me. Could a black guy have done the same? Why yes he could have but he did not and so here we are.

I applaud your accomplishments queenbee, I really do. I know what you are talking about as I am from the same midwestern city you referenced. However, you are conflating two different issues here. We were not discussing ignorant black people who believe educational attainment is 8775 acting white 8776 we were discussing black people 8767 s manic need to love and be loved by their oppressors, coupled with their need to justify the behavior. THIS was the topic of discussion queenbee. No need to discuss the ignorant exists everywhere and is not endemic to blacks. Whether you realize it or not, you are making excuses for why you chose to procreate with your oppressor. Presenting stats about racial and genetic make-up to bolster your argument not withstanding, the fact is that you made a conscious decision to procreate with your historical oppressor. That is your choice. Live in that truth, but don 8767 t try to sell this nonsense in pretty wrapping as if this is in our (black people 8767 s) best interest.

Who the hell casts Woody Allen in a kids film, the debut film from the new DreamWorks at that? Bloody geniuses, that s who. While the film s been overshadowed by Pixar in the years since, Z himself is a distillation of every character Woody Allen ever played, a handy introduction to the director for kids. He s also really, really funny - the middle child of five million, barely able to lift ten times his own bodyweight. His performance makes this more than yer average, boy-meets-girl, boy-likes-girl, boy-changes-the-underlying-social-order story.